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2013-03-25 • "UpHill Both Ways"


Start: 12:05:11
End: 13:32:17
Chatters: alt, daviss, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: hello daviss

daviss: Hi there alt!! how in the heck are you and Congrats to Ohio for advancing.

alt: same to you on both accounts

daviss: thank ya sir lol

alt: now we're ready to whup 'Zona LOL

daviss: Ha!!!! I am excited

alt: me too!! March Madness, is on us

daviss: Yep How was your week-end?

alt: full of basketball, how bout yours?

daviss: half full lol the other half I was at a Hicks Family Reunion...A family I have known since 1959 or so lol one of the ladies who is now in her fifties just found out I was not her real aunt

alt: oh, is that right???

daviss: You should have seen her eyes get huge

alt: I can imagine

Seventies: Good afternoon alt and daviss

daviss: Hello Seventies!!

alt: Hello Seventies

Seventies: what y'all talking about? The Hicks family reunion? :)

daviss: yes Seventies It was nice

Seventies: great!

daviss: I even had a plastic cup lol lol

Seventies: oh no! lol lol

alt: so, how long have you known the HICKS family? You were a guest, right?

daviss: :o

alt: hello vkn

Seventies: We know what goes in the plastic cup daviss... lol Hello vkn!

daviss: I have known them since the 50's alt and not really a guest Hi there vkn!

vkn: howdy alt and how are you?

daviss: How are you doing vkn?

vkn: Howdy seventies and how are you ?

alt: okay, like a family member, but not really genealogically related.

Seventies: doing well.

daviss: right alt

vkn: Howdy Daviss I am splendid and how be you ?

daviss: I just didn't drive by and smell the BBQ alt lol lol

alt: you ate and partook of the beverages LOL

daviss: hahahaha

Seventies: lol daviss and her plastic cup... lol okay so what is new on the genealogical front?

daviss: You tell us Seventies

Seventies: :) no not time yet...

daviss: shucks..

Seventies: So now, I see vkn posted a link with new records available online.

daviss: I did not do any research this weekend

alt: Robert Goins posted a reall nice article on an 1833 census of free blacks & mulattoes in Albemarle Co., VA.

Seventies: Hi Selma.

daviss: which link was that Seventies Hello Selma!!!

Selma: Good Monday afternoon alt, daviss, seventies and vkn..

alt: Hello Selma.. read my last entry on today's chat

vkn: howdy selma hope all is well

Seventies: Its on the forums daviss. I cannot recall which one.

Selma: About what alt? No research daviss..are you not well

alt: Census of free blacks & mulattoes in albermarle Co., VA for 1833, Selma

Selma: Where is it posted alt.

daviss: lol Selma I was out and about

alt: it's on a MyFamily website... I can forward to you if you would care to have it Selma

daviss: I did do my duty though selma and asked a couple " Whose your people"

Selma: LOL

daviss: my daughter just shook her head lol

alt: and said "oh, Mama!!!" LOL

Selma: LOL Like seventies is doing now.. LOL

Seventies: lol

Selma: was the Toni Morrison presentation?

daviss: yep

Seventies: Oh it was ok. Our young people lack any kind of depth... Scares me.

daviss: just ok Seventies

Selma: I was looking for pictures

Seventies: yep, she read two passages out of her latest book "Home" and answered like 4 questions.

alt: wonder where I've heard that statement before?

Seventies: Photos are coming. I used our work camera... I promise.. :)

Selma: I saw an article in the newspaper, but I thought you might have had more info I am familiar with that census alt...

vkn: Morrison is no baby so gets tired early

Seventies: yep. They had to escort her on and off the stage.

Selma: After 4 questions vkn.. Oh...

Seventies: Well you know she's a nobel laureate... soooo I guess she gets a pass.

alt: not sure Selma.. but it is about 25 screen page long...and on it are madison, Mary & Sally Hemmings

Seventies: There's no shame in using a walker, especially if you are 82 years old.

