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2013-03-06 • CARR StKitts & MD


Start: 12:15:08
End: 13:48:33
Chatters: alt, AYWalton, Daviss, karoshi8, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Selma: Where is everyone? Hi vkn... Thought I was gonna be the only one here today

vkn: I am here howdy selma Howdy AYW

AYWalton: Greetings, folks! Howdy Mizz Selma, Greetings, vkn!!!!!!!!

Selma: Hi Mizz snowed in..

AYWalton: Hello karoshi8

karoshi8: Good afternoon everyone!

vkn: Howdy karoshi8

AYWalton: yes, it is nice and snowy here. how about your area, Selma?

karoshi8: You guys can keep that snow! It's in the 60's hear and I'm under my electric blanket!

AYWalton: who wow----where are you located karoshi8?

Selma: Nope no snow...we only have rain

karoshi8: Florida. I'm originally from Ohio though. So I know about the snow. Yuck!

Selma: Son is home cause they closed the government down He is in Silver Spring Interesting post on Brick Oklahoma..who researches Oklahoma?

AYWalton: I see, Selma. Must have been the one with whom I spoke to the other day when I called. Some young man answered your phone, but I didn't leave a message. He said you were out the entire day. someone was asking about Oklahoma?

vkn: Selma AYWalton karoshi8 Take a look at the post from Dolores on Brickwall. I think that is the family of Maynard Jackson and Matawilda Dobbs. Could be wrong however but take a gander

Selma: Yes on the Brick Wall Forum AY

AYWalton: I will have to check that out.

vkn: Howdy alt

AYWalton: Howdy alt!!

Selma: Afternoon alt

karoshi8: Good afternoon alt!

alt: Hello Ladies, AYW, karosho8, Selma & vkn

vkn: Been talking 'bout you all morning AYW

AYWalton: oh dear, vkn!

vkn: lol

AYWalton: was that why my ears were burning? lol

vkn: I reckon

karoshi8: I don't know anything about OK. But and the nation archives might be a good place to start looking.

AYWalton: hair kinda burned along the edges. lol

vkn: My internet was down for about two hours from 8AM

AYWalton: just read the message on the Brick Wall Forum. Most of the answers can be found by simply googling.

alt: me too vkn, just got back online... we had a snowstorm last night, got about 6-8 inches, a heavy snow and some power lines went down.

Selma: Wow alt..

vkn: ouchies ayw there once was a salve called Ungentine. Ever heard of it. I bet Alt has and maybe Selma

AYWalton: then you sent the storm our way alt.

alt: remember it well vkn LOL

AYWalton: We are having snow right now. glad your internet is working again, vkn.

karoshi8: Where are you at AYWalton?

alt: you can have it AYWalton, all of it LOL

AYWalton: in MD gee thanks, but I don't really want it. Now that it's March I am in the mood for spring.

karoshi8: Seems like all of Ohio got a lot of snow. My mom was posting pics of it on facebook.

alt: karoshi8, did you ever say where in Ohio you were from?

karoshi8: I'm from Hocking County, Logan, Ohio In the hills with the hillbillies!

AYWalton: oops did we lose vkn?

alt: okay thanks, my wife's brother is in New Straightsville, just outside of Logan.

karoshi8: I was scared of New Straightsville when I was little. Lol! Still kinda am :)

vkn: Ouchies

AYWalton: ahh she is back.

Selma: What is New Straigtville?

AYWalton: need a pillow vkn? Or a seatbelt?

alt: oh, why is/was that, karoshi8?

vkn: Thankee for pillow

alt: A small country town Selma

karoshi8: It's a little town in SE Ohio. Sometimes you just don't know about those little towns. Scary.

vkn: AYW gotta do an update to chatroom later 2 day

karoshi8: I was told stories about New Straightsville and South Bloomingville. Though, isn't Payne's Crossing by there?

alt: yep, sure is karoshi8

AYWalton: ahhh, new features coming or just tweaking things, vkn?

vkn: Not to be shoveling snow alt. Its a deadly task

karoshi8: I was fasinated with that for awhile.

AYWalton: Snow shoveling is truly not something to be done without care. Many heart attacks come from shoveling improperly.

vkn: Tweaking and if it works ayw we can display images in chat

alt: oh no vkn,,,, Dr.s orders & stents say NO SHOVELING OF THE SNOW!!!

AYWalton: good, alt!

vkn: Whew thanx goodness alt

AYWalton: now that sounds quite exciting, vkn!!!!

Selma: What kind of images vkn?

