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2013-02-20 • More DNA Confusion


Start: 12:05:37
End: 13:25:10
Chatters: alt, Daviss, deannie, keli1, Selma, Seventies, yatah

Seventies: hello Daviss!

Daviss: hello Seventies!

Seventies: How's the weather out there?

Daviss: How's it going?

Seventies: eh pretty good.

Daviss: It's raining cats and dogs right at this moment at least down here in the valley. Up north its snowing like the dickins

Seventies: oh yeah? We got a little snow and mostly rain last night, yesterday.

Daviss: R U at work ?

Seventies: Yes of Really wishing I could be at the archives today through Friday.. lol

Daviss: I imagine Seventies

Seventies: Been doing research for a few minutes this morning...

Daviss: where, on Family or Ancestry?

Seventies: Trying to work out some things... research wise and money wise. I need money, money, money to continue my research. Trying to figure out ways to get more cash. hello alt

alt: hey Seventies & Daviss, What's Up?

Seventies: Nada.. looking for money,honey! lol

Daviss: don't we all Seventies.... I could sure use some to get halfway going towards an archive Hello alt!!

Seventies: Daviss, people are just giving away money... I'm contemplating how I can get some cash. Seriously.

Daviss: Yes I know, I think Sharon is going through that same route that you are

Seventies: I've seen a couple of grants, but I really want to get into the crowdfunding piece. Well I visit the crowdfunding sites 3x's a week and have not seen her campaign yet.

Daviss: not sure which one but I know she has been actively involved for at least two or three yrs

Seventies: I thought she was doing crowdsourcing and not crowdfunding...

Daviss: I have no idea but just know she has

Seventies: Crowdsourcing lets people volunteer to do work for you or your company. Crowdfunding lets them give you cash.. lol I would like cash to do my research...

Daviss: She is I think trying to get a grant to do her research is all I know

Seventies: ok

Daviss: Did I say hello to you alt/

Seventies: nope... lol

Daviss: oops that should be a q mark' lol hello alt!!!

alt: Hello Y'all .. you were talking about something more important .... money LOL

Daviss: ha!

Seventies: indeed alt, indeed! :}

Daviss: Barrett Strong 1959 lol

Seventies: This has been on my mind for about a year now.

Daviss: Big Jay McNeely lol 1961

Seventies: What in the world??? LOL

alt: early musicians Seventies

Daviss: thank you alt lol

deannie: Hi everyone

Daviss: hello there deannie

Seventies: Hello deannie...

alt: Big Jay .... There Is Something On Your Mind

Seventies: thanks alt

alt: Hello deannie

deannie: I have a question, if I have a Family Tree on Ancestry am i able to download it to Memory stick. Or did I have to copy every person and reenter in to my Famiiy Tree

Seventies: You can download your tree as a gedcom...

Daviss: I can't answer that deannie hi Selma!!

alt: Not sure deannie, but don't you have the same tree in your software package ... FTM or RM, etc.? you can load to a memory stick from there.

Seventies: You should first download the Gedcom and then add it to whatever family tree program you are using. what alt said.

Selma: Good afternoon alt, daviss, deannie and seventies

Seventies: Hi Selma

alt: Hello Selma

deannie: Ok...

Selma: Hey alt..I was hoping you knew something about those folks in the blog

alt: deannie, that is one of the great features of the full version of Roots Magic... they have a feature called "Roots Magic To Go" specifically used for loading Gedcom's to a memory stick.

Seventies: If you have RootsMagic, you have a to-go program which will allow you to take your tree with you if you opt to save it on a flash drive.

Daviss: :o

Seventies: geez alt, are you reading my mind here??? lol

alt: Hi Selma.... I did know some Via's in Columbus, but nothing about their family history or genealogy.

Selma: I figured you knew it all about folks in Ohio alt.. lOL

Seventies: Okay so has anyone been taking advantage of the free records offered this month?

deannie: Thanks so much for the information. I have a Family Tree Software

alt: not quite Selma....

Selma: Think I have the Free Negro Register for Augusta..gonna look them up

alt: that is in interesting story Selma.....

