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2013-04-22 • USCT Widow + Pension


Start: 12:12:08
End: 13:23:43
Chatters: alt, bENN, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Selma: Good Monday afternoon seventies...

Seventies: Hi Selma on the phone with Vicky... :}

Selma: How is she doing..heard about her brother..

Seventies: She's busy trying to make the arrangements with her nephew.

Selma: Give her my best..

Seventies: I did :)

Selma: Thanks

Seventies: So how are you today Selma?

Selma: Tired..long weekend

Seventies: I had a great weekend. Went to the gym :) I needed to go shopping, but putting it off for a couple more days.

Selma: Well good for you... Shoppng will only get you in trouble... LOL

Seventies: LOL Just food shopping. Running on fumes... lol

Selma: Unless we are talking about food..the boys eating you out of house and home?

Seventies: Indeed!

Selma: See thinking alike

Seventies: And I'm working on a few personal projects that are family related. AND someone wants to lease the family property ... sigh lots of stuff.

Selma: Yep..sounds like lots of stuff..I can assure you I totally understand

Seventies: My son is going to be doing an internship... so trying to get that together. ugh ugh ugh

Selma: Wonderful..good for him

Seventies: yes it is! I'm thrilled that he wants to be gainfully employed. I've put it off as long as I could. lol Wanted the boys to concentrate on school first and foremost. Alright enough about my personal life. lol I see Mel Collier moved to D.C./VA... :)

Selma: I wasn't sure if he moved there or was visiting..

Seventies: Its going to be interesting to see the things that come up with him in the next year or so.

Selma: Was it an employment move?

Seventies: Yes

Selma: Well he is in research heaven...and traffic nightmare But he will have alot of genealogical buddies he already knows

Seventies: yes he is... as far as traffic goes I think it will be much better for him up there. LOL let him tell it ATL traffic is the worst.

Selma: Yes..Atlanta traffic is bad too

Seventies: The hours at the National Archives have been cut. that stinks.

Selma: Yes it does stink... Hours have been our local research libraries too.. BRB..gotta put the princess down for her nap

Seventies: ok we are here, just taking an intermission... :}

Selma: Ok back Gotta run to you tomorrow.

vkn: Howdy

Seventies: hi vkn

vkn: Howdy do mam How you be seventies slow crowd today? Howdy alt

alt: hello ladies, how goes it today?

vkn: Great post from you alt Seventies are you here ? there? where?

alt: thanks vkn, it was a thrill to get those photos

vkn: I am sure it was/is Miracles happen daily and those pics are a miracle alt

alt: and i don't know the guy who sent them to me, or how he found me and knew I was interested in Godman Field & the Tuskegee Airmen so how is your 'stuff' going these days vkn... genealoggy wise LOL

vkn: It is truly wonderful plus the mystery donor impact Going well I am trying to find a slave owner who had no documentation

alt: he sent his phone number too ... guess I'll call him later toady.. California time

vkn: ooh ooh want to hear the result of your call

alt: who & where.. think I can be of help?

vkn: I know you can help

alt: okay, got pencil & paper ready...

vkn: Name spelling changes from Slater to Sclater to Slatter First name is James F Slatter has Grandmother listed in estate papers with 4 other slaves

bENN: Hello Everyone1

alt: your gmother vkn? hello bENN

Seventies: hey hey hey beNN, alt.

bENN: VKN, thank you foro posting the information on the Voyage to the names and the story.

alt: how are ya bENN?

bENN: Hi alt

Seventies: Sorry, I got sucked into a food conversation.. lol I love FOOD! Vicky says hello

alt: Hello Seventies welcome back

bENN: Hi Seventies

alt: Hello to Vicky

bENN: Thanks, I have had trouble logging in and can always get in when I am visiting the FHC.

Seventies: of course... lol

alt: okay bENN, so you're at the FHC today?

bENN: Any new genealogy findings? Yes, I am here(FHC).

Seventies: No nothing really, just trying to share my past findings on The Family Griot fanpage.

alt: not really new, just more information on folks I already have knowledge of.... more & more 'stuff' is coming online.

bENN: I am so glad to see the new items coming on-line.

Seventies: Yes. That is exciting.

alt: me too bENN .. these are the 'best of times' genealogy-wise

Seventies: So we'll see what pops up next online. :) What records are you looking at today beNN?

alt: for sure Seventies , gotta do a daily 'sweep' of Ancestry & FamilySearch.

bENN: I am working on a presentation on the Civil War Pension Files and I am looking at a few USCT Widows records.

