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2013-02-22 • Fordham Univ slave burials


Start: 12:03:11
End: 13:35:50
Chatters: alt, Daviss, sarnold, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: hi there vkn!

vkn: howdy Ms Daviss I see you made it in wha hoppen and how you be?

Daviss: yes vkn after many tries and I am doing ok what about you?

vkn: Good Slept in with the rain today

Daviss: oh I can understand that..I had an up and down night. woke up several times throughout

vkn: Storming here last night early AM I see that FB is changing again

Daviss: We had all that the other night, and may be gone out the state by now oh really, I have not seen that yet

vkn: Something about colors

Daviss: colors,hmmmm

vkn: I dare not touch

Daviss: lol for sure vkn for sure did you listen in on the radioblog last night

vkn: Yes it was good. i did not hear the first half Very knowledgeable lady

Daviss: I missed it good thing we are able to listen later

vkn: Listening later is good I see that Angela will be on next Thurs or the 7 of Mar

Daviss: yes I saw that new lineup. I am anxious to hear her. In fact I miss her in chat

vkn: She is mighty busy

Daviss: for sure

vkn: One can only do so much lol "Hello, I encountered no problem loading and entering the chat. As mentioned in my earlier reply, your users should make sure they have the latest java installed and enabled for their browsers. This probably isn't the cause of their login problems but while at your chat page I notice that you are not using the digitally signed applet code. We highly recommend that you replace the current code with the one that is digitally signed. You can get the code from your chat control panel by logging in at Click the Control panel icon. When at your controls click the Home tab then the sub-link Chat Room Link Code. Use the embedded code and make sure you have checked the box to use the digitally signed applet. Regards, Greg" Howdy Selma

Selma: Good Friday afternoon vkn and daviss What was that you just typed vkn?

Daviss: I had the latest java vkn just like last time but it kept coming up as corrupt

vkn: Howdy alt

Daviss: I had to uninstall about 4 times yesterday then gave up

Selma: Afternoon alt

alt: Hey Ladies, what's up? hope y'all are doing well today.

vkn: From the chat help desk Selma

Selma: Oh..we have a help desk.. LOL

Daviss: I started all over again last night and it took me that long again until it finally took Hi Selma and alt

vkn: It is not easy. No more plug and play

Daviss: I hate going through this every so often.. Some people can get in with no problem at all

alt: Daviss, I heard last night's guest on Bernice's show in Ft. Wayne.. I think she gave the same 'presentation' last night.

vkn: or so it seems

Selma: I usually don't have a problem..

Daviss: oh really alt, I did not get on last night

alt: okay, thought you might have attended the same presentation in Ft. Wayne.

vkn: Presentation is well polished from Gotham lady. Much upper crust

Daviss: no, you told me not to follow you around lol lol

vkn: lol

Daviss: hahahahaha

alt: I did ????????

Daviss: It was about early NY wasn't it

vkn: no riff or raff

alt: she is a 'classy' lady vkn.... very attractive & personable.

Daviss: nawwww just kidd'n alt

vkn: indeed attractive classy and personable Bernice picking fruit from top limbs of tree

Daviss: she has some good shows

alt: seems to be vkn, she is having some very good, knowledgable guests.

Selma: They have been quite good I tried to stay up..but didn't make it

alt: it's tough Selma... 9:00 PM is late for some of us LOL LOL

vkn: eyelids fall with night lol

alt: you've got that right vkn

Selma: You understand vkn.. LOL

vkn: deed I do

Selma: thank goodness seventies is not here.. LOL She would be shaking her head

vkn: lol

Daviss: lol lol lol

Selma: Although I do need to ask her a question

vkn: Youngsters !!!!!

alt: careful vkn, you're talkin' bout Daviss & Selma LOL LOL

Daviss: just look at it this way, the chickens get to bed lots earlier than we do

vkn: lol lol lol

alt: oh, oh

Daviss: uh oh

Selma: Speaking of the "youngster".. LOL

Seventies: hello alt, Daviss, Selma and vkn... alt don't uh oh me... lol

alt: hello Seventies, were your ears burning?

Daviss: :o

Seventies: lol I'm not telling.. lol

vkn: Seventies I be here protecting your name from the youngsters in da room lol

Seventies: lol

alt: yep Seventies, vkn was in your corner, of course I was on your case.

vkn: lol

Seventies: I can read the last few comments you know.. lol

alt: Oops LOL

vkn: uh oh

Seventies: Selma this is for you... SMH LOL

Daviss: lol lol lol

Selma: LOL,,,so you read back.. LOL

Seventies: yes I did! lol

vkn: "Finding African-American Ancestors in Newspapers Special offer! In honor of Black History Month, we're offering a special deal on this course: Sign up for this session and registration is half-price! This course will equip you with key background information for newspaper research, expose myths pertaining to the use of white newspapers, give you the skill and confidence to seek out and utilize African-American newspapers, and furnish you with invaluable tips and strategies designed to optimize your success. Starts February 25" Cost is $50.00

Seventies: i was up until midnight on that site.. lol Proquest that is.

