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2013-04-04 • 23 & Me What results?


Start: 12:08:29
End: 13:10:09
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Hi daviss! LOL you could've slept in.. no one will be here before 1215 EST! lol

daviss: heyy brb grabing coffee

Seventies: hello alt!

alt: Hey ladies, Seventies & daviss, what's up?

Seventies: nothing. Racking my brain on how I can do this online fundraiser/raffle.... ugh

alt: Hello vkn

Seventies: hi vkn

daviss: ok back

vkn: Hello to one each and all

daviss: hello alt and vkn!

alt: you raising funds for me Seventies? LOL

vkn: lol

Seventies: lol noooooo

daviss: HB to the boys Seventies

vkn: me lol

Seventies: thank you daviss. I'll pass it on.

alt: and a HB from me too Seventies

daviss: please do

vkn: add my happy buff day too seventies

Seventies: Thanks alt, I'll pass it on. I was just thinking it seems like yesterday I was complaining that they were turning 13 to you all... lol

alt: tome flies Seventies, next time yo look around they'll be gone, married and you'll be a grandma.

daviss: {creeking} lol

alt: tome=time

Seventies: naw that won't happen until I turn 55... lol

alt: don't bet on that Seventies

Seventies: And I got a LONG way to go before THAT happens.. lol

vkn: ahem seventies

alt: unless you'll be 55 in a few years LOL LOL

Seventies: yes ma'am.. I will pass on the birthday wishes from you too vkn.. :} ha ha alt...

daviss: don't be rushing her alt lol that means we would be "zoomed' up in age too

Seventies: lol

vkn: oh well we will welcome seventies to AARP lol

daviss: lol lol lol

Seventies: long time before that happens too... lol

alt: I've got a DNA headache trying to explain to someone much younger than I, that she & I are related, but I'm not related to her mama. Our connection is thru a male ancestor of her maternal grandmother.... whew!!!

Seventies: lol still????

daviss: heeheeheee alt

alt: yeah, still, whew & heeheehee LOL

daviss: dna is hard to explain anyway alt

Seventies: Yep. It just reminded me to actually go in and check 23 and me. And I got a response from my match

alt: right DNA and genealogy too daviss

daviss: yes thats for sure alt

vkn: Yes I get it conceptually but bring in the co effeciency of correlation and oops it all goes out the window and down the drain hehehhehehehe

alt: in both cases WE often jump to erroneous conclusions. yep vkn, dat 'spalins it.

vkn: lol lol

alt: 'splains

daviss: hello HB

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt, Daviss. Seventies and Vkn.

Seventies: OMG so right I'm looking over and I got an accept from check this out, Bernard Wade... Wade is the surname of my grandfather's great grandmother!!!

alt: hello HistoryBuff

vkn: Howdy Mz HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: :)

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff!

HistoryBuff: Way to go, Seventies.

daviss: that sounds good Seventies....whats the % on that

alt: can you make a genealogical connection with Bernard Wade Seventies?

Seventies: 3rd to 5th cousin to my granddad I'm just glancing over the new stuff right now.

daviss: HistoryBuff did you test at 23&Me?

vkn: so 23 and me has a special on?

HistoryBuff: I did test on 23&me but I'm very slow on the analysis.

vkn: HistoryBuff my name is SLOW

Seventies: LOL

HistoryBuff: If the special is still on,I'm trying to convince my dad to participate.

Seventies: alt I'm hoping to.. I will need to get more info. So far I don't have any info on siblings of my Wade female.

daviss: yes vkn you can get one for 99 dollars and I hear that if you order 2 it will come out to 79 dollars

vkn: okies but me be only one lol

alt: that's another one that 'confuses' me... they state a generation as being 25-30 years difference. following that logic a 3rd get-grandfather of mine would have been born 175 years ago... that's like 1838, yet I have one who was born in 1785... .... that's an additional 53 tears or 2 more generations. tears=years

daviss: yes but you may have someone else that may want to test. However 99 dollars is a wonderful price

vkn: clear as mud

Seventies: I need to go actually make lunch... I'll see you good folks tomorrow. very excited. :}

daviss: make lunch ha!! she knows she just wants to take a 23 and me look lol

vkn: I can understand the excitement but not the findings

alt: yep, can't fool us, can she daviss LOL

daviss: see vkn thats where the research comes in

vkn: History what did you find re Milton Bell ?

daviss: I don't think those that have actually gotten to the point of finding the connection did it because they were dna fluent It was very good research !

alt: I agree with that daviss... DNA fluent is "something else" and I sure ain't that!!!!

vkn: daviss ok

daviss: right alt but we are learning bits and pieces as we go

HistoryBuff: Not yet, Vkn. Is there any more information you can share about any of his collateral relatives?

alt: I know just enough about DNA & Inheritance from y days as a Biology major to be "dangerous" LOL LOL

vkn: daviss ok BUT if you don't know where you are going how will one know when one arrives lol lol lol

daviss: I know you are not asking me, the one who knows nada lol

vkn: lol nada from nada leaves nada to the 10th power lol

daviss: lol

alt: for example.... just because I have a match that lives in and is from China doesn't mean I have Chinese ancestry.