Selma: Yes..I have seen alt...Ervin Jordan published an article in a journal a number of years ago about the census and transcribed the list.

vkn: and selma they roll Maya Angelou off stage

alt: that's the one Selma by Ervin Jordan

Seventies: I remember seeing her about 10 years ago.. and she had a walker then RE: Maya Angelou.

Selma: I can't laugh vkn..cause they might be rolling me around soon..

vkn: i hear that lol

Seventies: Selma, you got 20 plus years to go before you get to be rolled... lol

Selma: Chile I am gonna get me one of the Scootters from the Scootter Store

Seventies: lmao... done with you Selma! If vkn doesn't use a hover round scooter, nobody can.. lol

alt: I use a cane when walking and when I go to the Mall, or a store like Wal-Mart, I hurry up and grab a cart to use as a walker LOL LOL

Seventies: lol

Selma: Jeez we sound like a Medicare seminar

vkn: just grab a cart selma lol

Selma: I already do that vkn..

Seventies: Ok we're going to have to quit talking like this.. I am going to the gym tonight.. lol

vkn: lol lol lol

alt: aw come on Seventies, when WE were under 40, WE didn't even know what 'tired' was.

Seventies: lol I know...

Selma: Alt..on the 1830 census Sally Hemmings was listed as White..but she showed up on the 1833 list..cause folks always know who you are

alt: We walked 4 miles to school in the rain and snow, uphill both ways.

Seventies: oh shoot here we go... lol

Selma: Speaking of snow..we had snow starting last night..

alt: right Selma

Seventies: Well, I am trying to get out of here to go to the National Archives this week.... Gotta figure out what days I can go... no more than one night.

alt: Selma, I see several families on the 1833 census for Albermarle Co. that start showing up in the Ohio census for 1840, like Madison Hemmings, the Bowls/Bowels, Isaac & Tate families

Seventies: Are those families/surnames that Klassicglass is researching?

alt: I'm not sure Seventies

Seventies: or Karoshi8?

alt: dunno Seventies As Selma can tell you the 1833 census on these folks was taken to see who was willing to go to Liberia, because after Nat Turner in 1831, they had to "get out of Dodge".

Seventies: Funny story, I was talking to our Associate Director today about this genealogy thing. Showed him my blog and facebook page.

Selma: and what did he/she say?

Seventies: He said that his family doesn't go back as far as mine I told him I know. Most black families have been here since the 18th and 19th centuries.

alt: He is "white"? why so quiet?

daviss: waiting on Seventies answer lol

alt: okay

Seventies: yes. he is white. sorry got a phone call from a candidate who can't follow or understand instructions. :{

daviss: so did he enjoy your blog seventies

Seventies: yes he did.

Selma: You know he is going to be reading it all the time..

Seventies: lol I hope so.

daviss: that sure could expose him to new revelations

Seventies: well you know he's british white, last name Wilson.

daviss: You know that if we weren't taught about us in school, neither were they lol

Seventies: Of course not... lol why would they be?

daviss: they should, mabe the world would have been a tad better place

Seventies: So that's enough of that...

Selma: The slave trade gave Britain its wealth

daviss: for sure Selma

Seventies: It gave Europe its wealth.

Selma: True

alt: I remember learning in school that "the sun never sets on the British Empire'. something the Anglophiles were very proud to state.

Seventies: I heard about that too... :/ But the fact of the matter is the sun never sets on the influence of the African..

alt: form the British I'm not sure they saw that 'motto' as a form of conquest & explotation.

Seventies: Absolutely, they mastered that propaganda.

daviss: later folks gotta run take care

Seventies: later daviss. Alright, I gotta get going too... things to do.

alt: get well Daviss & ready for that whupping OSU is gonna put on' Zona

karoshi8: Hello everyone!

Selma: Afternoon karoshi

alt: hi karoshi8, you almost missed us

karoshi8: I figured. I'm a bit late. Getting ready for my trip to Kentucky/Ohio to research some things. Any tips?

Selma: Lucky you

karoshi8: And alt it better not be snowing when I come up!! :)

alt: when on Ohio will you be visiting?

