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2013-02-16 • An Uneasy Exodus


Start: 21:08:59
End: 21:52:43
Chatters: HistoryBuff, jhonora

HistoryBuff: Hey Jhonora

jhonora: Good Evening HistoryBuff!

HistoryBuff: How are you?

jhonora: Doing well, and yourself?

HistoryBuff: I'm good. Thanks for asking. What news of any research have you?

jhonora: Nothing new on my genealogy, I have been doing some historical research and genealogy for others Any new discoveries for you?

HistoryBuff: Nice. I recognize that you have a talent for historical research. I just received a book I ordered from Amazon about Black Migration.

jhonora: Really, is it on migration in general or to a particular city?

HistoryBuff: Oops

jhonora: wb

HistoryBuff: Black Migration in America from 1915-1960: An Uneasy Exodus (Studies in Twentieth Century American History) by E. Marvin Goodwin Thanks I met the author back in 1997 during a family reunion.

jhonora: I'll have to look into it, two-thirds of my grandmother's family left the South in 1903. On my father's side many people left around WWI.

HistoryBuff: Yeah got to include the migration stories in the family history. The author was a distant cousin on my maternal grandfather's side. I recently remember he had told my mother and grandmother that he wrote a book regarding black history. I had been meaning to get it.

jhonora: The crowd must be late this evening lol

HistoryBuff: My watch has 9:25 pm EST.

jhonora: 8:25 here

HistoryBuff: Yes you must be on Central Standard Time. They may drag in. I certainly have dragged in late after experiencing computer trouble.

jhonora: Lately, I have been helping a friend of mine whose family took the name "Citizen" after the Civil War.

HistoryBuff: As for the aforementioned author, unfortunately his passed on about 2007. I lost contact with his immediate family after they asked for some kind of donation. I interpreted that as a way for me to leave them alone. That's an interesting surname. What's the story behind that?

jhonora: A donation toward what?

HistoryBuff: As best as I can remember it was for something religious. I thought it was it strange.

jhonora: The family had been enslaved to the Leger family in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana before the war, but afterwards the father declared he was a then a "Citizen" and took that name.

HistoryBuff: Very interesting. I take Mr. Citizen took on the opportunity to vote. take=take it.

jhonora: I'm sure he did, I'm still working on more of there history.

HistoryBuff: Wonderful. In the midst of catching up, I have been reviewing the family tree of my maternal grandfather.

jhonora: What is the family name/location?

HistoryBuff: The Scott family of Fordyce, Arkansas ( Dallas County).

jhonora: Arkansas seems to have a wealth of black information from what I've been told.

HistoryBuff: I've heard the same. See like we are the only chatters tonight.

jhonora: It seems that way

HistoryBuff: Okay, I'll step and work on the RootsMagic while I can. Have a good evening, Jhonora.

jhonora: Same to you, take care!

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