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2013-03-18 • Sequestering Impact on Black


Start: 12:09:37
End: 13:25:39
Chatters: alt, bbenn, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: I'm here. Just buzz me... by typing 'Seventies'.

alt: Hello HistoryBuff & Seventies

Seventies: Hello Hello!

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies and.Selma Hey Alt

alt: How are y'all doing on this cold, wet & rainy day?

Seventies: Its not wet here yet. We're expecting more snow... lol

HistoryBuff: I'm good and you?

alt: Good luck wit that Seventies, I hope we're finished with the snow for this season.

Seventies: So I'm getting over my very bad cold... OMG it was much worse than I thought it was.

HistoryBuff: Wi

Seventies: I got a DOUBLE whammy with this one.

HistoryBuff: Glad you're doing better.

Seventies: It snowed some nearly everyday last week... Did anyone read the transcripts from Saturday night? Ryan was here. He's been making some great strides in his research.

alt: no, I wasn't here, good for Ryan

Seventies: He also provided some great links to a man who may have been his contraband ancestor... named Africa Bailey.

HistoryBuff: Nice.

alt: wonderful!!

Seventies: The story was really fascinating...

alt: did he say how he came across this new information?

Seventies: Website and RG105 documents... Let me see if I can locate the links he gave...

alt: he's fortunate that his ancestor could be found in these records

Seventies: Apparently, this Africa Bailey had a son named Tom Bailey. Tom Bailey is his gg grandfather. He's trying to narrow it down.

alt: great, so he has made a documented connection.

Seventies: He says it's down to two Toms... But his Tom Bailey just appeared in Marshall Co, MS in 1880 after Africa died in the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1878 in TN

alt: okay

Seventies: Last Road to Freedom is the site.

vkn: How y'all be

alt: hello vkn.. how you be?

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn.

vkn: LOL at you alt HistoryBuff howdy

Seventies: hi vkn all is better. How are you?

vkn: Seventies Howdy

alt: thanks Seventies, looks like an interesting website

Seventies: Yep, ryan had me going on Saturday night. :) all should be in the chat logs

Selma: Afternoon alt, history, 70's and vkn

Seventies: Hi Selma

alt: hello Selma

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma

vkn: alt lol @ you cause when I read the Sunday log you had me going for a minute or so. Very clever lol BTW how was the reunion alt Howdy Selma

alt: don't understand vkn ????

vkn: lol

Selma: Interesting site seventies I see that there is something there on Island 10..that is where the ancestor of klassicglass enlisted

vkn: So all "The View" watchers this is non genealogical BUT is Elizabeth having a personaliy makeover?

Selma: come I can remember that kinda stuff and not the stuff I need to do in my REAL life

vkn: Real life is tough Selma lol

Selma: I don't watch the View vkn You are right about LIFE vkn..that is why I NAP.. LOL

Seventies: LOL I wanted to 'nap' this morning... vkn, lol I don't talk about people I really don't care for... THAT WOMAN is on my list of 'I don't like'... lol lol lol Hi bbenn

Selma: Afternoon bbenn

bbenn: Hello Everyone!

vkn: Be this you Alt " 2013-03-17 12:25:28 [Message] , Negro, or Black alt -> *SunMornBrnch: just hanging in there and getting read for Spring AYWalton

HistoryBuff: Hey bbenn

alt: hello bbenn

vkn: Heyyyyyy BBenn

Seventies: lol yep it was alt.. lol

alt: that be's me vkn,,,, I got bumped while typing and that's who I ended up as LOL

Seventies: did I say hi to you Selma??

vkn: bbenn you are setting a prime example. I see that FGS is following in your footsteps with a Blog Talk Radio show. "Oh Dem talking slippers" LOL

Selma: Probably.. LOL

Seventies: I'm sitting here listening to one of the BEST drummers of our time.. sorry...

bbenn: I think that Tom M started that BTR and FGS is keeping it going. Who is the drummer?

Seventies: Stokely (named after Stokely Carmichel) Williams.

vkn: Sandra Arnold he Fordham lady I am sad to say. IMHO Did anyone hear

Seventies: no what happened?

bbenn: Hey,Bennie J is coming back on the show for a part 2 maybe in June or July..:}

Selma: Great...bbenn..he was great...nothing like putting stuff in context

bbenn: I guess you noticed that BB kept her mouth shut...:} :} :} :}

vkn: Thanx for setting me 'scraight bbenn BTW kudos for the McRae show

Selma: Was she on your show bbenn?

alt: wonderful bbenn, Bennie has soooooo much information and he loves to share with everyone/anyone that will listen

bbenn: Are you speaking of Sandra? No.

alt: yes, bbenn you did a great job in letting Bennie have his "space"

bbenn: Yes, Bennie has a wealth of information to share.

vkn: No SelmaSandra was on FGS. Did you hear her Seventies

Selma: No didn't hear..

Seventies: No, I missed it. If you have a link, I'll go back and listen. BlogTalk has become aggravating to navigate with these changes.

vkn: okies

bbenn: What was the topic?

Selma: Where is Daviss...still at the zoo?

Seventies: RG105? :}

vkn: I will email the link

Seventies: It was my intention to call her today...

bbenn: My favorite record group:}

Selma: We need T-Shirts.. LOL

Seventies: Seriously.. lol

bbenn: T-shirts?

vkn: bbenn I had you penned to the Homesteaders lol

Selma: with RG105 on the front

Seventies: I heart RG105.. lol

Selma: Oh..good seventies

bbenn: I just wish that others would study those records.

