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2013-04-28 • Lucy Archer & Frances Archer.


Start: 11:25:41
End: 12:42:25
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Good Morning on Sunday!!!!! We arE here and where are you

alt: hello vkn, good Sunday morning to ya

vkn: Good morning alt

alt: How ya doing vkn?

vkn: No complaining from this seat

Khathu: hello alt and vkn

vkn: Good Morning Khathu

alt: hello Khathu .. saw your Forum post on the Cartwrights' & Harveysburg, OH & I responded.

vkn: Saw your response alt but not read yet will jump over there now and read

Khathu: alt - I thought about you when I saw the Ohio location why do newbies want to jump right away to slave era research after only looking at census records?

alt: I have family from Harveysburg that are probably descended from a Cartwright marriage to a Singleton.

Khathu: then when one tries to explain the process to them, they think you don't know what you are talking about.

alt: not sure Khathu, but it's kinda like jumping into the deep end of the pool and not knowing how to swim. now that goes with the territory Khathu..... us older, or more seasoned genealogists just have to step back and let them make their own mistakes before they realize you might know what you're talking about

Seventies: hello all

alt: hello Seventies, good morning to ya.

vkn: true alt so take heed khathu

Seventies: what are we talking about today?

vkn: Good Sunday Seventies

alt: so far, new genealogists and their 'attitude'

vkn: 'tudes

Seventies: hey wait now... lol

alt: yep vkn... we said "new" Seventies, not young LOL LOL

Seventies: lol lol lol

vkn: lol

alt: vkn, met a white lady at the OGS Conference from Oakland, CA and she was just 'singing the praises' of Electra Price.

Seventies: Oh yeah how was the conference alt. I saw your photos... looks like it was pretty interesting.

alt: Janice Sellers was her name and she presented on 'researching AA newspapers on the Internet'.

vkn: Wonderful!!! Electra does an exceptional job

alt: I enjoyed Friday Seventies, that's the only day I attended.

Khathu: Electra is fantastic!

alt: vkn, what did you think of the record of marriage? an 80 y/o man and a 71 y/o lady. yes she is Khathu

vkn: I just saw that alt. Something to chew on

alt: that's the oldest couple I've seen getting married.

vkn: Khathu is that a connect for you?

Khathu: vkn - i am not sure about your question?

vkn: re the oldest couple found by alt khathu

Khathu: not sure yet

vkn: Seventies did you get my message re surnames

alt: Cartwright's from Loudoun Co., VA Khathu .. I think vkn is asking, do you connect to them?

Khathu: Okay, not sure yet

alt: Hello Selma... how are ya doing?

vkn: Correct alt

Selma: Good Sunday morning...alt, khathu, seventies and vkn

vkn: Howdy Selma

Khathu: but there is a strong possibility since Philip and Joseph Cartwright are listed in the 1820 as head of households

alt: is Nicodemus a son of either Phillip or Joseph Khathu?

Seventies: Hi Selma

alt: or maybe grandson

vkn: anybody here

Khathu: Most likely the son of Philip. It is possible that Joseph is also the son of Philip based on his age.

alt: just waiting for someone else to say something vkn

vkn: lol

Seventies: Ok..something... lol

Selma: Thanks for posting Loudoun FN Register index of the people being researched by Maine said to be from Loudoun

alt: okay Seventies, good one

Selma: But I think he was enslaved not free

vkn: I expect you are correct Selma

Seventies: I was just looking over a query where a researcher asked for info about a woman Eliz Reese... obviously she had done NO research and wanted someone just to give up the info. lol

vkn: Happens a lot Seventies

alt: vkn, heard a great compliment for AfriGeneas at the OGS Conference..... a lady who presented on AA Blogs said that Afrigeneas Writer's Forum was a "grandaddy" to AA Blogs.

Seventies: nice

vkn: Now how about that alt. Being a grandaddy yet

alt: most of the "better' AA blog & bloggers had posted their writings to the AfriGeneas Writer's Forum over the past 10 years or so.

Khathu: more like the grandmama.....

alt: that works for me Khathu

vkn: lol

Khathu: lol

Seventies: lol

Khathu: i made a funny

alt: but I thought it was a great comment, that the better AA bloggers got their start posting their 'writings' to the AfriGeneas Forum

vkn: Super great alt I need to get her addy alt to send a thank you

alt: okay vkn, will try and get it to you.

vkn: Thankee Thankee Howdy AYW

AYWalton: Good afternoon, all.

alt: hello AYWalton

Seventies: Hi AYWalton

alt: ou & how are you doing?

AYWalton: Howdy alt, Khathu, Mizz Selma, Seventies. Fighting allergies but doing ok otherwise. Plus using my laptop today so I can type. Last night I signed on using my Kindle to see how it would work. It was a bit clumsly but it worked.

vkn: Will be sharing the Lincoln dvd in my building this afternoon

AYWalton: sounds good, vkn.

alt: popcorn & soda pop allowed vkn?

