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2013-02-13 • Update from FreeAAinNC


Start: 12:02:01
End: 13:00:56
Chatters: alt, Daviss, dcooke, freeaainnc, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: good wednesday

Seventies: good morning good afternoon

vkn: too much news going on

Seventies: indeed. Sad about Christopher Dorner... what a horrible way to die.

vkn: most horrible. only charred remains

Seventies: I'm very unsatisfied with this incident.

vkn: obama in atlanta tomorrow

Daviss: hellooooooo vkn and Seventies!!

Seventies: yeah, hey Daviss...

vkn: it seems dorner and law enforcement outsmarted each other heyyyyyyyyyyyy daviss

Seventies: you know the way they came down on this guy and said that he should be murdered WHILE the police murder people on the street for no good reason is very hypocritical. Rekia Boyd of Chicago comes to mind.

vkn: i have not yet danced with bill payor this month sigh

Seventies: they even denied her medical assistance... Soon enough vkn.

Daviss: sheesh vkn you better hurry before the month is up

Seventies: As a matter of fact, let's drop the subject because I don't think I want to discuss right now. Tuesday night chat was pretty good. Don't you agree?

vkn: not familiar with rekia seventies

Daviss: was I there Seventies :?

vkn: not read log as yet i was with the prez so came late

Seventies: Well Daviss, you can read the transciption.. no worries. hi alt

Daviss: hi alt!

alt: hello Daviss, Daviss & vkn .. hope you ladies are feeling well today.

Seventies: We were discussing CW pension files and other records Daviss Yep. How are you feeling? All well I hope, alt.

vkn: resident of my community who enlisted me to do the genealogy class slept away sometime on sunday. a sad time for all of us in this facility

Seventies: condolences...

vkn: howdy alt and dcooke

Daviss: Oh so sorry to hear that vkn!!

vkn: yes a real bummer

alt: my condolences to you & your community vkn.

Seventies: alt, I don't know if I mentioned that I talked to the cousin in Cleveland, OH.. he gave me more insight to his father's family... very interesting convo on that. His family is from VA/OH...

vkn: thanx alt

Daviss: Art, I see that Kathleen sees you as a DNA Cousin Hello Selma!

alt: okay Seventies, you're related to this cousin thru your maternal families?

vkn: howdy selma

Seventies: yes alt.

alt: Hello Selma

Selma: Good Afternoon alt, Daviss (mornin to you) seventies and vkn So sorry to hear that vkn..

alt: yeah Daviss, I just read my email and saw the message form Kathleen... who would have thought it LOL

Seventies: alt, his mother and my great grandfather Will Washington were half-siblings.

vkn: thanx selma

Daviss: hello dcooke

dcooke: Hey gang!

Selma: Afternoon dcooke

alt: Hello dcooke

vkn: hold tight dcooke

Seventies: hi dcooke

Daviss: art I first hooked you two up on her search for someone else. I turned her on to your Tribal page lol

dcooke: I just figured out how to chat on my phone. LOL

Daviss: She was helping a young man

alt: is that right daviss!!!!!!!!!

Selma: Missed the chat last night..

vkn: congrats dcooke

dcooke: :)

Daviss: yes, it was more than a few months ago.. Then she had her grandson tested lol

alt: you're even MORE dangerous now dcooke LOL LOL ...

Selma: Ummm seventies..I notice you said VA and Ohio.. LOL

Daviss: wb dcooke

Seventies: oh lord... lol yes I did Selma. lol

Selma: Just mentioning.. LOL

Seventies: This is a cousin's father.. not my direct line.. lol

vkn: i was here for less than a minnit last night. overwhelmed by too many events

Selma: To tell you the truth..I fell asleep...and I had my TV and missed the Pres...

Seventies: oh you can watch on C-Span Selma..

Selma: I don't know if I need a longer nap in the day or what.. LOL

dcooke: I'm heading to TX tomorrow, and I'm hoping to see a few relatives and get pictures from my dad.

vkn: alonzo and company were in tuscon last weekend daviss

Seventies: great dcooke have a safe trip!

alt: Selma, the lady I was talking about on the DNA Forum.. turns out SHE is a 4th cousin of mine on 23andme.

Selma: Yes dcooke have a safe trip

Daviss: that's nice vkn, I am sure it was a wonderful show

Selma: See alt..gotta be careful who you talk about.. LOL

Seventies: Here you go Selma..

vkn: he said they were well recd daviss

Daviss: good to hear vkn

Selma: Thanks seventies..

Seventies: alt... lol

vkn: that cruise ship is a floating disaster wonder why no rescue ship was sent for passengers alt

Seventies: Someone was sent out there...

alt: I guess vkn, but how do you rescue 4,000 people????

Daviss: I have a cousin whose two sisters are on that ship...One of the sisters is slightly disabled

vkn: slowly

alt: oh my, that must be a nightmare Daviss

Daviss: 6 knots

Seventies: The cruise line has to pay for the rescues...

