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Start: 21:11:55
End: 23:16:03
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AmosNY, AYWalton, freeaainnc, Ingrid_Doweary, Khathu, rcs, ryan, Selma, Spivey, vicky, vkn

vicky: hello AmosNY and Selma!

Selma: Good evening vicky and Amos

AmosNY: Hi Selma,Vicky!

vicky: Selma do you or Amos know how to get part of an image out of a page

AmosNY: What kind of image?

Selma: what nope not me...exactly what do you mean?

vicky: I have an 1880 census page I want to post but I want to only use about 10 0r 12 lines When I tried to post the whole page, the file was too large

Selma: Oh I usally just print the screen...

AmosNY: Did you try reducing the size of the file?

vicky: well, in the 1880 census the index has the wife as Jenifer and I believe it is tempie I put it down to 75 but it still did not work

Selma: you want to paste into an email

AmosNY: You might have to upload it to a word document and edit it there.

vicky: I have it saved to my documents rather

AmosNY: You can't edit it in your documents? Hi 3rd Hawkins!

3rdthawkins: hello Amos Selma and vicky

Selma: Evening 3rd

vicky: I can put down what I think it is but I need to show what it actually is so that the poster can see for themselves Just in case they do not have the census themselves

AmosNY: I guess you could use the copy command and work on the copy and preserve the original. Hawkins,its been awhile since I've been in here because my tv in the living room had to be replaced and I keep my laptop hooked up in the living room.

vicky: well it wont let me copy and paste either well glad to see you back AmosNY

AmosNY: Vicky, use the select command and highlight the section you want to copy and then paste it somewhere else like a blank word document. I got a new 42 inch today.

vicky: It wont let me do that AmosNY

3rdthawkins: wow, I think I'ma come up to your home Amos lol

vicky: mabe vkn can help me

3rdthawkins: hello vkn

vkn: AmosNY I see you on facebook but I do not know how to use it Vicky have you ever been able to cut and paste in chat ???

vicky: vkn, I am trying to post an 1880 census page but the file is too large.. I don't know how to reduce the image OR to just put about 10 lines of what I want to show

vkn: ahhhhh there are several ways 1. use your photo program to just cut the lines you want to paste vicky

AmosNY: VKN, it operates much like we do here. When you see the chat list and a green button it indicates that the person is online. Sometimes they are not. When they are click on the person you want to chat with. A chat box opens and you click on the bottom of the box and send your chat by pressing the send button or enter button on the keyboard.

vicky: rcs hello

AmosNY: Hey RCS!

vkn: 2. Also in your photo program choose from menu>tools> resize and go heyyyy rcs

AmosNY: VKN is the techie in the room. lol lol

vkn: AmosNY easier said than done lol

AmosNY: Aucontraire, it is very simple. More simple than Vicky's problem.

rcs: Irfanview is a free downloadable graphics editor

Selma: Evening rcs and spivey

vkn: rcs did you try that test

Spivey: I was here at nine, no one here. Schedule says chat starts at 9:30. What is correct starting time?

Selma: oops spivey

rcs: I get your unspecified error

vkn: CP time Spivey lol

Spivey: 'S okay, Selma. Wish i could change my name anyway. Can't find what I want to on my ancestors! lol

vkn: oh really rcs darn. Developer says it is fixed

rcs: I misunderstood and thought you were having trouble posting to facebook

AYWalton: Good evening all. Hello 3rd, Howdy AmosNY! hello there recs, Ms. Selma, Spivey, Ms. Vicky! Greetings, VKN!!!!!!!!!!1

vkn: no troub posting just the URL is apparently not being handled properly by facebook rcs

vicky: hello Spivey, and AYWalton!

AYWalton: hope everyone is doing well. wassup Ms. Vicky?

vicky: nada

vkn: rcs would you try the test again?

rcs: ok

vkn: thanx

vicky: you were here on time Spivey, I wasn't

Spivey: Okay vicky. I love you anyway! :)

vicky: I was busy trying to post an image to the forum

AYWalton: I have not had luck posting images on the Forums.

vkn: there are 2 parts to the test rcs will send each to you after this meeting

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey everyone.

AYWalton: so I usally just put up a link, if I have one.

