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2013-04-16 • Garrett Hunter research


Start: 12:05:41
End: 13:04:27
Chatters: alt, daviss, labgarrett, Selma, Seventies, yatah

daviss: hello there labgarrett!

labgarrett: Hello; my name is actually LaBrenda. This is the first time I am joining this chat. Is there a format? Thanks.

daviss: Labrenda and /or labgarrett welcome

labgarrett: Thank you.

daviss: No real format we are actually pretty easy going how is your research going? I research Harrison and Grimes County Texas mainly

labgarrett: Well, I have spent several decades collecting and privately publishing research on three of my luines, but just started pursuing agenealogical education at the beginning of 2011. I would do many things differently now.

daviss: surnames Taylor, Daviss, Ware, Burks, Spann to name a few Ahhhh very good!! It sounds like you have a good handle on things What Surnames and from where labgarrett?

labgarrett: distant cousins are also involved and they have each come up with new avenues to explore. I am about to retire form the practice of law in 2 months and am trying to immerse myself in all things relating to African American Genealogy; i was actually somewhat involved in the old AOL forum and afrigeneas early on.

alt: hello daviss, glad to see you back in the chat room

daviss: Hello alt

alt: Hi labgarrett, how ya doing?

labgarrett: Garrett, Neely, and Sullivans out of Laurens, South Caorlina, but also descendants of Dublin Hunter. Hello alt.

daviss: Thx alt, for some reason Java interferred and crashed vkn hopefully will be here soon and I am sure you are familar with her

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss and labgarrett

alt: Hello Selma, how goes it?

daviss: Hi Selma, who's it going

labgarrett: Hello Selma

daviss: I was a baby back in the old aol days but I heard good things lol

alt: labgarrett, welocme to the wacky world of genealogy (on a full time basis) LOL

Selma: Listen to you were a baby...

daviss: :o

Selma: The Pollen is killing here today...everything is YELLOW

daviss: Oh my Selma, stay indoors

Selma: Glad to hear about your retirement you have plenty of time to devote to research

labgarrett: And classes. I just spent 4 sessions with Char McCargo two weeks ago at the Faierfax Genealogy Society annual meeting; learned alot!

daviss: How far have you gone so far on your lines labgarrett?

Seventies: good morning all

Selma: Afternoon seventies

Seventies: rather, afternoon. How is everyone today? All well I hope.

daviss: hello seventies

Seventies: Hello alt, daviss, labgarrett Welcome!, Selma and yatah

yatah: hello

Selma: Afternoon yatah

labgarrett: We believe that Garretts are descended from Dublin Hunter whose year of birth is given as 1785 in a deed of manumission. After taking so many classes I now understand that I have not necessarily met the generoloicgal proof standard, but I have not disproved anything either>

daviss: I bet those were some good sessions labgarrett. She knows her stuff for sure

alt: labgarrett, there is a person that visits the chat on occasion that is researching Laurens SC .. I belive they are researching the surname HARVARD.

daviss: hi there yatah!

Selma: What year was he manumitted labgarrett2013-04-16 12:17:58 [Message] Seventies -> *LunchBunch: labgarrett, are you resarching HARVARDS in Mississippi??

labgarrett: That's good to know. I was born there and plan to go back and forth after this June. Dublin was freed in 1819 or thereabouts.

Selma: Was he the only one manumitted from that estate or were there others

labgarrett: Seventies, no my research has centered on Laurens SC, or at least beginning there.

Seventies: Ok

alt: Char is an excellent presenter and does a great job in 'teaching" genealogical techniques.

Selma: There will be a 3 day institute on African American Research in July in St. Louis labgarrett

alt: Hello Seventies & yatah

labgarrett: Char certainly talked about things that I have not done, like researching all of a slave owner's friends and associates, assuming you find the slave owner Selma what organization is sponsoring the AA institute in July?

Selma: Alt..find her the are better than I

daviss: there you are

Selma: Thank you daviss.. LOL

daviss: YW

alt: labgarrett, Yes ... Char & her "partner in crime" Deborah Abbott preach the gospel of cluster/comunity research.... you have to know the 'neigborhood' to get the real deal on your ancestors LOL

labgarrett: Thanks.

Selma: When Dublin is manumitted does he stay in the same area labgarrett?

labgarrett: Yes Dublin stays put up until the 1850 census for Laurens County SC and then he drops off the face of the earth except for namesakes found in Garrett and Hunter households.

Selma: Are these Garret and Hunters also "free" labgarrett?

labgarrett: No, we have "lore" that he bought his girl children (and indeed rthere is a sale bill showing the purchase of two little girls with their mother) but that his girls were "unbought" according to a 1919 bio of another descendant. I believe I am descended form one of those two girls.

alt: just read back ... Wow!! your Dublin HUnter was freed ca 1819 in SC....Are they on the 1830 FPOC Census of Carter Woodson ... as FPOC and/or possibly FPOC's who owned Slaves?

Seventies: Ok so can I make a few suggestions :) You will definitely want to research the family of the man who manumitted Dublin AND the person, most likely a male who was the executor of the estate of Dublin's slave holder.

