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2013-02-19 • Bowdry pension file


Start: 12:07:53
End: 13:03:47
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Good afternoon, Selma Good afternoon Daviss

Selma: Good afternoon daviss and seventies

Seventies: Selma, what's good?

Selma: Not too much...

Seventies: what?! lol

Selma: Afternoon daviss...

Seventies: WB Daviss

Daviss: hello, hello, hello! lol now that was strange

Seventies: yes lots of strange thangs going on these days... lol

alt: Hi Ladies .... Daviss, Selma & Seventies

Seventies: hello alt.

Daviss: hi alt and selma!

Selma: Afternoon alt.. Afternoon vkn

alt: Hello vkn

vkn: heyyyyyyy

Seventies: hello vkn!

vkn: glad to see all

Selma: Did anyone show up yesterday..I came History Buff was here and seventies but they never typed anything

Seventies: I was here for a few minutes then everyone left... *shrugs*

Daviss: hello vkn!

vkn: @ Selma "Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be" lol lol lol

alt: not me Selma.. Dr. appts all week later today, Wes & then thurs.

Daviss: I did not come in Selma, hung up on phone re brother

vkn: What is news from TX Daviss

alt: vkn, looking at yesterday's chat .... Karamu House.... is that in Cleveland, OH?

vkn: Yes in Cleveland Alt

Selma: I just saw that alt...the discussion was after I fleft

Daviss: they took biopsy now another 3 day wait

vkn: thanx daviss

Daviss: welcome vkn

Selma: You know we will be thinking about you and your brother daviss

alt: okay vkn.. cousin H. Leslie Adams was the director of the Karamu House at one time.

Daviss: whats is Karumu House, I have not been on Forum

vkn: All of my KERR BELL kin who are performers are Karamu products Alt

Daviss: yes, thank you Selma

alt: Yes Daviss, prayer for you & your family at this time. is that right vkn, WOW!!!!

vkn: Ahhhhhh Leslie Adams at Karamu. Exciting. I think you told me that alt

Daviss: Is that a Theater ?

Seventies: ditto to that alt.

alt: small world, huh vkn?

vkn: Tie a knot at rope end and hold on daviss. We are with you From small to teeny weeny alt

Daviss: I see something from K Bass Ayers....I think she is still in Dubai

Seventies: A few weeks ago, I made contact with someone who was researching the Earls family in Wilkinson Co. MS. They have now contacted me about the Henyard family. very excited!

Daviss: Very nice Seventies.....Congrats

vkn: Excited with you seventies

Selma: Good for you seventies

vkn: Yes@ daviss she wanted to correct her name

Daviss: Nothing wrong with that vkn. Glad she could

alt: exciting Seventies .. you be's 'clustering' to da max LOL

vkn: Interesting story of family she tells daviss

Seventies: Yes indeed alt.. lol

Daviss: she is very interesting vkn.. I just love her

Seventies: The Henyards, Earls, Scotts and McFarlands...

Daviss: Did your Scotts end up in Okla Seventies?

Selma: Alt..regarding the names on the USCT memorial..and name changes

Seventies: No MS and LA Daviss.

vkn: great She is an AfriGenean of over ten years daviss. Was on the original mailing list if I am remembering correctly

Daviss: She is in our Gen Group vkn ok seventies

Seventies: Some may have left, but hadn't tracked them outside of Chicago... lol

vkn: I just did a "like" on your gengroup daviss @ facebook

Daviss: ok vkn

Selma: I have to check my files..but I assisted a woman along time ago, whose relative enlisted under "his" last slave owners name, his family had been split up under numerous owners after an owner...when they reunited and appeared on 1870 census, they all took that owners surname an owner died

vkn: Interesting Selma

Daviss: Do you have index files Selma with names

Selma: When the man enlisted at Fort Monroe...his owners name was listed, so not sure if he "used" that surname or the officer who enlisted him..just put it down

vkn: Nice convo alt with History on military

alt: okay Selma, I was asking the question because of the Tobias Bowdry stroy recently talked about here on AfriGeneas.... He is listed on the memorial as Wilson Green... the alias he was given for enlistment purposes, but he got hispesnison under the Bowdry surname... his last slave owner

vkn: and saw your Callens photo Seventies ...nice

Selma: That was the same scenario..

