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2013-04-29 • CARTWRIGHT of VA


Start: 12:20:20
End: 13:10:15
Chatters: alt, Khathu, Seventies

Seventies: Is anyone going to chat today??

Khathu: Hello Seventies and alt

alt: hello y'all.. how ya doing today? Khathu, what's up?

Khathu: 'm good, just getting back from the Loudoun County Archives

alt: wonderful, was it a successful trip?

Khathu: I pulled some manumission records. Philip Cartwrightr is the father of Nicodemus, Warren and Ann

alt: great!!!!!

Khathu: Not sure if Philip is also the father of Joseph Cartwright Although Philip is also listed as Lewis on a deed record I located. The name Lewis is interesting because Joseph named one of his sons Lewis

alt: was Philip/Lewis a 'free' black himself?

Khathu: He was listed in the 1820 Census yes he was

alt: Loudoun Co,,, is the Leesburg (?) and how far is that from you in DC? Denise, the former AfriGeneas chatter did a lot of work with the Balch (?) spelling library there in Loudoun Co. Denise Oliver-Velez

Khathu: All of the cartwrights in the Record of Free Negroes 1844-1861 were children of Philip Cartwright

Seventies: Hey y'all.

alt: hello Seventies

Khathu: So it is highly likely that he is also the father of Joseph

alt: Are the Singleton's in those Loudon Co. records as FPOC?

Khathu: I just noticed that I forgot to obtain a copy of page 208 featuring Nicodemus Cartwright Leesburg is about a 75 minute drive outside of DC I will write to them to obtain Nicodemus Cartwright manumission document.

alt: wonderful!!!!! So, Phillip had to 'free' his children, they must have been born of an emslved woman.

Khathu: Ann and Anna Mahala Cartwright are the same person. The first entry she is by herself and the second one she is registering her children.

alt: enslaved .....did Phillip "own' their mother?

Khathu: He freed some of his children. Now Joseph was emancipated by a John Rose in 1819

Seventies: How many children did he have? This Phillip Cartwright.

Khathu: Yes, that is correct. I am not sure he if 'owned' their mother.

alt: sounds like Joseph may have been a brother. or some other type relative, to Phillip.

Seventies: He got knocked out...

alt: Oops, Khathu probably got bumped wb Khathu

Khathu: Joseph would have been too young to have been a brother.

alt: okay NIcodemus & his family is the only one I can find that came into Ohio.

Seventies: You're going to have to do an update in the forums.

Khathu: I am planning on doing it this evening

alt: wonderful!!! the update Did I mention the "goodie" I found over the weekend..... a Petition to the Senate of the State of Ohio in 1838 by my ancestor Lewis Adams... it is online.

Khathu: It appears that most of Philip's children were born between 1817-1830

alt: do you have any idea where the other children went after they got their 'freedom'?

Khathu: A review of birth dates of the Joseph and Philip shows that they are more likely brothers - Philip b.1775 and Joseph b. 1783

alt: ah so.. that's my impression .. brothers or cousins, or maybe even as Denise would say "plantation kin".

Khathu: Maybe - since they are the only Cartwrights in the County, I am assuming they are definitely related.

alt: yep what's up with you Seventies?

Seventies: Nothing. I talked to vicky a little while ago... just to check in with her.

alt: Is she home now?

Khathu: The information I found on Joseph Cartwright concerning his emancipation was a court order determining whether or not he would be allowed to remain in the County

Seventies: No still in TX. Family is trying to get things in order. She says she's doing fine.

alt: okay, thanks Seventies

Seventies: I was wondering about that Khathu. With the registering and all.

Khathu: The court order was dated 14 Dec 1819. Unfortunately the actual deed of John Rose emancipating him has yet to be located. He never registered. This order was found in the FPOC Papers. They was loose papers

alt: many VA counties had Black Codes stating that Blacks had 1 year to get out of VA after being freed, or retuned to slavery.. That is where the FPOC petitions to remain in the State come from.

Seventies: ok I recall that from the Blair Underwood episode of WDYTYA

Khathu: So back on that we can assume that he was emancipated between 1817-1819

alt: another good point... Cartwright was "owned" by John Rose, but took the surname of Cartwright .. interesting..... or at least he was 'freed' by John Rose, right?

Khathu: one or the other Hopefully, I will obtain more information from reviewing the church records.

alt: wishing you the best Khathu

Khathu: I haven't found anything on Philip's emancipation By the way, the Singletons were not listed in the Free Black Records of Loudoun County

alt: okay thanks Khathu a thought on Phillip.... he didn't need to be emancipated because he was born of a free woman, possibly a white woman named Cartwright.

Seventies: ok all, gotta run. take care.

alt: take care Seventies

Khathu: That is a thought

alt: there are so many, many possibilities Khathu

Khathu: Yes, there are alt Now according to a questionaire take at Mt. Zion in the 1970s, Joseph had several brothers Willie, Frank and Harry and his father was a Hamilton Cartwright

alt: this is some interesting work you're doing Khathu .... I'm very much into the workings of FPOC, how they became free and their lives after becoming free.

Khathu: This is new territory for me alt It is very fascinating

alt: ah so, okay... Mt. Zion is that the AME church in G'Town?

Khathu: No it is a ME

alt: okay, but is this the church in G'Town?

Khathu: Yes, it is. Philip's wife was named Sophia

alt: I've been there several times.... and knew it was ME, but I thought it was AME LOL so, most of the other Cartwright's went to the DC & MD area from Loudoun Co., while Nicodemus came to Ohio?

Khathu: I have only been able to locate Joseph and Nicodemus after 1850

alt: okay

Khathu: I will post an update to the forum later today.

alt: wonderful.. I'll follow it with great interest.. And if you don't mind respond with my information on the descendants of Nicodemus here in Ohio.

Khathu: Okay

alt: thank you

Khathu: Have a great day!

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