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2013-03-14 • DNA again.. Yatah waits


Start: 12:15:48
End: 13:11:09
Chatters: daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn, yatah

Seventies: Good afternoon Selma

Selma: Afternoon here by your lonesome

Seventies: yes. all by my lonesome

Selma: LOL

Seventies: How are you? We had snow this morning... ugh

Selma: Snow..ugh..we have sunshine.. Afternoon yatah

Seventies: but we have sunshine now too.. :) Hi yatah

Selma: Afternoon vkn

Seventies: hi vkn

vkn: Howdy Seventies Selma Yatah Selma I sent you a query re maps in email did you get? Just checkin

Selma: Maybe..haven't read all my mail yet..have to delete all the junk first.. LOL

Seventies: lol

vkn: I tried a search for GILES in Newspapers nationwide re Keli1. Negative results

Selma: Looking for an obit?

yatah: hey i wait for my dna result but it said wait till my data is loading what is mean ?

vkn: I am understanding Selma. I have some 900 at my INBox this morning. Gotta set stronger filters

Seventies: yatah, it means that your test is not done yet.

vkn: yes an obit selma

yatah: oh how long will ready ?

Selma: If they could get the First Lady's much filtering do you think we have to work with

Seventies: You will be notified once your test results are in.

yatah: they got my lab feb 16 th

vkn: lol lol lol re 1st lady

daviss: Good Morning from SD Cali

Seventies: Ok it hasn't been a month. What did the instructions on your test package say, yatah??

Selma: Yatah Maybe daviss can answer your question

vkn: Well Daviss you home or Lost Angels

Seventies: Hi daviss!

Selma: I was just about to ask where you were daviss...glad you made it safe

daviss: in San Diego vkn

vkn: Well goodness sakes

Selma: How long is the drive daviss?

Seventies: Well you shouldn't have any internet issues while you're there... sheesh...

daviss: lol with the Chirren The drive was about 5 1/2 hrs

Selma: Oh not takes me long to get to NY

daviss: what can I answer for yatah?

yatah: ok seven, no result in yet mean three more week left right n

vkn: Is that Highway 5 Daviss or the SanDiego

Seventies: okay then have patience... :)

daviss: we come down 10 to 8 vkn

vkn: ahhhh ok not recognize 8

yatah: daviss, about dna

Seventies: I answered your question, yatah..

daviss: oh ok yatah

vkn: I know 10 is Santa Monica or at least it was Not familiar with name attached to 8

daviss: The kids convinced me to ride with them so they could wear me out at Sea World and the San Diego Zoo the 8 cuts about a hour and a half from the drive vkn from Phx

vkn: SeaWorld is good as is the Zoo. Also a break is good Daviss

daviss: that was their thinking regarding break

Selma: brings back memories, went to both those places when we visited San Diego over 20 years ago

vkn: Great minds lol

Seventies: Well what's new with your research? daviss is obviously on vacation... *jealous*... lol

vkn: Yatah as seventies says read the instructions. Also there is no fast food DNA

daviss: my ideal vac would be in a courthouse somewhere lol

Seventies: Be careful what you ask for lady... lol

Selma: Right thru here I need sand and water and sun

daviss: 'lol Seventies

Selma: What's new in your research seventies Looking forward to Bennie tonight

vkn: Me too

Seventies: Lots of leads as always and I need to get down to D.C.

daviss: if we are back in the room by then I will tune in

Seventies: Y'all have a good, warm time. :)

Selma: Saw that the NA is cutting hours..did you post that seventies?

Seventies: I didn't post it, but shared with a few folks.

vkn: Do you have kin in SanDiego Daviss

Seventies: I'm subscribed to the NA site, so I got the notification.

daviss: shhhhhh vkn lol

Seventies: Its a bummer...

Selma: When you get your results yatah..come back and let Daviss, alt and seventies explain what the heck it all means.. LOL

Seventies: lol Selma is funny!

