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2013-04-10 • DNA Wassup?


Start: 12:03:58
End: 13:06:13
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Hi daviss!

daviss: hi there Seventies!

Seventies: What's going on with you?

daviss: not to much, what about you?

Seventies: Nothing just on my lunch break.

daviss: lunch hmmmm

Seventies: I have a 'white' relative who comes in pretty close to the top matches on my DNA on 23and me for my grandfather. Maybe like 4th down on my list of 3rd cousins. Hi alt and Selma!

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss and seventies

daviss: hello alt and Selma!

alt: Hey ladies,,,,,what's up? daviss, Selma, Seventies

Seventies: Girls run the world... that's what's up... LOL

daviss: you alt!

Seventies: Ok anyways daviss, I didn't realize this until I looked up the haplogroups because we didn't have any haplogroup matches.

alt: How many segments shared & how long cM? Seventies

Seventies: Let me look. This guy had a segment with the * on the end. while I look, how do you all like the new 23andme interface?

daviss: no comment

alt: I don't, but I'm an old grumpy dude LOL

Seventies: lol Ok I hope I did this right. Genome-Wide Comparison (896507 SNPs) 75.68% similar

alt: are you looking at the RF matches using the "Chrome" browser?

Seventies: Crazy thing is that his surname is Wade, which is the surname of my grandfather's gr grandmother's maiden name.

daviss: brb

Seventies: No using Firefox alt.

Selma: I have Wade's in Grenada, BWI

Seventies: Oh really??

alt: Seventies, the chrome browser shows the matching list with % DNa shared, # of segments & length in cM over the # of segments for each individual.

Seventies: oh wait, they changed that holdon We have a half match on seg 3, and segment 6

alt: Selma, did you ever find a connection to the young man from Grenada that won the 400 meter run in the 2012 Olympics?

daviss: ok back pho call

vkn: Howdy all y'all

Seventies: Slipping in here like a thief in the night... lol

vkn: daviss !

alt: howdy vkn,,,, thanks for the information from Proquest of the 27th USCT.

Selma: Forgot all about it alt

alt: okay Selma

vkn: thiefing be best at night seventies

alt: I was "under the weather" yesterday vkn, feeling tolerably well today. LOL

Seventies: I hadn't even been on proquest this month.

daviss: Seventies are you in the tools section

Selma: Glad you are feeling better alt

alt: ty Selma

vkn: me too glad 'bout alt being better selma

Seventies: Nope, Friends and Family. I found the info. We share on Segments 3 and 6 .53% over 3 segments. two of which are on 6. I wish I knew what that meant. DNA is not my strong point. At least not the way they present it.

vkn: speak english seventies

Seventies: If I could.. I would! lol daviss, you should be able to look at my genomes.

vkn: lol

Selma: Does this give you an idea when your ancestors might have "crossed paths" some point

Seventies: I am still waiting, over a month now, for this male who shares .66% over 4 segments to accept my introduction.

daviss: Theodore can

Seventies: daviss...

alt: how many ancestors/relatives do you think we have at the 3rd=4th cousin range? 100K, 500K, 1 Million.???

daviss: yes.....:o

vkn: smilies not working again today

daviss: I don't see your grand Seventies

alt: when I think of just one 3rd great-grandmother that had 15 siblings, the number of possible ancestors across 8 sets of great-great-great parents is mind boggling.

Seventies: I have no idea alt, wish I had a clue. But I suspect that its a whole lot smaller than 100k....

daviss: is that 3rd great your most amount of children you have found alt so far I think mine is 8

alt: yes daviss, but I have found other ancestors with 8 or more.... my mother's father was one of 10 children. and he had a sister that had 11 children.

Seventies: My father was one of 14 of which 12 lived to adulthood His mother was one of 12

alt: so those #'s for possible relatives can be tremendous.

Seventies: Yep... I'm still looking for Joseph Callins... no one in the family even remembers him... which I find weird. My grandmother told me about him. He was her oldest brother. born 1888. Which is absolutely freaky to me to be so young and have a great grandmother who was born during slavery well just after slavery.

daviss: on my Ware side I am told there were 8 girls but of course I can only find one and that is my 3rd great grandmother. I guess they are all married and no way to know who they are

alt: Seventies, my father's father, my grandfather was born in 1852 .. in slavery.. his mother was born abt 1856 also in slavery.. so my grandparents were slaves ..... it's all relative to our age LOL

Seventies: I guess. 1852 was the birth year of my gg grandmother, Celie Smith-Williams.

alt: so slavery, for some of us, isn't too far removed in our ancestral lines.

Seventies: Not at all.

daviss: yep alt

Seventies: Does anyone have any 'brickwalls' they are looking to knock down soon??

daviss: all my great grands that was comment to slavery and far removed

alt: plenty of brick walls, not sure about how soon they may be knocked down.

Seventies: My great-great grands were all born during slavery So I'm looking for this Joe Callins grand uncle in Alabama. Sort of... lol But in that part of AL the surname Callins may as well be Smith.

Selma: If he was born in 1888..when was your grandmother born..would they have been in the same home in 1900

Seventies: They were Selma.

alt: and as Denise used to say "can't tell real kin from plantation kin" just going by surnames.

Seventies: I'm looking for he and his wife and children after that time. I see he has a WW I draft card, but it doesn't name the wife like some cards do. exactly alt.

Selma: Did he leave the area..which is why no one else remembers him?

Seventies: I do not know. No one else ever talked about him. But me being the nosy grandchild... lol

alt: born 1888 .. check to see if he is on the Old Man's WW II draft registration Seventies, he may be there with his wife named.

Seventies: I hadn't checked that yet. I was doing this before the 1940 census came out. I am a little reluctant in looking up Alabama records, if y'all hadn't noticed.

alt: I think the birth year for that WW II draft registration was like 1879.

Selma: Why?

alt: hadn't noticed, why reluctant???

Seventies: Funny thing is too, I've been able to find other gr uncles and aunts even outside of AL... I don't know. Just am. There are some places in AL that are EXTREMELY rural. Like the counties where my dad and his family grew up.

alt: daviss, what is Cynthia in a "snit" about with the MS Facebook page?

Seventies: oh Mary mother of Jesus!

daviss: :o

Seventies: Isn't she related to 3rd THawkins??? I believe so.

daviss: you say me say "huh" didn't you alt?

alt: yep daviss

Seventies: remove my comment please. Thank you. 8)

daviss: I have no clue And could not decifer her comment back

Seventies: I don't think any of us speaks crazy. BUT....

daviss: I am gonna hold your comment for ransome Seventies lol lol

alt: I was going to send a cousin to the MS page for help on his mother's family who was from MS.....

Seventies: OMG... with her as an Administrator, I just don't know if you should do it.

daviss: pray cousin is searching Adams and Wilkerson alt lol

alt: daviss, the name is Lovett and they are from Hinds Co., MS.

Seventies: She should e-mail Willie Robinson.

daviss: lol I wish someone would get a AA Texas page ok alt U2

Seventies: You should do it daviss

alt: yeah that's my impression too Seventies

daviss: I only know 2 counties & and cant get those right

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