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2013-03-12 • Pension files rich content


Start: 12:06:57
End: 13:26:04
Chatters: alt, daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: hi daviss

daviss: hi there Seventies!

Seventies: Glad you got your internet up and running. Are you going to be compensated or pro-rated for the time it was out??

daviss: I am sure seventies and thanks much

Seventies: You're welcome. How is everything else going with you and your family. hello alt Well, I will drop you a line later daviss...

alt: hello Seventies & Daviss.. how are you ladies doing today?

Seventies: I'm baby sick... lol and am looking forward to a long nap this evening.

daviss: ok Seventies, I will look for the line lol hello alt

alt: baby sick, what's that?

Seventies: lol funny lady. when you're so sick you feel like being babied... lol

alt: oh, okay

daviss: awwwww

alt: yeah, I feel for ya Seventies

daviss: Is it the weather that has you under

Seventies: And I came to work today, but feeling a little feverish less than over the weekend. I think I picked it up from my children both were sick last week. especially Nairobi. But they were off from school when they got it bad...

daviss: Then you will get in the air all feverish and go home SMDH

alt: Guess what!!!! a photo of the 1920 Adams Family Reunion is the "cover photo" for the Spring Issue of the Ohio Genealogy News... the quarterly genealogy journal for the Ohio Genealogy Society ... whoopie!!!!!

Seventies: Whoopie!!!

daviss: Whoopie alt!!! great news

Seventies: Is the cover online?

alt: Yeah the whole issue is devoted to African American Research & Genealogy.

daviss: Thats wonderful alt!!

alt: it is for OGS members Seventies

Seventies: ok... I thought that they would link an image of the cover on their website.

alt: send me your email address Seventies


alt: okay

Seventies: So I browsed through the AfriGeneas threads yesterday.... Looks like the African-native board is hot again.... lol

alt: just sent it to you Seventies

Seventies: Thank you

alt: daviss, you feel like talking DNA later today? got a situation & a question for you on a recent 23andme RF match.

daviss: I would love to alt

alt: gotta check to see if I have your ph #

daviss: I can send via email to you

alt: please do ma'am

daviss: So what else is new you guys

Seventies: Nothing.

daviss: hmmmm

Seventies: I did see online yesterday that the Nat'l Archives is in fact cutting hours.. No more extended hours on Fridays

daviss: I would imagine all those places would get hrs cut

Seventies: Oh also, I was looking for a relative Josephine Lemon... and found one. It was a pension file for Richard (Mack) Lemon He fought in the 58th USCT

alt: aren't NARA employees gov't employees? wouldn't they be affected by the "furloughs"?

Seventies: The woman was too old to be my relative, but could've been the husband's family. My Josie was married to Benj Lemon Yes

alt: hello Ms Selma

Seventies: Hi Selma

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss and seventies.. Glad to see you are back daviss

daviss: hello there Selma!! thanks

Selma: Where did you see the Pension file seventies, online?

Seventies: yes, the pension card on Ancestry.

Selma: Ahh..

Seventies: What caught my eye was the 58th USCT which two possibly 3 relatives from Wilkinson Co. served in.

Selma: Great

daviss: Thats good

Seventies: That was interesting.

alt: have you checked the CWSS website to see if they served with the 58th USCT?

Seventies: No, they served with the 58th... no other units were listed on the pension card. What was interesting also is that they listed both of his surnames. He was going by Richard Mack and they have him listed aka Richard Lemon. I bet that is a good pension file with lots of info.

Selma: Which one did he enlist under?

alt: I'm thinking their name would be on the muster roles of the 58th USCT on the CWSS website, or their names could be with another unit they amy have served with.

Seventies: Richard Mack. Let me get the link.

Selma: Oh so he enlisted under Lemon..but used Lemon after the War

Seventies: This one has the wife and daughter on the pension this one has the alias I think these folks may have been the parents of Benj Lemon he's alone in the 1870 census in Woodville, MS

Selma: So he enlisted under Mac..but used Lemon after the War

alt: I see .. and both have the same application # for the widow 520529

Seventies: Yes... Now a few months ago, I wouldn't have gotten these results...

Selma: They must be uploaded more info..

Seventies: I think so. Probably always updating information.

alt: Interesting that the one with the minor child is filed in 1891......that's 26 year after the CW.

Selma: Its a good thing..because many of these men enlisted under one name but adopted another after the War..and the Pension records reflect both names but the service records don't

Seventies: I think that it was 1889 when the daughter was claimed and 1891 for the wife... which is odd.

Selma: I suspect that some percentage of the men were enlisted under the surnames of their owners at the time of their enlistement

alt: yes, that's amazing Selma.. the information furnished that can prove they served under and alias.

Selma: and this was done by the enlistement officers

Seventies: That's the first time I've ever seen anything like this.

