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2013-04-09 • Trees @ Ancestry


Start: 21:06:26
End: 21:56:23
Chatters: daviss, deannie, Selma, vkn

vkn: Howdy doo lady

daviss: hi there vkn!

vkn: Log of lunchbunch

daviss: I was hoping that the young lady would be here tonight

vkn: I just posted log to her... Also not sure we told her what room

daviss: oh ok

vkn: I am now thinking focus should be on the men in life of grandma and ee what newspapers hold

daviss: you mean your granmother

vkn: What papers hold Texas news? No her grandmother Selma howdy

daviss: what is her grandmothers first name

Selma: Good evening daviss and vkn..yes I am still up..

daviss: Heyy Selma!


daviss: ok thanks I will read

vkn: Oops my smiley thing not working

daviss: I see them in 1910 as a 35 yr old

vkn: What are the names daviss is she Jennie?

daviss: this one is with a G

Selma: Think the oldest child is 13..should be 3 in 1900

daviss: will try and find her

vkn: They may have moved to where he was employed. Soundex brought many spellings I did not try Beckworth/Beckwith as yet I note that Family search is putting some divorce recs on line

deannie: Hello Gen buddy

vkn: Howdy Deannie is Betty Craft in your group?

daviss: heyyy deannie

deannie: Yes she is, but I have not seen her in a while...she is still in the membership book

vkn: I ask Deannie because Betty is a Mississippi researcher

deannie: So am I...but not as good as Betty

vkn: Well Betty has been at it almost as long as I have Deannie

deannie: I know....she was one of the first people I met when I first start researching

vkn: and wanted her to know about the new Mississippi Facebook page

daviss: Is she on FB vkn!!

vkn: Prolly daviss Have not been in touch for a few years

deannie: I did not know she had a FB page

daviss: I was just asking deannie

deannie: Oop I should have it chat's not her's....I will check it out what it the name

vkn: Daviss will post

daviss: It is strickly AA deannie

deannie: ok

daviss: I will have to ponder that other info vkn, I am not sure of the 1900 census for Hutchins

vkn: okies selma has doubt re age of eldest child

daviss: will if that is her in the 1910 the daughter is 13....

Selma: No I didn't have doubt..thought I saw the child was 13 in 1910 Figured she had to be 3 in 1900.

vkn: 'scuse

Selma: The poster needs to give us more info....

daviss: may be new

Selma: and not clear how she or he is tied into the Tree she found at Ancestry

daviss: yes but you should always verify

vkn: I am not trusting Ancestry trees for any peeps

daviss: I saw a tree with names that are in my family and one of the last names was mariah zepher now that really had me rolling

vkn: oh really did you explore daviss

daviss: That is the name I had for my blog vkn my mother is zepher and her great great grand is Mariah thats why i named it that

vkn: I remember

daviss: They just thought that was the real name and used it SMH and they had my mother listed as zeffie thats when I knew that they were full of cra)(*&___

Selma: Are they even related to you daviss? Were they just making up a tree

daviss: I did not even bother after that Selma...I have enough trouble on my own than to give them the correct names lol I think they just copied stuff another thing is that they had over 3000 names in the tree I thought that was strange oh well

vkn: not sounding good

daviss: I know vkn not in my view anyway nite ladies I need to take a deep breath

Selma: Nite all

daviss: take care and have a good night

vkn: Okies me too

deannie: I will be signing off also I have to pick up my sister have a great evening

vkn: See yall 2morry

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