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Start: 11:56:17
End: 13:20:45
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, enicholas, freeaainnc, khathu, rwatson2617, Selma, vkn

vkn: Greetings to all. We are expecting Eugene Nicholas to join us for chat today. Gene has just posted his query to surnames including a .pdf attachment of a beginning pedigree chart. I spoke with Gene by phone on yesterday and suggested that he would need a creative search plan to try and determine who the father of his father might be. Also told him that LunchBunch Peeps can make MANY suggestions to help him move forward. Some initial suggestions 1. Follow the Nettie Rule and initiate a database of all housholds for 2 pages forward and 2 pages backwards of where family/mother is found in years 1910 and 1920. The males in this base will provide a list of "suspects"

alt: hello vkn & enicholas

vkn: Howdy alt enicholas Welcome

enicholas: hi everyone - north carolina greetings

alt: greetings from Ohio enicholas

vkn: alt please note I have PREpared info for us to get ready to help enicholas

enicholas: sounds cool to me

alt: I just finished reading your plan/approach vkn

vkn: We are glad you have joined us enicholas

enicholas: glad to be here

alt: we're doing a plan to help enicholas locate his grandfather, right?

vkn: Yes alt

enicholas: i hope

vkn: There is no bc or any clues to potential father

enicholas: whats bc

alt: okay, should I hold my questions until some of the others arrive? keep enicholas from having to repeat his answers

vkn: birth certificate

enicholas: thanks nope

vkn: Vicky will not be here today alt so proceed with the Q's alt

enicholas: should i go ahead and tell you what i know

alt: okay.. what is our time frame and location to start our search?

vkn: enicholas alt is our resident expert and will lead us in making a plan

enicholas: ok

alt: oh, oh vkn has put it on me LOL lOL

vkn: enicholas alt is our resident expert and will lead us in making a plan so give him answers to the questions he raises LOL @ alt ahem, alt lol

alt: where is the pedigree chart? on a Forum?

vkn: yes on surnames alt as a pdf Welcome 3rd and howdy we are helping enicholas today Let me give a link to his query

freeaainnc: hi

vkn: Howdy free we are helping enicholas today

alt: hello 3rd & free

freeaainnc: ok :)


3rdthawkins: hello alt free and vkn, and Welcome Enicholas, was scrolling back and reading

alt: Looking at the pedigree chart.. are we searching for Edward Nicholas. Sr.?

vkn: Yes alt for his father who is ??? enicholas may be behind a frozen screen I will try and help

3rdthawkins: hello rwatson2617

alt: so the father would have been somewhere around the late 1800's ... do we have a possible location?

enicholas: im still here

vkn: Howdy and welcome rwatson

freeaainnc: Hi Eugene, I'm from Raleigh!

rwatson2617: Hello 3rdthawkins. hi vkn

3rdthawkins: In Missouri enicholas but searching in TX AR and SC

enicholas: im from Roanoke originally but live in the Raleigh area now

vkn: enicholas oh ok are you able to follow the discussion?

enicholas: i think so

rwatson2617: I'm looking for the surnames of Hyler and Airhart in Conway County, Arkansas

vkn: enicholas freeaainnc is in NC

freeaainnc: hi rwatson just told him vkn :)

vkn: rwatson2617 did you post a query to

alt: oh, okay... I see Roanoke, Pittsylvania Co., VA... is that our starting point?

freeaainnc: welcome back rwatson

rwatson2617: yes i did post a query.

vkn: welcome back rwatson. It gets bumpy in here

rwatson2617: yep it is.

vkn: alt I think Roanoke is an Independent City

alt: you were going to tell us what you already have enicholas.. is that what is on your pedigree chart?

enicholas: yep Roanoke City is in Roanoke County, I included Pittsylvania because that was another area I know we had relatives in years ago

freeaainnc: enicholas - have you gone to the state library of NC in Raleigh?

vkn: Rwatson we are trying to focus with enicholas for the moment. We are so glad you are here. I will go and check out your query

rwatson2617: ok. thank you very much

enicholas: was not aware of. I am heading to Roanoke VA next weekend for a high school reunion and plan to do some checking of various sources

alt: have you done any research using census records enicholas?

