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2013-02-14 • Cluster Genealogy


Start: 12:06:30
End: 13:26:37
Chatters: alt, Daviss, dcooke, Selma, Seventies, vkn

alt: Hey Seventies, how's lunch? Hello dcooke

dcooke: Hey gang!

alt: I guess Seventies is grabbing a bite to eat... how are you doing today?

dcooke: I'm great! How are you?

alt: I'm doing fine, thanks looks as if you've got the phone thing figured out dcooke Oops, wb dcooke

dcooke: Obviously not! LOL If I leave my phone idle it locks me out.

alt: practice, practice, practice

dcooke: :)

alt: Oops, can't have an idle phone LOL

dcooke: I guess everyone is on lunch dates today. Hey Daviss!

Daviss: hello alt, dcooke and seventies!

alt: Hi Daviss... Happy Valentine's Day to ya ..... you too dcooke

Daviss: hey hey Thank you so much alt!! and to you as well

dcooke: Thanks!

alt: ty Daviss Daviss, looks like Kathleen and I are going to be communicating LOL

dcooke: I'm fasting for Lent, and there is a ton of sweets and junk at my office. This will be a very long day!

Daviss: lol dcooke, do you need a seat belt? ()~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~()

alt: Oops, good luck with that dcooke

dcooke: I'm trying to stay in my office and avoid it all.

Daviss: I wish I was there in your office lol I only gave up sweet tea

alt: and I only gave up .. giving up LOL

dcooke: Can you believe that I don't remember drinking sweet tea before I moved to MS?

Daviss: lol we had lots of Sun Tea

dcooke: I've lived in TX and LA, but I didn't drink sweet tea in those states. In MS people drink tea like it's water.

Daviss: we used to put out those big half gallons of Pickle jars and set them outside

alt: hmmmmn, is sweet tea, like iced tea with sweetener?

Daviss: yes alt

dcooke: Hence the diabetes and obesity in MS!

alt: okay

Daviss: dcooke anything new on your homefront re research

dcooke: Alt, southern sweet tea is the sweetest thing you will ever drink. The sugar or syrup is added while brewing or right after while it's hot. I've been to restaurants where the tea is sweeter that the bread pudding!

alt: oh no, that's not for me....

Daviss: oh yeah, you have to ask for extra water lol

alt: I'm a "green" tea drinker

Daviss: I like Arizona Sweet tea in the can..not so sweet

dcooke: Daviss, nothing really new. I'm going home to TX this weekend, and I've planned a visit with an old relative.

Daviss: Ari sweet tea made up North lol lol and where are you going in Texas dcooke?

dcooke: She's my grandmother's first cousin. She's the only living person from that generation.

alt: Hello Ms Selma .. Happy Valentine's Day to ya.

Daviss: will you be recording her dcooke? Hi there Selma!

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss, dacooke and seventies..

dcooke: I'm going home to Bowie County, but I'll be visiting relatives in Cass County.

Selma: Thank you alt Happy Valentines Day to you and daviss, dcooke and seventies

Daviss: Bowie, is that around Texarkana? Thank you Selma and back at cha

dcooke: She's the baby of that generation, so she doesn't know a whole lot. I hope to copy done pictures from her house. Yes! Texarkana is in Bowie County. "Some" pictures

Selma: Lordy..they are slowly towing that Cruise ship to shore..

Daviss: that will be nice dcooke to get pictures.. I had Burks in Texarkana only 6 knots Selma..thats slower than a turtle

Selma: Tell her to look for Mariah ..daviss

Daviss: lol Selma I wish she were going to Harrison County lol dancing around you dcooke lol whoa!

dcooke: What are the first names for the Burks?

alt: Deborah Abbott is on Bernice's show tonite ... talking about Cluster Genealogy.

dcooke: I knew a dentist there named Dr Burks. What is Cluster Genealogy?

Selma: BRB

Daviss: The ones that were there migrated to Harrison County.. John Burks, Albert tc

vkn: howdy all

Daviss: I will be there tonight I hope alt

alt: where you expand your research to collateral family and the community where your families lived, not just concentrating on your direct/immediate ancestors

Daviss: Happy Valentines day vkn!!

alt: Hello vkn... Happy Valentine's Day to ya!!

dcooke: Ok. I've been doing that. I just didn't know the term.

alt: a lot of us have dcooke, but today a "name' is put to every aspect of genealogical research LOL

dcooke: I've had to learn about those counties in order to find more information about my folks.

Daviss: what program do you use dcooke?

vkn: alt daviss dcooke selma seventies "Be Mine"

Daviss: oh we are vkn we are lol

vkn: lol

alt: I be's YOURS vkn, will you be's mine?

vkn: I Bees

Daviss: dcooke how long will you be in Tx

alt: okay vkn...

vkn: lol

Daviss: There was a young lady that was researching Cass County but she has not been here in Chat for awhile I believe she is in school I wish I could remember the name she was researching

dcooke: I'm just going for the weekend. My cousin is getting married next month in Dallas, and we're having a bridal shower in Texarkana.