HistoryBuff: You can't claim to know nada, Daviss when you do know how to go about finding out something. :)

vkn: alt it means you be cosmopolitan

alt: I guess vkn lol

HistoryBuff: :) @Vkn

daviss: I am actually meaning I know nothing about my peeps to make a difference in the matches. I can only tell them current info that makes a big difference and is quite frustrating

alt: I saw where one lady was looking for her Czechoslovakian (sp) ancestry because she has a match from Czechoslovakia.

daviss: You want to contribute but you actually cant. And of course most of mine don't match "surname" wise

HistoryBuff: Point taken. You may not have the knowledge now,but you're still in a position to learn and that's a good thing.

vkn: Knowing a lil bit 'bout a lot o things but not knowing beans 'bout dna

alt: quit describing me vkn LOL LOL

vkn: lol lol lol

daviss: I know enough to know I spelled course wrong in my previous comment lol

HistoryBuff: I understand about not being DNA knowledgeable. That definitely includes me.

vkn: but of course.....

alt: you did!!!! LOL

daviss: lol alt

HistoryBuff: Ooops. Don't be so hard on yourself, Daviss. :)

daviss: I am not hard HB just accepting facts

HistoryBuff: Understood. I respect that, Daviss.

alt: what really surprise me is how folks can make statements with "absolute certainty" about DNA matches they receive from their DNA test results.

vkn: Y'all be good. Gonna do more Slater searching to find documents on James F and the Legatee

alt: and yet know nothing, or so very little about their genealogical past.

daviss: that surprises me also alt and oft times I wonder how they come to that conclusion ok vkn, happy for you

vkn: they be jumping daviss

alt: happy hunting vkn too late

daviss: what is your haplogroup HistoryBuff?

HistoryBuff: Lets see let me get it.

daviss: ok hello there Selma

Selma: Afternoon folks...

HistoryBuff: Afternoon Selma. Daviss, it's Lc2

alt: Hi Selma, how are you & the 'lil darlings?

HistoryBuff: Sorry L2c subgroup of L2.

Selma: Mom, sister and nephew are visiting too...

daviss: ok my paternal cousins are L2c

alt: okay, How's the family? LOL .. give them my best regards from Ohio LOL

HistoryBuff: That's on my maternal side. No information available on my father's side.

daviss: right, not til you get a male to test

HistoryBuff: Good for you, Selma.

daviss: I hope the lil grand is over the throat issues Selma

Selma: Have to run calling

daviss: ok later Selma

alt: bye Selma Oops, too late again LOL

daviss: too late again alt lol HB how are you listed on 23. I will go in on my cousins pages and see if you are a match with any of them

HistoryBuff: I'm listed by my given name, Ingrid Armstrong-Doweary.

daviss: ok

HistoryBuff: I'm sorry I forgot to look up your cousin, Daviss.

alt: thank you HistoryBuff,,, so many folks have those "odd' identities.

daviss: oh I forgot also History lol

alt: How in the heck do I know who "cutesy-wootsy" is LOL LOL

daviss: I know alt lol lol I think I only gained one more match on Tues.. Its a 34% and 2 segs

HistoryBuff: "cutesy-wootsy", Alt?

daviss: on Tues I just go in put "recent match" and that way I keep up with who is new

HistoryBuff: I still need to get my Jordan cousin in Alex., VA's family group sheet so I can respond to my Anestry DNA match.

daviss: I also tested with them. I just don't care for that setup yet

HistoryBuff: Why so, Daviss?

daviss: I do like the tools on 23. Ancestry does not have those yet

HistoryBuff: Oh okay.

daviss: thats another reason I like going to Gedmatch. They have some wonderful tools to look at

HistoryBuff: That sounds worth looking into, Daviss. Thank you.

daviss: Ancestry only has the chromosome tool and that is not so thrilling

HistoryBuff: lol

daviss: all my matches on Ancestry are in the 5-8 range so far

HistoryBuff: What's going on in your world, Alt? I have about 3 in the 3-5 range.

daviss: oh wow History, thats good news

HistoryBuff: That's why I need that Jordan family group information because my father recognized one match's grandfather.

daviss: tell your daddy to test!!!

HistoryBuff: ' I'm trying to get him to.

daviss: what about your hubby, did you get him involved also

HistoryBuff: Yes he did. He tested with 23andme also. I gotta follow up with his results.

daviss: wonderful HistoryBuff I better run get something to eat. History if you need help with getting on Gedmatch send me a msg on FB.. I will be glad to help

HistoryBuff: Solid Daviss. Cya both.

daviss: use the message at the top that way its between us only

HistoryBuff: Cool.

daviss: later

HistoryBuff: later

daviss: bye alt and HB

HistoryBuff: Later Alt.

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