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2013-02-28 • Conferences & such


Start: 12:09:55
End: 13:13:58
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies

Daviss: Rocky ride in chat today...... Hello alt, how are you?

alt: hey Daviss, I made it.. Dr. finished with me by 10:30 AM. How are you doing today Daviss?

Daviss: Thats a good sign alt, in and out lol

alt: you bet LOL

Daviss: I have been booted out of chat three times already so hope to hold on

alt: hang on

Daviss: Sometimes I think when the wind blows rather hard it messes up chat

alt: okay, I won't be so windy LOL

Seventies: Hi alt and Daviss

Daviss: hi seventies

alt: hello Ms Seventies, how are you doing today?

Seventies: Feeling a little moody... wait, let me change that.. doing great! lol

Daviss: thats good Seventies!!

Seventies: ok well its really quiet in here today. What's up with you both?

Daviss: you just got here lol

Seventies: I know I just got here.. but y'all don't have anything to talk about? :} Hello Selma

Daviss: assumption

alt: Hello Selma, how ya doing?

Daviss: Hello Selma

Selma: afternoon alt, davis and seventies...

Seventies: brb

Daviss: How's it going Selma?

Selma: Going OK...

alt: I checked out Family Search yesterday Seventies, not much new for me here in Ohio, but soome good stuff for other States I'm looking at.

Daviss: Did you check out Family Search yet oops lol

Selma: Not me...but looks like alt has..

Daviss: nada for me either

Selma: I can't keep up with the stuff I already know about.. LOL

Daviss: While I was there I just went over things I had seen before

Selma: Have a lot of conferences coming up here locally..trying to post for my folks..

alt: I'm getting actual dates & locations for people & events where I previously had question marks.

Selma: Lucky you alt..

alt: thanks Selma.

Daviss: Selma do you post your events on the Calendar

Selma: Oops no..don't tell vkn

Daviss: lol lol

Selma: There are 2 big ones coming up at W & M.. One this weekend at Hampton University this at their Civil War Institute site..where Bennie's info is located.

Seventies: Gosh we have admissions offers in 10 minutes...

Selma: Let me see if I can get the link...I didn't know about it till Bennie sent it to me

alt: Seventies, I think I saw your congressman on C-Span last night... the guy's district included Newburgh, is that you?

Seventies: Yep. that's us

Selma: Does Bernice have a show tonight?

Seventies: ok gotta go. bye

alt: laters Seventies

Daviss: oh oh

Selma: Seventies..had to do her J O B... LOL

alt: thanks Selma, gotta bookmark this site and see what of Bennie's stuff they have on the site.

Daviss: Yes she sure does

Selma: I only did a quick look at the site alt..

Daviss: Is Bennie on tonight

alt: I think Bennie is on sometime in March ... 14th I believe

Daviss: ok

alt: I think tonite is about AA Inventors

Selma: You know I just googled Bernice's is always listed as Friday says Friday, March 15th

alt: really??????

Selma: Yep..looking right at it

Daviss: oh thats right

alt: wow, has she changed nite's?

Selma: Says Angela Friday March 8th

Daviss: she said that before just for one time

Selma: and Friday, March 22nd..Littlefield

alt: sure nuff, has Bennie as 15th March

Daviss: so its two Fridays

alt: any comment on no more "nergro" on the census forms? doesn't bother me since it won't be noticed until 2082... don't think I'll be around then LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

Daviss: lol I like familytreegirls comment ... Does that mean I have to change my birth certificate no biggie for me either alt

alt: not me Daviss, mine says "Black" LOL

Selma: I am assuming that for those folks researching in 2082..they will have some explanation in the footnotes.. Mine said Negro

Daviss: mine too listen it will probably be down to 2 questions by then lol 10 now

Selma: I was very disappointed with the last one I told my folks not to LIE about their age on the last one...think some of them already had.. LOL

Daviss: lol

alt: Question on Native American's (indians) when do they become citizens? and if they belong to a 'soverign' tribe are the considered dual citizens?

Selma: I have no idea..think that is an AY question

alt: I think so too selma.. gotta try and frame the question so I'm not sounding negative, or offensive. Selma

Selma: Maybe you should just send the question directly to her

alt: I could do that LOL I'm have a Melungeon, Indian, Black, White, etc. discussion with some of Anita's folks from SE Ohio & West Virginia.

Selma: That's nice

alt: Can you believe oneof them put a picture (photo) of an Indian woman many of them are supposedto descend from..... only problem .. the woman was born ca 1750 and photos didn't come into being until ca 1825-1840 or so and this woman would have been dead, or at least too old to be the woman in the photos.

Daviss: lol lol

alt: Naw, It's become a 'war' Selma... these folks are classic ABBers. anything but black and Daviss, they almost all refuse to do any DNA testing.

Daviss: true well I gotta run

alt: okay laters Daviss

Daviss: have a nice day

alt: you skipping out too Selma?

Selma: Yea..guess I should trying to straighten up my house..

alt: why???? Lol laters Selma

Selma: True why...its endless. .LOL Bye...

alt: bye

Seventies: Hi!

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