Seventies: thank you vkn

Selma: When she contacted me it was a couple of months after I heard James Walker speak in 1993..he said you want the Pension Records, they are cross referenced with the Service Records but the Service Records were not..

alt: He was captured in MS along with his slave master, they brought them to a POW camp in Ohio where they were separated and he (Tobias) was allowed to enlist in the USCT.

Selma: I told her to send for Pension Record...both names appeared

alt: same thing with the Bowdry pension file Selma, both names appeared

Selma: The name he was using after family reunited..and the name he enlisted under was listed as alias

alt: right Selma. I guess that wasn't an uncommon occurrence

Selma: Not it was not..the Officers were under pressure to assign folks I don't want to say proper names, but the in the accepted form of first names and surnames..or you could have a "million Davids" enlisting with no other way to differentiate..

Seventies: Why don't any of my CW pension files have that kind of information?? sigh

vkn: lol

alt: right Selma

Selma: Maybe because the names they enlisted under was the same ones they applied for their pension under

Seventies: Could be.

Selma: On the list I have for folks who enlisted at Fort Monroe..I have to check the dates..there was a column for names of former owners

Seventies: Even so, there are people who listed their 'former' slaveholders in some of the Regimental records I've looked at. I was absolutely surprised.

alt: like most other aspects of genealogy research there are so many varying/individual circumstances to each situation.

Selma: On many lists generated in VA, cohabs, census lists, names of owners are listed..I wondered if that was included in case the North lost the War and property would be returned..or if government would reimburse them for their loss of property

alt: that's a thought Selma... the North losing and how would the slave owners be 'repaired"?

Seventies: I think so Selma. I am inclined to think that people, particularly the businessmen who owned people, would want to be given restitution for 'property' lost.

alt: isn't that is what the Southern Claims Commission is about? restitution for property lost as a result of the CW?

Selma: But at that point the decision had been made not to reimburse folks for their enslaved property Those slave owners who remained with the Union like in Maryland before the War ended could submit claims.. this whole name thing is complicated..I hate when folks say "owners GAVE their slaves their last names"...I think in most instances, it was theirs to choose.. and it didn't mean cause their owners were "kinder gentler" the IRS

alt: yep Selma, that 'one size fits all' thought process needs some reworking LOL LOL

Seventies: I think its irritating when we refer to Africans who were enslaved as slaves, but you live and learn. Legally Africans had no standing as citizens until the ratification of the 14th amendment.

alt: another BIG dispute Seventies, who were considered citizens prior to the 'citizenship' amendment.

Seventies: I think its pretty cut and dry... do you have another view on this? I'd love to get another perspective on it.

alt: well, the enslaved & the native american's weren't considered citizens, not sure about the status of indentured servants and FPOC....

Seventies: Okay, but indentured servants after 1789 who were white and from England were giving automatic citizenship according to the federal law of that time. naturalization act of 1789.

Selma: Yes.. You mean what was status before 1868 when 14th was passed.

alt: yes Selma, Well, that's my homework assignment...... got to get ready for a Dr.s visit @ 2:30 ... laters y'all

Daviss: lol

Seventies: Have a good one alt.

Daviss: take care

Selma: I think in the FB see the beginnings of how to include them in the process

Seventies: The marriages and such.. interesting. Also the voting...

Selma: The marriages legalized those relationships, but in some instances what was more important..was legalizing those children from those relationships for inheritance and who would be "responsible" for them ...sorry took over the conversation.. LOL

Daviss: later ladies......

Seventies: No no no that's good info.. bye Daviss..

Selma: Time for me to run too.. Have a great day

Seventies: See y'all tonight

Selma: Ok goodness hope I can stay up

18 Dec 2002 :: 1 Feb 2009
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