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2013-03-04 • Dr. Shirley Jackson


Start: 12:08:14
End: 13:06:24
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: Afternoon alt!

alt: hello Daviss, how are you this 'morning'?

Daviss: eh... lol what about you

alt: breakfeast, coffee & ready for a big day?

Daviss: breakfast and coffee but not sure how anxious I am to get out of the house I need to go to the post office but I just don't feel like buldoging as yet

Seventies: Davis.. before you leave the house, what are you supposed to do??? Hi alt... :)

Daviss: heyyyyyyyyyyy

alt: me neither, it's a little chilly here and I would like to stay in today, but Momma wants to go and visit her money at the 'slots'.

Seventies: LOL alt

Daviss: G'afternoon Ms Seventies

alt: Hello Seventies

Seventies: Ooppsss hi alt and Daviss..

Daviss: ok just finished seventies lol

Seventies: GREAT! So proud of you!

Daviss: lol lol lol it was kind of like one potato two potato but I forgot the three potato more

Seventies: lol

Daviss: however my mission is to get that done before 11:am

Seventies: Don't forget whatever you do, add a little more each day to how long you're doing the exercise. 5 more mins. work you way up in time.

Daviss: alt I am trying to exercise lol

Seventies: She's trying to get herself together for the summer... :)

alt: exercise... what's that?

Seventies: LOL And for her future husband.... Or boyfriends... lol

Daviss: the young whipper snapper is in control of my plans ha!

Seventies: ok then .. sugar daddy! lol

Daviss: hahahahahaha

Seventies: Ok enough jokes.. lol

alt: am I allowed in this conversation? LOL LOL

Seventies: Alright Dr. Shirley Jackson will be speaking here for Women's History Month... very excited.. lol LOL alt.. well just tread lightly friend... lol Tickets are $10...

Daviss: hello deannie

deannie: I'm early today

alt: hello deannie,

Seventies: Hi deannie

deannie: How is everyone

Seventies: Great!

deannie: seventies i have gone on the The Griot Famly/facebook pages...I checking it out to get information.....

Daviss: when I was about 7 or 8 I went to Texas to visit aunt.. I stayed for that school year

Seventies: Okay Thanks for visiting! My research mainly focuses on the Miss-Lou region SW MS & SE LA

Daviss: The girl across the street was my playmate. here is a blog that I wrote of one of our escapades. I wrote it several years ago

Seventies: deannie, let me know if you have any MS questions.

alt: Hello Ms Selma

Selma: Good morning folks..alt, daviss, deannie and seventies.. Oops .. afternoon

deannie: Can I have your email address....alt and daviss knows that I am a good person


Daviss: Well yesterday I got a friend request on FB. I saw the name that was shortened and a last name that I did not recognize. But my gut said her name loud and clear....

deannie: Ok thanks

Seventies: Well, I'ma read this after I eat this lunch.. :)

alt: thats a funny story Daviss

Daviss: I instant msg her and asked if she was who I thought Lord behold it was her after 60 years

Selma: Wow... How wonderful

Seventies: that's great... but I'ma have to talk about you regarding that Communion.. lol UR a mess Daviss! lol

Daviss: I don't know how in the world she found me but I was quite overwhelmed and happy

Seventies: Your blog! lol

Daviss: heyyy can I help it if I started out early lol Hi selma

Selma: My mother and her best friend from 80 years ago are still in contact by phone..friend lives in Boston

Daviss: Thats awesome Selma!!!

Selma: We want to take my Mom to Boston this summer

alt: with the 'Net as it is, we can't hide from our past .. folks can find us if they search hard enough.

Daviss: yes but the names are so different now

alt: that would be a wonderful gift & experience for your mother Selma

Seventies: wow... that's a long time Selma. Your mom is in her 80's right?

Selma: 90's..seventies

Seventies: Ok

Daviss: I know a more than a few people named Rose but for some reason Rosemary was in my mind

Selma: She musta heard you thinking about her Daviss

Seventies: Yes indeed... :)

alt: I just saw where the HS yearbook for my Junior year is online.....

Daviss: uh oh

Selma: Are you in it alt?

alt: oh yeah Selma.... several photos, scary too LOL LOL

Seventies: where? so we can all look... :) I had a typical 80's look.. so embarassing.

Selma: All those looks look dated...when you age..

alt: Piqua, Ohio HS 1951 Seventies

deannie: How cutie were you alt Are you a member of Classmates

Daviss: is that a pay site

Seventies: It took a little bit for alt to get some age on him. just 'some'... lol

deannie: I have all of my yearbooks...I know that they would be important to I made sure that my daughter brought her' niece did not get her now she looking for people So of the things you can see, and some you can't....also try

Daviss: I dont see it yet

alt: great move deannie, I'm sure it is greatly appreciated now.

Daviss: No idea what I am missing

deannie: Yes...when we have class reunion we bring them so that see ourself....Wendell Phillips class of 1971....Go Wildcates

alt: I'm on pages 78/79, 82/83, 84/85 these are athletic teams... there are other pages too

deannie: This year my classmates turn 60 I trying to get as many members to come a fundraiser the school gives every year

Seventies: I just checked and mine is NOT there! Woo Hoo!!!

deannie: I think mine is.....I'm checking now

Daviss: ok is this a paysite

Seventies: yes it is.

alt: they try to get you to pay Daviss, if you want a copy and/or specific photos, or a yearbook

deannie: I forget I'm at work, they have block the site

Seventies: Is it just me, but are there quite a few people AA's researching in South Carolina?

Daviss: oh ok

alt: there seems to be a lot of interest by SC researchers Seventies

Seventies: By the numbers, there are several families in Alabama and Mississippi, I would think that there would be more MS researchers..

deannie: We have a South Carolina Group in Evanston, Il (there is a large number of South Carolinians living there.

Seventies: More African Americans..

Daviss: Grrrrrrr

Seventies: hold on Daviss.

alt: In this area most AA's with 'deep south' roots are from AL & GA, very few from the other States like MS, LA, SC, etc.

deannie: I have to run my lunch is up....have a great day....Hey Alt…Chicago is expecting about 6 inch of snow tonight I will be thinking about you on my skis tomorrow lol

Seventies: Even today AA's make up quite a large population of MS even AFTER the Great Migration. That says a lot to me.

Daviss: I think I am about to get booted again sheesh

Seventies: ok deannie... lol Your computer my cell phone.. egh

alt: bye deannie

Selma: Bye deannie stay warm I am hoping we get an inch or two on Thursday, just cause

Seventies: I need to go too. I'm tired of my co-worker trying to talk to me at lunch about work. I'll leave it at that... Ok talk to you all later.

alt: you're weird Selma,,, 2 inches of snow, just because LOL LOL

Selma: Cause it looks pretty..then I want it to melt..

alt: now I heard that, hurry up and melt LOL

Selma: Ok folks time for me to run..have a great day

vkn: Howdy Deannie

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