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2013-03-01 • FB & Forums Compliment?


Start: 12:07:28
End: 13:20:49
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: heyyy alt!

alt: hey Lady, what's up?

Daviss: not too much alt, what about you?

alt: not too much either, new Casino opening up in Cincinnati on Monday, should have the bugs worked out by OGS Conference time in April... only about 3-4 blocks away from Conference center.

Daviss: lol lol alt are you sure you and I are not related?

alt: probably are, we keep getting some of the same matches on folks with their DNA test results LOL LOL

Daviss: speaking of, how are you and my friend coming along? Do you share with her or her grand? grandson?

alt: Kathleen, she went on a trip to FL and we haven't communicated in a couple of weeks, I owe her a reply to her last messages.

Daviss: ahhhhh ok

alt: I share with her and her brothers (?)

Daviss: ohhhhhh ok

alt: I got a 23andme match I am anxious to here from... we match at 2.36%, 177cM on 9 segments... and I have no idea who this person is ... a 2nd cousin. here=hear

Daviss: Oh My alt, I can imagine..when did you get that? I need to go in and see if I have anything new

alt: not sure, must have been within the last 2 weeks.

Daviss: ok I did see in my email this morn a predicted 4th cousin on Ancestry last name Wilson

alt: I know this person's surnames & locations in their profile, even have some people with those names in my database, but nothing on his name.

Daviss: However they are all in Va so I am still at a no go

alt: Wilson. like in Gerald (?)... do you know where in VA? Gerald is in Bel Air, MD which is near the VA line.

Daviss: hold on let me get the name

Khathu: Hello Daviss and alt

Daviss: Faigwall Wilson 1830 is the oldest alt hello khathu

alt: okay Daviss

Daviss: Pennsylvania County Va

vkn: Howdy to all

alt: hello Khathu & vkn... good Friday to the both of you.

vkn: Meetings all morning now to get a quick snack

alt: take a break vkn

vkn: thankee brb

Daviss: hello vkn!

vkn: good article khathu

Daviss: other names on the list are Keen, Redmond and Smith and Diggs alt

vkn: you are feeling ok daviss x for the break alt

Daviss: yes vkn thank you

vkn: thanx for the break alt

alt: Daviss, all of those surnames are familiar to me Keen(e) & Redmond more so than Smith & Diggs.

Daviss: I dont see Gerald's name on list

alt: okay Daviss, probably a different set (?) of Wilson's.

Khathu: @vkn huh?

alt: Khathu, I think writers/histographers do Mrs.Parks a disservice when they only look at and reference her with the bus boycott... she was much more of a Civil Rights activist than that and long before the bus arrest in 1955.

vkn: A project for AfriGeneas ?,0,4787471.story

Daviss: Remond born in Fla alt, at least one of them

Khathu: @alt that is a common argument about Rosa Parks in how she is depicted.

vkn: Could AfriGeneas as a team take this on?,0,4787471.story

Khathu: But she is in the history books due to that single act which led to the successful bus boycott resulting in the desegregation of public transportation and launching the career of Martin Luther King Jr.

alt: I knew of and met her thru one member of her NAACP Youth Group in Montgomery, AL.

Khathu: vkn - that was my response to a friend concerning Rosa parks

Daviss: vkn where is Alfaretta

vkn: Truth be told Bayard Rustin launched MLK Jr Alpharetta is where Mel Collier lives daviss Thanx Khathu

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, khathu and vkn

vkn: AlPharetta/Atlanta is where Mel Collier lives daviss

Daviss: vkn wouldnt that require someone looking in the courthouse in that city

alt: and when I met MLK Jr, hewas just a young, new pastor in Montgomery who had 'less to lose" so to speak thean the other established AA minters in Montgomery and was 'drafted" by the MOntgomery NAACP and other groups to be the boycott spokeperson.

vkn: Howdy Selma

Daviss: hello Selma

alt: hello Selma

Daviss: so its the outskirtts of Atlanta vkn?

Selma: Bringing groceries right back

vkn: Yes daviss not sure what county it is located Yes Inskirts daviss

Daviss: ok thanks

alt: but MLK Jr 'stepped up" to the plate and he was a leader, no doubt about that.

Daviss: agree to that alt and to all the inside work Rosa Parks did prior

vkn: Rosa was sec'y to NAACP

Daviss: right

Khathu: Hello Selma

vkn: Rosa was sec'y to NAACP and also had access to homes of "good" white fokes

alt: A problem I have with BHM writers/reporters is that they too frequently want to report on the FIRST and/or ONLY AA in one area or another and seem to forget the work of the masses of AA's who have been involved in OUR history.

Khathu: alt - a lot of us condone that type of reporting ourselves

vkn: Also alt Martin was chosen over Ralph David or Bayard Rustin as person to showcase movement

Khathu: just look at our church and schools BHM presentation

alt: First and.or only is good, but tell me about the work of the masses of black folk who helped to overcome our common problems.

