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2013-04-11• Yatah & DNA Results


Start: 11:50:32
End: 13:20:14
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies, vkn, yatah

vkn: now is the lol not sure of problemo great projects from sister1 would be fun to connect with marsh lol Brad Paisley defends his controversial new single against charges of belittling slavery and racism.

Seventies: good afternoon vkn

vkn: Heyyy hey hay and how is seventies ?

Seventies: I'm doing well. I went ahead and joined Pintrest this morning... Hi daviss

vkn: I think smilies is working again

daviss: hello Seventies and vkn!

vkn: lol lol

Seventies: yep!

vkn: Daviss and how be y ou this day

daviss: I am well vkn, thanks for asking What about you??

vkn: okies

Seventies: I see you commented on the Brad Paisley and LL Cool J song "Accidental Racist" vkn.

vkn: yes seventies what on earth LL is not cool

HistoryBuff: Hey Daviss, Seventies, and Vkn.

vkn: Howdy HistoryBuff

daviss: Hello HistoryBuff

Seventies: hi HistoryBuff

vkn: I be wearing audio phones today. Gotta turn the sound down

Seventies: Ok this is my comment about that song. I don't like it. That is all.

vkn: lol I am with you seventies without even listening

Seventies: Well no, I had to listen so that I could know exactly why I don't like it.

HistoryBuff: I can appreciate that. I'm not sure what the song was trying to say.

daviss: Hello Selma

vkn: Howdy Selma how you be

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma

Selma: Good afternoon daviss, HistoryBuff, seventies and vkn

Seventies: It was yet again legitimatizing the Confederacy as a cultural norm while demonizing black style and telling us to forget about slavery, Jim Crow Etc. Giving the White boy a pass. Wonder how Jews would feel about a song regarding the Nazi Flag. And that was intraEuropean conflict... IJS Hi Selma

HistoryBuff: Indeed Seventies.

yatah: hi all

HistoryBuff: Hey Yatah.

Selma: Afternoon yatah.. Afternoon alt

yatah: i had question

vkn: well well yatah glad to see you

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt

alt: wow!!! got a seat left, hello ladies

Seventies: You know who the CEO of the record company is who most likely put this out? the same folks who gave MJ a hard time for him allegedly saying ki*ke on a record... um hmmm

daviss: out of curiosity Seventies and I did not listen to song. Was LL a contributor

Seventies: Hi alt, yatah what's up??

yatah: thanks i just foward dna result

vkn: eyyyyy and heyyyyy alt glad to see you

daviss: hello alt and yatah!

Seventies: Ok for those who didn't listen to the song, please listen. This will give you a working knowledge of what was said and you can legitimately criticize and critique the song.

HistoryBuff: :)

Seventies: Never go by title just alone.

daviss: Is it oldschool Seventies?

yatah: 23 and me said almost ready and when result come in e mail will in 72 hrs that normal

Seventies: No not at all... I did say LL Cool J.. lol That is normal yatah.

vkn: I take your words for it seventies. The NEWS segue was enough for me

daviss: lol ok thats what I wanted to know, if he was also involved in song and gave his opinion.

yatah: ok 72 hrs how long will fast lol

Seventies: I haven't watched the news on TV in years... they lie too much.

Selma: No comment, haven't heard the song, nor read the News

vkn: lol

alt: me neither Selma

Seventies: Alright moving on. I joined pinterest!

daviss: so yatah you should be able to see your results by saturday

Selma: and what is "pinterest"?

Seventies: So look for me and my docs there at Family Griot!

vkn: When are results due Yatah

yatah: i am step 4 now but wait 72 hrs from now

vkn: Seventies and how does it relate to Google and Facebook

Selma: will have to come back and give us the results..

yatah: health or dna ? lol

Seventies: It doesn't relate to google. It ties into facebook as you can use your login to access it, but I didn't tie mine into either twitter or facebook.

vkn: dna results and hope you be healthy Yatah lol

Seventies: Its like the old pincushion photo board..

Selma: Ok that was confusng seventeis

alt: so what is the value/application of/for pintinterest?

daviss: yatah, just the dna results

yatah: yeah health results will tell me how ?