Selma: Someone transcribed and published many years ago The blog I am talking about is the one by the Library of Virginia..Out of the Box..

alt: some good stuff there Selma

Daviss: I agree alt, I thumbed through it about an hour ago..

deannie: Hi keli

Selma: Talking about a case where woman emancipated her slaves in 1860, family sued but lost..slaves were emancipated and sent to Ohio..where she left them money to buy land

keli1: Hello Lunch Bunch!

Daviss: hi there keli1

Selma: Afternoon keli

keli1: Selma all good on your part?

Daviss: How was the conference keli1

alt: Hello keli1, good 'seeing' you, how have you been?

deannie: I have to run my co worker wants me to do some work lol

keli1: It was very good, great campus,, etc, I can't wait for MAAGI in July

Selma: WORK..whats that.. LOL

Daviss: take care deannie

alt: a bad four letter word Selma LOL

Daviss: Thats good to hear keli1...wish I could go

keli1: doing good Art, hanging in there as one would say

Daviss: too many irons in my fire

keli1: I had to check it out, and took the train...loved it

Selma: Jeez just got email from someone asking me for 1,000 cause they are stuck in Manila...

Seventies: I guess no one has looked at any free records then..ok... :)

Daviss: great keli1..MAAGI is a ground breaker within itself

Seventies: Block that mess Selma... lol People are still running that game, hmph..

keli1: for sure, lots of opportunities for those who want to learn about AA genealogy research

Seventies: yeah

Daviss: good afternoon yatah

yatah: hi

Seventies: hi yatah

Selma: What free records seventies? Afternoon yatah

yatah: my dna at lab now

Seventies: Proquest, Ancestry, Fold3 (I think)... etc

alt: hello yatah

Daviss: Our family reunion is in Atlanta on that 3rd weekend keli1 so it would be doubly hard for me to do both

keli1: went to Sweetie Pies-Upper Crust

Daviss: yummy

Seventies: I have to visit MAAGI's site again... Wonder what new tracks are available there?

Selma: I used the newspaper database..great resource

Seventies: Any tracks on slavery and slave records?

Selma: I was looking at the JET archives too..a friend was in a plane crash in early 1960's..she was in it..sent it to her

keli1: new tracks, not sure they changed, I have Beginner's methods and strategies

Seventies: wow. Does Google still have the old archives of Jet magazine? Love looking at those.

Daviss: yes they do seventies

Seventies: Other than for profit, anyone know of any routinely free sites with African American records specifically.

yatah: now i wait for my result smile

Daviss: yes yatah, it will be awhile until they come back

Seventies: Yep a good minute.

Daviss: I don't seventies

yatah: mine said will 6 to 8 week daviss

Seventies: That sounds right.

Daviss: thats about right yatah

yatah: due high volume

Seventies: That's the normal time... lol

yatah: oh ok my first time

alt: who did you you test with yatah?

Daviss: keli1, did you run into Angela at the Conference/

Seventies: Alright folks, I'm going to skeedaddle... have a good one.

yatah: myself alt for now if enought result no problem

alt: no, I mean company yatah .. AncestryDNA, 23andme, FTDNA ... which company di you test with?

yatah: sorry 23 and me

alt: okay, thanks yatah

yatah: welcome hope i can find answer where i am from lol

keli1: I will look I think there sessions, but not a whole track, track is 12 workshops

Daviss: whoa keli1

alt: Selma, Seventies got out of here before I could tease her about specific AA records .... I was gonna lay your statement on her to "look for all types records, AA's are in them and not just AA specific records"

keli1: Do you know if I can upload my DNA stuff to familytreedna and if there is a charge

Selma: Folks I have to run..have a good day

alt: from where keli1?

Selma: Bye

keli1: national genographic

Daviss: ohhhh not sure about them keli1.. I know you can with 23

alt: not sure about that one keli1. I know 23andme had a procedure with FTDNA, might want to check the FTDNA Home Page for transfers

Daviss: the charge for 23 is 89 dollars in fact I transferred mine and am now waiting for results

alt: Daviss, does that transfer include ftdna doing and matching y & mtdna as well as the family finder, or is it only to connect 23andm3 RF matches to ftdna FF matches?

keli1: okay I will check

Daviss: its the same as family finder I imagine alt

alt: okay ... did ftdna give you a haplogroup match(s) and also start matching you with haplogoups as well as Family finder matches?