Seventies: ok

alt: those are always interesting bENN .. pension application files

Seventies: You know, its so interesting about those files. There are records scattered over everywhere that contribute the the building of the files, but not necessarily added to the file.

bENN: The USCT Widows had so many challenges: finding proof for marraige, birth of children, credible witnesses, exact name, company and regt., were all problematic.

Seventies: Had you noticed that beNN?/

alt: very true bENN

Seventies: But witness statements are GREAT! As well as witnesses who went to drs appointments etc. Gives a very good view of the community.

bENN: The Civil War Pension and the Widows files are now being consolidated into one big file.

Seventies: that's great!... so file sizes should go up.

alt: okay, wow I'll bet that is a PROJECT!!!!

bENN: Yes, the statement are great. The problem is proving credibility. The previous slave owner or someone white was considered more credible.

Seventies: They'll be docs pulled from all the records sets including RG105..

bENN: Yes, I have just looked that a file with over 522 pages.

Seventies: WOW!

alt: I'm helping a friend with her GEANS ancestor ..... from TN, enlisted in the uSCT @ Camp Nelson, KY, went to settle in Arkansas after the CW and his widow filed for a pensio in 1909.

Seventies: Did it have lots of medical documents? Witness statements? Did the soldier get a pension and did his wife recieve a Widow's pension??? OMG I would go nuts over a doc like that!

bENN: I am working on these files every Friday at the National Archives - preparing them for digitization for Fold3. My goal is to encourage individuals to read the files - any file even if they do not have a family member in the USCT. So much to learn!

Seventies: Indeed! beNN

bENN: That doc would be a good episode for SCANDAL. It was amazing!

Seventies: uh oh... did the 'wife' get the pension?

bENN: The widow described the soldier in one document as light skin and 6ft. tall. In another document, he was short and on the heavy side. She was married by an old colored preacher during slavery and in another document, a white preacher married them. Pension was rejected!

alt: I'll bet.. with no 'formal' marriages before the CW how do you prove a legitimate marriage for the surviving children?

Seventies: drama! Love it. Send me a copy! lol lol lol lol

alt: AA widow applications were probably prime candidates for rejection

bENN: That's the challenge Art. Nobody made it easy for these poor widows to get the money. My augument is that the Pension process was not designed for colored folks because our life situation was totally different.

Seventies: Freedman's Bureau has marriages. My 3rd great grands were married that way.

alt: exactly bENN I guess the challenge Seventies is 'proving' a marriage prior to the FB records.

Seventies: That's where witness statements come in.

bENN: You can find it a lot of records on fold 3. Just look for the big files and that's where the rich genealogical information is located. Of course, all of the records have wonderful stories.

Seventies: I wish we had fold3 here....

bENN: Seventies, the witnesses must be credible. They did not have a lie detector during that time and if the slipped and stated something incorrect this could prejudice the review of the application. Also, the claimant would sign her X on a statement without truly understanding what she had signed. Many of the claimants were illiterate.

alt: some of those applications read like the 'attorneys' were looking for ways to discredit the widows, almost like they got paid to NOT prove the widow's story.

Seventies: I understand that. Which is why I am so surpised that people say that pension files are 10 - 30 pages long. that = when that's not surprising alt.

alt: it seems as if the real dramatic stories are in the widow's applications, the ex-USCT's stories are pretty much cut and dried.... I went in and served and got out LOL

Seventies: lol unless they have medical issues, THEN you get the lowdown.

alt: seems like all that I have read there were medical issues

bENN: The invalid pension records are also good if they are trying to prove a disability related to the war.

Seventies: Did they put where and how they received the injuries? That's always intereresting.

bENN: Yes, this is in the file. I have a record where the soldier described where he was born, when he mustered, the battles he served in and how is was injured. Fascinating story! He was a witness for my ggreat grandfather when he applied for his homestead land.

Seventies: nice!

bENN: Nice chatting! Tune-in tonight! Great discussion about a mixed race land owning community in NC.

alt: that's great bENN, when you can connect two or more files between individuals you are related to, or know about.

Seventies: ok will do... I have the itis... let me get going... have a good day y'all!

alt: sounds interesting... I have that situation in Edgecombe Co. NC

bENN: Yes, I was so happy to conduct some cluster research on the witnesses for my ancestor and found two USCT soldiers. Bye:}

alt: ah so, good ole cluster research LOL

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