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2013-03-28 • Updating RootsMagic


Start: 12:07:47
End: 13:08:36
Chatters: alt, daviss, HistoryBuff, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Good Thursday seventies Gonna get a spot of apple sauce BRB

Seventies: Hello vkn :) helllooooo daviss!

daviss: hello Seventies!!! :} Hi vkn!

Seventies: Did you have your coffee and breakfast?

daviss: I just made coffee and need some toast

Seventies: ok I'm sitting here eating yard bird.. lol

daviss: How's it going Seventies?

Seventies: good. My son got his driver's permit this morning. Hello alt. and Selma

daviss: Oh wonderful Seventies!!

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss, seventies and vkn..

alt: hello ladies, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Selma: I know he is happy seventies..

daviss: hello alt and Selma!

Seventies: He is VERY happy... lol

vkn: howdy alt daviss selma and re howdy seventies

Selma: and how Happy is Momma

Seventies: lol more nervous than anything.. lol He's a stubborn kid, but he gets it honest!

daviss: lol you will hear Can I drive, Can I Drive, Can I drive from now until he gets regular Lic

Seventies: lol

daviss: just think, if you don't feel like going to the store, you have backup lol

Seventies: I will let him drive out in the country when we go this summer...

vkn: nice about car and son congrats to him seventies and greying of hair to you lol lol

daviss: lol lol lol

Seventies: lol lol thanks? lol

vkn: lol

Seventies: Speaking of summer, anyone on deck for family reunions?

alt: daviss, ready for the OSU whupping that 'Zona will get tonite in the NCAA tournament.

Seventies: lol alt!

daviss: Atlanta for me the 3rd weekend of July Seventies Ha! to alt

Seventies: good. have a good time daviss. Selma, alt, vkn any reunion plans this summer??

Selma: Not so far...

alt: my big one is in Sept. Labor Day Weekend Seventies.... it's gonna be a "biggie" 200th year of freedom for Lewis Adams.

vkn: Benham reunion in Chicago but I will not be traveling

Selma: That one should make the newspaper at..

Seventies: Nice, Y'all going to be featured in the local news? Aww vkn too bad.

daviss: Now that is awesome alt, your Adams Reunion

Seventies: daviss . . . :?

alt: it will Selma, big celebration with the Ohio Historical Society putting up a marker for his UGRR activity.

vkn: Indeed awesome

Selma: Wow..

Seventies: Will there be a video, etc. etc. ??

alt: I'm sure some family member will 'tape' it Seventies

Seventies: Thought y'all might be inviting the local news station etc to cover the event. Nothing like being on TV. :)

alt: it will be covered Seventies, I'm just not sure of all of the details and what has been planned to the fullest extent.

Seventies: ah okay. Hi HistoryBuff

Selma: Afternoon HistoryBuff

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

daviss: Hello HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies and Vkn. How is everyone today?

vkn: Howdy Doody HistoryBuff

Selma: Does anyone know when the AA Museum will open in DC in 2015..I mean the month?

alt: not me

vkn: nor I

Seventies: Oh news from the frontlines. the Furlough may be cut to 14 days.. which if they are, I will take it concurrently

HistoryBuff: I have not heard yet.

daviss: I heard that on the news last night Seventies actually they said it may be delayed for 2 weeks

Seventies: Yes, I have paid a lot out in taxes and don't ask for anything. I will be using my time to research in D.C. and MS...

HistoryBuff: You alright, Vkn?

vkn: frog in throat lol

HistoryBuff: LOL

daviss: lol

Seventies: ok onto genealogy... lol

vkn: prolly so why not

Seventies: I need to get this work in...:)

karoshi8: Hello Hello!

HistoryBuff: Hey Karoshi8

alt: hello karoshi8

karoshi8: What's up?

Seventies: Hi karoshi8

vkn: Hello backatcha karoshi8

daviss: heyyy karoshi8

Selma: Afternoon karohi8

daviss: brb pho call

vkn: Good newspaper collection from OH alt

HistoryBuff: I did go to Virginia Beach last weekend, but I didn't get to do any research.

vkn: Just reading post this morning for first time Were you on Spring break History

HistoryBuff: I was there to attend a conference.

karoshi8: alt, why did they all have to marry each other! It is maddening! Just connected my cousin from my grandfather's side to people on my grandmother's side. And this is atleast the 3rd time within the family.

vkn: Who is on the Bernice for 2nite

karoshi8: :)

alt: yes vkn, Ohio has some nice "colored" papers in the late 1880's up to the present.

