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2013-02-21 • Jes Sayin


Start: 11:42:22
End: 13:03:01
Chatters: alt, Seventies, vkn

vkn: Good Day on Thursday it is coldlanta today Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture 4 bookmarks as gift Ida B Wells . Fred Douglass . Dr Carver. Madme C J Walker $1000 or more to be charter member Selma is absent today alt may have appts daviss has family health issues i am trying to stay warm heater at full blast and 76 degrees

Seventies: hello vkn

vkn: howdy doody seventies

Seventies: nothin' much vkn

vkn: i hear that

Seventies: nothing much is howdy doodying.. lol How are you?

vkn: cold and under covers

Seventies: oh sheesh! having a cold snap?

vkn: i am keeping the daybed company lol

Seventies: lol

vkn: so y'all be free in mississip huh

Seventies: lol yah, right... excuse my dry sarcasm, but free is such a relative term when it comes to that state.

vkn: Some things take forever

Seventies: That's why drugs and petty crimes are so harshly punished there. Prison is still an option to enslave people.

vkn: Too sad

Seventies: And you know how MS and AL loves chain gangs.

vkn: indeed

Seventies: A few years ago, they wanted to bring that BS back.

vkn: Well the Civil Rights accomplishments are on the block daily We must watch as well as pray

Seventies: Yes, they refuse to give us our full rights of citizenship. Bottom line. And they wonder why we don't ever feel like citizens.

vkn: We must demand and take

Seventies: brb vkn

vkn: k This Java is giving fokes the business

Seventies: lol

vkn: this too shall pass lol slow day today

Seventies: lol very slow.. Perhaps people are having lunch, appointments, etc

vkn: yes I did not speak with daviss last evening so status is unknown BB says she cannot access chat

Seventies: I haven't spoken to her either. accessing through Firefox will help.

vkn: I sent BB a java solution so maybe but she is also VERY busy

Seventies: IE acts up when I used it. So I quit using it to access chat.

vkn: Facebook seems to be changing again I cannot keep up with that program

Seventies: yep, I had to change some settings...again. They keep trying to make everything public.

vkn: too bad I think but I guess its about dollars

Seventies: it is...

vkn: It is mostly beyond me

alt: Hi Ladies,

vkn: Heyyyyyyy alt

Seventies: hello alt.. How is everything going? How is Ms.Anita?

alt: I was busy surfing the 'Net and the time got away from me.... what's up? going well Seventies, I'm keeping Ms. Anita busy taking care of me LOL

Seventies: lol I bet! lol

vkn: Daviss on phone cannot get in chat

alt: Oops Re: Daviss

Seventies: smh

vkn: Will have report from brother at 2pm

Seventies: okay

alt: prayers & best wishes for Daviss' brother

Seventies: Indeed. Hope all works out well for them.

vkn: I relayed message She relayed the new java and then was told app is corrupt

alt: Seventies, will the sequester, if it happens afect you and yoru job?

vkn: She installed the new java and then was told app is corrupt

Seventies: Well, we will be on furlough for two days a pay period. That's what they told us. But I suspect that more may go on...

vkn: I hope not seventies re what alt said

Seventies: If this is the case, I'll be really focused more so on genealogy. I will have to keep busy.

vkn: so furlough days will be tax write off seventies

alt: I'm hoping you get the time for "more" genealogy Seventies LOL

Seventies: lol I already have a plan in place alt.

alt: Oops, you DON'T get the time

Seventies: I've never been furloughed.. If the Furlough goes through... which it will... I will see if I can get unemployment if its an extended period of time.

vkn: well lets pray it is short lived

alt: I think we came close once or twice during my civil service career (32 years), but it never happened.

Seventies: The last furlough was in 1995.

alt: oh okay, I've been gone since '87.

vkn: we called it flextime

Seventies: Also we've had close calls several times in the last few years. Three times.

vkn: it gets to be scary

alt: it's a shame that Congress can hold gov't empoyees hostage with thie foolishness, but it not affect them.

Seventies: I expect that we will get hit hard, but the legistlative body will sitll get paid 6 and 7 figure salaries... :{

vkn: double shame

Seventies: exactly alt. Most gov't employees are not GS 14-18 or SES employees.

alt: the usual victims are Unions, Gov't emplyoees and the Postal workers.

Seventies: Right. Just what the Conservative Tea Partiers wanted. A broke gov't.

alt: andI forgot they always threaten Teachers and the Educational system

Seventies: Don't get me started with schools. They have become a money making venture. Charter schools bring in big, BIG money! Are the children being educated?

alt: do you have Charter or Voucher schools in your area Seventies ?

Seventies: No. NYS won't allow it legally.

alt: is that right?

Seventies: Yes, there can be only 10 in the entire state. By-law One of the things I looked into a while back.

alt: They're BIG time here in Ohio and the thing is that Public money follows the kids in the support of "for profit" Charter schools... like you say .. there are BIG bucks involved

Seventies: We are headed towards a dumber generation of people where only the wealthy can have a decent education. Scary

alt: yep, these are not good times... except for genealogy researchers LOL LOL

Seventies: lol lol and those over the age of 65... LOL the song "Good Times" just popped in my head...

alt: watch it Seventies ..... over 65's for those who have PAID their dues LOL and are still paying ain't that right vkn?

Seventies: Who says you have to be 65 to have paid dues... ??? People of all ages make sacrifices everyday. But y'all at least get SS... lol We aren't even going to get that! lol Yet I pay a good chunk of my check into it. :(

alt: I don't get SS

Seventies: Unfortunate. Well folks, I gotta get going and make my dollar until this furlough comes through... smh

alt: what are you under? PERS? I retired under the CSR system.

Seventies: FERS... we 'invest' in our own retirement.. smh It almost makes me really want to get out of gov't work... seriously. Except my children need health insurance and braces.

alt: okay, I meant FERS.. that's what replaced CSR.... a 'terrible' system FERS IMHO

Seventies: Yes FERS is awful. Do you know how much money gets taken out of your check to include health insurance, taxes and FERS... its like what the h3ll am I working for again? Ridiculous.

alt: yes I know.... I had CSR, taxes, insurance (life & health)

Seventies: salary is not a great motivator, I tell you that much.. lol

alt: Well, that may be true, but you do have a good solid job and that's not to be overlooked.

Seventies: People who work for the gov't look for job security and because they love it and in some cases they wouldn't have the chance to do it outside of the gov't. Not every gov't job is a high faluting job... sad to say. I just had to say faluting.. lol

alt: so true, it is doubtful that I could of had the position I had in the private sector during the early years of my career.

Seventies: Exactly. I really gotta go... So I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Be well Mr. Thomas.

alt: you too Ms Seventies

Seventies: :} Take care.

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