Spivey: Oh, if you get the hang of it let me know. Sometimes it would be great to have another pair of eyes look at a document.

vkn: vicky size of image cannot exceed 200 k

3rdthawkins: hello Ingrid

vicky: I do to but the image I want to post is too large.. Vkn just gave me some pointers but you know me AYWalton I need hitting over the head 5 or 6 times

ryan: Hi all

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Ryan

AYWalton: lol, I have technical issues quite often as well, vicky.

Spivey: AmosNY how is Long Island doing?

ryan: (long time no see) - still at it though...

Ingrid_Doweary: That's what I'm talkin about, Ryan

vkn: send me the image and i will resize and return to you vicky

ryan: (Its who we are Ingrid)

AmosNY: Spivey, Long Island in just fine.

AYWalton: Vicky I see that Barksdale-Hall is speaking in Birmingham. Is that at BJ's group?

Ingrid_Doweary: I heard that, Ryan.

Spivey: Are you still doing genealogy there AmosNY?

Ingrid_Doweary: Hey Vicky

Spivey: Oh, AmosNY, I am tired, can't think straight. I meant are you still giving sessions there?

rcs: the Getting Kids involved link works fine

AmosNY: Yes I am. No new discoveries lately. I did finally get the phone number from my niece who had contacted me via Facebook.

Selma: Evening Ingrid and ryan

vkn: oh ok rcs

AmosNY: Spivey, I don't go to the senior center anymore.

Spivey: Oh, okay AmosNY.

vicky: sorry ryan I did not see you come in ..How are you?

vkn: Selma are VA vitals on line for Franklin County

Khathu: hello everyone

AYWalton: hello there, khathu.

Spivey: Facebook is good for making contact. Everyone seems to be on it. I found some relations there myself.

Selma: Not sure vkn...would have to check

ryan: All - Excited.. My wifes reunion is in Detroit next weekend.. Last winter I started researching her lines, and had lots of success, and started sharing with her, and her family. The result, I was able to get about 8 people entering info into their Ancestry tree.. I compiled data from several lines.

Ingrid_Doweary: That's wonderful, Ryan.

Spivey: Oh wow, ryan! That IS great!

Selma: Thats great ryan

AmosNY: Spivey, I found her brother and her father on Facebook. The father was my ex-brother-in-law.

ryan: I worked with the family up in Detroit, and they're doing a presentation to the family.

AYWalton: sounds like you did a lot of work, ryan. That is great! You will have to tell us how it turns out!

vkn: selma i was seeing results posted to enicholas for va and was surprised and pleased have not explored as yet

Khathu: i spent the day at the D.A.R. library

Ingrid_Doweary: Good for you, Ryan. I look forward to hearing how it turned out.

Spivey: I found some relatives I didn't even know about AmosNY. One filled me in on her family line. Another I had lost contact with some years ago and she found me on Facebook.

Selma: Yes...I saw it too...

vkn: congrats ryan

AmosNY: Facebook has a family tree link now.

Selma: and was your day fruitful khathu?

ryan: yea, so everything I wanted to do, and complete is done... just need to print a few things on my end, they are distributing the presentation to family... most important thing, is folks will be "enlightend".. :)

Khathu: somewhat....found and confirmed some marriages in Cherokee and Smith Counties

vkn: did you learn a lot khathu

Khathu: i realized that i should check their catalogue before ordering microfilms from the FHC

Spivey: It does, AmosNY? Do you know how I can find it?

Ingrid_Doweary: That is important.

vkn: Spivey i have that but they prompt for a paid upgrade

3rdthawkins: hello Khathu, not sure if I heard you come in or said hi

AmosNY: Check for applications tab on Facebook.

Ingrid_Doweary: Are you refering to FamilyLink, Amos?

Spivey: Facebook does vkn? I would have to upgrade Facebook you're saying?

vkn: no spivey, familylink

AYWalton: what are you working on these days, khathu?

Spivey: Oh, okay. So, it is independent of Facebook and a paid site AmosNY and vkn?

Khathu: the Anderson and Kyle families from Cherokee County was trying to confirm some of the oral history

vkn: yes but available via facebook as an application

Spivey: Okay. Thanks to both of you. I will check it out.

vkn: yes but available via facebook as an application but Amos is more swift than I am re facebook spivey so I yield to him

Spivey: Well, I am not as bad a researcher as I thought I was, it seems. I was helping someone today who is doing 'cluster' research I think the term is.

ryan: Cherokee county Khatu, sorry.. What state?

