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2013-05-07 • Public Family Trees


Start: 12:08:50
End: 13:11:28
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Selma, vicjorob, Virginia, vkn

vkn: Welcome Daviss

Selma: Afternoon vkn

vkn: Welcome Selma and how you be? me alt

alt: hi ladies, hope you are each doing well today

vkn: welcome alt

Selma: I be hanging on vkn..LOL

alt: ty Ms vkn

Selma: Afternoon alt.. Losts going on in Cleveland Ohio alt..

alt: 'lo Ms Selma yep, that's big news vkn

vkn: that is good selma and how you be alt

alt: I be's my same ole grumpy self vkn LOL

vkn: lol

Selma: Gonna get you a T-shirt that says GRUMPY (gonna get me one too)

alt: okay Selma, Looking forward to it & I'll fo sure wear it LOL

Selma: Next time I go to a genie conference thats what I am going to put on my Name TAG

vkn: lol well not me lol

alt: no, not you vkn..... you're the most NON-Grumpy person I think I know.

Selma: Me too alt...LOL

vkn: well well I I I llol

alt: Selma ... Well .......

vkn: We really enjoyed the Lincoln film the 2nd time around

alt: the Lagonda Chapter of the DAR has asked me to make a presentation to their group in Sept.... AA's & the UGRR in Champaign County, Ohio

vkn: Many compared Lincoln with Obama

Selma: Thats great alt

vkn: Wonderful alt you ae an excellent choice for such presentation

Selma: Showed the wheeling and dealing that goes on between the President and Congress

alt: hello vicjorob

vicjorob: Hi all.

Selma: Afternoon vicjorob

vkn: Howdy vicjorob so glad to xee you

vicjorob: Work computer has java script problems for two months so decided to go the iPhone route.

alt: hello daviss

vkn: Daviss welcome and welcome

Selma: Well we are glad to see you vicjorob Afternoon Daviss

alt: yep, good to see you vicjorob.. how are things going?

vkn: java is a trip vicjorob

vicjorob: Glad to be back. And yes particularly if working on a gift computer that prevents installing even simple updates That is supposed to read govt computer

vkn: oh dear lol

vicjorob: Yeah we are at the mercy of a central I T

vkn: selma and alt did you get a chance to look at newregs

Selma: No vkn..will check it out you want feedback?

alt: newregs ????? I got something that was from dropbox..

Selma: Me too..the dropbox thingee?

vkn: ALWAYS Selma I thrive on feedack

Selma: LOL

vkn: Call me dropbox val alt

alt: you getting "caught up" and rested daviss?

vkn: About this DNA I specs we need a special session to get answers

Khathu: hello everyone

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

vkn: Howdy Khathu

vicjorob: Vkn what's going on about the DNA thing?

alt: FamilySearch & Ancestry is keeping me "busy" trying to add all of the resource information (docs) to folks in my database.... how bout y'all?

vicjorob: I just ignore that part of FamSearch

vkn: Well vicjorob it seems we know less about more

alt: Hello Khathu

daviss: hello everyone!

Khathu: I am just reviewing some documents for a few lines trying to determine next steps

vicjorob: Are you referring to the revisions to code so that different matches come up?

daviss: mouse acting up this morning

alt: is that question for me vicjorob

vicjorob: No to vkn

alt: oh, okay vicjorob

daviss: I was on Family Search last night alt and they don't have anything new on my counties I search

vkn: Take it alt please

Khathu: same here

daviss: hello HistoryBuff

vkn: History Buff howdy

Selma: Afternoon Historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all.

vicjorob: Hi historybuff

Khathu: I was able to talk to Hollis at the DAR Library on Saturday

alt: okay daviss,,, I'm finding "bunches' of vital records for Ohio & probate records for NC.

vkn: How are your knees recovering HistoryBuff

Selma: She is a great resource khathu..along with being a nice person

alt: wonderful Khathu, Hollis is a wonderful resource

Khathu: She gave me some suggestions on my D'Arcy line

vicjorob: Actually alt, I'm just trying to reorient myself to the new FamSearch user interface

alt: good Khathu, she will certainly have you thinking 'outside' the box LOL

HistoryBuff: Recovering well. Thanks.

vkn: Wonderful HistoryBuff

vicjorob: Valencia what kinds of problems are folks having with the DNA stuff?

alt: it takes some getting used to vicjorob, but I'm beginning to like it... well, their search enhancements

Khathu: This is the line with the Revolutionary War ancestor. I just need to connect Benjamin Darcey Sr. with Benjamin Darcey Jr.

vicjorob: I agree alt.

Khathu: since there is no direct evidence showing father and son connection

HistoryBuff: I sent you an email, Vkn.

alt: will you hten try to connect with the SAR Khathu?

vkn: Recd HistoryBuff

alt: hten=then

Khathu: I am not really interested but I think it would be great if my great aunts and uncles will join DAR and SAR

alt: okay Khathu

HistoryBuff: Okies.

vkn: I am Eastern Time HistoryBuff

Khathu: It is about 15 of them still alive Can you imagine all of them joining at the same time

Selma: That would be wonderful Khathu

alt: that would "increase" the DAR/SAR AA membership in a hurry LOL LOL

daviss: wasn't it Sherry that just got her Intoduction?

vkn: in a rush

HistoryBuff: Ok, 7:30 pm, Vkn?

alt: yep, shelley

Khathu: Over night

daviss: oops I meant Shelley lol

vkn: yes HistoryBuff

alt: it's still early in AZ daviss LOL

daviss: I know alt, I have not even had my coffee yet

alt: oops,

HistoryBuff: Very well then.