Seventies: I struggled with understanding that fora awhile, BUT you can post images there in an organized manner. And it also ties into other social media.

karoshi8: Hello everyone!

yatah: ok i will

Seventies: hi karoshi8

Selma: Afternoon karoshi8

daviss: hello karoshi8!

vkn: Alt and Daviss TribalPages not accepting GEDCOM from Mac OSX What a bummer

yatah: i hope good news about my dna result

alt: okay, so it is another social media "gimmick" lol said grumpy 'ol alt LOL

karoshi8: alt my dear I need your expertise!

Seventies: So I'm using it to post pics and docs... there are quite a few folks already out there on the genealogy side there.

vkn: Howdy karoshi8

alt: oh, oh you're in trouble karoshi8

HistoryBuff: Hey karoshi8

Seventies: Depends on your mastery of social media. But yes that's one view alt. LOL

yatah: hey 23 and me will tell how % of what tribe ? am come from

Seventies: nope

karoshi8: My KY trip was successful! I found 3 deeds with my 3rd great grandmother's name.

vkn: Good for you Yatah

Seventies: great!

yatah: yea i hope i can find something good

HistoryBuff: Great for you, karoshi8!. Deeds are treasures!

alt: don't expect too much 'ancestral' information from DNA & 23andme yatah

karoshi8: The first is in 1859 she bought a property from a Thomas Vaughn. Strange because she is a woman and married.

alt: sounds like a succesful trip karoshi8

Seventies: Ok let me say this, if y'all think 23 and me is going to give you ethnic origins information outside of European... sadly mistaken.. lol

karoshi8: But her husband isn't even mentioned.

daviss: yatah whatever it tells you be it black, what or whatever be happy

yatah: it will tell me how % black of mine ?

daviss: black white or whatever yes it will yatah, you will get percentages

vkn: ouchies seventies

yatah: if i am white and half black i will shock lol

Seventies: daviss dd you get that dna thing sorted out? lol I ran your M# and you are related to yourself! LOL

karoshi8: The second one has her selling it to my 2nd great grandmother. And states that Samuel, Squire(William), and Mary Robinson are living in Urbana, Ohio in 1885.

alt: it will give you you % of ethnic origins yatah

daviss: It will be what it will be Yatah..Its your dna makeup

alt: Urbana, Ohio !!!!!!!! that's home turf for me!!

karoshi8: Yup!

yatah: yea smile

Seventies: You know Tim Pinnick was telling me that his McFarlands came from KY. I'd asked because so many folks came to IL from MS.

Selma: she bought land in KY and sold to folks living in OHio?

karoshi8: So, the plot thickens. Because I was told they didn't come to Ohio until 1906.

yatah: thanks for your feedback

daviss: yatah you will"not" get tribe percentages

karoshi8: Yes Selma, but she sold to her daughter in law.

alt: karoshi8, I know the/a Robinson family in Urbana very well .....

vkn: Henry Ford was buying the tickets seventies and he created a town called Inkster so maybe same in IL

yatah: ok but will tell me black or white or native american or whatever right

Seventies: Hmm interesting.

karoshi8: Now this is the tricky part. I do have a Lillian Robinson on my Winbun/Winburn side that lived around Champaign Co. Samuel Stewart who is mentioned as living there on the deed married into the Winbun/Winburns.

yatah: ouch

karoshi8: My Lillian Robinson comes in with the Elder families.

vkn: Yatah hen you look in mirror what do you see

daviss: whatever your dna makeup is yatah it will tell you by percentages

yatah: hen ?

vkn: hen=when

daviss: You will see that when you get your results

yatah: oh i learn new hen lol

daviss: right!

vkn: lol cut that out yatah lol

HistoryBuff: lol

karoshi8: So, it could be one in the same. But I don't know much about the Robinson's at all.

yatah: my skin light color like olive mix little white on it light than all of my sister or my brother they dark than mine

daviss: one last thing yatah..When you get your results look under Ancestry Composition that is where you will find it

yatah: ok thanks for information

vkn: HistoryBuff not understanding your ? on relatives for Milton Bell. He is brother to my mother and one of 14 sibs

daviss: you are welcome yatah

karoshi8: What do you know of them alt?