HistoryBuff: Nice Alt.

vkn: Very nice

alt: the paper in Wash DC "The Colored American", one of the main contributors was Carrie (Williams) Clifford, who wrote for the Cleveland Gazette prior to going to DC.

vkn: Good to relate to tidbits Y'all be good and take all care

daviss: part 2 of the Jeanes Teachers tonight on Blog Radio

HistoryBuff: I did get see that the Virginia Civl War Museum was across the road from the Amtrak Train/Thruway Bus Station did see the Virginia Tidewater Veterans Memorial.

Selma: Where was that historybuff?

HistoryBuff: In Virginia Beach, VA

Seventies: Those teacher stories are good stories. My mom and my aunt used to teach in the Delta of Mississippi during the 1960's

daviss: I have two Jeanes teachers that I know of in line. May be more

HistoryBuff: off of Jefferson Avenue.

Seventies: I have to go back and listen to part one...

Selma: Did you take Amtrak..then take a bus across the Bay

HistoryBuff: Yes I did, Selma.

alt: karoshi8, where are these intra-family marrigeas taking place? In Ohio? What surnames are invovled?

Seventies: Hey all I have to run... everyone have a great afternoon. Enjoy the slightly warmer weather. :}

daviss: wait!

Seventies: yesss????

daviss: Walk lol have a good one

Seventies: lol bye daviss... lol

alt: bye Seventies

HistoryBuff: Okay Seventies

karoshi8: Green from VA with Stephens, Norman, Calloway, etc in Gallia, Pickaway, and Hocking counties.

daviss: karoshi8 do you belong to a Gen group? and what about you HistoryBuff?

alt: okay karoshi8, I know the surnames, but not too familiar with the those names in those counties.

HistoryBuff: I'm financial with AAGHS and NGS. I'm also financial with ASAALH.

karoshi8: No, I don't daviss.

daviss: I was just going to see if there were anyone in group that is searching Texas looking in all avenues

karoshi8: I suppose I'm just getting tired of typing the same info over and over again. Tree to tree.

alt: karoshi8, that's why I recommend having 1 database with a good genealogy software program.... the software will "sort out" the connecting families and you only have to enter a person's data 1 time.

karoshi8: What do you use?

alt: I use Roots Magic, the full version, karoshi8 and I have over 23,000 individual in the database. and the software keeps the family "inter-connections" in line for me.

karoshi8: I'll have to get that. Thanks!

alt: it is particularly good in the situations of 2nd & 3rd marriages when there are connecting lines between those family lines old family vs new family.

Selma: 23,000..thats a whole lot of folks alt.

alt: step-children & half-siblings, etc.

daviss: I probably shoud upgrade my RootsMagic to the full version

alt: yeah Selma, that's what happens when you input the siblings & their children to the families of your 'direct' ancestors.. then when you add the spouses and the parents of the spouses for these family ties, the databse just "explodes" LOL

daviss: yep lol

HistoryBuff: lol

alt: but you will be amazed at the early family connections you uncover from 100-150-200 years ago.

daviss: alt thank you.. I really need to get more active with inputing my folks I really admire you

HistoryBuff: Same here.

alt: one of those folks you need to input just might lead you to mariah daviss, LOL

daviss: just may be alt I better run now..Alt what time is the game in your state?

alt: 7:45 PM daviss

daviss: ok I will put on my U of A shirt and grab a bowl of chips Go WildCats!!

HistoryBuff: lol

alt: and have your "crying towel" available LOL LOL LOL

daviss: take care to the rest of ya'll lol lol bye

HistoryBuff: Cya Daviss.

alt: bye time for me to "scoot" too, laters y'all.

HistoryBuff: Laters Alt.

Selma: Time for me to run too..have a great day

HistoryBuff: My turn to sign off. Goodbye.

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