AmosNY: Spivey, Facebook and FamilyLink are both free.

3rdthawkins: FamilyLink is part of WorldVitalRecords

Spivey: Ah, I thought Facebook was, but I think it has other resources that aren't.

3rdthawkins: FamilyLink is not Free Anymore

Spivey: Isn't WorldVitalRecords a paid site 3rdthawkins?

AmosNY: FamilyLink is free on Facebook. How many ways can I say it.

3rdthawkins: yes Spivey

ryan: Familylink on FB, is it any good, I kinda ignore it... :)

3rdthawkins: AmosNY, I keep getting emails from Familylink to upgrade

AmosNY: I use Facebook every day.

Spivey: Okay. I will check out FamilyLink on Facebook.

AmosNY: Finally, the sun rises. lol lol

Spivey: So do I, AmosNY, but mostly to play FarmVille! lol

AmosNY: I don't have time for those games.

ryan: I've got some members on my family link, but I don't really take it seriously.... :)

Spivey: Please no one tell Dr Phil that I am addicted to FarmVille! He will have me on his show! ROTFL.

Ingrid_Doweary: Ryan, wash the slain officer's funeral broadcasted on TV?

3rdthawkins: same here ryan, don't know what the point of it is

AmosNY: wash or did you mean watch?

ryan: no Ingrid, what slain officer, the one here in Chicago last week?

Spivey: rcs, the person I was doing genealogy with today was looking for kin who emigrated to the US in 1846 from Lippstadt, West Phalia, Prussia.

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes, Ryan. My mother told me his widow is a relative.

vkn: sad about the 13 yr old who was killed execution style shot 22 times

AmosNY: Westphalia as in the treaty of Westphalia.

Spivey: Was he a gang member vkn? They have killed some of their members as young as 9 years old.

3rdthawkins: not sure if I heard about that vkn

ryan: Ingrid, that is an awful situation... The man was months from retirement from Chicago police..

Spivey: I don't know AmosNY.

Ingrid_Doweary: Yes Vkn, the 13 yr old was murder about 3 blks from my aunt's house.

vkn: happened yesterday 3rd not sure spivey

ryan: The killing is out of control here Ingrid.. The killers are now targeting police..

AmosNY: History was my favorite subject in high school and college.

Ingrid_Doweary: No, Spivey. Allegedly it was a mistaken identity hit.

Spivey: Thanks Ingrid_Doweary.

Ingrid_Doweary: From what I'm reading anyone is fair game.

AmosNY: Ryan,what city?

Spivey: AmosNY, he is doing what I think is called 'cluster' genealogy. He is researching those who left his village in the early 1840's and emigrated to America.

Ingrid_Doweary: One of the college students killed in Chicago 2 yrs ago was also one of my distant cousins.

ryan: yea, I was out there today.. My brother lives over there.. The said West Pullman but turned out Roseland. matter of blocks though.. Chicago Amos

AmosNY: Thanks Ryan.

vkn: Well in Atlanta the thugs are using Tasers on old people pitting groceries in their cars and taking pocketbooks !!!

AYWalton: where are they getting Tasers? and has the world gone mad?

Ingrid_Doweary: Aren't Roseland, and West Pullman next to each other, Ryan?

ryan: Yes Ingrid.. blocks

vkn: who knows ayw

AYWalton: hello freeaainnc! good to see you.

Ingrid_Doweary: Those killings are maddening. I expect the assailants will be apprehended. Just don't when. Hey Free!

ryan: You know, the more I research, the more I realize that we're all connected (especially here in Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, Detroit etc) we only go back a generation or 2, and we're family.. The sad part, is that we're killing each other in these places, not understanding that truly were connected..

Ingrid_Doweary: Yeah, Ryan, that's what I thought. I have relatives residing throughout those two neighborhoods.

AYWalton: Welll, I am turning in early tonight folks. Have a good evening everyone.

vkn: sociopaths have no recognition of connections ryan vicky did you send me the image

ryan: right vkn

vicky: no vkn not yet.. I was trying to see if I could do on my own

vkn: in the meantime lol

vicky: lol ok vkn

Ingrid_Doweary: I have another reunion to attend the 2nd week of August. Trying pull together as much research as possible on the Cummings of Columbia County, Arkansas.

vkn: we stand on each others shoulders vicky

Ingrid_Doweary: I concur, Vkn

ryan: cool Ingrid, how far along is your research on the Cummings, you're just 2 weeks away

Selma: You have your work cut out for you Ingrid..tomorrow is Aug 1

vkn: alt

freeaainnc: wow V! I'm jealous!