Selma: You better check the weather channel

karoshi8: My parents bought me a car for my birthday. So I have to come and pick it up. So far I'm focusing on KY then to Dublin, Ohio Though, I would like to stop up your way around Troy and or Woodstock, and Washington Court House.

alt: okay, I'm only 40 miles from Dublin.

karoshi8: I'm in KY the 2-4ish then on to Ohio. I'm going to a dinner by the Pickaway county African American History Society on the 6th.

Selma: Happy Birthday

karoshi8: Thank you. It was in January. But I haven't been able to make it up until now.

alt: and if you get to Troy and/or Woodstck you're in my neighborhood this is in April?

karoshi8: Well, I have to come back up at the end of June for the family reunion so I don't know if I'll make the trip this time or in June. Yes, in April.

alt: do you have family in Circleville?

karoshi8: Not that I know of. I did at one time. But I don't think so now. I still have some in Chillicothe though.

alt: oh,okay

karoshi8: But they are honoring a couple of my families. Adams, Haithcock, Lett and Redman.

alt: Do you know of Bev Gray, the genealogist, in Chillicothe?

karoshi8: Yes, I've spoken to her several times.

alt: ah so, Bev is a very good friend.

karoshi8: She has helped me a lot. My Winbun's lived in Chillicothe and the Hackley's.

alt: matter of fact we've found thru DNA testing that we're related in some way.

karoshi8: That is interesting. Do you know where her Gray's come from?

alt: Gray, that's her married name, not sure about them, but I know of her Davis ancestors in/from SE Ohio.

karoshi8: Oh, that's right. Was she a Davis?

alt: yes,

karoshi8: Oh I see. I do have a lot of Gray's but not many Davis'

alt: okay

karoshi8: I know we have quite a few people in common.

alt: is that right

karoshi8: 65 or so. Lol

alt: wow!!!!!!

karoshi8: Lett, Moss, Espy, Cunningham, Tyree, Elder, Crosswhite, Lucas, Dolby, mostly.

alt: oh my, Moss, Crosswhite, Lucas & Dolby from Champaign Co., in Ohio cross into my famil lines.

karoshi8: And I just connected one of my KY Penman's to a Lett in Ohio. Again, my grandma and grandpa's side connecting together.

alt: know many Lett's Espy Elder's & cunninghams

karoshi8: 4 Dolby, 11 Lett, 3 Espy, 3 Elder. 3 Cunningham

alt: a William Espy married my great-grnadmother 's sister "Essie Bridges in Springfield, Ohio in 1903.

karoshi8: I have James, Walter, and Frank.

alt: william's father was a James Espy who maried a Martha Roberts in Urbana, Ohio ca 1857.

karoshi8: Yes, those are the ones I have.

alt: is that right, okay

karoshi8: And I'm assuming Martha is a part of the Robert's group that moved to Indiana. Saponi Indian mix.

alt: Not sure, but she was originally from NC, could be from the same Roberts group from the NC area.

karoshi8: And your Elder's connect to the Pritchard/Pritchett.

alt: I'm not sure John Elder married to a Mary Jane Dolby in Pike Co., OH and wiley dolby maried to a Margaret Lett also in Pik \e Co., OH

karoshi8: We both have Leroy Elder who's father was Milan or Milam Elder born in KY. Milam son Foster married both Rebecca Winburn who would be an great aunt of mine(or something) and he also married Mary Haithcock who is also of some relation.

alt: I guess these are the same families karoshi8

karoshi8: Yup! The link I constantly see is the Saponi Indian relation. Now I'm trying to translate that into my KY family.

alt: okay, these aren't in my direct family lines, but I have them in my database.

karoshi8: They stay around the same people ALWAYS! And also being free before the Civil War seems to be a pattern.

Selma: Many of these free families traveled together..

alt: well, we have additional notes/families to compare/share karoshi8 I must run for today.... talk with y'all later.

karoshi8: Have a good day!

alt: you too

Selma: Me too bye

alt: ma

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