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2013-03-07 • Researching Miles & Forepaugh


Start: 12:06:05
End: 13:10:44
Chatters: alt, Daviss, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon alt.

alt: Howdy Seventies, no 'snow day' LOL LOL LOL Hello Daviss, how are ya today? Hey, what's happening????

Selma: Afternoon alt and seventies

alt: Hi Selma, how ya doing? Seventies cmae & went and Daviss is having login problems. came

Selma: Seventies probably went to get lunch.. Poor Daviss...she sure is having problems

alt: I reckon, yep Daviss is having her share of 'puter problems

Selma: Heard from Bennie this AM..he wanted to know if I made conference at HU this weekend.. But I didn't...a Friend called me at 7 AM that morning she was going to go..not sure if she did make it haven't heard

Seventies: Oh gosh, hey guys sorry stepped away for a moment which turned into like 10 mins.. lol Hi Selma

Selma: Figured you were getting your lunch seventies... Hi

alt: I found a greta probate record on FamilySearch... a NC land partition case for land that was willed in 1881.... this case is filed in 1912 by the descendants living on the land against cousins living in Indiana.

Selma: Nothing like folks fighting in court.. LOL

Seventies: This was in probate records for NC?? or IN??

alt: ah so, haven't tlaked with Bennie in a week or so.. how is he doing?

Selma: He didn't say alt..just wanted to know if I went

alt: okay Selma

Seventies: He's supposed to be another guest on Bernice's show.

Selma: Looking forward to Angela tonite..and Bennie

alt: right Seventies, next week I think

Selma: Do you still have snow alt? We only got rain..but alot of it, had tidal flooding, very windy

alt: do we have snow!!!!! yep, want some??? LOL LOL

Seventies: The snow here is an insult to people who want to get a day off from work... lol Its just floating around in the air... lol

Selma: Told you I only want snow for temporary decoration..then melt quickly

Seventies: :)

alt: luckily our streets are clear, just on the lawns, in the trees, roof tops, etc.

Seventies: Well at least it looks pretty outside. alt, tell me more about this record you have.

Selma: See someone posted something on the CHASTANG family thread that was started in 2003..a great grandso

alt: Selma & Seventies .. here is page 2 of the 23 pages in the land partition court case... a newspaper notice.... the folks named in the case are living in Indiana (Miles & Forepaugh) my Dad's sisters and the Cherry's are living on the land in NC zuserid=mydatabase&view=62&randi=470947982&albumid=3&photoindex=67&sort=0

Selma: Can't click from the room alt..will look at later Who was paying the taxes?The folks in NC?

alt: okay Selma... it is interesting how they describe the land and where it is located. Yes, the NC folks were living on and working the property. Hello vkn

Selma: Afternoon vkn

vkn: Good afternoon dear people

Seventies: Hi vkn alt, so all the people in the vs section are working the land and not the Cherry's?

vkn: alt selma seventies. so glad to see each of you

Seventies: Glad to be here.

vkn: Now ain't that da trufe

Selma: LOL

alt: no, juts the opposite Seventies ... Cherry's are living on the land in NC, the other folks are living in Indiana and have been there since 1895... this case is being filed in 1912. just

Seventies: wow...

alt: for sure vkn, Happy & Glad to be anywhere

vkn: lol

alt: What makes this record so interesting is the fact of the land being that which was Willed to the children of a slave owner and his "mistress/wife", a slave.

vkn: Hope we can all give response to Pearl Alice. Glad you shared your thoughts alt

alt: I hope so too vkn. sounds like she has a great project going on.

Seventies: that's what I thought alt. I recognize your Lucy

Selma: How did the case finally end alt?

alt: I hope the link we shared and the experience of Mt. Vernon, Ohio and their project "the community within" is helpful to her.

karoshi8: Good afternoon everyone!

Selma: Afternoon karoshi8

Seventies: hi karoshi8

alt: Selma, the 'defendants' gave up their 'rights' to the land.

Selma: The folks in NC or the folks in Indiana

vkn: I need to respond to her hog killing post. I see the same day clearly. Hello Karoshia8 Glad to see you come in and join the party.

karoshi8: Glad to be here.

Selma: She posted that last month vkn..

alt: vkn, the Mt. Vernon experience is where the family of Robert Goins, who posts on AfriGeneas, is from. the folks in Indiana gave up their property rights Selma

karoshi8: Where in NC are you guys talking about?

Selma: Ok thanks

vkn: I know selma did it is in my 'to respond' pile

Selma: LOL...gosh I got a pile of those..

alt: hello karoshi8 ... Edgecombe Co., NC ... near Tarboro & Princeville.

karoshi8: And where in Indiana?

alt: Greencastle, Putnam Co., Indiana

karoshi8: Hmm interesting story.

alt: here is the beginning of the story... starting with the 1850 Slave Schedules

karoshi8: alt I truly aspire to be like you! I'm in awe of all the work you have done and continue to do.

Seventies: Exactly and alt's so modest.. :)

alt: why thank you karoshi8 !!!!!!!

Selma: Karohsi..alt is "The Man".. LOL

alt: and the check is in the mail to each of you LOL

Selma: LOL

karoshi8: I really appreciate all the help I get from all of you!

vkn: I 2nd that alt emotion karoshi8 & Selma

karoshi8: It is nice to talk to people who know how much work goes into all of this.

Seventies: on a random musical history note, did anyone check out The Whispers on 'Unsung' last night?

alt: well, we learn from each other karoshi8 not me Seventies

Selma: and what time did that come on seventies..

Seventies: lol after your bed time for sure Selma! lol

Selma: LOL

alt: The Whispers... is that Scottie?

