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2013-04-12 • pre-historic DNA origins


Start: 12:06:18
End: 12:52:42
Chatters: alt, karoshi8, Selma, vkn, yatah

vkn: Greetings to all log of yesterday is up Left over from yesterday convo Thanx for AfriGeneas Hey hey hey alt

alt: hello vkn... may I join ya?

vkn: By all means Nice to see note of thanx from Marion

alt: just reading about the "flap" over LL Cool J and the lyrics in the song with the country music singer.

vkn: and proud of all for progress made by Yatah

yatah: hello i need your help what is

alt: Yes, Marion's posting had a very "nice" touch. Hello yatah

yatah: yeah pretty good result health

vkn: Just saying we are proud of you Yatah

yatah: i need your help about what is neanderthal dna i got 4 %

karoshi8: Hello everyone!

vkn: uh oh Beyond me Yatah but sounds like the original Eve Howdy karoshi8

alt: yatah, click on the link at 23andme to read what it has to say about Neanderthal ancestry. Hello karoshi8

yatah: oops i mean 1.4 % mean come from africa ?

vkn: All life begins in Africa Yatah Have you done DNA karoshi8 ?

karoshi8: No, I haven't. It seems very interesting.

vkn: Neither have I

yatah: ok less of % of neanderthal nice to know lol

karoshi8: Though, since I was adopted I would have to do it on my parents.

alt: yatah, don't be too serious about those pre-historic DNA origins... they are not specific to each of us, but rather to all of us (human kind).

vkn: ahhhhhh karoshi8 I see

yatah: original eve alike ,vkn ? i learn something

alt: good yatah

vkn: Very good

alt: I'm trying to relate my DNA results to the last 2-3 hundred years, not the past 30-40 thousands of years LOL

yatah: yeah i cant wait next result few day left

karoshi8: Seems very exciting yatah!

alt: hello Selma.

vkn: howdy selma

Selma: Afternoon alt, karoshi, vkn, yatah

karoshi8: Hello Selma

yatah: thanks

alt: karoshi8, the VFW post in Urbana, OH (Strawther-Robinson) is named after a Robinson descendant who was killed at Pearl Harbor.

yatah: hey i ask you few question about non abo blood group

vkn: you are making progress karoshi8 or so it sounds

karoshi8: Ok, I'll have to look. Thanks alt. I can still find no connection to the Robinsons. I suppose so vkn. I found some awesome stuff but it only raises more questions. :)

vkn: Questions are roads to answers

karoshi8: Like why a white man would be selling property to a FPOC woman who is married and not to her husband? Thanks for all the help everyone!

alt: solid answers to those types of questions may be hard to answer from the typical records we research karoshi8 ... (vitals, land, etc.)

karoshi8: Very true. The seller is a Vaughn and I know Vaughn is one of my possible Saponi names. So there might be a connection there.

Selma: A familial connection?

karoshi8: Tribal connection. Maybe.

alt: karoshi8, did you know a Sheila Farmer Clay originally from Urbana, Ohio, she was BIG in researching Saponi ancestry among the people of color in Ohio.

karoshi8: Though, when I was in Ohio I spoke to Timothy Weaver and he didn't seem to put any faith in the native american connection. I don't know if I have spoken to her or not alt. I have spoken to Richard Haithcock who is also a direct relation to me.

alt: okay karoshi8, yes Rick has compiled a great deal of early NA history and ties to the Ohio area.

karoshi8: His great grandfather married my 3rd great grandfather's sister Elizabeth Winburn.

alt: okay, a Haithcock & a Winburn marriage.. what was the time period?

karoshi8: They married July 30 1852 in Ross County.

alt: as Winburn & Haithcock?

karoshi8: Yes. It is Henry Winburn's daughter, instead of sister.

yatah: you know what is mean ? of non abo blood group ?

karoshi8: What is your email alt? I'll send you the pic of the marriage record. It also has Robert Hackley and Julia Ann Adams on it too. Who would be the parents of Clarissa Hackley who married Joseph John Winburn.

alt: Meredith Haithcoch & Elizabeth Winburn????

karoshi8: Yes.


Selma: Non abo blood group..what is that?

yatah: blood type something

karoshi8: Sent

alt: received LOL

Selma: I have no clue yatah..

vkn: Naptime yall

yatah: allright

alt: I thought all blood types were either A, B, O or some combination???

karoshi8: I suppose I'm going to have to make a trip up to Urbana! As if my Ohio trips aren't full enough. This time it I have to go to Dayton, Cleveland, Xenia, Chillicothe, Gallipolis, and Urbana. :)

yatah: yea like that alt

alt: well you can make Dayton, Xenia & Urbana in a day or two.

yatah: alike gg ag aa alt

karoshi8: Yes probably so alt. Gotta fit in the family reunion too! lol

Selma: Have to run folks..have a great day

alt: sounds like a "packed" trip.

karoshi8: Almost always is. Exhausting but rewarding.

alt: well, on your way from Xenia to Urbana or vice versa, give me a holler I'm in Springfield 8-12 miles from either and on rte 68.

karoshi8: I'm going to get out of here too. Thanks for all the help. Have a good afternoon. Of course I will let you know!

alt: bye karoshi8

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