Selma: Evening atl

freeaainnc: hi alt!

alt: hello All thought I'd drop in for a moment a say hi to all

Selma: free, when did you come in

Ingrid_Doweary: I got a number of census records and draft registration cards. There are 2 older Cummings relatives who have amassed some information. Hey Alt!

freeaainnc: I've been in for about 15 minutes! lol

Selma: Sorry ... Hi free

freeaainnc: lol no problem and hello :)

ryan: vkn - great.. We can put in research request with that super fast system you got there..

vkn: righto ryan

Ingrid_Doweary: The RootsMagic application I have been using has been extremely helpful.

alt: 3rd, free, ingrid, khathu, rcs, ryan, Selma, Spivey, vicky & vkn whew.. hello

Spivey: ryan, not ready to tackle phpgedcom yet. I am still correcting the paths on my webpage. When that is done, I might give it a try. Then again, after correcting all those webpages, I might not! lol

freeaainnc: oh, alt, I finally upgraded my Freeaainnc tribalpage! :) got a 50% discount for any plan, so paid for the big one!

vkn: and two logged out alt fore you came

alt: thank goodness vkn, I'm out of breath getting to the ones still here LOL

vkn: i did too free. still hard to resolve the gender thing

alt: way to go free

ryan: at your leisure Spivey, let me know when you are ready.. I had set up a system for you to test, I think about 10 clicks you were done.. But when you are ready.. I was letting you practice on my server..

freeaainnc: vkn: why hard to resolve? thanks alt! now that I can download the tribal page to a gedcom and back it up, I'll use that as the primary place to add info as I find it

Spivey: I didn't know what to do with it ryan. I did upload some files to my site, but there are folders that can't be uploaded. At least, I got a start on it.

alt: I must look at the bargain .. I'm limited to 1,000 pics with the plan I'm on and I'm at about 750 with plenty more too ad

vkn: well free when i gedcom genders of children are reversed. also art how to turn off the music

Spivey: ryan do you have Yahoo! Messenger?

freeaainnc: alt: sometimes I see the bargins, sometimes I don't

ryan: yes - my email tryan515 should be in your yahoo contacts

alt: vkn, to turn off music go to the home page from EDIT and Customize... there's a box to music on/off

Ingrid_Doweary: Well I'll probably being falling far behind. I began my National Archives volunteer training last week. Go 2 more session to go. It's been exciting and I looking forward to the opportunity.

freeaainnc: alt: sometimes the bargain is 50%, sometimes 20% and sometimes no bargain, so keep checking for the bargains

vkn: thanx muchly alt

Selma: Folks...gotta call it a night............Night all

freeaainnc: wow, she left quickly! lol

Ingrid_Doweary: wb 3rd

freeaainnc: wb 3rd

alt: and for the 'gender' problem vkn... look at how you have those folks listed on your software database male vs female... I think that's where your problem exists.

Spivey: Okay. When you are free one day, let me know. Maybe we can walk through at least part of it. Send me an e-mail if you don't mind. Wow, 3rdthawkins, you are quick!

freeaainnc: brb

vkn: hmmm i will check but not think so my software has males as blue and girls as pink

alt: because of names like Bernice & Shirley & Pearl used for men I have mis-sexed a few on entry and had to go back to the entry screen in my softwarre package and change the sex there.

vicky: vkn are your ladies (group) back from holiday yet your Genealogy group

vkn: ahhhh not until 13 sept

vicky: the ones where you live

freeaainnc: back :)

alt: vkn, when the men were entered as females when I tried to add their spouses (ladies) they went to the male slot in the relationship.

vicky: ok ooohwhee thats a long time

vkn: yes i have had that happen alt i be tired vicky lol

vicky: lol @ vkn

3rdthawkins: We spoke of Surnames before, there was something I was wondering......Has anyone else noticed the trend of naming a child Jaden/Jada/Jalen (variations included)?

ryan: Spivey, you have been added to my yahoo contacts. catch me on FB, or send me a message there, I will let you know a good time to work on it... should not take more than 30 min

alt: I think that is the problem vkn.. from the initial input and not the Tribal Pages Upload... unless you entered them as updates in Tribal Pages and got the sex mis-labeled.