enicholas: not yet

3rdthawkins: sure vkn

rwatson2617: enicholas, I'd be happy to help you search census records

freeaainnc: enicholas since you are in Cary, I encourage you to come to the State Library downtown Raleigh. I am a genealogy librarian there and we are more than happy to help you.

alt: okay, I see the birth in Feb 1920 with Clara as the mother, right?

enicholas: wow - i certainly will at your convenience

freeaainnc: We have a lot of books on Virginia as well as NC and census microfilm for all states through 1880 and some other states (I think VA) through 1930

vkn: rwatson where are you located ???

rwatson2617: im located in Kansas City, Ks

freeaainnc: and of course take advantage of the wealth of knowledge right here at afrigeneas! :)

vkn: ahhhhhhh great Black migration rwatson?

enicholas: yes that's right - Clara (my grandmother) told me that his father's last name was Minnow and had moved to Columbus, OH the last she knew

alt: enicholas, have you tried using any online search website such as

3rdthawkins: enicholas is this information from your own person records or are there any other records that you have (BC, DC, Marr.??_

rwatson2617: Yes, from South Carolina, to Arkansas, then to Kansas city or Chicago

enicholas: i have but have found that to be more of my filling in the blanks from a combination of both personal and bc's

vkn: rwatson maybe you can do a chat about the migration enicholas dc- death certificate

rwatson2617: I could, what specifically would you like me to talk about

enicholas: ok only have that one for my mother cant find the one for my father

freeaainnc: where was your mother's death certificate located?

enicholas: richmond va

freeaainnc: ok

enicholas: i would imagine that most of them would be there

freeaainnc: where did your father die?

vkn: Well send me a telephone number at and I will call you to make a plan and a topic in accord with your comfort zone. LOL rwatson

rwatson2617: maybe. I'll have to think about because i have a very busy schedule

enicholas: Everyone on my pdf died in Roanoke with the exception of my father's father which I don't know

alt: enicholas,is Clara the daughter of Gus?

freeaainnc: ok

vkn: rwatson only busy people get things done LOL

rwatson2617: yep your right about that.

enicholas: i remember an uncle Gus so maybe her brother she also had a sister Maybelle Bradshaw who also died in Roanoke

alt: I see the family in Roanoke (indep City) in 1930 with Eugene as an 11 y/o

enicholas: WOW

alt: clara was born ca 1906, Marybelle abt 1915 Gus is their father, right? Clara & Marybelle

vkn: Super great, alt. See enicholas I told you help is here. Also alt enicholas said his daughter started the family search at about age 15

enicholas: you are so right thank you so much

vkn: okies 3rd

alt: wonderful, the daughter at it already I can respond with this family as a post on the surname forum to 'get the ball rolling' if you like.

vkn: Sounds like a good idea to moi alt and enicholas

Selma: Good Afternoon, Alt, enicholas, free and vkn

enicholas: is there a chart or template you would reccomend for use

alt: I notice on your pedigree enicholas, that the male/female positions are different that what is usual... the male is usually the top line and female the bottom line.

vkn: Selma we are trying to help enicholas make a search plan

Selma: Great vkn....glad to meet you enicholas

freeaainnc: enicholas if you are ever able to come to the state library (we are open Monday-Saturday), we can also show you how to search the census records yourself if you would like to learn

enicholas: i'm just trying to figure this out thanks for all your help

vkn: Whew thanx alt when I saw that I was confused and thought age had taken hold of my senses lol lol lol

alt: Yes enicholas, there are blank charts on the 'Net... I think the Beginner's Guide on AfriGeneas will direct you to some.

enicholas: thanks i will plan on coming by on Monday if that's ok with you free

freeaainnc: That will be great!

