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2013-04-26• Black Reconstruction


Start: 12:18:22
End: 12:59:29
Chatters: Selma, Seventies

Selma: Afternoon seventies..

Seventies: Hi Selma!

Selma: Looks like we are the only 2 today

Seventies: Yes indeed.. everyone is probably out enjoying themselves!

Selma: Must be.... I washed my car finally yesterday (or lets say I hosed it down)..the pollen was awful

Seventies: Is awful. My boys are already using the meds I bought them.

Selma: Right you must be at least 2 weeks behind us..

Seventies: exactly..

Selma: Almost had to hose down my grands after they finished playing outside..their jeans were yellow

Seventies: wow.. They would've loved it! lol

Selma: yes they would have..but I didn't..if it was warmer I might have

Seventies: What's going on new with you and genealogy/history?

Selma: seventies..right now I have a lot going in in my REAL not too much time for research..

Seventies: lol Sometimes its like that.

Selma: Yes it is..

Seventies: I'm going to be e-mailing Bernice the copy of my talk on Mississippi records this weekend.

Selma: I do have something I have to post about contraband going to Haiti from VA and returning in a year I saw..I am very excited for you seventies

Seventies: oh really. That sounds interesting.

Selma: that is the 1863-1864 time frame.. You will find it interesting...

Seventies: From RG105? or the US records set?

Selma: Nope..will explain when I finally post.. LOL

Seventies: Aw shucks! lol

Selma: Hold on gonna find you a link to two articles that appeared in my local paper and NY Times about the you have the background.. BRB..

Seventies: okay.. Was this posted on Bennie McRae's facebook site. he's been posting several articles from the NYTimes series on the Civil War.

Selma: Don't think so..Nadia Orton posted Times article.. What is your email address..


Selma: I just sent you my draft of the email I am going to send soon as I get some time It has the 2 links.. Maybe Bennie did post.. Think I need to friend him

Seventies: I thought you were friends with Bennie?

Selma: Heck maybe I am ..

Seventies: Or at least following his Civil War group.

Selma: We correspond..seventies ..its hard to keep up

Seventies: Selma, you know, maybe its just me but I have completely fallen in love with the Reconstruction Era of Black History. I have to agree. It can be information overload at times.

Selma: I fell in love after I heard Jimmy Walker speak..and I went and saw it myself and wept The whole time period is crucial to the work we have to do

Seventies: It seems as if a lot of my reasearch now falls into that category.

Selma: Most folks just jump from 1870 back into slavery and don't have a clue where they are or what they are looking for.

Seventies: Nope.. they don't. Sometimes its an uphill battle getting to 1870.

Selma: that is not to say that there is information being generated during that time frame for everyone..but folks need to take a look

Seventies: Local records are great...

Selma: Yes..they are..

Seventies: And there are so many of them...

Selma: and most of them are NOT least not yet

Seventies: Now what is interesting to me in one of the counties I reasearch, they have the original copies of the county newspapers at the chancery court.

Selma: Is this one of the places that you will visit this summer..

Seventies: One of the two counties that has two seats. I haven't even been to the other county seat yet. Yes if the creek don't rise or the Mississippi river.. lol

Selma: LOL

Seventies: Wilkinson County, MS... I have a lot of work to do there as many family members migrated from that county to Adams County after the CW. As a matter of fact, on my FB page I uploaded several headstones from a church cemetery this morning. Many of those people I've seen on the Woodville, MS census records from 1870 - 1880

Selma: I will have to take a look

Seventies: Here's the link Make sure that you like the page in order to get my updates. slip of the fingers?? lol

Selma: Oops I liked you and clicked my self out of the room

Seventies: lol That's all Internet Explorer that does that.

Selma: Did you take those pictures last summer

Seventies: No back in 2009 I'm almost scared to post this link to you.. lol Vicky's brother's obit is out.

Selma: no send to me.. Why did you laugh

Seventies: Laughing because I don't want you to get 'clicked' out again.. lol

Selma: Ok..


Selma: Handsome man

Seventies: Yes he was... this is the brother who was genetically linked to my grandfather.

Selma: Oh... are you all trying to figure out the how?

Seventies: No not really.

Selma: LOL

Seventies: Probably some deep deep connection back to the early colonial times that we'll never make. lol

Selma: It is interesting though

Seventies: It is.. I wouldn't have ever thunk it!

Selma: I thought only alt was the "six degrees of separation" person

Seventies: oh no... lol Do you know how many times I get asked if I'm related to Bob Lanier? lol

Selma: LOL Seventies..I have to run you have a great day

Seventies: You Too Selma

Selma: Go to the gym

Seventies: I will.. lol

Selma: and excercise for both of us

Seventies: I don't know if I can do that... lol

Selma: Bye

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