Spivey: Okay, thanks ryan.

vkn: okies i will double check me alt

alt: is that the 'Will smith" thing 3rd Jaden, Jada, etc.

ryan: anyway, gotta run off.. Will catch you all later..

vicky: those are names that are in the new era arent they 3rd

3rdthawkins: Possibly Ryan............yes Vicky

alt: Question????

vicky: k

3rdthawkins: I know quite a few people with friends or children with those names

vkn: shoot th q

3rdthawkins: oops, I meant Possibly alt

alt: Does all of th 'posting' of information found for a person that queries the Forum... is that a help or a hinderance?

freeaainnc: I don't understand

alt: like the 'help' giving the fellow that was in chat ....someone followed up several census & marriage records for his family line.

vkn: hard to say alt i think it is a help just would like to see topic change to reflect the content

alt: Does that take away the 'pleasure' of this person doing his own research and finding his ancestors?

freeaainnc: Oh, ok. I don't know

vicky: wont they still have to follow up to see if that is the correct info alt

3rdthawkins: good question alt, I was kind of thinking that earlier, with all of the sites like FamilySearch and ancestry, it really leaves no room for posting

freeaainnc: I think for the case of Eugene, he needs to be taught how to do for himself but I don't see it as a hinderance

alt: this person is new to research... and the helper is experienced and has access to Ancestry and other databases that the newcomer has yet to become used to using.

freeaainnc: That is why I invited him to the NC State Library so we can teach him how to search census

vkn: it possibly could alt at the same time the volunteer gets his rewards in the finding. requestor will need to find his rewards in the documenting

Spivey: Wouldn't that depend alt on whether they have access to those records? For example, they might not have access to Ancestry.

3rdthawkins: I agree freeaainnc, and I think if only a "sample" of information/findings is posted and the link to where it was found is good and can help them search for more.........kind of like a Teaser/appetizer

Spivey: Some don't have Ancestry because of the cost alt, so they will not necessarily learn how to manipulate it for data.

3rdthawkins: I would agree with vkn also

freeaainnc: and I think with Eugene, part of it is he probably wasn't sure what to do with the info found for him either since he was new to it

alt: just asking, but I think it is a disservice in not allowing the newcomer the benefit of his own discovery.

freeaainnc: yes 3rd! exactly about a teaser

vkn: free and 3rd sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get peeps to say what they know already

Spivey: And, what is that other one: Heritage Quest. I don't have access to that one myself.

3rdthawkins: but I always feel that someone finding the information for me takes away the thrill of searching, that's why I only post if I really can't find what I am looking for or really need help in searching for something specific

freeaainnc: lol v! you don't have to tell me that! Spivey: yes, HQ, and I have access from home if you need me to check anything for you

Spivey: Oh, certainly not alt, but there are ways to point them toward making their own discoveries if the information is readily available to them.

3rdthawkins: that's why I only search.....OOPS I mean't that's why I only POSTS

freeaainnc: all NC citizens have access to HQ from home actually (or at least the potential, whether or not they take advantage of it)

Spivey: I don't know, freeaainnc, because I have no idea of what's available there.

vkn: sounds great free

alt: 3rdthawkins, that's my point.. the thrill you have in finding it yourself... tell me where to go and how to use the databases/websites... don't give mr the info.

3rdthawkins: but as vkn said, it's rewarding for the volunteer

freeaainnc: LOL Spivey! ok. hold on and I'll log in

Spivey: Oh, thanks freeaainnc!