Selma: BRB

alt: karoshi8, have you checked Champaign Co., OH census records from the 1900's forward?

Seventies: I'll brb too. Going to get cake.

karoshi8: Yum cake!

HistoryBuff: I'll look further, vkn.

daviss: I wonder what happened to the lady looking into Rusk County vkn?

karoshi8: I know in 1902 Samuel is in Ross county. I can't find any in Champaign Co before that.

vkn: Not sure daviss

daviss: ok

Seventies: Yes cake.. let me tell you about that.. lol One of my coworkers his wife had a baby last week. All are outside running around. Mom is wearing a midriff skirt.. lol I tell you.. not me.

vkn: HistoryBuff I have all of their stories.

Seventies: Who does that???

HistoryBuff: Okay Vkn. I'll follow up with you. Hey Selma.

Seventies: My grandmother who was a midwife always said that the body needs time to heal before you can go out into the elements. I just don't get it.

vkn: HistoryBuff I have all of their stories. None tie to his military service until his death in about 1932 when each recd a financial award based on the death

Selma: karoshi..did the land purchased in Ohio..stay in the family

alt: karoshi8, Robinson's married into the Stanhope family in Urbana, Ohio. that's one connection I know of from the turn of the century (1900's).

vkn: Well seventies the strain of child "bearing" meant that the bones and muscles had to re connect and "heal"

karoshi8: It was purchased in KY and mentioned the people in Ohio who were originally from KY

vkn: and seventies there could be no light in the room and the abdomen had to be bound

Selma: Oops..OK

Seventies: wow that's old school. My aunt told me to wear a girdle while my body was healing. ha! Now I wish I had... lol

Selma: LOL

karoshi8: Do you know where the Robinson come from?

alt: Robinson's also married Guy's in Urbana ..

karoshi8: I'm thinking Mary Robinson is the daughter of Harriet Stewart Withers.

Seventies: brb

vkn: not old school consider only school and that babies were being caught by midwives and mothers were being taught by midwives

daviss: I have seen several Grimes County Texas relatives listed as midwives on BC's None yet in Harrison County but I know there had to be

yatah: bye all good day

Selma: Bye yatah..come back next week

daviss: bye Yatah

alt: bye yatah

yatah: ok i will

vkn: Yes Daviss and many breeched babies were 'still born'

daviss: so true vkn

alt: yatah's interpretation of her DNa results is going to be very interesting LOL

Selma: Yes it is

vkn: sure will be

daviss: thats for sure alt

Selma: None of these DNA test give tribal affiliations?

daviss: thats what I think I was trying to say to her

alt: It is amazing some of the conclusions folks can arrive at from DNA testing results.

daviss: true vkn but I was jealous and had my own done lol lol

vkn: I posted an excerpt from a DNA expert which said test to be done from oldest male family member. Alt and Daviss what is up with that?

Selma: LOL

daviss: I then had my brother do his

vkn: so what does age have to do with Y and not with X

alt: I agree with that concept vkn.... oldest & possibly youngest members in a family line woudl be ideal.... example me @ 79 y/o & grt-grandchildren @ less than 1 y/o would give a tremendous range of possibilites. and grt-grandchildren would cross many different family lines.

vkn: So just when I get near the DNA shore I get tossed back to sea lol

karoshi8: alt, are there black Stewart's in Urbana?

daviss: lol so do the experts vkn

Selma: I am still treading water in the sea.. LOL

alt: I wish my parents were alive and I was able to get their DNA tested.

vkn: lol lol lol at daviss thanx for the rope and anchor

daviss: oh alt what I would give I saw you in the ocean Selma with your arms stretched wide lol btw nice pic lol

vkn: Me first Selma lol

Selma: Oh right..I forgot I had that picture there...that was the Indian Ocean couldn't you tell

vkn: lol lol lol

daviss: oh really, lol I only know pacific

HistoryBuff: Signing out. See you good folks later.

