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2013-02-24 • Sunday Morning


Start: 10:42:39
End: 12:54:57
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, trisha, vkn

vkn: Good Sunday Morning AfriGeneas Chatters Gonna make toast to munch while sipping coffee. Back in a few Hope your java java is up to date Take a read of this link as time permits

Seventies: Hi vkn, doing you reading assignment... ;0

vkn: welcome seventies okies much to think about re jfk

Seventies: yes I suppose

vkn: also review on lincoln posted to my fb wall

Seventies: ok

vkn: btw how to add to fb albums? I am having trouble

Seventies: Ok just click on the album you'd like to add photos to, then click the 'add photos' button on the top right corner of the album page.

vkn: I am not a fb fan but trying to learn

Seventies: Doing that should allow you to add images.

vkn: ahhhhhhok will try that Sounds reasonable click specific album add photo ll done all done Thanx a mil Soooooo much to learn

alt: hello vkn, good Sunday morning to you.

Seventies: ok I'm back! lol Mornin' alt

vkn: wb seventies hello alt

alt: back, from where? LOL LOL

vkn: lol

Seventies: Back from 'my java was actin' up and I couldn't type in chat' land.. lol

alt: I'm ducking for cover Seventies LOL

vkn: Good connecting twixt you and Cynthia alt

alt: I think so vkn, looks like it might be a promising networking venture

vkn: Marian Anderson Rica Daly The entire 30 minutes

alt: is that right, was this in 1939?

vkn: Yes alt Just sharing

alt: thanks for sharing, I know you'll have some questions for her

vkn: Indeed and maybe just let well enough alone

alt: vkn, I do wonder how much research her group has done on existing efforts on African American (slave) burial sites? example the Cemeteries Forum that was on AfriGeneas.

vkn: Right and her lack of knowledge re FPOC was blatant to me

alt: there have been and some are still ongoing many efforts of local communities to document and even preserve "old" AA burial sites.

vkn: That is why I mentioned the fellow Emery in TX. He has been at it for years. I now think his name is Michael Emery

alt: makes me think this is a 'feel good' effort on her part and maybe a feather in the cap of the Fordham Univ. program..... nothing wrong with that, but as you've surmised ..please come clean with your agenda.

Seventies: I don't think this project will work out well for Fordham... lol

vkn: Will google him later

alt: me neither

vkn: Agreed seventies and alt

Seventies: I can tell you now, I had planned on going to some old plantation cemeteries and its going to take quite a bit of work for me to identify the people buried there. I'm not going to just give up that research... sorry.

alt: I hear ya Seventies

vkn: We/AfriGeneas get an average one "begging" letter weekly

Seventies: smh When you go and travel to locations and get documents, that takes work.

alt: let's you know the "power" of AfriGeneas...... Folks will use ya until you're all used up ... or so Bill Withers says LOL LOL

vkn: Seventies well it seems to me that coordination is good BUT not required

Seventies: and MONEY.

vkn: Alt there is sooooooooooo much info to be mined

alt: hello trisha

trisha: Hello all!

vkn: We need more miners

Seventies: hello trisha. been a while since we've seen you. How have you been? miners = money and time. lol

vkn: Howdy trisha how you be

alt: that's for sure vkn.... information that's out there and yet to be "tapped" is amazing!!!!!

Seventies: And I'm looking to tap. :}

vkn: lol

trisha: all is good, busy! Good to see you all.

vkn: wassup trisha

Seventies: can anyone say M1914... holy smokes!

trisha: just having a decompress day, lol what is M1914?

vkn: decompress is good

alt: not sure if your remember Stacey Adger who was on AfriGeneas for quite awhile... she is having remarkable success with her SC Adger's who moved to Phila and were heavily invovled with William Still, the UGRR & the Philly abolitionist.

Seventies: M1914 is the pre-freedman's bureau record set for MS and surrounding states. AWESOME info there. I posted some on my FB page The Family Griot.

vkn: I remember Stacey. Great re her success

trisha: ohhhhh... I need to check it out!

vkn: trisha you are Auburn, right?

trisha: did anyone get to see Dr. Kittles in Montgomery?

alt: not me trisha

vkn: I think BJ did

trisha: I am UA, tuscaloosa I attended, it was really good! I am planning on doing his African Ancestry DNA test

Seventies: The record set is for the West of the MS river, MS, LA and AR

alt: I've seen him a couple of times, but that was several years ago (2005-2006). I'm sure he has 'improved & polished" his presentation since then.

Seventies: It was a list of plantations in Concordia parish June '64

trisha: Seventies, I "think" my maternal side might be from MS....

Seventies: how far back?

trisha: 1830-1860's maybe, Foster/Wells

Seventies: Its noon y'all and I gotta get to the gym. . . trisha there are Fosters in Adams Co.

trisha: I'm blocked take care Seventies, enjoy the workout!


trisha: Thanks!

