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2013-04-18 • Researching FPOC • DC


Start: 12:08:36
End: 13:02:21
Chatters: alt, daviss, hotlanta, karoshi8, khathu, Selma, Seventies, yatah

yatah: hello

Selma: Good afternoon daviss and yatah

yatah: hi

daviss: Hello Selma and yatah! how's it going

Selma: Its doing OK

yatah: good research on family history smile

Selma: Glad to hear that yatah

daviss: doing as well as can be expected Selma. Almost packed but mind not so good

yatah: yeah

Selma: I totally understand...

daviss: thanks

yatah: i know it will hard find

daviss: yes yatah research is hard but rewarding

yatah: yea i research on eupropean history and african how start etc

daviss: The President is speaking Selma You start the same way you did before yatah, no different

Selma: I have Mizz Vicky/Angela..she is watching Calliou while she eats lunch will have to catch later

daviss: you have to get census records, marriage records, death certificates and all those things

yatah: yeah need back to 1700 something ?

daviss: I remember Calliou Selma with tyler lol

yatah: or back to back 1600 first i need focus one name if i can get back to back

daviss: You have a lifetime to search yatah and along the way you will find more and more information

yatah: it will lot of work lol

daviss: I have made it a hobby and it keeps me busy

alt: hello y'all .. I see you started without me LOL LOL

daviss: You will learn who the neighbors are, the history of different cities and towns and that will be satisfying hello there alt!!

khathu: hello everyone

alt: hello there Ms Daviss

khathu: Heloo Seventies

daviss: Hi there khathu and Seventies!

alt: HI khathu & Seventies

Seventies: Good afternoon alt, daviss, khathu, Selma and yatah

Selma: Afternoon khathu and seventies

yatah: hi

Selma: Oops ternoon alt

khathu: @Selma - it is still morning here in California

Selma: Thought you were still on the EAst Coast.. LOL

daviss: Oh Khathu how is your mom? I did not know you were there

khathu: She is doing much better and my grandparents are doing well.

Selma: Glad to hear that khathu

daviss: very good, nice to hear that

alt: yes khathu, glad to hear family is doing well.

daviss: Whats up with you Seventies?

alt: parents & grandparents ... you younger folks are so fortunate to have elders to question about your family history.

khathu: I am assisting my academic mentor with her family research. Based on the little information she was able to provide I was able to discover that her family Cartwrights and Ducketts were FPOC residing in DC as early as 1820s

Seventies: Nothing really, just working out. Trying to keep on top of my FamilyGriot facebook page. etc etc

Selma: Wow..was she surprised?

alt: wow!! that is good work khathu

khathu: They also resided in Georgetown

Seventies: Oh nice work khathu

alt: khathu, are you familiar with the A.M.E. church that still exits in G'Town?

khathu: So I can't wait to get back to DC and do some on the ground research. She has a family Bible which has information back to the 1700s @alt - yes it is near my dentist

alt: WOW!!!!! what a treasure

daviss: That is a treasure..

Selma: Been a couple of articles on Blacks in Georgetown

khathu: @alt - I told her with that info she didn't need me. Heck, her research is already done.

Selma: LOL

khathu: lol

alt: okay khathu, my wife's ancestor's, surnamed Honesty helped in the building of that church and were among the founding members. right khathu, but you can help her to 'document' her holdings in a genealogical format, perhaps with a software package.... get her stuff (information) collected in a central location.

khathu: I haven't researched FPOC yet, so I am definitely interested in assisting her and since it is right there in DC how could I not take the lead

alt: you're in for a treat with FPOC in record research khathu, we are THERE!!!! and it is so thrilling to see US in print.