3rdthawkins: right alt

freeaainnc: Yes V, we have a service in NC called NC Live and all NC citizens with a library card have access to that

vkn: for instance alt you had mentioned minnow in the chat but it did not show from the terrence postings

alt: Oh, I know it is rewarding to the volunteer... I used to get "high" showing what I found on YOUR people... now I'd rather tell you where to go and how to search. I know vkn... and I wanted to ask.. is Minnow a surname, nickname or what?

vkn: good point re tell where to go

rcs: Most who benefit from the lookups don't seem to care/appreciate -- I stopped because I was getting as much or more demanding or negative feed back than positive'

vkn: really rcs

3rdthawkins: and that may come with experience alt, having to deal with others, you don't want to take anything away from the researcher.......They shouldn't want anymore to take anything away from them

alt: and that aspect of it too rcs.... oh, I already had that!!! LOL

3rdthawkins: anymore-AnyOne

Spivey: Well, alt, I was speaking earlier of a gentleman I was doing research with this afternoon. It turned from me doing lookups for him on Ancestry [he lives in Germany and does not have access] to me actually adivising him where he should look and what he should be looking for. Of course, not being an expert in research, you will probably see him wandering the Internet lost. lol

rcs: So I pretty much plain stopped doing lookups for unknown researchers

freeaainnc: Spivey: ok, there are census records (same as on ancestry, sometimes easier to read, sometimes harder to read, there is PERSI, Rev. War records database, Freedman's Bank records, U.S. Serials Set, and then a books database

3rdthawkins: One thing that I like was when new researchers come and someone woule respond welcoming them to Afrigeneas and showing them "around" the site.........I wish I got a welcome when I first came lol

Ingrid_Doweary: RCS what's an unknown researcher?

Spivey: rcs that was the gentleman I was speaking of who is doing 'cluster' research on his village's former inhabitants. One of the problems I saw is that he made the assumption that they all emigrated to Missouri because he found some of them there. He didn't know why he couldn't find the others.

alt: and the fellow the other day was impressed with what was found so quickly... We tried to tell him where we found the data and how to go there and search for himself.

3rdthawkins: probably someone who doesn't frequent the site Ingrid_Doweary

Spivey: Continue to talk like that, 3rdthawkins, and you'll get a welcome to the exit door! ROTFL.

vkn: Alt in the old prodigy days we would give the quester a task to do and if done we would step by step give a bit of information or at least "help" them form the next question

freeaainnc: 3rd: that is one thing I plan to do with Eugene when he comes to the library is to show him what all afrigeneas has. a lot of folks I've helped show around Afrigeneas came before, but gave up b/c they didn't realize how much there was

3rdthawkins: @Spivey

vkn: Good point free

vicky: hmmmmm always been here

alt: example.. this fellow needs to even be shown.told what a pedigree chart looked like and there was a format to them.... he thought he could just 'draw' one up and he could present it to other folks and they would 'know' his format and what he was trying to to do..

vkn: true alt a true newbie

Spivey: Um, not always vicky. When I first discovered AfriGeneas it was quite different than what it is now.

vicky: but that comes with cruising through the entire form instead of one or two boards 8)

freeaainnc: one man at the library a few weeks ago had done a simple search on afrigeneas to see if there was his surname and didn't find anything so gave up. I was like "now wait a minute! let me show you what else you can do here!" so I showed him the forums, how to post to the forums, the chat rooms, the surname database and how to add the surnames he is looking for, etc. He just kept saying "Wow! I had no idea!" lol

rcs: someone i haven't seen on the boards -- if Vicky or Spivey or Art asks for an extra pair of eyes --- they are known

3rdthawkins: yes alt, I wasn't sure what he was looking for and what he already found/had

alt: I understood what you meant by 'unknown' rcs

freeaainnc: right alt and some things need to be shown in person, which is why I invited him. We don't have a whole lot for VA records, but we do have time to teach newbies how to search census, fill out forms, etc.

3rdthawkins: a simple chart doesn't say anything to others other than names and dates you have or don't have

freeaainnc: and I hope he really does bring all his data with him monday to the library

alt: with this fellow we immediatley started searching for his folks not realizing what a 'true' beginner he was.

Spivey: Oh, 3rdthawkins, when you first came here, you had everyone doing lookups for you. If I remember correctly, it was because you didn't at that time have access to the databases you wanted us to look in.

Ingrid_Doweary: I have a question. How can the value of a family group sheet be explained to a requestor?

3rdthawkins: right Spivey, it all came with learning

freeaainnc: right 3rd. although when I first started, the pedigree chart I found actually said where to put male and females so I at least had that right, although I didn't understand why for about 5 years LOL Spivey: did you see my post earlier about what is on HQ?

Spivey: Hmm. . . . . good question Ingrid_Doweary. I think some online models tell what the use of them are.