AYWalton: do you need some beta testers?

vkn: karoshi8 where in FL are you?

alt: yeah, images in chat..... very interesting!!

karoshi8: I'm in Orlando.

vkn: Ahhhhhh son is in Ocala karoshi8

karoshi8: Oh ok. Ocala is horse country.

Selma: ready for your turn on Blog Talk tomorrow night

vkn: Sounds good BTR

AYWalton: yes, I think so, Selma. Should be fun.

vkn: karoshi8 you are close to St Mary's on the GA line?

AYWalton: it will be just an open conversation on different things.

karoshi8: Nope. I'm in Central Florida. Closer to the beaches.

Selma: Oh good...should be interesting

vkn: okies So many Blacks in Ferandina karoshi8 from 1860

AYWalton: Just got a call from Vicky who can't seem to enter the room. she has been trying to come in for about 30 minute minutes

vkn: Hopefully the tweak of the room will fix that

alt: poor Daviss & her internet connections

vkn: But that wii be about 6 hours away

AYWalton: she said she is downloading java again. re-installing it again.

vkn: Yes Java is a prob

AYWalton: hopefully that will work.

karoshi8: Yes, lot of people ran away to Florida.

alt: karoshi8, do you have any connections to Athens Co., OH? or Washington Co?

karoshi8: Yes, sir. Quite a lot.

vkn: karoshi8 I research Madison Leon and Jackson counties

karoshi8: Washington County, as in Washington Court House or is that Fayette?

alt: those are my wife's folks in that area... Adams, Harvey, Honesty, Tabler and of course Male'Mayle/Mahle.

karoshi8: vkn, the few black/indian books that I read there are some interesting stories about people from those counties.

alt: no, Washington Co., as in Marietta, Belpre, etc.

vkn: AYWalton I am interested to find probate records for one Bishop Adolphus Carr, pentecostal who died Oct 1970

karoshi8: Mayle's are close with the Stephens/Stevens my grandmothers family. I once dated a Mayle. :) That was before I found out that we were distantly related!

vkn: in Baltimore

AYWalton: who was that? will have to learn about him.

alt: Stephens/Stevens.... then you must be realted to Irita (Goins) Canady, karoshi8

Selma: How is Irita alt?

vkn: karoshi8 indeed one of the most gruesome lynchings in the world happened in Marianna

karoshi8: I also have Adams but no Honesty or Tabler's.

alt: she's doing well. you know her ex-husband passed away about 1 month ago.

karoshi8: I do have some Canady's and of course Goins of all kinds.

vkn: See the CARR postings on Surnames AYW

karoshi8: But my Canady is out of Gallia co.

alt: okay karoshi8

AYWalton: I shall have to take a look, vkn.

karoshi8: alt, why did all of these groups of people stay together? Was it the multiracial thing? Or more?

vkn: A relative of the man in question took the AfriGeneas sponsored class and is a resident here AYW family is from Nevis /St Kitts originally

Selma: No didn't know alt

alt: yes Selma

AYWalton: who is that vkn?

alt: dunno karoshi8, but those families have a lot of "closeness".

vkn: re the CARR postings ayw

karoshi8: alt, I talked to someone who married into one of the families and she said they were very clannish.

vkn: Elliott CARR is seeking to determine "wives" of his father who was Randolph Carr founder of Rehobeth Apostolic church ayw

AYWalton: Looking at the thread, right now.

vkn: Elliott CARR is seeking to determine "wives" of his father who was Randolph Carr founder of Rehobeth Apostolic church ayw in Baltimore

alt: yes they are, to say the least karoshi8

AYWalton: he took the class where you live, vkn?

vkn: no SHE, Beverly is a resident

Seventies: Good afternoon all!

alt: Hello Seventies

karoshi8: Good afternoon Seventies!

Selma: Well its about time seventies.. LOL

Seventies: hi alt, AYWalton, karoshi8, Selma and vkn

AYWalton: Just read the thread, vkn. howdy Seventies. Vicky says hello to all.

Seventies: I was at the gym today trying to get ahead of this snow storm they are predicting... and the phone

alt: Randolph Carr.. interesting name, both as surnames have some deep and long VA histories, right Selma?

vkn: and Beverly took the class ayw. Slowly I am posting what research each class member started.

Selma: Yes..alt

vkn: Middle name is Adolphus alt and Selma

Seventies: ok back

karoshi8: Can Carr also be Kerr?