Selma: enicholas is your family from Roanoke, VA

enicholas: yes

Selma: What are your surnames?

freeaainnc: you can ask for me specifically (Erin) or just have anyone at the reference desk help you and show you around

enicholas: I will ask for you Erin - thanks again

vkn:;id=32850 Selma

freeaainnc: No problem enicholas and also you never need to schedule ahead of time with us to come, just as long as we are open from 8:30-5 m-f and 9-5 on saturdays

enicholas: ok got it.

Selma: Thanks vee

alt: enicholas, is Edward Eugene Nichols named after an uncle Eugene?

freeaainnc: and if you had come to the library first, I would have directed you here so it all works out :)

vkn: lol @ free

enicholas: you're right - God orders our steps

freeaainnc: V, that reminds me, you weren't in here when I told alt the other day that I directed a patron here and told her to talk to alt because she is looking for free blacks who came from NC to OH

vkn: lol @ free I love circles they just go round and round and they come out here lol

freeaainnc: v: exactly! LOL

vkn: ahhhhhhh great free

Selma: enicholas...not to be a know it all...but when you do a Pedigree chart, Fathers (males) and Moms (females) go on the other words..Edward should bet where Cora is

freeaainnc: her name is Brenda and and I also showed her the message boards, surname registry, etc. hopefully we'll see her soon in here :)

Selma: Fathers (males) go on TOP

enicholas: thanks i'll get it straight

freeaainnc: she is a school principal though and school is starting there in about 2 weeks so she is overwhelmed with stuff :)

vkn: I hope so. Also hope you will be ready to begin your NC chat series soon.

freeaainnc: enicholas: when you come to the library, bring everything you have with you, ok?

Selma: Her time will be limited..really quickly free

enicholas: will do.

freeaainnc: lol v, I was just thinking about that. How bout we start the week after labor day? definitely selma so I'm not sure when she will be in here

alt: Yes Selma, that is what we noticed and told him... it is to match the 'numbering scheme' for pedigree charts. males are even numbered 2,4,6, etc. females are 1,3,5, etc to match the previous even number male.

vkn: okies let us make a plan free. will need an assistant or co-host free

Selma: Oh, sorry I missed I said didn't want to be a know it all... LOL BRB

freeaainnc: v: ok, didn't realize that. Maybe alt? :)

alt: it was confusing to us when (vkn & me) when we first looked at the chart Selma LOL

vkn: Well Selma when I saw the chart I thought maybe a new application

freeaainnc: lol

Selma: Free, I was looking at an Auction catalog.. They have a NC Will......1824, in which a mother 'bequeths my goods and chattesl" to her son and 2 daughters

vkn: Free alt will prolly have his hands full as Resident Expert across all chats so you will need to put him on your chats schedule lol

freeaainnc: wow Selma!

alt: enicholas, is Eugene Clara's younger brother? or her son?

khathu: hello everyone

enicholas: son

vkn: Howdy Khathu we are helping enicholas make a search plan VA NC

khathu: okay

freeaainnc: lol v! ok. let me know if you have any ideas for who would be a good cohost. I was thinking alt b/c a lot of free blacks in NC migrated to OH which is alts area of expertise and I don't think Paul would be willing to help host the chat

Selma: naming slaves "Neton a woman, Ferry, a boy, Mead a boy, Henry a Boy, Hardy a boy, and Martine a Girl" together with 3 good feather beds, furniture..

alt: okay enicholas, then Gus at 50 is the father, Clara at 24 is his daughter and Eugene at 11 is her son?

freeaainnc: Selma: wow! where was the will written??

vkn: enicholas and all I will post this chat to the logs at about mid afternoon this day

enicholas: sounds good

Selma: Auction price.......150 to $170 dollars

freeaainnc: enicholas before I forget, is the website for the library and genealogy section. gives info on parking and hours, etc. ok?

enicholas: thanks

freeaainnc: Selma: where was it written? no problem

alt: does that sequence sound correct to you enicholas? Gus, Clara, Eugene

enicholas: very plausible

Selma: It doesn't say....not sure if not included in catalog description or no identifying information on the actual document

alt: I found the surname Minnow in McDowell County, WV around this time frame enicholas .. does that ring a bell?