Seventies: Yes, and I bet that they would find their family members in them if they looked hard enough.

vkn: After listening to bbenn and Bennie my Tshirt will say Civil War

bbenn: Yeppppp!

vkn: bbenn and all Sema schooled me on RG 105 almost 20 years ago

Selma: With Fort Monroe locally..we have had a lot of articles in our paper and conferences

Seventies: I tell you some of those old country places still carry the names of the plantations..

Selma: Civil War conference coming up in April At W & M

Seventies: Where my mom grew up, Beverly, Hutchins Landing, Glen Aubin.. they appear with the same names and locations. That's why I was able to key in so quickly on Beverly Plantation in M1914..

HistoryBuff: Very nice.

vkn: Heyyy HistoryBuff did not see you previously. Howdy

Selma: Seventies...repost that FB link again please

vkn: Yes seventies its about knowing where and how to search.

HistoryBuff: Howdy to you, vkn.

vkn: lol

Seventies: vkn most of the time its just by happenstance I catch these things. and of course Selma drops something in my mind.. lol

Selma: lol

Seventies: Those pamphlets are EXTREMELY useful as they guide you to other possible record sets...

vkn: Well alt has increased my "how2 search" abilities

Seventies: go ahead Selma... say it.. lol "I told you so" lol

alt: aw shucks vkn I "ain't did nothing.


Selma: Oh I saw them seventies..

vkn: I have followed you closely alt

Seventies: oh lol

Selma: You did a great job..

Seventies: thanks Selma.

Selma: I wanted the link that you posted earlier in the chat today

Seventies: oh okay. hold on.

vkn: I have followed you closely alt and not only alt but to each in the room sharing from day 1

bbenn: Signing off folks, back to work at the FHC. Tune in on Thursday for a discussion of the Jeans Teachers.

Seventies: Last Road To Freedom, Selma

Selma: Yes..thanks.

Seventies: will do... Have a good one bbenn

bbenn: Thanks for sharing Seventies! Great job!

vkn: We will bbenn

Seventies: Selma, ryan shared some information about his suspected ancestor Africa Bailey, who was a contraband.

Selma: Is that his website?

Seventies: Links were from Saturday night.... No they weren't

Selma: Oh I missed

Seventies: He dropped a good bit of info y'all missed it. It was just he and I...

vkn: The ryan log will go up today

Seventies: thanks vkn

vkn: ja velcom

Seventies: If you are looking for info about Reconstruction stuff in TN.. ryan is the man. He has been doing his homework...

Selma: Umm will have to remember to tell klassicglass..her person enlisted at Island 10 in TN

Seventies: Oh really??

Selma: We talked about it in the chat... She has pension record

Seventies: I tell you Reconstruction era is fascinating... Oh her CW soldier who went from MS to TN and back... I'm really starting to love it.

Selma: Seems from MS to TN..trying to remember where he moved after discharge.. He mustered out in Pine Bluff Arkansas

Seventies: Some of that may be in M1914.... brb Do NOT jet off leaving me here ... lol I'm going to get the mail... lol

Selma: The snail mail

Seventies: ok back.. lol

HistoryBuff: Wb

Seventies: Yes.. you know it's been three weeks since we've been able to send mail..

alt: just sitting here listening to you guys

Seventies: Sequester...

Selma: You only get mail now every "3 weeks"?

Seventies: Black folks are going to be hit really hard by these cuts. I'm losing 20% of my pay.... I'm not happy about this.

Selma: Wow

Seventies: No funding available for mail delivery....

Selma: Jeez

HistoryBuff: Indeed

Seventies: Don't bother asking the government for ANYTHING.

alt: all federal employees are taking the 20% CUT, RIGHT?

Seventies: Except the essential employees... lol The Execects..... :{

alt: and how many are they.... a few thousand maybe

Seventies: Maybe alt... I'm so mad, I can't even type correctly.

HistoryBuff: The impact cut back on the NARA- Archive hours.

alt: I know it will/is hitting this area very hard Wright-Patterson AFB is in this area.

Seventies: Military is being cut quite a bit.... Army could be looking at a 55% total cut

Selma: and this area is also a big military area..all branches

alt: Many of my friends & neighbors work at W-P AFB

HistoryBuff: Wow!

Seventies: My cousins who are both retired USAF live in Bellvue

alt: and I have a daughter and son that work for the USPS

Seventies: Oh that situation with the USPS is ridiculous.. let me post an article about that.... Now they only want the USPS to deliver packages. That is a direct hostile takeover attempt if you ask me. Lots of Vets work for the USPS btw

Selma: Folks...have t orun

Seventies: bye Selma

Selma: Have a great day..stay warm and dry..its cold and wet here

Seventies: Enjoy your day I don't want to sit here and talk to myself... alt.... :} HistoryBuff :}

vkn: 70s

HistoryBuff: I understand.

Seventies: vkn...

vkn: lol

Seventies: Come on y'all don't have anything to say??

vkn: Operating system is upgrading fpr Mac

alt: well, I just loaded TurboTax 2012... so, I'm about to create a headache LOL

Seventies: uh oh... lol

alt: yeah

vkn: I have to watch it closely

Seventies: Good luck with all the software stuff... lol

vkn: ading does not mean improvements lol

Seventies: exactly

vkn: upgrading

HistoryBuff: I have so much to learn

vkn: Don't we all history

Seventies: I need to get my behind out of here... work to do, kids to tell 'No we're broke' .... this is not making my job as fun as it used to be. Have a good one all!

vkn: You do your own taxes alt?

HistoryBuff: Keep feeling like I'm starting all over again and again

vkn: It bees that way History

HistoryBuff: Indeed.

vkn: It is systematically circular History Okies will talk tomorry history

HistoryBuff: you said it Laters

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