Selma: Hasn't someone just written a biography on Rosa Parks

alt: yes Selma and she points to the long time efforts of Mrs. Parks

Daviss: I would have chosen Bayard over Ralph JS

vkn: Yes and the Rosa Parks relative queries here on AfriGeneas Brickwall forum

Seventies: good afternoon all.

alt: hello Seventies

Daviss: I can't speak for all churchs here in AZ Khathu but from what I hear there were quite a few presentations for BHM

Khathu: I was referring to the focus on Black 1st's in our BHM presentation

Daviss: I know several folks in my group that presented

Selma: Afternoon..seventies

Seventies: Hi alt, Daviss, Khathul, Selma and vkn

Selma: Seventies..I have a question..BRB

Daviss: I do believe some were local folks highlighted one example I can come up with is Helen Mason who was instrumental in opening the Black Theater Troup here

Seventies: It was as quiet as a church mouse here..

alt: I hear ya Khathu, most of the programs/luncheons, etc. here focused on the recent 'giants' of the CR movement and never ever, or hardly mentioned the locals who did so much for CR in this community for over 150-200 years of Black History right here in this community.

Selma: We had many programs here..

alt: off my soapbox LOL LOL


Seventies: Well its women's history month now, and WW are going to put Suffrage on front and center display...

Selma: Seventies..I saw what you posted on facebook re: lists from RG 105..nice job. My question is when I clicked the link where did it take me? Is that a strange question Was that to your blog?

Seventies: Should've taken you to the notes section of my Family Griot fan page.

Selma: Ahhhh.. OK

Seventies: Thank you Selma. Those are the samples I pulled from M1914.

Daviss: I agree Selma, Its a very nice blog

alt: this guy wasn't and hasn't been mentioned during Springfield Black History Month programming

Selma: You should post a link from Afrigeneas Reconstruction Forum

Seventies: The Beverly Plantation is where my mom and grandparents were raised. I saw some familiar names, Cannady and Billy...

Daviss: MS folks will see a goldmine

Seventies: Selma, I had trouble figuring where to put the links. I was going to post last night/early this morning.

alt: and there's that famous "FIRST" notation smh.

Selma: Just put a description in your posting and a link to the document.. Needs a good subject foks will look..

Seventies: okay.

Selma: Actually daviss or vkn can tell you better than I..LOL

Seventies: I will post a little later, I have a lot of work to do this afternoon.

Daviss: You can put them on States under Ms heading and/or Gen and Hist Seventies also on Reconstruction Forum Some folks only go to certain Forums so it will be worth all three

Seventies: thanks

Selma: I agree Daviss..

Daviss: welcome 7

Selma: Make sure you put the "year" in the subject line

Seventies: ok

Selma: Although half the time..I am not sure folks pay attention to the years..which is how they get confused

alt: Daviss point brings up a good question for the AfriGeneas Forums .. Do you post an article/information to only one Forum and if so, which one? Is there anything wrong with posting to multiple Forums, or at least posting on one and linking to other Forums?

Daviss: no there is nothing wrong with posting on more than one Forum

alt: and I mean the same post Daviss.

Daviss: thats what I am talking about alt

alt: okay, juts making sure we're on the same page/forum LOL LOL LOL

Selma: Do a lot of folks post on States..

Seventies: I think they do Selma Can I quickly say something else... I found yet ANOTHER relative on FB this morning.

Daviss: I bet you all hear don't cruise all of the forums lol hear = here

Seventies: So I'ma call him this weekend...

alt: I no longer do Daviss, I mainly just check out the Recent Messages page and follow the threads from there.

Selma: I usually start with recent posts..

alt: congrats Seventies

Seventies: I mostly do as well alt I will try to post more to the Reconstruction forum.

Selma: Check out Genealogy and History, Slave, FPOC

Daviss: I do too but I do go in and me old school because I know if I don't do it daily they scroll off

Seventies: Genealogy and history forum is good.

Selma: I liked the way it looked seventies... Thats why I find facebook rolls off too fast..and I can't follow the thread

Seventies: It does... comments and threads just 'disappear' depending on how fast the comments come up.

Daviss: I don't like some of the setups on FB either

Seventies: Well Selma and anyone else for that matter, take a look around my Family Griot facebook page...

Daviss: I find if I post say on Afrigeneas it disappears within a hour

Seventies: I also have a Family Griot Repository page here:

alt: I shall, once again & frequently Seventies

Selma: Is that your blog..or something else seventies..stop shaking your head

alt: error on that last link Seventies

Seventies: Ok let me cut-n-paste

Daviss: another one of her good blogs Selma

alt: or use two fingers LOL LOL LOL

Selma: What disappears in an hour daviss...

Seventies: lol Selma, its the blog that I use to post my docs

Selma: Oh I have been there..I think

Seventies: alt,

Daviss: On Afrigeneas FB page Selma I don't like that setup

alt: that works Seventies, thanks!!

Daviss: pot

Seventies: ok good. There are images there, but more to add. :) I have stuff everywhere... lll you smoking pot, Daviss? lol

Daviss: hahahahaha Seventies nope not me..... :o I guess tonight is the deadline for the Sequester mess

Seventies: ;)

Daviss: hahahahaha why that look

Seventies: Well they will be revisiting this on the 27th of March..

Daviss: yes but thats 27 days worth of needless cuts

Seventies: Yes gov't employees will be taking a 22 day hit... 20% of our pay. H3ll I don't make that much money to be able to take a 20% cut in pay. Services are going to be cut as well.

alt: will y'all excuse one alt? gotta run

Seventies: ok have a good one!

Daviss: take care alt

Seventies: I don't know if I asked, but I meant to. Selma will you be heading to D.C. anytime soon? Weather seems as if its getting warmer.

Selma: No afraid not seventies..

Seventies: aw... okay

Daviss: guess i will take off also.. Got some reading to do

Seventies: I've been trying to figure out when I can get to D.C.

Daviss: have fun the rest of the day

Seventies: You too ms Daviss Later all

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