Daviss: I have a hap matches

alt: oh, okay .. thanks

Daviss: on 23 my hap is Lo2 and on FTDNA its Lo1a

alt: is that right? wonder why the diff and if that is a significant difference?

Daviss: all my maternal is LOa1a ....tripped me out at first

keli1: I am h

alt: me too keli1 ... H3

Daviss: called them and they said something about triangulation at 23. I will go with all my other women lol L0a1a

keli1: Oh I can't remember the number after the H, heehee, H1

Daviss: I think it may be what tool they used is my thinking

alt: I don't even bother with the ftdna mtdna matches .... too many.. I have like 9,000 HVR1 matches and 2,500 HVR1 & HVR2 full sequence matches for H3.

Daviss: no because that is only the population right alt

alt: Davis ??????

Daviss: like me and Cook match on both but not autosoma;\ we thought we would but nada

keli1: I need to see if what I actually have is the autosomal

Daviss: do you mean with NG

alt: I have about 70-75 Family Finder matches and when I do s 'search' on those names for haplogroup matches (y & mtdna) I get only about 10 that are on both sets of matches.

Daviss: how close are those matches alt?

alt: that might be just because of the depth of testing done by the other folk, perhaps they haven't done the Family Finder testing

Daviss: right keli1 did you test with 23?

keli1: yes I did, but have a cousin who tested with genographic, I want his info

alt: 1 matches on 65-67 Y-DNA markers and he is a 5th cousin.... which I think means we should have a common 4th great-grandfather.

Daviss: did you download to Gedmatch also? Have you two connected alt meaning via email

alt: we've corresponded Daviss, but haven't made a connection.

keli1: I am not sure I downloaded to gedmatch, I will check tonight when I get home I need to go, vicki I will catch you on fb and let you know, thanks

Daviss: please do keli1 and let me know ok bye take care

alt: my father's father was born in slavery about 1852 ...white man/black woman... I have no genealogical information on that line beyond my grandfather whatsoever.

Daviss: I downloaded my brothers y to that y-database alt..not sure how to go about looking at it

alt: me neither Daviss... like I said last week or so.. I'm DNA's out LOL

Daviss: lol I keep saying that but have not closed the door

alt: oh, I'll list, but I'm not goona follow up like I would with the genealogical information.

Daviss: I hear ya alt

alt: what chromsome(s) we match on and the length doesn't really do anything for me. but that's just me

Daviss: I know, I read something about a match that is right in the middle of a chromosome.. I could not figure out what that meant would that be any different if it were the same length and broken up in different lengths lol

alt: don't get me to lying LOL LOL LOL

Daviss: hahahaha or what difference would it make if we match on 1 or on 15

alt: right

Daviss: does each chromosome mean different things excluding the X why don't you go back to school alt and study this stuff lol lol lol

alt: I'm not sure what 'closeness' mean with these cousin matches.......are they closer in generations (1st & 2nd cousin) or are they closer in Y-DNA markers & HVR regions which would push them further back in generations?... I just give up I did Daviss, as a biology major and that is what is confusing to me..... we studied the inheritance of 'genes' and not chromosomes. dominant & recessvie, heterozygous & homozygous, mutations & Mendalian Law. of course that was 45-50 years ago LOL LOL L

Daviss: I think we should go to the casino and pull on the handles....That should shake up dem bones if we hit a good one lol

alt: let's go... oh no, it's too cold here to go out 10 degrees and feels like -10 according to the weatherman

Daviss: wow that's cold!!

alt: you go and I wish you the bestest & goodest of luck LOL

Daviss: lol Its raining here so I better just work the internet

alt: laters partner

Daviss: later and take care

alt: see, we can't even catch a break with the weather LOL

Daviss: lol\ bye

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