Selma: Its true..1/2 the folks land up back on Afrigeneas so someone can explain..

Seventies: I'm still trying to understand the changes in my own DNA testing...

daviss: yes yatah there is a dna forum here to post questions also

Seventies: 23 and me is well, not as good as they advertise in regards to genetic genealogy. which reminds me... Did I mention my latest genetic match??

Selma: Are you related to Joe Biden?

vkn: lol lol lol

Seventies: lol ha ha ha Selma

Selma: Excuse me..I am delirious here..need a nap

daviss: why do you say that seventies compared to other companies

Seventies: Well, I don't think that they really took the time to go over other databases to refine their database... so many changes.

Selma: So who is your new match seventies?

daviss: Build 3 was huge

Seventies: Some guy... lol .66% over 4 segments

daviss: Ged Match will hopefully get theres done so I can download from FTDNA

Selma: Is that really close seventies?

Seventies: Its ranges from 3rd to 4th cousin... but 23andme determines it as a 3rd cousin. Its a much closer of a match than my next highest match of .46% a female who I've determined was a 3rd 1/2 cousin. Meaning that there is only one common gg grandparent.

daviss: well gotta run folks time to go get breakfast

Seventies: bye daviss

Selma: Have a great day daviss...

daviss: later and have a nice day

Selma: Do you have a name of this person..or just know that he is male? or where he is?

Seventies: Right now, I just see them as a male. and I sent an invitation. The profile is private

Selma: Then it could be Joe Biden.. LOL

Seventies: lol Selma Selma Selma

Selma: Well we will wait to hear the details when he responds..

Seventies: Me too Selma!

Selma: Did the female respond to your invitiation?

Seventies: Then I have another person Roos, who shares .65% over 2 segments... no response... I suspect they may be another race Yes they did... that's the lady in Virginia. She's my highest match on gedmatch as well.

Selma: Does she research? Is Virginia where her folks were from?

Seventies: Yes. Va and nc

Selma: Did she say what county or counties?

Seventies: Henry Co. and Halifax Co. Va

Selma: Oh jeez I research Henry Co..and Char Bah researches Halifax

Seventies: Stokes, Union, Harnett, and Forsyth, Co. NC Okay then were there any major slave markets in either of those areas that sold down south?

Selma: Honey the whole state was a slave market

Seventies: lol I know of Franklin and Armistead because of Khathu's research. They were up in Alexandria.

Selma: They could have moved with the slave owning families who moved down have a huge migration of folks moving to lower parts of the south There was a slave market in Richmond.. The name escapes me..

Seventies: okay

Selma: Do you have an approximate time frame when this movement took place

Seventies: My grandfather, who is the source of the information, never said when...

Selma: But if you found them on the old was the oldest person giving VA as birthplace?

Seventies: Selma, I haven't found any consistently being born out of MS.

Selma: Ok..

Seventies: Example, on an 1880 census it'll say VA/AL or whatever, but after that MS

Selma: and how old is that person in 1880

Seventies: Knowing my grandfather, it was most likely his great grandparents who came drawing a blank... lol

Selma: You have a large migration in late 1700's and early 1800's of folks looking for land.. Moving west and south

Seventies: Ok I get that, especially in the area in which my family settled.

Selma: I have a series of books done by a woman..will have to dig them out..she did her own maps showing migration movements

Seventies: I know a lot of people migrated to SW MS and LA for free land given by the Spanish and French. Do you know the title by chance?

Selma: Nope..

Seventies: :(

Selma: I'll dig it out later today Seventies, know I have piles..I have to find the right pile

Seventies: lol I thought it was just BJ and I... lol

Selma: You have no idea..I should take a picture but I won't

Seventies: lol

Selma: Well guess I better run Will look for the book..

Seventies: me too enjoy your nap :)'

Selma: Have a great day..yes I will enjoy my nap

Seventies: thanks Selma. Your help is greatly appreciated Have a good day vkn

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