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2013-02-19 • Tuesday Night


Start: 21:15:34
End: 21:55:24
Chatters: deannie, klassicglass, Sadonya, Selma, vkn

deannie: Evening klassicglass

klassicglass: hello how are you, Sorry I was on another site nobody was in the room.

deannie: No, we are earlier....I just show your name about 2 weeks ago...I'm in Chicago, I have doing research about 7 yrs but I'm just a beginner what about you

klassicglass: since 2007 and I'm still a beginner also learning something new everytime I come into the chat rooms when I get a chance I'm in Ohio.

deannie: That the way feel when I come also...I have meet some on the people (Alt, Daviss, Angela) when I go to conferences I like going to conference...I went to Utah in October it was great....I did not find much but I learned something from others

klassicglass: I haven't been to a conference yet, hopefully I'll get a chance

deannie: Do go they are great, and you some many people.....I still work so I have plan my trip around my vacation...most of my gen buddy are retired so they and go at any time... Let me get my glass so I will know what i typing

klassicglass: same here cause of work it hard for me..hopefully this year will be the is your researching going?

deannie: Great.... Hi Selma...

klassicglass: evening selma

deannie: I was checking my Family Tree for error so I can merge with a cousin's file....

Selma: Good evening folks

klassicglass: awesome

Selma: I see you have been busy klassic

deannie: What r your counties

klassicglass: yes I have, even doing my homework you gave me to re-read over the pension file. mainly Illinois @Selma, I'm still looking for the descriptive roll you told me to search for.

Selma: I think seventies mentioned...was that Freedmen's Bureau Descriptive Pamphlet..or Regimental Rolls

vkn: howdy all

klassicglass: hi vkn

Selma: Hi seventies

deannie: Hi Vkn

vkn: klassicglass went to your design site howdy deannie

klassicglass: thank you, what did you think I would your feed back

deannie: Hi Vkn

vkn: y selma y selmahowdy

Selma: Hi vkn... Oops I said Hi seventies before

vkn: i left a note there klassicglass

klassicglass: I will check it out.

vkn: k Its all good

klassicglass: lol

Selma: Evening Sadonya..

vkn: Howdy Sadonya

klassicglass: evening Sadonya

Sadonya: hello everyone

Selma: klassic when you re read the Pension file did you find any new info?

klassicglass: nothing yet.

deannie: Hi Sadonya

vkn: Sadonya are you getting all of that BENHAM info being sent your way

Sadonya: I was did you send something today?

vkn: no

Sadonya: I been scanning pictures oh okay I am sure I am did you want me to do anything with any of it

vkn: Me also scanning deannie new research finds ?

deannie: No, just going over information to put my information in new plan for 2013...

vkn: Running to get to nap before Selma does lol

Selma: LOL

vkn: 'all be good

Selma: Wow she really did run out fast.. LOL

Sadonya: yes she did

klassicglass: @Selma I did find this, affidavit stamped 1893 stating that when Alfred left the hospital he went to William Foster house and that he had known him since he was 10 then Elizabeth Foster stated she and Alfred was raised together but it don't say were

Selma: When he mustered out of the USCT at the Hospital in Pine Bluff, ARkansas?

klassicglass: yes I believe so, but the affidavit was in Illinois, on the 1880 census I found for William Foster it states he is from Virginia but I don't know were he was. I'm think Arkansas

Selma: Did you find Elizabeth Foster with William Foster? Were William and Elizabeth black?

klassicglass: yes on the 1880 census Illinois relation to household - something other than a direct relationship. both Black

Selma: Was William in the USCT too

klassicglass: I haven't researched to see if he was.

Selma: Alfred is listed as being 22 when he enlisted...

klassicglass: yes I made a mistake Elizabeth Edwards (not Foster)

Selma: Oh ok... Send me an brain;doesn't operate too well after 7 PM.. LOL

klassicglass: ok, and thank you

Selma: Time for me to go..have a good evening Good night

deannie: I have to run have a great always do genealogy everyday that ends with a y

klassicglass: will I guess I'll go do my research

Sadonya: lol you have a great research week

klassicglass: you to....

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