Daviss: Chamblee I think is the name brb

vkn: Any answer to this question from Tuesday night chat? "klassicglass: I found him on one of the sites solider-and-sailors. it gives the plaque number and etc. It has a star by his name, trying to find out what the star mean"

Daviss: ok back

Selma: Ok back..Happy Valentine's Day vkn

vkn: thankee selma

alt: I wasn't there Tues nite vkn.... is this the USCT CW memorial plaque # in DC you're speaking of?

Selma: Maybe I can check with AY or Bennie re: start re: star

vkn: no idea alt there was a link in the log but I am not fully aware. Do you have any idea Seventies?

Selma: There was no explanation on the site..

vkn: I just read the log. Good discussion. Take a read.

alt: the CW memorial in DC has stars/circles & diamonds behind the names of the USCT on their plaque, not sure what the distinctions are.

vkn: okies

alt: Seventies is "out to lunch" LOL

vkn: lol

Selma: Will try to dig around vkn

vkn: Thanx Selma

alt: what is the date of the log vkn... is it for tues. nite?

Daviss: Stars & Stripes around an Eagle - Eternal vigilance and liberty. Often seen on U.S. military markers. Sword - often indicates military service. When found on the base of the stone might indicate infantry. Crossed swords - May indicate a military person of high rank or a life lost in battle. Horse - May indicate calvalry. Eagle - courage, faith and generosity. May indicate military service. Shield - Strength and courage. May indicate military service. Rifle - often indicates military service. Cannon - generally indicates military service. When found on the base of the stone it may indicate artillery.

vkn: Yes Tues nite alt

alt: okay

Daviss: thats all I see

Selma: Her person was in the Heavy Artillary

vkn: Interesting cakewake talk on mail list Good info daviss

alt: yep... only us old folks know about the cake walk, charleston, ball & jack, etc.

Selma: Company B 2nd Regt Tennessee

Daviss: I have no one that I know of yet that served in the civil war wish I did

Selma: oops 4th Regt Tennessee

alt: you have them Daviss, you just don't know of them yet.

Daviss: thats what I keep hearing alt lol

vkn: "The Cakewalk was a popular dance. It has roots in plantation days but continued as a popular dance into the 20s. I'm sure you could find vintage videos of folks steppin' to the Cakewalk. Jari Honora"

Selma: He was working at a smallpox hospital in Pine Bluff Arkansas when he mustered out in Feb 1866

Daviss: The only cakewalk I know is walking around in a circle until music stops..last one left gets a cake lol

Selma: Never actually ever saw anyone doing the cakewalk Me too daviss... LOL

alt: me neither Selma.. not that I know of and knew what they were doing LOL

vkn: Daviss and Selma that is musical chairs in my memory lol

alt: Selma & Daviss, have y'all taken the test that vkn emailed out this morning?

vkn: lol alt scored 14 of 14 lol

alt: I scored 14 out of 14 .. which makes me ANCIENT

Selma: Oh jeez...I will make sure I only get 1 right

vkn: lol

alt: but 'da shadow' knows Selma LOL LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

vkn: too funny POTUS is in Decatur GA 2day

alt: you know the POTUS is in trouble when the GOPers like Karl Rove have a rebuttlal to his State of the Union speech before he even makes the speech... Pres. Obama can't catch a break from the right-wing.

vkn: Daviss did you play "Lil Sally Walker"?

Daviss: Rise sally Rise

vkn: lol True alt

Daviss: my backbone slipped a couple times lol I have not been in email yet is the test about childhood games @alt, they are getting worse(repubs)

vkn: The reject of the POTUS will increase at and all time high...

alt: and that's the truth Daviss . they gotta keep some stuff going until the mid-term elections and Pres. Obama is the focal point right now.

Daviss: I told my brother that my dislike for McCain is getting worse and worse

alt: wb dcooke

Daviss: wb dcooke

dcooke: LOL. Idle phone... I have had one recent discovery that I didn't share here.

Daviss: oh really dcooke

vkn: share

dcooke: One of my grandfather's seemed very hard to find. I knew his name was Ed Blackwell, and I was always told it was short for Edward. Come to find out, it was Edmond!

Selma: I remember newsreels before we saw 2 movies..

alt: Daviss.McCain, Lindsey Graham & Mitch McConnell are polticking their butts off trying to hold on to the fringe elements of their electorate.

Daviss: Pistorius charged with murder SMH

dcooke: That small discovery opened up many doors for me.

Selma: Well they are going to "fringe" themselves out the door

alt: ain't that awful Daviss?

Selma: Thats great dcooke

vkn: ahhhhhhh dcooke grrrrrrreat

alt: let's hope so Selma

Daviss: yes dcooke you have to look at all angles when it comes to spelling Congrats to you

alt: yes it is dcooke. we gotta watch those nicknames

dcooke: I found other trees that connected me, and there's family history that his father was sold away from the plantation in SC and ended ip in TX.