Selma: What do you mean by "unbought"

Seventies: If Dublin was freed at the time of the death of the slaveholder. Also do the genealogy the family of the slaveholder as well.

labgarrett: One of my cousins recently found a reference to court case where a slave owner's children were fighting over his estate and a slave named Sally is named as the motther of 5 children, including the two that appear with Sally on a sale bill to Dublin in about 1823. A woman named Sally also appears in the 1850 Dublin household.

alt: ah so, you have a great 'foundation' labgarrett.

labgarrett: I used "unbought" because that is how my distanty cousin described the situation in a biographical note that was published in 1919; I understand it to mean they were lost to creditors because Dublin would not have been able to free them at that time in SC history and they would have been subject to liens. I do have a great foundation, mainly because I had two family historians before me going back to a 1933 reunion and I have spent many years just collecting information even if I was not doing it the genealoguical way. Seventies, Dublin actually purchased his freedom for $1,200.

Seventies: ok... interesting.

Selma: Ok..I was Virginia there are a number of AA listed as slave owners, who purchased their children and wives but did not free, because they would have had to leave the state

labgarrett: And the woman we believe was his wife, Sally, was owned by someone else. Dublin bought her and 2 of her daughters out of an estate.

Selma: What was his occupation labgarrett?

labgarrett: The census records say "mechanic," and I know that could mean a lot of different things.

alt: and it sounds as if he ran into the problem of not being able to free his own family for fear of "Black codes" and possibly losing them, or them having to leave SC.

labgarrett: alt, I believe that is correct, SC kwpt changing the law regarding freeing slaves.

Selma: Did he own land property

labgarrett: One of the records indicates that he owned property value at $50 but I have not found land records. I do plan to spend more time in the court house after retirement.

Selma: Look for personal property tax records

alt: speaking of property ..... y'all might want to take a look at the agricultural schedules from 1850-1880 for ancestors that may have been "farmers".

labgarrett: At this point I am trying to connect my Garrett great-great-grandfather born in 1837, who I believe is Dublin's grandson, back to Dublin

alt: I recently (yesterday) found ancestors in the 1870 schedules and there is some great information contained in those records.

labgarrett: Selma, good idea; I have not done that or even figure=d out where they are yet

Selma: Probably in court house..or check and see what records FHC might have on microfilm.. or state archives

labgarrett: That's the other thing I have yet to do, go to the SC state archives in person but I have found useful information among the materials they have put on line.

alt: where are you physically located labgarrett, near SC?????

labgarrett: No, in DC but we have a house down there and I plan to go back and forth.

alt: ah so, okay..... that helps, being able to go to the actual location where the records may be located.

labgarrett: What about all of you, your locations?

alt: I'm in Ohio

Selma: Is there a genealogical society in that county?

labgarrett: Yes, alt, now I just squeeze time in when we are down for holidays.

Selma: What happened to daviss?

alt: OOps, hope she isn't having Java problems...... again

labgarrett: I have written to them (last year) because one of our earlier family historians had a letter saying that Dublin was our Garrett ancestor, but the letter provides no analysis. I have yet to recieve a reply. daviss dropped off a little whiel ago.

Seventies: ok brb in a deep convo with a distant cousin..

labgarrett: There is an African American Historical society in Laurens but it seems to be inactive these days.

alt: AA gen societies seem to 'ebb & flow", hopefully you can catch them on the upswing labgarrett

labgarrett: I have been asking after the woman who had it going about ten years ago but I guess I should try harder; I know she is still around but you never know what is going on in sopmeone's personal life that may explain why they have dropped out

alt: that is so very true labgarrett.

labgarrett: The thing that I took away from Char's talk is that I need to be diligent and persistent in my search.

alt: again, very true & "patient" LOL

Selma: Yes patient...

labgarrett: What names are all of you researching?

alt: my primary names are Adams, Bridges, Lawrence & Thomas ffrom VA/KY/NC & OH. oops and Indiana

Seventies: Bye all see you tomorrow.

labgarrett: One practical thing I learned in Pro-Gen 13 which ended in January 2013, is about how use friendly the staff of the North Caorlina Archives is. I obtianed a will naming a friend's ancestor after being told that fact and blind emailing a person I thought might help. Have you deaqlt with them alt?

alt: darn, I had some good stuff to share with Seventies on the agri schedules since her folks were farmers in alabama

labgarrett: What time do we usually end?

Selma: Folks..I have to run, just had company drop by. Good to see you labgarrett..come back

alt: around 1:00 PM or shortly thereafter

labgarrett: I will. tomorrow I have a lunch but look for me soon! R=Thanks everyone.

alt: we have a chatter that works at the NC State Library & Archives labgarrett

daviss: sorry folks missed most of the convo I guess everyone left

alt: still here

daviss: ahhhh ok alt, sorry I missed the conversation I think labgarrett is gone now but forgot to log off

alt: yes

daviss: ok well I guess we can turn out the lights then Oh alt did you see who we picked up in the womens draft...The Number 1 pick who is supposedly the best ever size 17 shoe.....whew!

alt: gotta run

daviss: ok take care bye bye labgarrett

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