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2013-04-09 • Hutchins +Beckworth research


Start: 12:06:52
End: 13:06:08
Chatters: daviss, klwarner2, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon, vkn

vkn: Howdy seventies

Seventies: How are you doing this warm afternoon?

vkn: afternoon 2 U 2 it is warmlanta also how did the boys enjoy the birthday

Seventies: oh yea, what was the blog about?

vkn: Let me try and link

klwarner2: I'm here, vkn.

Seventies: Boys enjoyed their birthday and their new smart phones... :) Hi klwarner2

vkn: lol iphones?

klwarner2: Greetings, 70's.

vkn: howdy klwarner2 so glad you can join us

Seventies: oh no lol Android google phones. Iphone is so on the way out.

klwarner2: Hi, vkn. As you can see, I'm not a robot.

vkn: Seventies klwarner2 is new to AfriGeneas

Seventies: What brings you into Afrigeneas chat today klwarner2??

klwarner2: I was invited by vkn. via email..

Seventies: Hi Selma

vkn: I invited her seventies

Seventies: Are you new to genealogy and family research klwarner??

klwarner2: There was some confusion about a response I made to another user in my thread.

Seventies: OK

klwarner2: @70's - Yes, I am.

vkn: Howdy Selma meet klwarner2

Selma: Good afternoon seventies and vkn..Welcome klwarner

Seventies: OK what state and counties are you currently researching? What surnames?

klwarner2: Thank you, Selma. State: Texas Counties: Rusk, Gregg Surnames: Beckworth, Hutching or Hutchings

Selma: Klwarner..have you used census records to locate these folks in these counties

vkn: Have y'all read Barry's blog? Good info on AfriAm research let me try and paste the link

Selma: Send it to me in an email vkn Who is Barry?

vkn: okies will do Selma He is non Black Selma

Selma: I didn't ask you that vkn..I just asked who he is

klwarner2: @Selma - It seems like has a lockdown on records. Just canceled a trial subscription. I only wanted to look up census info. Today, someone alerted to has been REALLY helpful. And, it's free.

Seventies: TY for the info...vkn

vkn: lol lol I just can't help it sel

Seventies: yes, it is free and has some records available that Ancestry does not.

Selma: klwarner your public library might have a subscription to Ancestry that you can use there..

Seventies: Or if you are near a college or university, you may also have access there as well.

Selma: If you are just beginning klwarner there is a "method to the madness" You start from what you know and work your way BACK..

vkn: and klwarner Mocavo is free not sure it is that helpful but they have just initiated surname groups

klwarner2: Thank you. I will try those sources. I'm near University of Chicago---walking distance.

Seventies: What about University of Chicago has GREAT records on everything African. How lucky are you?

Selma: Klwarner..have you found this family in 1940 or 1930..and working backwards

klwarner2: @70's - Thanks.

Selma: Jeez there is a very active genealogy group in Chicago AAHGS chapter

vkn: and there are two great genealogy groups in Chi focusing AfriAm research klwarmer

Seventies: Maybe daviss and Khathu will be in chat today. They are TX researchers.

klwarner2: @Selma--The problem I'm having is I can't find a birth record on my maternal great-grandmother. Yet, she is listed on a marriage certificate and on death certificates of her children.

Selma: What year was she born and where? Approximate year is OK

Seventies: Can you find her on the census with the children? hey daviss!

Selma: Afternoon're LATE

klwarner2: @Selma - Allegedly, she was born 1874 or 1875---and she has several names. Her married name is 'Hutchins' or 'Hutchings'. Her maiden name is 'Beckworth'. I've seen her listed as Tennie Beckworth, Tinney Beckworth, Tinie Beckworth, Florance Beckworth, Tinie Beckworth, Giney Beckworth... It's crazy.

daviss: Hello Seventies and Selma!

Selma: Actually kinda normal klwarner.. LOL

daviss: Yes a tad or two lol important pho call

vkn: Heyyyyy daviss klwarner is new and researches TX

daviss: hello klwarner2and vkn!

klwarner2: Hi Daviss!

daviss: Aha! well hello there klwarner2!

Seventies: Oh, have you tried getting a D.C. for her? Especially if she died after 1912.

Selma: Daviss..was TEXAS keeping birth records in 1874 or 1875

klwarner2: @Selma - It's driving me up the wall. I can find stuff on my maternal great-grandfather, but my maternal great-grandmother is a mystery. I couldn't find a death certificate either.

vkn: Its routine genealogy klwarner2 welcome to your new found world lol

daviss: no not that early Selma

klwarner2: @vkn - You tellin' me.

Seventies: Also klwarner2, spelling if you see her under many different names, keep that in consideration. Was she widowed? divorced? etc.

daviss: What counties in Texas klwarner2?

Selma: Klwarner you probably won't find a birth record, most states didn't start keeping them on a State level until early 1900's

klwarner2: @70's - She was married.

Selma: and that is for White folks and Black folks klwarners

daviss: 1903 is the earliest I have seen

vkn: klwarner2 most vitals star about 1918 and later

klwarner2: @daviss - Rusk, Gregg, Kilgore

Seventies: I say get the Death Certificate.

klwarner2: @selma @daviss @vkn - aw, shoot.