Daviss: was that your Cass County guy?

Selma: What year did that take place..from SC to Texas

vkn: Y'all be good

alt: how did you determine it was Edmond rather than Edward dcooke?

dcooke: I haven't figured out how to corroborate any of that informations. Yes! That's the guy I was struggling with in Cass County.

Selma: they didn't tell you where the information was gotten from

Seventies: Hhhheeeeyyyyyy!!!! lol

dcooke: Apparently someone wrote about it in the 1970s, but I don't have a copy of the book or paper where it was written.

Daviss: :o Happy Valentines Day Seventies

alt: a lesson in the message dcooke.... cite your sources... so folks will know where you obtained your information.

dcooke: The lady on ancestry is not very forthcoming with information!

Selma: Where you been seventies?

Seventies: Thank you Daviss!

alt: hi Seventies

Seventies: I was at an impromptu meeting about cuts to the budget...

Selma: Do you know the name of the book?

Seventies: Looks like the gov't will go into Sequestration on 1 March

Selma: Jeez cuts to the budget..that ain't good

dcooke: It took her a week of conversation before she granted me access to the tree. She told me the name of the author who wrote about it, but that's all I have.

alt: that's bad news!!!!!!

Daviss: yep Seventies

dcooke: She's supposed to get me more information.

Selma: Thats what Google is for dcooke.. LOL

Seventies: Yes it is... and there could be a 2nd one on 27 March if a resolution is not reached.

dcooke: I googled it, but nothing came up.

Selma: Ok ..

Daviss: what is the name dcooke

Selma: Maybe self published and not in public domain

Daviss: mabe its just a family book only

Seventies: Daviss, that book that you have on TX by Barr.. is that available online? Some of the topics interest me.

Selma: Yes..that too daviss

alt: can her information be validated thru census, vital & other public records dcooke?

Daviss: which one Seventies

dcooke: I've tried not to stress too much about it because I was getting really angry that she wouldn't grant me access to see the tree after she had seen mine and knew the connections.

Daviss: Alwyn Barr has a couple

Seventies: The one you mentioned htat you own on the boards. Daviss

Selma: Sometimes folks get leery dcooke..cause folks take into

Seventies: The title escapes me.

dcooke: Why are people so selfish with this stuff?

Daviss: hold on let me look, I have several

dcooke: Let me go look for the name.

Selma: and folks..grab trees and take as their own....cause names are similar and there is no connection

alt: dunno dcooke, but some folks seem to take 'possesion" of their information as if the records they got the information aren't available to others right Selma, that's why we should always attempt to verify information from other folks before we enter their 'stuff' into our trees.

Selma: Folks..I have to run, hopefully I can stay away to listen to Deborah tonight Have a good day.

Daviss: ok back Seventies

dcooke: Lindsey Peace wrote about it in 1971.

alt: we hope so Selma

Daviss: Taylor must have taken them for Blk Hist.. Are you talking about the Black Texans

alt: you might try to explain that you want her 'sources' and not her information dcooke.

dcooke: I haven't put a lot of stock into any of it because she never sent it to me and was very elusive in our email conversations.

Daviss: looks like all my Texas books are not here.. Just the ones by Campbell

alt: if it isn't of a personal nature dcooke, you can find it yourself when yo learn of the locations & time periods of her inofrmation

Daviss: Also Seventies not sure if they are online. I bought those books I have

Seventies: Okay, hmmm I was thinking that the list was chapters in a book.

alt: for me that's all I really want from folks is 'time & place' I can find what I want/need myself LOL

Daviss: Are you looking for a certian name Seventies

Seventies: No just a history of the state before it became TX

Daviss: Oh well that would be online.. I have googles many times

alt: well y'all clock says it's time to skedaddle... laters.

Seventies: hmph bye .. lol

Daviss: Gone to Texas is a good book Not sure if its online

alt: sorry bout that Seventies

Seventies: I really wish I had more info on my folks who were born in MX....

Daviss: Ok alt, take care look for something on Guadalupe many AA's were there

Seventies: Guadalupe ... OK did you get a chance to watch the shows last night?

Daviss: No, I did not

Seventies: You missed some good ones... :)

Daviss: mabe will catch it later I got involved with something else

dcooke: I'm sorry. I said SC, but it was NC.

Seventies: ok you will enjoy. Hey I need to get my afternoon snack... :) Going to the gym again tonight. :)

Daviss: so the book was written by Lindsey Pearce dcooke? ok Seventies, take care and again HVD

Seventies: Y'all have a good one. thanks for the info Daviss.

Daviss: ok I better run also dcooke.. I will see if I can google your guy

dcooke: She just said that the history was written in 1971... I told you she was not willing to share much. Have a great day. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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