Selma: Afternoon AY

vkn: popcorn only lol

AYWalton: make that buttered popcorn. lol

Khathu: Hello Selma and AYWalton

AYWalton: greetings Selma!

Selma: It worked but your spelling was awful AY.. LOL

AYWalton: LOL yes that was frustrating as you know I like correct spelling. Selma--quick question---any members of your group researching Portsmouth VA?

Selma: Yes..

AYWalton: I was at the archives on Tuesday looking at service records of Civil War Nurses. I am trying to compile a list of black nurses, beginning with the letter A for surnames. Came across two ladies who served an entire 3 years, which was rare. Usually I see some who served a few months in any given year.

Selma: Where did they serve?

AYWalton: And I wonder if they were most likely sisters.

alt: that would be a valuable and informative listing AYWalton

AYWalton: They served at the USA Hospital in Portsmouth VA.

Selma: Ok...

AYWalton: And both were listed as colored nurses. Last name was Archer. Lucy and Fances Archer. I am going through their service cards, which is most likely the only record of them and their service. Most women of color were flagged. The documents are service records of Nurses, Matrons, Laundresses and Cooks. Usually I see 3 or 4 service cards, reflecting a few months service and that's all.

vkn: Good searching and finding y'all and be good

alt: intersting AYWalton, were they associated with other than USCT units?

AYWalton: Ok vkn. No association with any unit they were associated with hospitals. Some were Freedman hospitals,

alt: okay AYWalton .....

AYWalton: some were contraband hospitals and others were US or USA Hospitals. (probably in the "colored" ward is my guess. But I plan to go through all seven boxes from A to Z to pull out any and all that were identified as colored staff. Whether they were nurses, matrons, laundresses or cooks---I want to compile their names.

alt: great AYWalton !!!!!!

AYWalton: I don't think that there is such a list posted any place online. And we need to have this kind of information out there!

Selma: Not necessarily on only colored wards.

AYWalton: Possibly, though I am not certain how many wounded---even with all of their pain would want colored hands touching them.

Selma: There were a number of "colored nurses" who worked at the Confederate Hospital in Richmond

AYWalton: I know that in a video I saw about WWII black nurses, they were interviewed and cursed out by white patients wanting no black hands touching them. but it is interesting to learn in what capacity for sure. I also saw a few names of women who were possibly white working in a Freedman's hospital. Not sure if the norms of the day would have allowed many/any white women tending to black wounded men. But who knows. I have to educate myself about the topic more.

alt: Deborah Abbot did an article on AA WW I nurses from Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, OH.

AYWalton: sounds interesting, alt. and of course with the Civil War era--the perceptions of race and color were even more rigid, as people of color were often not viewed as people, so I would love to know more of what these women endured.

alt: google Bertha Allen Cole WW I nurse.

AYWalton: and men--as the ledger I found also had a few men as nurses. I shall, alt. Khathu what was the reference made last night about your find with the Cartwrights?

Selma: Is the hospital they worked in in Portsmouth AY


AYWalton: it was called US Hospital--I guess distinguishing it as a Union Army hospital, and not a confederate one.

Khathu: here is the link:

alt: link to AA nurse in WW I

AYWalton: let me pull the record, selma Ok Selma, it was called Balfour U.S.A. General Hospital, in Portsmouth VA They served all of 1863, 1864 and 1865. I have never seen anyone who served that long. They must have been really good, really respected and truly needed. Lucy Archer was also made a matron. Does the name of the hospital sound familiar, Selma? I tried to find them in the Portsmouth area in 1870, but had no luck. Perhaps they had relocated elsewhere after the war. Lucy Archer and Frances Archer.

Selma: Not to me but probably to 2 folks who I know research Portsmouth.. plus there is a map of that area which might include thelocation

AYWalton: It does make one wonder about the people who may have tended to the wounds of black soldiers.

Selma: I wrote the info down AY

AYWalton: have a good map, Selma?

Selma: Have to go look and find and see if it is from that time period

AYWalton: would love to know more about it.

Selma: Ok

AYWalton: Plus whether they continued to work as nurses after the war would be interesting.

alt: Khathu, it didn't take the Cartwright's long to disappear as AA's in the Warren County, Oh Census records.... they ar listed mostly and probably incorrectly as 'white' i later census years.. so they must have been very fair in color.

AYWalton: Would be great to find some descendants of these ladies.

Seventies: gotta run y'all. have a good one@

Khathu: they are listed as black in the 1850 census

AYWalton: Well I was just popping in briefly, folks. Gonna work on a blog post today. Have a good one!

alt: I know Khathu in 1860 they are living in the household of Bushrod Singleton.

Khathu: ok

alt: that is Nicodemus and his family

Khathu: Yes, I saw that alt okay, need to prepare something for this potluck at 2pm. talk to you later

alt: later

Selma: Bye..sorry got distracted Talk to you later alt..

alt: okay

Selma: Won't make chat

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