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2013-04-30 • Alabama Vital Records


Start: 12:08:48
End: 13:00:57
Chatters: alt, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon alt

alt: what's up, Seventies?

Seventies: not much... irked a little.

alt: bout what?

Seventies: Gave a researcher advice to order a DC... but turns out they hadn't even really looked for the extract... someone else came in and found it... no problem

alt: par for the course for a "non-researcher", but a "drive-by genealogist".

Seventies: they had the exact date of death and all.... nothing else to do except to order it. But that's water under the bridge.

alt: yep,

Seventies: Y'all doing okay out there? No snow or anything like that? :}

alt: no snow, no rain, a beautiful day, posed to hit the high 70's.

Seventies: oh good. 60's here.

alt: yep, spring is in the air LOL

Seventies: So are itchy eyes and sneezing... lol

alt: Oops,

Seventies: Par for the course. Mostly the kids... Nice records you posted on your Reno and Adams families.

alt: when is your kids school out for the summer?

Seventies: Nearly the end of June.... June 23

alt: thanks re: records they still have a couple of months. l most

Seventies: that is so awesome. Are you SURE you're not related to Philip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice? A sista could use the hookup... lol lol lol

alt: sorry, can't help you there LOL

Seventies: Yes a couple more months before school lets out... There are lots of changes going on in the genea-sphere. I know I'm ready to go on this trip to Mississippi and TX...

alt: oh yes, it is amazing what you can find online.. and what folks are finding and writing about.

Seventies: I am excited about finding new records and family.

alt: me too. more so about finding new records "about" family.

Seventies: yea... I would like to get a list together of folks I'd like to get records on. I have of course a loose idea, but need to get a list. I'm looking for records on my folks in Wilkinson Co. MS I am also touching on my family from Alabama. The easiest family first are my Mixons of Autauga County.

alt: my "new" tact is to hook family names with events of interest during certain periods of time and see what I come up with.

Seventies: that's a good idea. anything come up yet? Any ideas from the OGS conference last weekend?

alt: I found the 1838 petition by Lewis Adams before the Ohio Senate

Seventies: what was Lewis Adams petitioning for?

alt: ownership of church property after the pastor died intestate and the State wanted to take possession of the land.

Seventies: ah... okay... Those are always interesting and intricate cases. So the outcome was obviously in their favor... always a good thing.

alt: not so, they (Church) lost the property

Seventies: no. wow. I thought the photos you posted on FB were of the church. that's unfortunate. alt, I'm all tapped out! lol I won't have anything juicy to discuss until I return from this trip.

alt: scroll down page 155 to "the Judiciary Committee" Hello Selma

Seventies: Hello Selma! All is well??

Selma: Afternoon alt and seventies... far all is well

Seventies: good. alt, how many wills have you come across from that era?

alt: this guy, Lewis Adams, is becoming my hero.... He was into everything!!!! several Seventies .....

Seventies: Apparently so... I that's awesome too. Are there any books or bios about him? Lewis Adams? Ok I'm missing entire words here... lol sorry, I think that's awesome!

alt: he is a 3rd great grandfather Seventies..... a FPOC who was into the UGRR, an Abolitionist, early AME adherent, Civil Rights Activist fighting Ohio's Black Codes, etc.

Seventies: ok... nice!! Sounds like someone needs to write a book about him or at least he should be prominent in OH black history.

alt: this is the guy Honora sent me the record on from the Collection at Dillard Univ

Seventies: okay.. wow. That's interesting...

alt: he was just an "ordinary" guy Seventies

vkn: Howdy all

Seventies: the only college collection I've ever used is the one from LSU

alt: Hello vkn

Seventies: I may have to check out Dillard's website. hi vkn

vkn: glad to see y'all

alt: so you're doing well Selma, but what's up with you?

Seventies: Glad to see you too vkn.

Selma: Afternoon vkn

vkn: thankee

Seventies: Question for you vkn, your Alabama folks are from Baldwin Co. AL?

Selma: Had eye doc appointment yesterday..doing ok

alt: how do y'all like the 'new' search engine on FamilySearch?

Seventies: Honestly, I still miss the old one... lol

Selma: Alt..I saw your posting to the NC researcher..

