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2013-04-25 • Anderson Bridges


Start: 12:08:20
End: 13:10:32
Chatters: alt, Khathu, Selma, Seventies

alt: Hello Khathu, how's it going? Are you back in the DC area?

Khathu: Hello alt, things are going well. And yes I am back in DC and yourself?

alt: I'm doing well ...thank you.

Khathu: I have made a lot of head way on the Cartwright family FPOC in DC

alt: wonderful, How are the records on FPOC in DC... plentiful, sparse ????

Khathu: I have examined several books that provide a wealth of information on the family. I am planning on pulling some records tomorrow B

alt: I'm finding that records for FPOC are 'out there" and somewhat plentiful, at least here in Ohio.

Khathu: The DC Register of Free Negro are Federal Records which are housed at the Archives

alt: most of the FPOC records I find are at the county & state level. and more and more of these records are coming online.

Khathu: this is true

Seventies: Good afternoon, alt and Khathu All, do you know if Terrence Garnett has a blog? hhelllllloooooooooo

alt: Hello Seventies, no I don't know if Terrence has a Blog

Seventies: Thanks alt. How are you doing today?

alt: I see some of his postings on FB and can't recalll him mentioning a Blog. I'm doing well... going to the OGS Conference sessions tomorrow in Cincinnati. the Conf started today, but we're only going for Friday's sessions

Khathu: Hello Seventies

Seventies: ok sounds like some good stuff is happening out your way alt Hello Khathu. How are you doing today?

Khathu: I found a book on google books on the origins of African American Methodism and it has info on Joseph Cartright

Seventies: Thanks for the tips yesterday. They are greatly appreciated. Nice... a biography?

alt: is it the "Sons of Allen" by Talbert Khathu ?

Seventies: Ok I need a drink.. brb fellas.

Khathu: not quiet but it does inform me that he was a local preacher back in 1825 The book is A Will to Choose: The Origins of African American Methodism

alt: I have the 3 vol set on the history of the A.M.E. church by Reverdy Ransom thanks for the title Khathu hello Selma

Selma: Afternoon alt, khathu and seventies

Seventies: Hello Selma! Do you think that Joseph Cartright would appear in that publication alt?

alt: AA Methodism ... I was surprised to learn that AA's were ordained to preach in the Methodist Episcopal Church - South during slavery..... I have a 2nd grt-grandfather, Anderson Bridges, who was ordained by the ME-South denomination in 1846.

Khathu: Hello Selma

alt: not sure Seventies ... Sons of Allen is online and there are bio's & photos for a good number of AME pastors & bishops.

Khathu: He was the first Black ordained elder in MEC

Seventies: That sounds like a good resource for those with African Methodists in the family.

alt: Cartwright ???? MEC, that is Methodist Episcopal Church, rather than African Methodist Episcopalian, right?

Khathu: Yes and yes

alt: okay thanks.... because there is a BIG difference between the two denominations.

Khathu: absolutely

alt: and there are major differences betwen the ME Church North & South

Seventies: sigh... too much.

alt: more than you cared to know, huh Seventies? LOL

Seventies: Well all of the Christian denomations are like that..

alt: OH ???????

Seventies: Look at the Baptists.. There are more Baptists within the Baptists than you can shake a stick at.. lol

alt: I think Khathu's observation about Cartwright being an Elder in the ME Church is significant as he was an FPOC, an AA and this was a "white" church and the time period was 1826.

Khathu: 1825

Seventies: That is significant.

alt: Oops, missed by 1 year LOL

Selma: Tut, tut

Khathu: two years after he purchased the freedom of his wife and one of his sons

alt: and there was an AME church in the DC area during that time period.... the one in Georgetown I believe was established ca 1810-1815. Khathu, your friend is a descendant of Cartwright?

Khathu: I might be able to locate an obituary of Joseph from the MEC Baltimore Conference Historical Society The Cartwrights are my adopted FPOC family

alt: ah so, okay Selma, J. Mark Lowe is one of the speakers I'll be hearing tomorrow at the OGS Conference... he's doing Locating Slaves & Slave Owners in US court Records

Selma: He is very good alt

alt: I know, I've heard Mark on several occasions.... He also has a great presentation on Methodist Episcopal Records. He helped me research my ancestor (slave) who was ordianed in the ME Curch - South. Rev. Anderson Bridges, late a local member of the Kentucky Annual Conference. He was born January 1, 1817 in Harrodsburg, Kentucky; converted to the religion of May 10, 1848, in Crittenden, Grant County, Kentucky.; ordained and Elder in the M.E. Church South by Bishop Cavanaugh, at Shelbyville, Ky., in 1856.

Seventies: Ok good folks, have an awesome afternoon. See you tomorrow.

Khathu: Alright everyone talk to you later

alt: Selma, you still here?

Selma: Kinda..sorta..

alt: okay, question...

Selma: Was doing something in the kitchen..moving back and forth Ok I am listening..or reading

alt: the room gets awfully quiet when I cite examples of what the discussion is about.... should I keep my mouth shut and just listen during those times?

Selma: Oh no, alt. Your examples are great.. Think folks were just winding down.

alt: thanks, but I often wonder about getting into the examples I might have that could add to the discussion

Selma: Folks need they know what to look for..although Khathu is quite good these folks have JOBS alt...their lunch hour is probably over..unlike us. LOL and we want them to KEEP thier jobs

alt: that could be it too, thanks

Selma: and on that note..I need to go run and do some things.. Saw my surgeon today..he thought I was doing well

alt: okay, be careful

Selma: Still gotta continue (or go back) to using the stationary bike..

alt: no marathon's yet

Selma: Had company and haven't been in about 3 weeks

alt: Oops, bout the "bike" our's is a good clothes hanger LOL bye Selma.. take care

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