Selma: Believe there was a Register of Free blacks in DC

khathu: Really? I am planning on going to the DC Archives upon my return.

alt: and they should definitely be in the 1830 census records perhaps even earlier

Selma: Dorothy Provine abstracted the registers..1821-1861..

khathu: I think that the family is located in the 1830 Census but I am not sure of that yet. I made an assumption that they are. I know for a fact that they are there in in the 1840s since I located a marriage record for 1841

Selma: Heritage Press 1996

khathu: hopefully they have that at the library

alt: marriage in 1841 .. so you should be able to find information on both the bride & grooms families in those early records.

khathu: amazon is selling the book for $100.00

Selma: Jeez I am sure it is at the library.. Heck for all I know I could have it here..yes..I am unorganized

Seventies: lol Selma

khathu: @ Selma

Selma: At least I am honest

khathu: Library of Congress has it.

alt: among your many attributes Selma LOL

Selma: LOL

Seventies: Indeed! :} hi hotlanta! :)

hotlanta: full house

daviss: hotlanta hello

hotlanta: lol

alt: I see you behind those Foster Grants vkn ... posing as hotlanta LOL

hotlanta: lol lol lol

Seventies: Quick note. For those who missed 'The Central Park Five', its currently streaming on PBS at

khathu: well, i will be spending Monday at between the Library of Congress, National Archives and DAR Library

Seventies: right, alt... lol lol lol

Selma: Lucky you khathu..

hotlanta: yes I get on snag film seventies

alt: you have 'roller blades' khathu LOL

khathu: Then on Tuesday, I will be reviewing my mircofilm from FHC

hotlanta: Khathu be bizzy

alt: you're a busy fella khathu

Seventies: Wish I were there. :( can't seem to get it together.

khathu: well it is like a perfect storm right now

alt: wonderful khathu, do all you can, while you can

khathu: absolutely. Her grandfather worked for the Dept. of Treasury as a messenger

Seventies: wow\

khathu: I am wondering if I can get information on him from the National Archives this was around 1900s

Seventies: Do you think the Dept of Treasury would have like a pension system like the railroads did?

alt: you might also check the DC Afri-Amer newspapers from around the turn of the century (1900) khathu

karoshi8: Good afternoon everyone!

Selma: Plus city know the drill khathu

alt: Hello karoshi8

Seventies: Since you brought up newspapers, lets be reminded that Proquest is doing their free library thing again this week. :)

Selma: Afternoon karoshi

khathu: @Selma and alt - I will be re-reading the section on FPOC in Finding a Place Called Home

Selma: and look for the laws as they related to FPOC in DC..

alt: good reference guide khathu

Selma: Guild's book on laws in VA is a good overview..many other states followed suit

khathu: I need to make an appointment to conduct research at the DC Archives

alt: right you've got almost 200 years worth of DC history to cover khathu

daviss: hi karoshi8

alt: from about the 1820

Selma: You have to make an appointment to use the DC Archives khathu?

alt: 1820 to the present

Selma: Also read the intro to Paul Heinnegs site khathu

daviss: Oh you need appt's to research? How many do they allow at once

karoshi8: alt are any of Champaign counties court records online?

khathu: I am not sure daviss

alt: sounds exciting khathu, your friend's family will keep you busy when you hit 'dry spots' in your own research.

daviss: odd re appt to research

alt: yes karoshi8

karoshi8: Awesome! Where do I go for those?

alt: try the Champaign County Historical & Genealogical Societies for starters.

Seventies: Ok folks gotta run. See y'all tomorrow.

alt: and you can search for individuals by name on both Ancestry & familysearch in Champaign county knowing the are AA's.

karoshi8: Yes, I've tried ancestry and familysearch, no dice.

daviss: I guess I will log off folks. Not sure when I will be able to check back in. Take care

alt: try surnames on familysearch and for specific time periods.... like Adams from 1800-1900 Champaign county for specific types of records

karoshi8: Have a good afternoon daviss.

Selma: You be safe daviss..

daviss: I will and thanks much

alt: take care daviss.. prayers & best wishes to you & family 1800-1900 or more narrower time periods

karoshi8: Thanks alt. I need to narrow down my Lillian Robinson. I need a birth date or something. I know it is before 1885.

Selma: Folks..have to run..have a great day.

alt: later Selma

karoshi8: Bye Selma have a great afternoon!

Selma: Khathu..have a great visit and a safe trip home

khathu: thanks okay, talk to you all tomorrow

alt: I've got to run myself y'all take care

karoshi8: Bye alt thanks for the help!

alt: yw karoshi8

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