Selma: You are just winding up daviss..I am looking for a Nap.. LOL

daviss: lol @ Selma

vicjorob: Ì� ΩÌ∏Ü

vkn: vicjorob will you please help me design a database with50 lines and 8 columns

alt: DNA ... AYWalton wrote an excellent response to someone who recently tested and wants to connect to their "Belgian Congo" ancestors.

vkn: link alt

Selma: Where is that alt?

daviss: where was this alt?

alt: on Facebook... the DNA ancestored FB page.

vicjorob: Vkn of course send me the specks

daviss: oh ok

vkn: Thanx Vic toria

Selma: I am not sure I understand yatah's question re: Neanderthal

HistoryBuff: Thnx Alt.

vkn: Thanx alt

Selma: Is that something they sent her as a %

daviss: that was way above my pea brain Selma anyway it was stated

alt: 23andme is "promoting' some aspect of Neandrthal origns Selma ... it's so far out that IMHO it isn't even worth bothering with.

vicjorob: Oh. Gotta go. Boss just called despite me being on lunch. I'll try again tomorrow.

Selma: In other words something t confuse more folks alt..

vkn: right selma like me and yatah

Selma: Bye vicjorob

vkn: bye vic

daviss: later vicjorob

alt: yep Selma... it tries to connect those with a Euro haplogroup & a % of ancestry to Neandrethal's "HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS" yeras ago.

HistoryBuff: Bye vic

vkn: and alt that was before fire and the match lol

daviss: I image those who are deeper into that are excited alt lol lol

Selma: LOL

alt: most of us can't get back to 1700 let alone "thousands" of years ago LOL

daviss: try 1880 alt lol

Virginia: Good afternoon everyone.

vkn: Howdy Virginia and welcome back

daviss: hello Virginia!

Selma: OOps clicked my self out

Virginia: Good afternoon everyone.

Selma: Afternoon Virginia

alt: it may mean something to the geneticist and/or anthropolgist, but I can't see any value to the genealogist daviss.

Virginia: thanks vkn.been a while.

alt: Hello Virginia

daviss: agreed alt

Virginia: hey aly

HistoryBuff: Hey Virginia.

daviss: How's it going Virginia?

Virginia: alt and history buff

vkn: Update your research Virginia

alt: long time Virginia, I hope you are doing well.

vkn: Update your research Virginia we missed ya

Virginia: vkn, have met a couple of relatives of the Washington family living right here in Philadelphia. They don't know as much as I know so been trying to enlighten them,but also finding new names.

vkn: wow nice to meet local kin Virginia

Virginia: Also trying to set the record straight on my branch of the family. VKN almost emailed you. Found a bunch of erroneous trees on

vkn: I may not be able Virginia but I am always avaiable to try

Selma: you know the folks who posted the trees?

daviss: lol I found one with the name Mariah's Zepher on it as it were a relatives name Grrrrr

Selma: LOL Poor daviss.. LOL


Virginia: Thanks VKN. These trees are by one person that I have spoken to a couple of times and even corrected him on my branch, to no avail. Still giving wrong info. Don't want to say too much on here. That's why the email vkn

daviss: I know Selma, I am really beginning to think it is sins of the father lol

alt: Virginia, erroneous as in names, dates locations ... or connections ..... or all of the above LOL

vkn: Gotcha Virginia

Virginia: alt all of the above and anything else you can think of.

alt: okay Virginia

Virginia: Not even a blood relative. Spouse.

alt: oh, those are the worst "offenders" in-laws ... LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

vkn: lol


Virginia: I wanted to start putting my tree online. Afraid.

vkn: I say DO NOT

Virginia: Thanks vkn. That was one of my questions to you.

Selma: Gotta run folks..have a great day Bye all

alt: yep Virginia, I say stay away from Ancestry/FamilySearch and those types of "public trees"..... I think a tree on a website, blog, or something you can control is diferent, but even then there can/may be problems

Virginia: Okay alt. I am using tribalpages for mine

vkn: agreed

alt: me too Virginia, good choice LOL

Virginia: Got it from you alt.

vkn: sweet

alt: oh, okay...

Virginia: Access is going to be real limited. And that's a shame because that's the purpose of putting up a tree.

HistoryBuff: Gotta run. Next time folks.

daviss: bye History

vkn: okkies

Virginia: So long History Buff

alt: yes, that is a problem Virgina... I've put all of my stuff up there on TP, but only limited information visibilty to deceased persons and living persons with a password & permission from me to view that information take care HistoryBuff

Virginia: I've got to talk to you about that alt.

alt: okay Virginia, anytime .. email is

vkn: Do you allow other admins alt

alt: no vkn, just myself

Virginia: Thanks Alt. That was my next question VKN.

vkn: okies

Virginia: So no one else can edit.

alt: and I change the access password on a regular basis. exactly Virginia

Virginia: okay. That was my biggest worry.

vkn: Y'all be good good peeps

alt: you too vkn

daviss: k vkn

Virginia: so long vkn. nice chat

daviss: take care guess I will head out also take care alt and virginia

alt: okay daviss.. I'll get the lights & chairs LOL

Virginia: You too Daviss. Alt I guess we know how to clear a room

alt: yep LOL but seriously write me your questions in an email... if I can't answer ther I'll give you a phone number and we can talk about your concerns

Virginia: I'm going to email you as soon as I get my questions together. Thanks alt. Appreciate it.

alt: yw Virginia, take care

Virginia: You too. GN.

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