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2013-02-26 • Fordham Univ Again


Start: 12:12:20
End: 13:06:53
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, HistoryBuff, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: omg.. LOL I came into the wrong room.. uh oh.. hope my day doesn't go like this... lol

alt: what's up Seventies & Daviss?

Daviss: hi alt and seventies!!

alt: wherever you are, it is the right place Seventies

Daviss: I am only here for about 5 min or so..I have to take neighbor kid to school

alt: okay

Seventies: ok...

Daviss: I will check back to see if anyone is here if it does not take too long

alt: okay

Seventies: I'll be here... lol

alt: so what's going on in the 'world of Seventies" ??

Seventies: So what's new with everyone's genealogy?

alt: I'm just plugging & chugging along Seventies

Seventies: Or any new articles or historical things you've come across during bhm Me too alt..

Daviss: nada in my gen world

Seventies: nada... lol Working on planning out some stuff... hopefully the ancestors will walk with me and help me through this journey. :}

alt: most of what I've been seeing is geared towards beginner's.

Daviss: I spent last night going through line by line on some census pages that they had cancelled out looking for Grands Hi Selma

alt: Hello Ms Selma, good to see ya.

Selma: Good tuesday afternoon alt, daviss and seventies

Daviss: and wondering why so many pages were like that

Selma: Who had cancelled?

alt: I've been reading the 'Evidence Explaned" postings on Facebook..... seems to read like a citation & documentation 'hustle' to me.

Seventies: alt, well you know they gotta make you think that you need them... lol

Daviss: I imagine the enumerator Seventies

alt: Yep, Seventies, they make it sound as if the citations are more important than the information you're citing.

Seventies: lol yep... You know how 'they' do. lol

alt: Selma, you have any thoughts on Evidence Explained?

Selma: I haven't read it all ..but I do think folks need to cite where they found the info. When I read articles I DO READ all the ctations..

HistoryBuff: Hey all

Selma: Sometimes I think their citations are weak and don't support the conclusions that they arrive at

Seventies: Yes cite for your own references... but as alt said, they are making a hustle out of it. When in fact the analysis and the information contained in the records is what is in fact important.

alt: some of the examples they give are "extreme" to me Selma.... ex. how to cite an image of a record found on FamilySearch vs that same record found at a probate court.

Seventies: I just have to get this out... my cousin is having a baby and its going to be about 7 or so lbs... she posted she wonders how the baby is going to come out.. lol lol

alt: come back soon Daviss

Seventies: I died laughing... lol

Selma: For your own research that might not be necessary but if you are going to publish...then why shouldn't it be in a uniform way?

Seventies: good point Selma.

Selma: Look..when I started..I read Slaves Without Masters and read every dag gone footnote..I got more info for future things I went to research at the LVA in the Footnores...

alt: okay Selma. I can give you that....

Seventies: nice...

Selma: In many books and articles the footnotes and endnotes are some of the first things I look at.. LOL But that is me..

Seventies: source citations and footnotes are two different things.

alt: and I believe the 'rules' according to EE have changed greatly from the time you read Slaves Without Masters and what they are now proposing Selma.

Selma: So what are the you write your info? In the articles I sent you alt...did they use the methodology recommended

Seventies: Bottom line is if you cite something, just enter the information about where you got it from.. lol

Selma: Have you read them yet.. LOL Look this is an obsessive/compulsive activity...if you want folks in a 100 years to be able to expand or add to what you are have already done, then leave them a trail to follow No comments.. LOL

alt: Yes, I have read them Selma ... and the footnotes too. LOL Here is an example: THURSDAY'S THOUGHTS Citing Cemetery Compilations: Many cemetery compilations are created in ways that can affect the reliability of their information and our evaluation of the data. Transcriptions from a cemetery may alphabetize all entries. City-wide or county-wide databases often present entries in alphabetical order. In such cases, we need to add an explanation of the shortcomings or the limitations. Similarly, when a compilation is very thorough and preserves contextual information, it is helpful to note that fact in our identification of the source. ~Adapted from EE 5.17

HistoryBuff: Lol

alt: why can't I just say ... OakDale Cemetery, Urbana, Ohio

Selma: As you know we are transcribing a cemetery now with no records... Because someone might want to actually go the cemetery...and where would they look if they don't know

deannie: Late as is everyone this afternoon

Seventies: I have a couple of cemeteries on find-a-grave. hi deannie

alt: Hello deannie

Selma: In the cemetery...I am inputing the info in the database they way WE have assigned the rows and divided up the sections..

deannie: Hi alt,historybuff, selma, seventies

HistoryBuff: Hey Deannie

Seventies: I think it would be acceptable to transcribe a cemetery with headstones. But now we got to talking about this slave cemetery thing Fordham is working on.. what do y'all think about that??

Selma: I also can sort alphabetically..but already I have someone who wants to Alpha they would have no idea where to look I think that the project is a lot more complicated than they think

Seventies: we as in Daviss and I... :}

Selma: Afternoon deannie

Seventies: Yep... and they just want people to give up their research.. not a very well thought out project... Just my honest opinion.

alt: I pretty much agree with you Seventies

Selma: There are a number of books about cemeteries in this area...included are what appear to be or known to be "slave cemeteries"..for most there are no names I mean I could send them the name of the book and the location..

Seventies: Because of the area I'm researching, I know that there are at least 4 'slave cemeteries' where my mother was raised. Including my family cemetery Will I share that information for their benefit... um no.

Selma: Then if you type the info up seventies..if they put a link to your work then why not?

Seventies: I didn't see anywhere that they were going to link to your page. They are looking to build a database, unless I was wrong about what they are doing?

Selma: Thats why I don't think they have thought it all out... A list of names? or a link to links..cause most "slave cemeteries" that I have seen don't have names I mean a link of names..

alt: she really wasn't too clear in her request.... names of cemeteries and/or links to websites ... Or graves of individuals in 'slave cemeteries".

Seventies: lol aw man.. I was 'expelled'. Guess that topic is off limits... lol go to the submit info link on the page.

Selma: Did I say Hi deannie?... LOL

alt: I did Seventies

Seventies: ok well. . . .

Selma: If I go to the link..I get thrown out of the room

alt: for "most' slave cemeteries the information they were requesting probably isn't even available.

Seventies: oh maybe that's what happened to me... lol I think it would be available for people who died after 1908 and in some states 1912... But even then, you'd have to comb through records and talk to someone familiar with these areas.

alt: would those dates be included in a 'slave cemetery"? just asking oh well, not sure I could be of help to their project.

Seventies: yes.. I would imagine so..

alt: I see where Deborah Abbott will be presenting to the Georgia State Genealogical society this weekend.

Seventies: I gotta run. talk to y'all later.

Selma: So what did you think of the articles alt?

deannie: I have to run.....boss over shoulder lol

Selma: OK deannie Gotta watch out for the boss..

HistoryBuff: K Take care good folks.

Selma: I have to run too folks..have a good day

vkn: howdy

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