Seventies: Could be. . .

vkn: and ayw Beverly was interested in finding the father of her father who just happens to be the brother of the Bishop Carr in question. Bishop Carr emerged incidental to the original research quest

AYWalton: so wasn't the Carr person African American, vkn? I ask because the draft card shown was not of an African American.

vkn: karoshi8 could be I research KERR with my BELL work and they are OH, Cleveland related

karoshi8: Oh! I know what question I had for you guys!!

AYWalton: oh was he a fair skinned black man?

karoshi8: I have a Pellman or a Penman in 1880 Kentucky who is head of household. But he has a white Irish boarder. Was that normal? I've never seen it before.

vkn: AYWalton that is where we must do more analysis Seems 2nd part of card belongs to other than the Bishop

AYWalton: and Arbutus and Halethorpe have been tradtionally white communities.

vkn: Not at all fair skinned AYW from the news clipping I have of his funeral

Selma: I was about to ask about newspapers vkn

Seventies: karoshi8, you may consider researching the boarder...

alt: gotta watch those draft registration cards .. often part 1 & 2 as images on Ancestry are "mixed" and the parts don't really match.

AYWalton: They are in Baltimore County near Catonsville (where I live) but that was always a white community.

Selma: Are there other Irish folks living in the neighborhood karoshi?

vkn: alt I believe that to be so in this case. thanx for the learning/teaching

karoshi8: I tried seems he went into Canada.

AYWalton: but they are front and back, usually. But who knows?

karoshi8: From what I can see it looks like a AA neighborhood. Most whites are from KY.

alt: I have seen cases where part 2 didn't belong to the person on part 1, but rather the person on a previous image for the correct part 2.

Selma: AY..I have Louis Diggs book on Black History in Catonsville

Seventies: I have to get to work... sorry I couldn't stay longer.

Selma: Alice gave it to me before she moved

alt: bye Seventies

AYWalton: yes he has done a book on every black neighborhood in Baltimore County. How is Alice, Selma?

Seventies: AYWalton, did I miss you on Bernice Bennett's show? Or is that tomorrow?

AYWalton: take care, Soulchile. that will be tomorrow evening.

vkn: hmmmmm ayw and Selma I recall during the class when we were doing newspapers there was always a clipping non bishopric in the news on Carr. Will have to go back into Legacy project archives to pull them up.

Selma: She is OK..she is up aournd Prince George's county.

Seventies: Great! Hopefully I'll be back from the gym in time.

AYWalton: in the Afro, vkn?

Selma: Where does the AAHGS chapter meet up that way AY

AYWalton: get a good workout and inspire me to work out.

Selma: Maybe her grand daughter can take her

AYWalton: the AAHGS chapter in Baltimore meets at a local library. the one in Columbia meets at a community center in the town.

Selma: Isn't there one in Prnice George

vkn: yes ayw we pulled all we could find at the time

AYWalton: and the one in PG usually meets somewhere around Bowie. So she has moved to MD, Selma?

Selma: Yes..that is where her grand daughters are

AYWalton: oh that's good. she is near the chapter where Carolyn Rowe is. well I had better run folks.

Selma: I will tell her

AYWalton: Gotta get my syllabus ready for the Jamboree. have a good one, folks. Will call later, vkn.

alt: karoshi8.. does the census record state Ireland as the birthplace for the boarder? Is this how you've determined he was Irish?

vkn: Also ayw we never found if burial was StKitts or Balti. So on to the Estate papers

karoshi8: Yes.

Selma: Talk to you later..

AYWalton: take care everyone and a have a good day.

vkn: k

alt: okay karoshi8

Selma: I have to run folks... Have a great day

vkn: yall be good

alt: guess shop is closing for the day karoshi8

karoshi8: Around the same age as the head of household. Wow everyone left us! :)

alt: in a hurry too!!! LOL LOL are most of the folks on this census page AA/Blac/mulatto karoshi8?

karoshi8: Yes, for 4 pages before and 3-4 pages after.

alt: so the "irish" person is one of the few whites on those pages?

karoshi8: Yes. Just about the only. Never seen anything like that before. Especially boarding with a black person.

alt: doesn't sound like it would be common, at least not in that community.

karoshi8: This family is driving me crazy! :) I like the challenge though.

alt: is this in a farming community, or an urban setting?

karoshi8: Farming. Like New Straightsville only in KY.

alt: interesting, and as you say a challenge to determine the relationship, if it is more than just "boarder". well, my time is up too.... got some "honey-do's" I had better get done

karoshi8: I don't see him in anything else. But I suppose that will be my quest for today. Have an awesome day!

alt: good luck & take care

Daviss: testing

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