Selma: Is that Tim?

vkn: Yes

Selma: I have a question seventies...

Seventies: I had a bonanza with the Chicago Defender...

Daviss: so how much is the normal price

Seventies: Yes ma'am???

Selma: Great seventies..

Daviss: good for you seventies

Seventies: you had a question Selma?

Selma: Yes I did.. Re: USCT Regimental history

Seventies: ok

Selma: Is that something at National Archives?

Seventies: Regimental History or Regimental Records??

Selma: Ok..there is a difference...good..Regimental Records that name soldiers?

Seventies: Regimental Records consist of a few different things. Morning Reports, Descriptive Rolls (names the soldiers) and a book of orders can't recall the name, but I have used in the past.

Daviss: oops

Seventies: Morning Reports are like the day to day operations of the Regiments... oh oh.

Selma: Hit the wrong button

Daviss: wb Sel

Seventies: ok

Selma: Does it give any other specific info on the of birth etc...

Seventies: Descriptive rolls do.

Selma: Is this info online? or at National Archives, or on microfilm available on inter library loan

Seventies: A good descriptive roll will give the name, age, place of birth, place & who enlisted and if you are lucky the name of the last known slave owner and where they lived

Selma: This info is for klassic...

Seventies: Selma, the only information that I've seen online for those types of records are the Ancestry records for KY...

alt: there is a 'compendium" of regimental records that AYW & Bennie frequently reference .. is it?

Seventies: No ILL or microfilm as these are the original record books.

Selma: Hopefully klassic will find a good descriptive roll..cause her guy lists 4 different states as POB

Daviss: what regiment is she researching Selma

alt: click on the link I posted and then go to your particular state(s) and there is a "file" of regimental records for each unit mustered in for the state.

Seventies: Also just a note in the case of my ancestors there were some unit changes. They may have switched names or units. Definitely should check that.

Selma: Mustered in in TN..2nd Regiment Co. B Heavy Artillery (changed to 4th Regiment)

Seventies: okay she should reference both of those Regimental records.

Selma: He mustered in at Island 10..Bennie said that is outside of Memphis I found a history of the Regiment on line

Seventies: Also she can check RG105... and all of the MS also as sometimes the info overlaps... :}

Selma: favorite

vkn: Bennie will be on Bernice in March

Seventies: Yes indeed. It would be great to do a project where that buffer area is documented.

Selma: Oh great...I will have to really try to stay awake.. LOL

Seventies: lol Have some herbal tea Selma... How about Vanilla Root??? Heard that ha some good caffeine in it.

Daviss: ooooooh nice site on that link alt

alt: Selma, click on the link I posted, then scroll down the side bar to TN, then scroll to 1st & 2nd TN reg'y of African Descent.... their regimental records are there.

Daviss: I just did that alt.. wish I had ancestor to search

Seventies: Now that we are related Daviss.. you can search for our Galmore ancestor... lol

Selma: Alt..please send to me in an email...I can't click from the chatroom

Seventies: the one I've been trying to give you for 2 years... lol

Daviss: you sure slay me seventies lol

alt: okay Selma. looks like it is a great site. just sent the link to you Selma.

Selma: Merci beaucoup

alt: yw

vkn: tres bien lol

alt: thank you vkn, I only speaks Ghetto LOL LOL

vkn: lol lol lol

Seventies: oh lawd.. lol

alt: vkn, sorry bout not returning your call... between Dr.s appts & auto problems I'm not sure whether I'm coming or going.

vkn: Me understanding alt

alt: plus I'm "forgetful" LOL

Seventies: lol

vkn: Time to get a new auto alt?

Seventies: Did y'all winterize the car?

alt: oh no, it's my 'baby' a '98 Toyota Tercel with less than 50,000 miles.

Selma: Less than 50,000

Seventies: Oh wow that's it??

alt: yeah Selma, Anita calls it my 'town car' cause I seldom drive it out of the city... only for nearby research, within 25-30 miles of home.

Daviss: brb

Seventies: alt, speaking on what we were talking about yestiddy.. Now we are getting an update of our Weingarten Rights Alt you love that car, huh? :}

Selma: Sounds like it seventies..a classic

vkn: Pre Pepsi Generation only use car to go to store and back lol

alt: yes I do Seventies

Seventies: I'm surprised alt even bought aToyota...

vkn: Post Pepsi use the car to see the sights

Selma: Someone trying to get into the room

Seventies: Who is Greg??

Selma: I don't know?

vkn: Greg is the Chat help desk guy

Seventies: and we have an sarnold also in the chats Lobby room

Selma: Oops where did everyone go

vkn: oops I be here

alt: to get the folks in the chat lobby?????