3rdthawkins: had to learn that "you all" don't know any more than I do about my family, and if I don't know, You Guys Sure Enough Don't.......You Don't Even Know About Your Own Family Half the Time lol

alt: dunno Ingrid_Doweary, except to show that the family unit is the 'base' for all genealogical research and you know to know who is in that structure .. when/where/what/how they all fit .

Spivey: No, missed it freeaainnc. Sometimes trying to follow too many conversations threads at once. Sorry.

freeaainnc: Spivey: ok, there are census records (same as on ancestry, sometimes easier to read, sometimes harder to read, there is PERSI, Rev. War records database, Freedman's Bank records, U.S. Serials Set, and then a books database Ingrid: I explain it this way: sometimes you need to know who the brothers and sisters of an ancestor are in order to find your ancestor and I tell them about how with census for example they may not be a head of household but living with a sibling or an in-law

Spivey: Ah okay freeaainnc. Outside of the Freedmen's Bank Records, I don't know if any of those databases would be useful. What is the U.S. Serials Set?

vkn: Also all yall many beginners don't want to start with self

alt: 3rd.. you know all of what I've told you about my family, but what I've told you is not all there is to know... the same is true for what I know about your family, only what you've shared, but not all of what you know.

3rdthawkins: of course not vkn, want to jump way back to slavery lol lol right alt

freeaainnc: and with land deeds, they may witness the deed or will, or estate record, etc. of a relative. Or with apprentices, they may be bound out to a relative but you'd only know that if you knew the relatives (siblings, in-laws) and not just the direct line Spivey: US Serials Set is basically all the records produced by the federal government since the 1700s, but most info 1800-early 1900s

Ingrid_Doweary: I can appreciate that explanation, Free. Another suggestion I have in explaining the value of a family group sheet is to share my personal experience in using it to record much oral history and seek as many genealogical documents as possible to verify the oral information.

3rdthawkins: sometimes with misspellings and nicknames, etc, it's always hard to start 1930 backwards, especially on a site like Ancestry, where you can find a person in 1920 and then 1900, so it kind of messes up your flow

freeaainnc: I think on HQ, it's just an index of what is available from NARA

alt: and that 's where we made a mistake with Eugene.... he doesn't even know DC's from BC's and we quickly jumped of into wills, Deeds, Land records and other stuff.

vkn: true alt

Ingrid_Doweary: Of course I'll need to relate examples of genealogical documents to folks to aid process.

freeaainnc: right alt, I think he was a bit overwhelmed LOL

3rdthawkins: I know everyone was telling me start backwards when I first came, but it wasn't always easy to....And then once you get back to 1870, you find yourself going forward anyway lol true alt

Ingrid_Doweary: How did that turn out for you, 3rd?

3rdthawkins: great Ingrid, do it all the time

freeaainnc: well, I didn't have anyone to teach me genealogy when I first started when I was 11. I was told we were descended from Gov. Bradford of the Mayflower, but no proof, so I set out to prove that by finding his descendants! LOL

alt: 3rdthawkins, how-to... my philosophy is the right way, wrong way & my way.... my way seems to work better for me than the other two LOL

vkn: 3rdthawkins the start and work back protocol is to assure that one is barking up the right tree

freeaainnc: I figured that would be easiest since I was in MT and my ancestors were all in IL or NC lol I think I got through 7 generations and gave up lol

Spivey: Okay freeaainnc. I saw PERSI once, on a site for researching Black history. Can't remember the name of the site now. I lost most of my bookmarks when I got my new computer.

Ingrid_Doweary: Much of my introduction to genealogy began with attending workshops and reading.

3rdthawkins: I find someone in 1930, go back to 1920, 1910, 1900, 1880, 1870, but once I find their parents and siblings in 1870/80, then I look in 1900, then 1910, then 1920, etc.

freeaainnc: PERSI is the Periodical Source Index and is a great tool for finding articles that mention specific people

3rdthawkins: lol right alt

alt: and we're all beginners when we enter into a new "phase' of genealogical research.

freeaainnc: an request that journal with the article from your local library through ILL

alt: 'hase'=phase

Spivey: I think I was looking for my murderous grandfather freeaainnc, but didn't find him there.