enicholas: possible

alt: that's @ enicholas

Selma: This is the website for the company..Cohasco,Inc. Yonkers, NY

khathu: gotta run...just wanted to say hello to everyone

alt: Oops, basic question.. these are AA's we're looking for right?


freeaainnc: Selma: interesting! because where ever it was written from, it is most likely stolen property from an archive

Selma: vkn...isn't Upson County GA....where David's research is centered...there are 2 doments from there

vkn: Yes it is Selma

Selma: Ok will send to him

freeaainnc: brb, got to email my archives contact to make him aware of this...

vkn: Wow Selma, David often speaks of missing/stolen documents and records

Selma: It doesn't have to have been stolen...

alt: question for enicholas... to your knowledge, was Clara and Edward Eugene's father (Minnow) married?

enicholas: no - i don't think they ever were

alt: okay thanks

vkn: Ok well I will put the best face on it then Selma The President did say yesterday to not think the worse lol

Selma: LOL...he has a great smile It didn't have to have been stolen free......

freeaainnc: vkn: it happens a lot! the archives here in Raleigh has put in a big surveillance system at the archives b/c of that problem

Selma: Yes, it is an issue at many libraries and archives..all over the country

freeaainnc: if it's an original record, it likely was unless it was something that was passed down through the family yep! there was a library in charlotte 2 years ago that had a bunch of documents stolen

alt: enicholas, do you have anything else on Minnow?

enicholas: not a thing at this time I've got a call in to a cousin

vkn: freeaainnc gotta try and keep genealogists honest they are otherwise nice people but greedy when it comes to records lol

freeaainnc: I sent an email to Chris at the archives just to make him aware of that. It may not have been stolen, but I believe they keep a list of stolen records and could check just to be sure lol v! totally greedy! :)

Selma: Ah...good thing free

alt: enicholas, you might check to see what birth information is public and available for Roanoke from the 1900's forward.

Selma: Two of the biggest thefts have been folks who "worked at the archives".think big one was in PHilly

enicholas: i'm going to have to leave shortly but wanted to thank everyone for there help. Let me know what i can do for the group.

alt: yw & come back

freeaainnc: I'm not surprised selma!

Selma: Roanoke was an independent city in VA...they have birth and death records for that time frame

enicholas: i will check on that when i go to Roanoke

alt: be sure and keep checking the surname forum too

vkn: Enicholas sure hope you have found your first chat helpful and that you will visit us often

freeaainnc: I can see how it would be tempting to take something when you come across a gold mine document

enicholas: I think so but I think they're all kept in Richmond (capital) how often do you meet

Selma: Hold on enichols I wil tell you

freeaainnc: every weekday at this time (12-1:30ish)

enicholas: that's great

vkn: Bad bad free clear your thoughts lol Da archives police gonna getcha lol

alt: not a VA researcher, but I would think counties & even independent cities would have a register of births for their jurisdictions.

freeaainnc: LOL v!

enicholas: okay - i'll see

Selma: There are microfilm birth records for Roanoke from 1885 to 1896 at LVA LVA is Library of VA

enicholas: thanks will check out too

vkn: Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat session today peeps.

Selma: Yep...good to see everyone........gotta run Have a great day..

vkn: U 2 selma

alt: me too.. laters' y'all

vkn: okies alt

enicholas: Thank you all again - I'll be back

freeaainnc: I need to get going too! hope to see you at the library enicholas

vkn: okies enicholas bye free

freeaainnc: and be sure to bring your research with you :)

enicholas: you will definitely and will do

freeaainnc: bye v :) think about a cohost for my chat b/c I'm stumped :)

enicholas: Plan on coming Monday around 9:30

freeaainnc: ok, great enicholas! see you soon!

vkn: okies free

freeaainnc: sounds great!

enicholas: will do

freeaainnc: one thing enicholas, I just want to let you know I am deaf so you will need to write down your questions, etc. for me, ok?

vkn: sign out by clicking on the far right icon enicholas

enicholas: no problem

freeaainnc: ok, great and see you later!

enicholas: thanks i was looking for it

vkn: lol

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