Daviss: sheesh

Seventies: Hi sarnold!

alt: wb Seventies & hello sarnold

Daviss: ok back I think

Selma: Hello sarnold welcome to the LunchBunch chat

vkn: Howdy sarnold and welcome

sarnold: Is this the Genealogy room?

Seventies: Yes one of them.

Selma: yes it is sarnold

vkn: That be we sarnold

sarnold: I want to make you all aware of a project we recently launched.

Seventies: Who?

sarnold: Fordham University

Seventies: Oh okay.

vkn: okies spill the beans sarnold

sarnold: We would love for you to spread the word.

Selma: Give us the details..


Selma: give us an overview...

sarnold: We are collecting info from the public on the location of burial grounds of enslaved african americans.

Seventies: I don't live too terribly far from Fordham. Is this an online project only or would I be able to go to the campus and access records.

alt: clicked and bookmarked the site sarnold

Selma: Locations in the whole country or just the NYC area?

sarnold: the United States

Seventies: ok

sarnold: we want to create a National Burial Registry for these sites.

Seventies: I can think of two off the top of my head...

sarnold: Great!

Daviss: I hope you will post the link on the Gen and Hist forum located here sarnold

alt: nice format for submission sarnold, questions asked should be very informative when/if answered

Seventies: Now this would be kind of like what was done with the Wheat African Burial ground in TN??

Selma: Have you had any submissions yet sarnold?

sarnold: somewhat

Selma: Are there any near the campus?

Seventies: sarnold, so you all are crowdsourcing this project?

sarnold: The website needs to promoted. People need to know about the project - which will help submissions.

Seventies: ok just asking. ;)

alt: I would imagine you are also interested in cemeteries involving FPOC sarnold.

sarnold: However, without being project the website has received submission weekly since it launched on Feb. 1, 2013. FPOC?

Seventies: Free People of Color.

alt: free persons of color..... my special area of research is Ohio pre Civil War and there are many cemteries where free blacks were buried in 'private & church' cemeteries.

Selma: You have some very well known professors on the team...Blakley, Eltis..gonna look for Rainville's book in 2014

sarnold: Yes. We are interested in burial grounds, burial sites of those who died while enslaved or those who were born enslaved and died after emancipation.

Seventies: LOL That's a lot of people..

Selma: Oh jeez that is a very tall order Have you already included the "known" burial sites?

sarnold: Yes, it is. We are aware it's a very ambitious project. However, because (sadly) most of these site might not ever be found because they have been lost to development, etcs.

alt: when you say 'after emancipation' are you speaking of individual manumission or after the Civil War and tuniversal emancipation for people of color?

vkn: sarnold how are you funded

alt: universal

Selma: Well I am working on a cemetery project records..we are recording info from the older parts of the cemetlery, we haven't gotten to that part yet..there are probably folks who had been enslaved..but we would not know unless we did the research..and there are over 12,000 graves

sarnold: Also, many of these sites are currently abandoned and forgotten. So we may not document all of the sites that exist. But we will certainly work to document those that the public will assist us in identifying.

vkn: sarnold how are you funded and what resources do you anticipate for lomgevity and are you involved with Emery out of TX? sarnold

Selma: Fordham is in the Bronx vkn

alt: sarnold, would this be an example of what you're looking for .... these are FPOC

vkn: Gotcha. Selma Emerey is a researcher who has been doing this for many a year also connected with Saundra Brown. Name of project escapes

Seventies: I have got to go. Y'all have a good day! See you all later! :}

Selma: Is Emerey doing a similar project vkn?

vkn: bye Seventies

Selma: Bye seventies

alt: later Seventies

sarnold: Yes, alt.

vkn: Yes Selma for about 20 years

alt: okay sarnold ... I may have several to submit from AA 'settlements' in Ohio.

sarnold: Thank you!

Selma: vkn..sarnold shoud post on the Genealogy and History Forum

vkn: Agreed Selma

sarnold: Thank you everyone! Please feel free to forward and post the website to your friends, churches, etc. I will look into posting on the forum!

alt: no doubt an AfriGeneas posting will be of much broader impact than the Chat room.

sarnold: Thank you everyone. I'm leaving the room now - please spread the word!

Selma: Your welcome..bye

alt: do you have a Facebook and/or Twitter presence sarnold ?

sarnold: Yes, Facebook.

Selma: Umm maybe they need to be on Bernice's show

alt: okay, thank you

vkn: good suggestion selma

sarnold: Link is on the website. There is also information about media inquires, etc. on the website as well.

Selma: Plus go to the AAHGS website..and write an article for the newsletters

sarnold: Thank you.

Selma: Not everyone is online..and they read the newsletter

sarnold: Ok - thank you! Thanks again everyone! Have a great weekend!


Selma: Ummmm

alt: I gotta split too ..another Dr.s appt at 3:30

Selma: You take care alt

alt: you too Selma

Selma: Time for me to run too...bye folks..have a great day

alt: Daviss & Seventies LOL

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