Seventies: Ok see y'all tomorrow.

alt: Poof. gone just like that LOL

trisha: ::smile::

alt: seems to be a slow Sunday.. wonder what's up with the regulars?

trisha: maybe everyone is doing the decompress thang.... ::smile::

alt: hmmmn, could be trisha :|

trisha: anyone have any breakthroughs in research?

alt: not really anythin BIG, but finding new on-line sources to verfiy and expand on information already in my database.

trisha: I am not in the research mode and I got to get back into the flow. ::sigh::

alt: I've slowed considerably and now most of my research is done at home & online.

vkn: on phone

alt: Hello Daviss, how ya doing today?

Daviss: hello alt, trisha and vkn! I am doing ok alt, what about you?

trisha: Hey Daviss

Daviss: hello there trisha lol

alt: what's up Daviss?

Daviss: shoot alt, not much of nothing...I finally got my results in from FTDNA but have not studied it yet Not that many matches last night there was one that I had on my RF though

alt: okay, congrats on the FTDNA results .. take your time, now that you have them they ain't going anywhere LOL LOL

Daviss: right lol

trisha: Daviss did you do the test or another family member?

alt: really, a FF & RF match, that's great!!!!!

trisha: I had my cousin do the YDNA through them, some years ago

Daviss: I transferred my results from 23&me and will do the rest of my folks bit by bit trish that one alt is my Euro match

alt: now does this give only RF & FF matches, or does it include Y and/or mtDNA matches between 23andme and FTDNA?

Daviss: I had my mtdna matches with them already alt when I move my brothers over, I will find that out

alt: that makes sense Daviss, I don't think a whole lot of "US" have taken the FTDNA FF tests, at least not in the numbers that WE have tested with 23andme.

Daviss: the 89 buck transfer was what inticed me lol

alt: i hear ya Daviss I had done FTDNA and the FREE 23andme RITF project is what got me tested with them. trisha, who are you having tested with African Ancestry?

Daviss: You and others kind of convinced me to go the FTDNA route. I had tested with Ancestry but was not thrilled with them

trisha: I will have my mother tested with African Ancestry.

alt: I'm sorry :} okay trisha.....

Daviss: Does African Ancestry do autosomal trisha?

alt: sorry is for Daviss and having her get with FTDNA LOL

Daviss: lol lol lol alt but alt MUAH and that's a kiss on your forehead

vkn: lol

trisha: I'm not sure to be honest, I have to do some research

vkn: lol

alt: I just received notice of 23 more couisn matches with AncestryDNA .. I'm now up to 750 matches with them, only 3 in the 3rd-5th cousin range, all others are in the distant cousin range.

vkn: Locked ut oops

alt: African Ancesry was doing autosomal called "DNAmix", but I understand they are no longer doing autosomal testing

Daviss: oh really alt. I bet that was a pretty penny

trisha: 750 matches, oh my

vkn: Running y'all

Daviss: bye vkn

alt: yeah, they were charging like 375.00-400.00 for their autosomal testing

trisha: yeah, i guess I need to mozy as well. Ya'll have a great day!

Daviss: ok trish take care

alt: and they are still too expensive for their Y & mtDNA testing in my opinion, compared to the other companies. bye trisha must be quittin' time partner, folks are jumping ship on us LOL

Daviss: I input all my males into that Y-search..

alt: okay let me know how that works for ya "Y-Search"

Daviss: now each month I will move one at a time over until I get themm all done. I think I will move the one brother that passed away first

alt: sounds like a plan to me

Daviss: Not sure how that works alt I just did it cause someone told me to see if they would take because I had gotten it from Ancestry lol All are 37 and it accepted them

alt: what is your brothers Y-DNA haplogroup?

Daviss: E1a1b18a one cousin has the same as you

alt: okay, that's basically an African orign haplogroup, right?

Daviss: thats the one who is the direct Taylor line

alt: okay.....

Daviss: Mariah's sons line

alt: right

Daviss: wish I could find her, then mabe she had other sisters and brothers she had no other children

alt: I did the Y-Search thing some time back and with the I1di haplogroup there were just too many possibilites and they were probably 96+ % white and I have no genealogical information on those line that amounts to much, so I gave up.

Daviss: I hear ya I just wish some of those would be open to sharing..You can't tell me that they all don't know

alt: that's true partner

Daviss: I have had two peeps on 23 that told me they would but never came back to me I sent two messages back, spaced out and still nada

alt: and I'v ehad that situation too... don't call me, I'll get back with you ..... yeah LOL

Daviss: My thinking is that you cant change what is

alt: nope, you can't pick your ancestors... althoguth some try with their 'bogus' techniques LOL

Daviss: lol lol I know

alt: well, let me go get ready for an afternnon of "hoops" want me to get the lights & chairs?

Daviss: ok alt take care

alt: bye

Daviss: bye Heyyy Selma

Selma: Hi daviss..

Daviss: you just missed alt and trish

Selma: oops I was on the phone with my Mom and Sis..and forgot the time

Daviss: good people to be talking too i would say

Selma: I agree it was a good conversation.. lOL Well now I really do have to run.. Talk to you tomorrow

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