daviss: later HB

alt: bye HistoryBuff

vkn: Well Daviss best you check out link from Schomburg exhibit okies history

daviss: I meant as far as wading vkn lol lol

vkn: ahhhhhhh

alt: reading some DNA postings .... seems like a lot of "white' folks are finding some african ancestored family members in the genealogy/DNA histories.

vkn: I bet that is on target alt

Seventies: Yes, I found one on 23andme... no e-mail response yet. He shares the same surname as one of my ancestors... lol

daviss: lol alt and I would love for some of those to share basics with me..

alt: can't understand why that is thought to be so unusual, if 25-30 % of AA males have euro ancestry in their DNA.

daviss: besides my known family the rest are way up there and white

Seventies: 35% of AA males What are your thoughts about that daviss?

vkn: Seventies was saving this one for you

Seventies: ok

vkn: Sylvester Manor on Shelter Island Returns to Its Roots BY ANNE RAVER In the hands of a new generation, Sylvester Manor, the 17th-century estate on Shelter Island, has returned to its roots as a working farm, but in a 21st-century sort of way.

daviss: I have no thoughts really Seventies, I want wills and Inventories lol

vkn: Sent to me by niece who hopes to be´engaged in that project

Seventies: ok this is on the Sea Islands off GA?

vkn: Will tell you more tomorrow

alt: I wonder what the % is for AA's who have "white" females in the DNA/genealogical histories?

Seventies: ok daviss, honey best of luck. Look towards those folks. Also Moriah... have you looked for that?

daviss: I have about 7 folks that are 42% and 34 cms

Seventies: That's a great question alt. I have a black cousin who still won't share genomes or respond to me.

vkn: No NYC seventies

Seventies: 66% over 4 segments. okay vkn. hmmmm I'll have to look that up online to get more details. Thanks for sharing!

Selma: Is this someone you already know seventies..or only thru thr results

daviss: I do also and so does my grand. By those % she may have a sister or brother

Seventies: only through results Selma .66% I meant. That seems very high... what are you alls thoughts and opinions on this?

daviss: 3rd cousin mabe Seventies may be a 3rd cousin

Seventies: Definitely 3rd cousin

Selma: Like the paper trail that leads us to folks..DNA is seen as even more intrusive seventies..

vkn: Y'all be good. All the best karoshi8 Naptime selma

Seventies: later vkn

daviss: aside from those who research I can see that Selma fear of the unk

alt: between 23andme, FTDNA & AncestryDNA I have over 1,200 DNA "tested" cousins.... I wonder how many "untested" living cousins there may be out there 100K-200K, more?

Seventies: I mean come on so many families were separated for some reason or another that I don't feel we should take it so personal up to a certain extent.

Selma: Thats you seventies..not all see it that way

alt: and that "extent" is certainly personal Seventies

Seventies: that's true.

daviss: lol alt all I want is a few more of my lines to test and I will be happy. It could settle all those questions that are lurking in the back woods of east Texas

Seventies: I guess its about where you set your expectations.

alt: good luck daviss,

daviss: ha, no luck so far. my knees and clasped hands are raw from asking my three finger salute is almost near range

alt: Seventies, I don't even bother to respond to sharing requests unless the person has some knowledge of their ancestry.... I'm too old to be acting as a 'family finder" for just the inquisitive ... grumpy old man speaking LOL

Seventies: lol Gosh alt you have been grumpy for a while now. What's going on???

Selma: Grumpy is good.. lOL

Seventies: lol Selma

alt: I'm just old & tired Seventies, too tired for a lot of jibberish & BS, my time is now too valuable

Seventies: Yep I understand that... :} Anything else good going on with you all?

daviss: bye all, gotta make a few calls

alt: I love to help folks, but I ain't gonna any longer do their "heavy lifting" as far as genealogy is concerned.

Selma: Folks have to run..alt, my mom is waiting for 3 PM so she can watch the Masters

alt: Tiger was even par after 4 holes Selma

Seventies: have a good time Selma

Selma: Think I need a nap.. don't want to be GRUMPY

Seventies: ok look here. I'ma talk to you all tomorrow. Behave yourselves... Selma and alt! lol

Selma: LOL

alt: okay .. y'all take care

Selma: Bye ..bye karoshi

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