Selma: Thats why Jimmy Walker said back in want the Pension Record Now if they didn't survive to apply or family members don' won't catch it

Seventies: yep.. And it seems as if there are a TON of records related to the USCT, Pre-FB and Freedman's Bureau that can be used.

alt: exactly Selma, that's the situation with my VW ancestor.. he died before he could apply for pension, so all I have is the service record.

Seventies: alt, did he die in service/

alt: no, he died in 1877 Seventies, wife died in 1874, and children were adults when the pension process was approved.

Seventies: okay

Selma: which meant they were too old..

Seventies: right.

alt: exactly Selma

Seventies: That happened to my James Galimore Though their mother got a bounty and the couple was married legally through the Freedman's Bureau.. By the time they applied for the pension they were adults

Selma: Had his wife remarried?

alt: another connection I do have is that a son... who was working as a guard at the Ohio State Penitentary (sp) applied for and received his fathers CW grave marker.

Seventies: According to the testimony she did.

Selma: Well that confirmed it alt

alt: yes Selma "another nail in the coffin" so to speak LOL

Seventies: nice piece of info alt. Do you have a photo of the headstone, alt?

alt: no I don't Seventies

Seventies: Is this cemetery listed online? Or a private cemetery

alt: I have a copy of the grave marker registration from the Ohio Adjutant General's files. there is a listing of the cemetery "Barnett's Cemetery" in Shelby Co., Ohio .. listed as an "abandoned colored cemetery"

Seventies: Ok to cut to the chase, I have a few family members buried in AA cemeteries which have been documented over on Findagrave and on a Oklahoma website That's unfortunate that the cemetery has been abandoned.

alt: Seventies, he's here under Allen, Peter wife is Elizabeth

Seventies: Nice. I wonder if someone actually went to the state Archives and pulled the burial records.

alt: yes, a high school class pulled the burial records and has them posted on a site for all USCT veterans buried in Ohio's 88 counties.

Selma: Thats wonderful alt

Seventies: that's great that they did that!

alt: Here is that site

Selma: Have to run folks..have a great day

alt: this is one of the many projects originated by Bennie McRae.

Seventies: Bye Selma. Have a good day

daviss: bye Selma

alt: bye Selma

Selma: Oh this was a Bennie project..good for him Now I will leave... LOL

daviss: nice site alt

alt: yes it is daviss I wonder if the Fordham people have ever even heard of this project?

Seventies: doubtful.

alt: ye, it is very doubtful Seventies

Seventies: They had better get some of those grad students out into the field to do research because that's going to be the only way they get the information they are looking for.

vkn: howdy fokes

daviss: hi there vkn!

alt: I'm not sure they are even aware of how "large' their task my be in identifying burial sites for AA's (free & enslved)

Seventies: That's what some of the CA universities do. I don't think so either alt

vkn: and daviss dat you seventies is dat daviss lol

Seventies: lol yes ma'am!

daviss: dat be she lol

vkn: alt alt alt

alt: it "be's" us vkn lol lol lol

vkn: lol lol lol well suh

daviss: How's it going with you vkn?

vkn: Been at da Conclave of Cardinals

daviss: aha! they went into closed doors now

vkn: Looking for the white smoke daviss

alt: are we gonna have an African, or Latino Cardinal?

daviss: bet it will be black first

vkn: Not on yo life alt

alt: I have to agree with ya there vkn.

daviss: I was explaining to Tyler this morning I also told him that they are single he said you mean they can't get married..that sucks lol

alt: hehehehehe Tyler

vkn: tell tyler that marriage sucks sometimes

daviss: Tyler said that aint for him lol

alt: I'll bet

vkn: lol

Seventies: Well at least he's using his brain.. lol

daviss: vkn we had to move our hotel from the airport

vkn: oh really to where

alt: well, y'all I'm outa here.. take care

Seventies: Where R you... have a good day alt

vkn: What was/is prob with hotel

daviss: not reunion friendly

vkn: ahhhhh so now where will you be

Seventies: Oh

daviss: especially the fees for children

Seventies: Y'all reunioning out in Phx?

daviss: no in Ga Seventies

Seventies: ATL??

daviss: Holiday Inn Express 2950 Mansell Road Alpharetta, GA 30022

vkn: I see

Seventies: LOL good luck with that... the way Mel Collier complains about traffic... sheesh

vkn: Traffic is a baddie

daviss: it cant be any worse than LA's traffic

Seventies: From what I've read, it is..

vkn: LA is clunky ATL is swift

Seventies: I've spent hours in ATL traffic... I never want to do that again.

vkn: Alpharetta is nice area

daviss: Then don't go anywhere near La

Seventies: lol I won't

daviss: LA

vkn: lol ll be funny haha

Seventies: Okay I need to go... feeling feverish... have a good afternoon ladies.

vkn: ya'll be funny haha c ya daviss

daviss: ok bye

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