Seventies: Yes the Scotty Twins

alt: I 'loved' their stuff

Seventies: I'll send you the link on FB then alt.

vkn: karoshi8 each question raised teaches us all as we scamper to find answers, we learn

alt: okay Seventies

karoshi8: Very true Selma. I'm starting to burn out a bit. Coming here and seeing what you guys are working on helps a lot.

Seventies: I think I'm going to call the National Archives this afternoon.

Selma: Oh seventies..this new singer last name Ocean (OK stop laughing) he related to Billy Ocean?

Seventies: No, Both are stage names.. lol

Selma: karoshi..just know that this is a "long term" project.. Sometimes you have to put it down for awhile..

vkn: Seventies and daviss know their stuff

Seventies: long term as in FOREVER.. lol

karoshi8: I know Selma. But I always feel like the answers are just in reach! It drives me crazy!

alt: for sure , it is long term, so don't hurry and take a break every now and then...

Selma: Jeez seventies..I didn't want to tell her that.. LOL

Seventies: lol you didn't, I did.. lol

Selma: Cause the folks you are looking for aren't going anywhere

alt: some of our best finds come about when we're 'taking a break'.

Seventies: Indeed alt or deep in the midnight hours..

karoshi8: I'm basically done with my grandmother's side the Calloway's and Stevens. I know their story. But my grandfather's side is getting tougher the farther I go back.

Seventies: Wait are your Calloway's related to the Calloway's from Midnight Star?? They are originally from Cincinnati, OH

karoshi8: What is Midnight Star?

Seventies: Ok, let me ask, does anyone know who Midnight Star is?? LOL I forget who I'm talking to sometimes.. lol

karoshi8: :}

vkn: Not I nor me

alt: and Kenny Calloway was a BIG-time basketball player from Dayton, OH who went on to play at Univ. of Cincinnati.

Selma: Finally..Daviss..good to see you

Seventies: To put it in perspective, they are the guys and gal who your kids used to listen to in the 1980's lol

karoshi8: Good afternoon Daviss

Seventies: alt these Calloways went Kentucky state.. the HBCU right across the river.

karoshi8: Lol! I was born in 1983!

Selma: Nope still don't know seventies..humm a tune

Daviss: thanks Selma.. i was in earlier and got booted out

alt: Well hello & Welcome Daviss, great to see ya!!!!!!!!

vkn: Daviss, so glad to c ya. C'mon in and join da party

Seventies: Heeeyyy Daviss

Daviss: hello alt, karoshi, Selma Seventies and vkn

Seventies: OK so this is one of their most popular songs, written by Babyface. A classic from my generation...

karoshi8: Some of my Calloway's are from Troy, Ohio

Seventies: This was the first song I ever slow danced to... :D

karoshi8: if you scroll down a bit you will see the piece about the Troy Harmonizers.

alt: really karoshi8, I know them!!!!! I'm from Piqua, OH ... 8 miles from Troy.

Daviss: Any Calloways venture out to Ariz

karoshi8: You know Mrs. Janet then alt?

alt: sure do karoshi8, Wow!!!!

Seventies: Oh speaking of websites, have you all seen the Atlas family site? OMG I am so tech jealous right now! lol

vkn: Not to forget AYW will be on BlogTalkRadio tonight y'all

Daviss: yes seventies

karoshi8: Yes, she and my grandmother were cousins I think.

alt: NIcka's site is just too professional Seventies ... she be's BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seventies: They made some serious upgrades since I last visited.

karoshi8: They have the same great grandparents. Aaron and Arminta Calloway.

vkn: Atlas is a super great site seventies

Seventies: Nice formats, content is what I envisioned for my family.

Daviss: vkn I will have to listen later...we may not be back from Taylor's BD dinner

vkn: ohhhhhh yes daviss I forgot birthday celebration

Seventies: Oh Happy b-day Taylor...

alt: and I think she 'manages; the AAGSNC website... that still another super website and their newsletter is outta sight!!!!! Happy B'Day to Taylor!!!!

Seventies: I mean they have a team and all, something that I'd been envisioning for a good number of years... :(

Daviss: thanks much, I will tell her

Seventies: But its all been done now...

alt: yes Seventies, NIcka seems to have excellent organizational skills to go with her technical savy.

Seventies: No longer cutting edge.

Selma: Nice site seventies..Atlas

Seventies: She doesn't do the website mangement.. they have a cousin who does that..

Selma: Happy, Happy Birthday to Taylor

Daviss: thanks Sel Do you know that her family lives a couple blocks from my brother

Seventies: Awesome Daviss

alt: is that right Daviss

vkn: aaahhhhh sooo daviss

Daviss: we learned that in a convo concerning a talk re dna

alt: small world & there's the 6 degrees of separation thing.

Seventies: Yes indeed

vkn: small world makes us closer together

alt: speaking of a small world... I was doing a time and distance thing on Africa.... and just how large it is.... WOW!!!! the distances are amazing .. like over 5,000 miles from Cairo to Cape Town.

vkn: I see that FB is making major changes again. Hard to keep up and so many think country and not Continent

alt: and locations .. I didn't realize that Kenya is southeast of Nigeria, I thought it was just east.

Seventies: Yes, Africa is the 2nd largest continent and definitely the wealthiest.. I gotta run, deadlines to meet. Y'all have a good day!

alt: so when we talk about our ancestors from Africa they could have been as far away from each other as those in San Francisco to New York City & even further away.

karoshi8: alt I never saw where you can access the Kentucky archives online. Do you have to order them?

vkn: take all care

alt: karoshi8, try some of these links

Selma: Folks..have to run Have a great day

alt: bye Selma

karoshi8: Thank you.

alt: yw karoshi8

karoshi8: I have some calls to make so I'll be going too. Thanks for your help!

alt: bye & take care

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