3rdthawkins: but I do agree with the working backward vkn, that is the only and obvious way

alt: do you KNOW how to use PERSI Spivey?

freeaainnc: I call what I did with Gov. Bradford "backwards" genealogy, but doing that has helped me with research on freeaainnc so glad I did it

Ingrid_Doweary: Now I try to get training from as many possible sources as I can. Spivey the public library offers training in using research databases such and Heritage Quest and PERSI .

3rdthawkins: and as you were saying, once you find the Right family, then ok to go forward

vkn: Spivey prolly best source re murder is newspapers

freeaainnc: ok Spivey, what was his name and date range? right VKN

vicky: well since I have no knowledge of who my people are and I don't have any knowledge of anyone people in here are, I will say goodnight and have a great day tomorrow }snort}

alt: laters vicky

Spivey: Nehemiah Adams, born Georgia 1886, died Georgia 1957. The killing took place in Millen Georgia is my guess. He killed his mistress. I don't know what year.

alt: If it is written in a book or publication .. you can almost bet it is in PERSI

vkn: Spivey was there a trial did he serve time if murder was black on black there may be no mention

Spivey: I would think it was recorded in that card file I mentioned before, alt, but it isn't. Being such a small town, the local papers in Millen carry news about just about anything that happens. Yet, my family insists he did the killing and spent time in jail for doing so. I never thought about that, vkn. I was sure the Millen newspaper or the Atlanta Journal Constitution would have carried the story if it indeed happened.

vkn: Spivey such a record may be in archives of local gen and hist society journals

alt: seems like if he was incarcerated there would be some account on some "inmate" records for some institution in GA... have you searched institutional records?

Spivey: Well, I am probably going to Georgia this coming Fall. So, I guess I will have to ask my daughter to take me to the Archives or else I'll take a cab like I keep threatening to do. LOL.

freeaainnc: Spivey: everything I'm finding for Nehemiah Adams is in MA :(

Spivey: I searched the institutional records that are online, alt, and if memory serves they don't go back that far. I even looked for my cousin's son in the institutional records and didn't find him either. LOL.

alt: it all ain't on-line as you already know Spivey.

vkn: what year did event occur spivey

Spivey: I know, alt, I know. There is no date given by my relatives vkn. I can only guess.

alt: another aspect of research... where to look for specific types of records. and when to look for those types of records

vkn: Must be a death cert for the victim spivey so what is her name

Spivey: The years of birth of my grandmother's children don't give me a hint either unless it happened after the last one was born in 1934, Don't know her name either, vkn. But, I think there is a hint in one of my aunt's funeral programs. A Dorothy Cooke is listed as a sister, but the last name of the family is ADAMS and there is no Dorothy among my grandmother's children.

freeaainnc: nope, not in the books database or PERSI

Spivey: Thanks for looking freeaainnc. Another family rumor that I hope to put to rest. LOL. Someday.

vkn: Prolly in Milledgeville or Macon paper

Spivey: Macon not that close. You think they would have carried the news?

freeaainnc: if it's not in a small town paper, maybe look in paper of biggest city in the area? possible

alt: we don't know freeaainnc, Spivey only has the name of Nehemiah Adams.. not the name of the victim, a date of the event or a location for the event. so do we really know what and where and when and we're looking for .

freeaainnc: u know for sure where the murder took place?

Spivey: You got that right, alt.

freeaainnc: well, if you don't know location, I'd look in surrounding towns and cities

alt: so we can't say 'there is no record'

vkn: Spivey papers were starved for news so printed stuff nationwide

Spivey: Presumably his mistress lived in the same town, Millen, as he and my grandmother did, freeaainnc.

freeaainnc: is it his mistress he presumably murdered?

Spivey: But the men in my ADAMS line were known to dilly dally in South Carolina a lot. There's that angle.

alt: I'm outa here... hope to see y'all at Brunch

freeaainnc: bye alt

Spivey: Well, I'm outta here too. It's been good. Thanks for the help everyone.

freeaainnc: spivey: going to FT?

Spivey: Yep.

freeaainnc: ok, see you soon

vkn: yall be good and thanx again for the test rcs

Spivey: Okay freeaainnc.

freeaainnc: bye all!

Spivey: Goodnight everyone.

Ingrid_Doweary: Good nite

vkn: niters all

3rdthawkins: my screen is freezing, good nite

rcs: goodnight

Ingrid_Doweary: Nite

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