Selma: You gotta know the basics first when did the state you are researching start keeping vital records

Seventies: What exactly are you looking for with the birth certificate?? As vkn stated, states were not mandated to keep birth certificates until 1908 and many started after 1912.

daviss: Gregg and Rusk are close to Harrison where I search klwarner2?

vkn: I agree with seventies on getting death record

Selma: klwarner are you looking for her parents names?

klwarner2: *taking notes*

vkn: klwarner2 you can download the log on tomorrow

klwarner2: @selma - Yes, I am. I'm trying to figure how she's a Beckworth. I've seen the Beckworth family tree, but couldn't identify my maternal great-grandmother. @vkn - ok

daviss: have you found her in the census klwarner2?

Selma: I don't understand klwarner..which Beckworth family tree?

klwarner2: @daviss - Yes, I found her in the census and ALL her children--which includes my grandmother.

daviss: as Beckworth?

vkn: and what is the documentation in the tree klwarner2

klwarner2: @selma - I've viewed the Beckworth family tree on One of my distant relatives maintains the tree. @daviss - My maternal great-grandmother is listed on the census as 'Hutchins' or 'Hutching'. My grandmother's maiden name is 'Hutching'. However, my maternal great-mother's maiden name is 'Beckworth'--a huge family in Texas.

Selma: So klarner if she was born in 1874 or 1875..when you say you found her with her children are we talking 1900 census?

klwarner2: @vkn - I didn't find my maternal great-grandmother's name in ANY variation on the Beckworth family tree on

daviss: born in 74 hmmm should be in 1880 as a child whats her first name?

klwarner2: @selma - Yes, I've found her in 1910, 1920, 1930 census

Selma: So what about 1900 and 1880..she would have been around 4-6 in 1880?

klwarner2: @daviss - Take your pick--Florence, Tennie, Tinney, Tinie, Florance, Ginney, Giney. The one consistent thing is that she was married to Joe Hutching. @vkn - I can't find her death certificate.

vkn: about when did she die? death cert is the critical record as seventies said klwarner

Seventies: What about Joe Hutching's death certificate?

klwarner2: @70's - I have to check.

Seventies: And remember, not all TX death certificates are online.

Selma: Have you found their marriage reccord klwarner?

klwarner2: @70's - oh boy

Seventies: She may have died also in another county, but buried in Rusk or Grigg Co.

vkn: Plus @ klwarner is she mentioned in the obits of other relatives

klwarner2: @selma - Yes, their marriage was January 10, 1895 in Gregg, Texas

Selma: Ok klwarner..let us be the first to tell you..NOT EVERYTHING you WANT is online..OK you can start screaming NOW

klwarner2: @selma - aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Seventies: I already burst that bubble Selma! lol

Selma: Sometimes it needs REPEATING..

vkn: lol

klwarner2: Ya'll gon' make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here!

Selma: and klwarner..NOT all records SURVIVE

Seventies: lol klwarner2, just keeping it 100... lol

Selma: Now tell us exactly what it said on the Marriage Record klwarner

klwarner2: @selma @70's - ok

Seventies: Ok I hate to cut and run, but that's what I'm going to do. But before I leave, check out 23andme's new format.

klwarner2: brb

Seventies: ok byyeeeeeee

Selma: I couldn't figure out their old format

daviss: klwarner2 did you search John Beckworth who is really near Joe Hutchins in 1900?

vkn: me either selma

Selma: are you suppose to be connected to the person with the Family Tree on Ancestry

daviss: They are in Rusk Co

vkn: me either selma but i cannot figure out any dna formats so not to be judged by my dna knowledge level soooo glad you came to chat klwarner

daviss: I briefly saw the new format but not sure I care for it

vkn: change is difficult at best daviss

daviss: I know vkn

vkn: i know you know lol lol lol

daviss: klwarner2 Are you still here?

vkn: oops may be frozen

daviss: thats what I am thinking...

vkn: a new blog to me daviss

daviss: oops

vkn: it happens

daviss: Is blog interesting vkn?

vkn: I think so daviss klwarner is looking for an index number

Selma: What kind of index number?

vkn: klwarner is looking for an index number and is not frozen for her grandmothr at Ancestry tree I did an IM

daviss: Rusk is one county over from Harrison lol soooooo lol lol

Selma: Maybe you two are related...

vkn: oh dear

daviss: no Beckworths or Hutchins so far

vkn: Well never can tell where a certain wind is hiding daviss

daviss: I can understand that vkn

vkn: lol

daviss: did klwarner post on forum?

vkn: Well klwarner we ill be back here tonite at 9 Eastern and discussion can continue on the forum if you are comfortable with that Me gotta b´running

daviss: ok vkn I can only hang another min or two myself

Selma: Me too.. Klwarner..we are going to have to go...we will be here tomorrow at Noon EST and tonite at 9PMEST (if I can stay awake)

daviss: take care selma

Selma: You too Bye klwarner

daviss: bye klwarner2

klwarner2: bye all

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