Seventies: I found so many marriage record extracts...

vkn: No Calhoun, Talladega

Seventies: ok

vkn: and Cleburne

Seventies: ok

alt: Selma, that lady (?) has done some homework, don't mind helping someone like that.

Selma: I am going to post something....she needs to look for marriage records for all the children and death records..

Seventies: now see, I had a cousin who is infinitely more knowledgeable than I am regarding my AL folks who said we had a cousin who was once the Pres of Talledega College... I have not been able to prove it.

alt: yes, she has a lot to do, but she has a good start.

Selma: Leah does not appear in 1870 but does at age 21 in 1880..

Seventies: These people would long be dead. AND they have the most common surname Williams...

vkn: What is the name Seventies?

Seventies: Edward Williams.... Now if its not true... I'm not going to be bent out of shape. I'm just trying to find the family.

alt: Selma, and I found a Midgett living nearby in 1 of the census records 1870-1880 can't remember which.

Seventies: their mother Alphy/Alfy Williams died in the late 70's

vkn: hmmmmm not familiar but Frazine Taylor would know. She is an Alum and is volunteer archivist there

Seventies: She was the younger sister of my great grandmother Lucy... Is She on facebook?

vkn: prolly not

Seventies: um okay... well I'm sure the school has a website.. I'll check there for contact info. Aunt Alfy had children, almost all except one, with a white man....

vkn: She does have a website and can be contacted at the Institute in B'ham

Seventies: ok

vkn: Lives in Wetumpka

alt: at my age I think I've found enough relatives and with all of the stuff that is coming online I'm now trying to find out about who they were, what they did and what kind of record did they leave for the children, etc.

Seventies: that's one of those words that I can't pronounce... lol

vkn: Wee Tum Kah

Seventies: thank you vkn! :)

alt: vkn, how did your folks like the DVD on Lincoln?

vkn: Too long for most

Seventies: how long was the film, 3 hrs?

vkn: So we will do a study group next Sunday Alt a little better than 2 hours

alt: that sounds interesting vkn the study group

Seventies: okay that's a good amount of time

vkn: Did y'all get the news that Don Shirley joined the ancestors

Selma: Who is Don Shirley?

alt: the musician

vkn: Now Selma I would have expected that Q from Seventies but not from you lol

Selma: I listen to elevator music

Seventies: lol lol well I'm glad Selma asked and not me! lol

vkn: lol @ seventies

Seventies: vkn, I'm finally figuring out where to order records from in AL...

vkn: Alt was he at the 'Force or Central State

alt: he was at the 'Force vkn....

vkn: Tell me where Seventies

Seventies: Death and birth records at the Vital statics, marriage records through the ADAH.... yay me! :} Everything else, from what I understand so far, is at the county level

alt: do they have county level records before 1900 Seventies?

vkn: You prolly cannot get birth records Seventies marriage records for AL are on line seventies

Seventies: :{ even old ones I see extracts...

alt: Y'all se where 3rdthawkins was referred to as Mr. Hawkins by Terrence on the AfriGeneas posting about the use of 'widow' on census recxords ;)

vkn: Only the immediate immediate family can get birth

Seventies: alt from my interaction with ADAH, no.... lol alt now... lol

Selma: It is not unusual to see folks listed as widows when they are not

alt: right Selma

Seventies: yes when they just got that poor man's divorce... lol

vkn: trueselma

alt: heck, many of them were never married to the father of their children to begin with, so how could they be his "widow".

Selma: I had a similar case in a family I research..the marriage was not a good one..when she returned to VA she was listed as a widow..

vkn: I have vitals for AL including birth for the 4 counties that I do plus Randolph in book form

Seventies: keeping up appearances.. really?

Selma: He died after her

vkn: Yuppers and maybe a few more like Clay and Cherokee

Seventies: Hey all, I have to get going... behave, okay??? :}

alt: why, Seventies behave, that is?

Seventies: lol that was specifically for you alt... lol

Selma: We have to behave..none of us can move that fast anymore

vkn: behoove us to behave lol

Seventies: byeeee lol

Selma: I gotta run too folks..have a great day Bye

alt: okay

vkn: Me too

alt: that is a wrap for today LOL

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