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2013-05-06 • DNA mysteries


Start: 12:09:28
End: 13:07:24
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies, yatah

yatah: hi

Seventies: hi yatah

yatah: how are y

Seventies: doing well... waiting for summer... :}

yatah: cool still figure how i can track on slave ower in south carolina not easy

Seventies: nope slave era research is not easy. takes quite a bit of legwork to figure it out.

yatah: yeah i know one of my great aunt told my sis about who name white i keep record but i put box somewhere ahh

Seventies: ok

yatah: i have find that information

Seventies: hi alt hi daviss welcome back

alt: hello ladies, hope your week is starting well.

daviss: hi there Seventies! thanks much

Seventies: nope. lol

daviss: hello alt and yatah

Seventies: you're welcome daviss

yatah: hello

alt: Hi daviss

Seventies: I'm going to need to go into deep prayer and meditation. I swear everyone is working my nerves today. aside from that. all is ok... lol Hi Selma

daviss: Awwwww Seventies, it will get better

Selma: Afternoon everyone..

daviss: Hi Selma

Seventies: I hope so.

daviss: Lets just hope you have one nerve left lol

Seventies: I guess we can start by talking about our arch nemesis, DNA. :}

alt: hello Selma

Seventies: lol daviss

daviss: that will be fine with me :?

Seventies: Ok daviss recall that you sent me that wonderful chart with genealogical and genetic relationships?? could you shoot that to me again please? thank you. I got to talking last night about the up and down genetic relationships.

daviss: Speaking of DNA, any new loads for anyone

Seventies: how a kinship may be at different places on the tree. no necessarily from you up, but rather from you down, multiple family connections ore limited family connections genetically. So do you see why I used the term arch nemesis..?? lol

daviss: yes I will get it off to you soon well that was not how I took it lol lol

Seventies: Yes some new ones, but not focused on the lower numbers of connection unless they contact me directly as a few have done.

alt: yep Seventies, I understand ... very well LOL

Seventies: lol daviss... I know you do alt.. I had to rethink this 'family connection' thing. the people I want to contact me have not done so yet... I know that they share a close connection. 4 segments greater than .50% is quite a bit

daviss: I have yet to see someone with the same last night as many folks look for night = name

Seventies: when doing dna, does surname matter? Especially considering how far down the line these people may be.

alt: It's a completely different picture when I look at just my ancestors and possible connections to people today & then look at my descendants and their possible connections to living DNA connections.

daviss: not that I can tell especially all the directions we were sent

Seventies: exactly alt. Ok I know this is probably HS stuff, but the 22 pairs of chromosomes, I'm working on trying to figure out what these shared chromosomes exactly mean.

daviss: yatah did you get your percentages yet?

Seventies: For example if I match daviss on chromosome 6, what does that mean?

alt: surnames.... that's a mixed bag, depends on whether you're speaking of paternal lines vs maternal lines (maiden names). chromosmal matches don't mean that much Seventies

Seventies: thanks alt. I do know that daviss and I share a common male ancestor.

alt: depends on what "genes" are located at the various segments... we match on "Genes", not chromosomes.

daviss: I really don't know that answer exactly but I have read others who match people up on a chromosome and figure they all come from the same place especially if they dont overlap

Seventies: well my granddad. so maybe daviss is some kin to the Thompsons :) what an honor for you daviss.... LOL

alt: I would like to know how they do tose matches daviss

daviss: Now Missy if you 23&me yourself it would be an honor if we match

alt: tose=those

Seventies: you know we aren't going to match because we're females.. lol

daviss: I think alt they look at the chromes one by one and everyone they match with will show up and also the place where the segs are

Seventies: but alt just said that chromosomes don't matter.

daviss: you never know scarycat

Seventies: and I never will lol

yatah: hi

daviss: I also said that I read that some people do that, not that I do lol

alt: well Seventies, they matter, but I don't belive to the extent that some of the folks are stating.

Seventies: ok... hhmmm

daviss: hi yatah

Seventies: Oh I see African Ancestry brought MyDNAMix back... I would test with them if they did what 23andme did MINUS the medical stuff.

daviss: yatah what percentages did you get

yatah: which one ?

Seventies: I may just do that...

daviss: seventies you dont have to do the medical what were all your percentages yatah

Seventies: daviss, they take your DNA just for that.. I read all of the 'stuff' I had to sign off on.. etc. What do I have to tell you about those folks. I TRUST African Ancestry. I'll leave it at that.

yatah: 85.0 sub- saharan african and 12.5 european and 1.2 east asian and native american

daviss: well that was the purpose of the free one Seventies..The autosomal part was what most of us wanted

Seventies: yep... which is why I didn't do one myself.

yatah: 85.0 sub- saharan african and 12.5 european and 1.2 east asian and native american , daviss

alt: Seventies, my closest 23+me match 2.36 %, 177 cM on 9 segmenst... I have his maternal genealogy going back 175 years and we DO NOT have a common ancestor, or can't find one.....