Selma: Wow free..long time no see

freeaainnc: hi :)

Seventies: Hey freeaainnc!

vkn: free howdy so glad to see ya long time

alt: well... HELLO freeaainnc !!!!!!!

Daviss: they are towing it

freeaainnc: I usually can't get in so glad I could today

Daviss: tugboats

Selma: Good to see you...

vkn: wassup free

freeaainnc: yes, it has been too long

Daviss: hello free!

vkn: yes java causes probs free

Seventies: Are you going to see the film Wilmington On Fire freeaainnc??

Selma: So what's up in the great state of North Carolina

freeaainnc: gave a talk with a coworker the other week about my research

alt: I've been 'seeing' you on Facebook freeaainnc

Seventies: oh great!

freeaainnc: have not heard of that seventies

Seventies: Its on facebook...

freeaainnc: I talked about how knowing the laws that regulated free blacks in antebellum NC can help lead to a better understanding of the the records that were left

Selma: That applies to all states free

freeaainnc: oh, the FILM Seventies, I thought you asked if I was going to Wilmington on fire and had no clue about that :)

Seventies: oh lol

freeaainnc: Yeah, I've heard of the film, but will have to wait until on DVD

vkn: yes delores williams posted info on freed slaves in nc records free and alt was glad

freeaainnc: yes it does Selma that is great

alt: for some reading similar to the FB records check out this link posted by Delores Williams... it is about NC blacks free & ensllaved ca 1862

Selma: Obama in NC now.. Think in AShville

Seventies: Did I miss his announcement of a 50 state tour?

alt: thanks vkn .. great minds ...... LOL LOL

vkn: lol

freeaainnc: alt - can you post the part of the address after .edu?

alt: freeaainnc, it's at the Eastern NC Digital Library

freeaainnc: alt, I got that, but I can't click on links here so I only understood that part about not the rest

alt: services rendered to free Blacks by the US Army

vkn: daviss thanx for the mention of the us slave blog it is quite good

Selma: Free just read her posting on the Genealogy and History Forum..the link is there

alt: thank you Selma LOL

Selma: Your welcome.. LOL

freeaainnc: ok, thanks

Selma: So anything new in NC records free that we should know about

vkn: how is work free many researchers

freeaainnc: oh yes, we have that book were I work

alt: Daviss, I see some looong conversations with Kathleen coming up in the future.

vkn: wupps and lol

alt: I didn't realizes she is a PhD in Anthropology and is located at Rutgers.

Selma: wow

freeaainnc: not a lot. so busy at work I haven't had much time to myself and my own research. I am working on a book though - tax records of Wake County 1802 which has a number of free blacks in the lists. I was hoping to finish by the end of this month, but we are short staffed and I can't take time off so I hope to finish now by the end of summer yeah, quite a few researchers. I'm glad it a way it's not as busy as last year around this time. gives me time to work on other things

vkn: ga voting on bill to arm school employees who are agreeable to such

alt: not me vkn ... too many 'unintended consequences' with that type of response.

vkn: alt is hanging with rutgers heavies lol

freeaainnc: lol

alt: just puttin my 'toe in the water' vkn..... they ain't gonna hang me LOL LOL

freeaainnc: lol

alt: she is trying to get me back to Tipperay & a Tribe of Galway ... along with Skip Gates LOL LOL LOL

Selma: Oh jeez

alt: yeah Selma,, oh jeez moving on LOL

vkn: i will follow at a far distance alt

alt: don't dessert me now vkn, I need ya!!

Selma: LOL

vkn: lol

freeaainnc: lol

Seventies: Anyone write to Dr. Gates lately to help resolve their brick walls?? meh.

Selma: No...

Seventies: I heard this is what his page on The Root was doing... poor readers...

vkn: not i said lil red hen

Selma: you mean "for readers?"

Seventies: nope.

freeaainnc: lol

Seventies: The Root is not one of my favorite sites... eh. Well let me get going. Have a good afternoon.

alt: so what else you doing besides speaking freeaainnc & and how was your trip back home for your vacation?

Selma: Sorry folks..time for me to run..good to see you Free

vkn: y'all be good

alt: Oops folks skipping out on us LOL

freeaainnc: lol sorry, I'm here

vkn: will talk at yall later

alt: okay vkn

freeaainnc: trip was good. I got to see my brother and SIL new house they are renting with lots of room, it was nice

alt: wonderful freeaainnc

freeaainnc: but they are moving again so I get to see a new place next year lol. The owner of the house decided to sell and they don't want to buy so got to go. been working a lot on the blog at work, trying to come up with new topics. working on a 3 part series right now. last installment is monday. this time is about apprentice bonds and since it really affects free blacks thought this was a good month to do it

alt: I saw where there is a 'new' book coming out here in Ohio about Solomon Day

freeaainnc: oh! what is the book?

alt: dunno, saw the news on a family website

freeaainnc: and then of course I'm also working on the book. it's slow going right now ok, cool well I should get going too. Lunch is just about over and unlike my last position I need to get back to work when lunch is over :)

alt: okay bye & good seeing you

freeaainnc: good seeing you oo

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