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2013-02-18 • Yatah does DNA


Start: 12:02:48
End: 13:26:31
Chatters: HistoryBuff, klasssicglassdesigns, Selma, Seventies, vkn, yatah

Seventies: Good afternoon. I'm here cooking lunch. . .

HistoryBuff: Hey Seventies, how are you?

Selma: Good afternoon Historybuff and seventies (where every you are) Historybuff..good answer on the symbols on the USCT monument..that was very helpful Well folks have to run..have a nice day

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff hello vkn

vkn: greetings Seventies History Hope you are each doing reasonably well

Seventies: Doing well and you??

vkn: Cooooooooollllldddddd weather in Hotlanta

Seventies: lol probably not as cold as it is here today.. feels like Chicago here. Wind and all. . .

vkn: No major complaints that are solovable seventies lol

Seventies: lol good!

vkn: well winds are calm but chill is almost frozen in place

Seventies: Anything new going on with your genealogy group?? Your seniors group... You haven't mentioned them in a while.

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn.

vkn: oh yes sad news the instigator of that group slept away last Sunday. She was buried on Friday last.

HistoryBuff: Somber news.

vkn: Leaves an emptiness for the entire community

Seventies: yes... then the passing of Sandra Taliferro... wow

vkn: yes that is a big loss in Atlanta and in genealogy

HistoryBuff: Sorry to hear.

vkn: Sandra gave so much and her gifting will continue to serve other seekers

Seventies: absolutely...I guess she had the flu or some other sort of upper respiratory illness... that is kind of scary. Yes, she was always encouraging other researchers to tell their stories. . ..

vkn: She was wheelchair bound

Seventies: Ah... okay.

vkn: It never ends and I spose it keeps us strong

HistoryBuff: Indeed

klasssicglassdesigns: hello everyone

HistoryBuff: Hey klasssicglassdesigns

Seventies: Hi klassicglassdesigns

vkn: klasssicglassdesigns howdy klasssicglassdesigns anything new in the research pool ?

klasssicglassdesigns: within the last couple of days I connected with a new family member that is researching Alfred Prior. Alfred is his g-grandfather, so I am waiting to hear back from them with more info on him

vkn: That is wonderful to hear congratulations klasssicglassdesigns

Seventies: congratulations klassicglassdesigns.

klasssicglassdesigns: ty

HistoryBuff: Bravo klasssicglassdesigns !

vkn: How did the connection happen klasssicglassdesigns

Seventies: OK I'm going to get outta here... see yall tomorow. :) Have a good day.

klasssicglassdesigns: on ancestry, I saw someone had made changes to a page on alfred, so I inboxed them and asked how are they related to him, she told me alfred is her husband g-grandfather, we shared other names of family members and bam!!!! have a good day seventies

vkn: teriffic So History what is new with you Thanx for your messages via facebook history. I am overwhelmed by the big brotherness of FaceBook

HistoryBuff: Oh not much. I finally received a book one of my distant cousins wrote on Black Migration.

vkn: klasssicglassdesigns do you do facebook

klasssicglassdesigns: yes

vkn: Oh wonderful HistoryBuff what path does the book follow Maybe I should say pathS well with a name with designs I guess you do klasssicglassdesigns and tell us what you are designing

klasssicglassdesigns: I make handmade jewelry crochet and knit hats and scarfs

vkn: ahhhhh and what is your point of distribution

klasssicglassdesigns: is that question for me?

vkn: yes Give us a link Name of book HistoryBuff

HistoryBuff: The title is Black migration in America from 1915 to 1960 by E. Marvin Goodwin (1997).

vkn: wow book sounds impressive Give us a link klasssicglassdesigns

HistoryBuff: He was a history professor and distant cousin on maternal grandfather's side-one of his nephews.

klasssicglassdesigns: d

HistoryBuff: Thanks klasssicglassdesigns.

klasssicglassdesigns: thank you for asking

vkn: thankee and where are you located klasssicglassdesigns if i dare be so bold

klasssicglassdesigns: cleveland, ohio

vkn: ahhhhhhh I i just lost a 102 year old kin in Cleveland yesterday Rebecca Armstead Kerr

HistoryBuff: Ah Vkn, I am sorry to hear.

klasssicglassdesigns: sorry to hear about that.

vkn: thanx she lead a loooooong life and a good life.

klasssicglassdesigns: yes she was blessed

vkn: indeed Does Karamu house still stand klasssicglassdesigns

klasssicglassdesigns: still standing, my granddaughter has been in a couple of plays there.

HistoryBuff: Very nice.

klasssicglassdesigns: it needs some work done to it, but they say there going to leave it as it is

vkn: Most of the KERR Kids came through Karamu as performers

klasssicglassdesigns: awesome!

HistoryBuff: Kerr Kids?

vkn: Hmmmmmm now Karamu is Black Performing Arts History

klasssicglassdesigns: yes it it

vkn: History I need your help on my Millard Bell

yatah: hi

vkn: Howdy yatah

klasssicglassdesigns: hello

HistoryBuff: Hey yatah. How may I help you, Vkn?

yatah: now my dna sample at lab and i wait for result next ,vkn

vkn: I will send you a link to him on Military History yatah greattttttt for you

HistoryBuff: Okay. What did you wish to know, Vkn?

yatah: thanks vkn, how long will be?

vkn: All will be in notification History

HistoryBuff: Okay. Great news about you Yatah.

vkn: and we can see what the end might be Yatah I know little of DNA

yatah: ok

HistoryBuff: Yeah Yatah, I'm still review my results from both AncestryDNA and

yatah: i use 23 and me

vkn: See you good peeps 2morry. Will check out you products klassic

klasssicglassdesigns: see you later

yatah: guess chat over

klasssicglassdesigns: you are comparing the two DNA reports, do they seen to be the same

yatah: ok

HistoryBuff: They have similarities.

yatah: they will find what tribe i am ?

HistoryBuff: Both indicate more West African lineage, but 23adnme was a little more specific-Sub-suharian-Bentu, Gambia.

klasssicglassdesigns: I think you have stated this answer before, but what do they compare your dna to

HistoryBuff: They have for some of Skip Gates subjects. I suppose I will have wait for the database to continue building.'

yatah: i understand

HistoryBuff: Yes I have received matches. I'm still investigating.

yatah: they will tell indian or african or white ? it is my first time do dna

HistoryBuff: Now I did see some Native American indicated in my Ancestry composite summary.

yatah: i have one my ggreat grandma part of cherokee i might some in mine will see dna result

klasssicglassdesigns: will any of this information help when it come to researching?

HistoryBuff: I see it to be helpful when you are able to identify a credible material who you can share genealogy information with documentation.

yatah: history how much % you have native american?

HistoryBuff: It was about 0.8% Northern American Indian lineage.

yatah: oh i see not much right

HistoryBuff: Well my oral history says that my maternal great-great grandfather was full blooded Cherokee.

yatah: you not full blooded cherokee ? gave me idea i will know happen of result

HistoryBuff: There is all about 7% scandinavian lineage also noted on my maternal grandfather's side.

klasssicglassdesigns: this DNA stuff is so hard to understand

yatah: cool dna for me to test if get enough i need it great yeah learn lot right

HistoryBuff: I would recommend you get explanations for genetic scientist like Gates did. That's my next move.

yatah: oh i see ok thanks

HistoryBuff: Okay good folks, I'll pick up with you another time. Take care.

yatah: ok bye i go anway

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