Seventies: on paper anyway

yatah: 1.3 un-assingned

daviss: sooooo if you do the paid one of 99 dollars you are not tied to the medical

Seventies: my dear daviss... lol

yatah: got it daviss?

Seventies: that is unique alt... you have to have something somewhere.

daviss: that kind of sounds like mine yatah lol let me check real quick

yatah: ok

alt: yes, and I believe we connect on his paternal lines, which he knows nothing about, except we have a common location... Edgecombe Co., NC for his paternal lines.

Seventies: ok cuttin' daviss... are you just going to ignore me? lol Anyone hear from sadonya lately?

alt: so, I guess one could assume our 9 segment matches are on his/our paternal lines.

daviss: not me seventies lol

yatah: let me know what you have daviss

Seventies: that's very close though, alt. That's 1st- 2nd cousin range.

alt: yes 23+me estimates us at the 2-3 cousin range

Seventies: let me go back and check your range... 2.36% over 9 segments is a lot! My highest match is only .66% over 4 segements and .58% over 4 segements. But haven't gone back that far... I do suspect that these are on my Galmore lines. I haven't yet traced this family into Northern MS and TN which I think may have been their 'origins' And possibly VA

daviss: 68.9 Sub saharan, 27.5 euro and 0.9 East and Native 0.asian 0.1 south Asian and 2.5 unassigned (standard view) Yatah

Seventies: I need to get my behind on the road... lol

yatah: it close lol

alt: Selma, you are just too quiet!!! LOL

Seventies: really... lol

Selma: Just reading your DNA posts..

Seventies: Do you see the confusion going on here? lol at least on my part! lol

Selma: LOL

daviss: DNA wasn't meant to be easy lol

Seventies: I need to line up some interviews. Set up some repository visits. got get on my primary job... lol

alt: some of these DNA folks will tell you "for sure" they are from Camaroon, but can't tell you "for sure" whether their family is from VA/MD/GA/MS/OH or ........ that's one of my problems with hos the results are interpreted.

Seventies: I have big plans, big plans!!! LOL

daviss: oh Seventies I picked up a DVD from my brothers collection of African Music

Seventies: Um interesting. P.O. Box... lol

yatah: daviss, you knew it you have some family history from european ?

Seventies: See I would've loved Theo! :(

daviss: yes yatah I did especially as I looked in the mirror at myself lol lol

yatah: i knew it i have some white in me , daviss

Seventies: lol

yatah: lol

daviss: hahahahahah thats why I want to 23 and me you

Seventies: daviss, we'll touch bases so we can discuss that later.

daviss: want you to test 23 and me

Selma: Don't think that it is a shock for us..but is a shock to some the other way around

Seventies: Yeah... *sarcasm*

daviss: thats for sure Selma

alt: daviss, that's my arguement from yesterday... Ancestry/Heritage/Culture and when you mix in DNA I think they get all jumbled up.

yatah: i ask you daviss, how eupropean look alike i just wonder lol i want know about

Seventies: Excuse me, but unless they are doing something for ME as family, I don't give **** about no European ancestry or ancestor.

daviss: thats the key yatah its research, research and more research

Seventies: We gotta break that doggone chain.

daviss: It is what it is... its like a relationship accept me as I am

alt: wec come out of diefferent "admixed" experiences Seventies, one size doesn't fit all.

yatah: yea it important happy who are y lol

Seventies: I'm not making that point, but I understand what you are saying. :)

daviss: I understood what you are saying Seventies re point

alt: Seventies, I think I understand your position and I do respect your thoughts.

yatah: neanderthal i want your opt about neanderthal come from adam and eve ?

Seventies: thanks alt. :)

yatah: i am open mind

Seventies: NO adn did I say NO...

daviss: that I can't help with

alt: me neither daviss

yatah: that allrite

Seventies: ok this is getting a bit out of my comfort zone now... so I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.... Y'all... I gotta go get a drink or something. Be good!

alt: I'm into genealogy and can only get back 2-3 hundred years at best, so I'm not gonna worry about thousands of years ago.

yatah: ok

daviss: I picked up a new name looking through some of my brothers items but there was nothing on Ancestry Last name Mercy

alt: really daviss, unusal surname

Selma: I think so too alt

daviss: It looks like one of my Daviss great aunts married someone by that lat name

yatah: you heard name last name chirstmas ?

daviss: lat = last

alt: yep, sure have yatah

Selma: Yes..yatah..hasn't someone posted on the Forum about the surname

daviss: Yes yatah there is a few Christmas that I have heard of

yatah: oh i see i learn something new smile

daviss: Shannon Christmas

yatah: yeah i see that

daviss: Is that one of your matches yatah

yatah: i not sure

daviss: oh

alt: gotta run y'all take care

yatah: invite me view thier

Selma: Time for me to run too folks..have a nice day

daviss: ok I guess I better run also bye

yatah: take care

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