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2013-02-09 • Deciphering a Will


Start: 21:02:35
End: 22:08:04
Chatters: Daviss, HistoryBuff, klassicglass, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: Hi Daviss!

Daviss: Hi Seventies

Seventies: Are you working with your KindleFire alright?

Daviss: headed in the right direction

Seventies: Good. :)

Daviss: I had someone working with me today on it :} You know how it is when a younger person gives you input, you tend to follow their instructions on tech stuff that is lol

Seventies: lol Its not really that difficult to work with BUT you need to at least turn it on... lol

Daviss: lol lol lol lol lol lol

Seventies: I'm just a regular comedian.. lol

Daviss: you sure are

Seventies: Anyways, I need to e-mail Bernice the information about Mississippi research that I have been able to acquire on my family.

Daviss: I wish you were here to help me look for my new magnifying glass

Seventies: that's old school I can't help you with that... lol

Daviss: hahahaha I am sure Bernice is waiting

Seventies: Yes I plan on having something to her by the end of next week.

Daviss: Adams and Natchez also?

Seventies: Yes...

Daviss: ok good

Seventies: So I want to talk about what I looked at in the county, in the state and federal records... I know I'm not going to touch on them all, but just to give people an idea of what they can look at in regards to Mississippi. I hope its acceptable. I'm no expert by any means.

Daviss: quit being hard on yourself, you will be fine you are an expert on what you have collected and thats what its all about Hi there Selma!

Selma: Good evening daviss and seventies

Daviss: your blog is choc full of info Seventies

Seventies: Hello Selma On nephew duty... :) Thanks Daviss

Daviss: I see

Seventies: I'm glad you stayed up tonight to chat with us Selma.

Daviss: I need my mag glass. sheesh i just bought it the other day. I have a will that I needed to decipher

Selma: You know I am 1/2 sleep here... LOL

Seventies: lol yep just thought I'd encourage you... lol

Selma: LOL

Seventies: Have you been up to the National Archives or to the FHC lately, Selma?

Selma: Nope..

Seventies: Is anyone doing records searches these days?

Daviss: what do you mean anyone

Seventies: anyone in here... lol

Daviss: lol I think that is something I do daily on the puter

Seventies: I got my jumpdrive in the mail and I'm ready to download the complete M1914.... its a 64gb drive.

Daviss: no archives for me here

Selma: Wow

Daviss: You should be able to download all of nara lol

Selma: Are you going to DC?

Seventies: I am planning a short trip in March Maybe on a Friday or something....

Selma: When you you have to download "each image" many reels of microfilm

Seventies: Its 5 reels Selma.

Selma: Is that the pre FB records?

Daviss: thats just for Ms isnt it

Seventies: Yes they are the pre-FB records. They cover everything in MS and west of the MS...

Selma: OK

Daviss: ok where did you get your drive

Seventies: From a place here in NYC called B&H camera... but they sell everything. I paid about $37 for it. others are going for $50 and above... It was a steal...

Daviss: I imagine Seventies

Seventies: I bought it just for the genealogy stuff. I'm also going to put my trees, photos, presentations and documents on it. 64GB should last for a good little while :)

Daviss: Amen to that Seventies

Seventies: I also finally got my copy of MS Office 2013... brb ladies

Daviss: thats what I want to get hello klassicglass

Selma: Evening klassicglass

Daviss: How is it going

klassicglass: hello everyone

Selma: Evening klassicglass

Daviss: hows it going klassicglass??

klassicglass: good now I'm off work.

Daviss: lol and eeek for work

klassicglass: this is my weekend to work.

vkn: howdy and howdy

Selma: Evening vkn

Daviss: Hi vkn!!

vkn: almost forgot

klassicglass: hello

Seventies: hello klassicglass!

Selma: Anything new in your search klassic

Seventies: nephew still isn't asleep.. dang this kid a night hawk... lol

Daviss: vkn I kind of gave my opinion on the Dalton Question about Myrtis and the 12 yr old

klassicglass: no I haven't done anything in a couple days, still stuck

Seventies: You're researching Tx, right klassicglass?

Selma: Don't talk bad about the "little darlin" seventies

klassicglass: a couple places, Illinois, MS, AR, regarding Alfred Prior

Selma: klassic I took a look at Pryors Service Record

Daviss: I also looked around in 1870 for Dock but was not successful

klassicglass: Selma did you find anything?

Selma: He landed up in the hospital in Little Rock Arkansas..isn;t that where he mustered out

klassicglass: yes

Selma: Haven't thought about this since I saw you last..but I remember having a question re: Marriage.. Didn't you say they married twice? What were the years?

klassicglass: he married in the yr 1854 at Lake Washington, Ms by Reb Ruben Davis and then married again after the civil war july 4th 1865 by Rev. Brown in Columbus, KY

Daviss: Evening HistoryBuff!

HistoryBuff: Hey Daviss, Klassicglass, Selma, Seventies and Vkn.

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff

klassicglass: hey how are you?

Selma: He enlists in 1864? He is said to be 22..if my memory is right

HistoryBuff: I'm good thanks. How are you all?

klassicglass: your memory is right

Selma: Hi history buff Where did you find the info re: 1854 marriage

klassicglass: on a paper that was in his pension package

Seventies: wait a minute, he was 12 when he married in MS? or was he married in 1864? Confused hre

klassicglass: it must be an error cause the paper say 1854

Selma: When you follow him through the census...does he age consistently?

klassicglass: no

Selma: I suspect he married in that point he is technically still enslaved... I saw the word slave written on the next to last image

klassicglass: I have about 50 papers I can't even read

Selma: Is this his pension record?

Seventies: This is from his service record or pension file?

klassicglass: yes,

Seventies: Okay, is the pension all that you have on him?

klassicglass: pension file yes

Seventies: What about his service record?

Selma: Is there a contraband camp in Lake Washington?

klassicglass: I have a couple enlistment papers. I don't know about the contraband camp

Selma: Does the Union Army come thru Lake Washington?

Seventies: Just keep in mind, that there are military papers all over the place for the USCTs, including the Freedman's Bureau records.

klassicglass: I did research the freedman's bureau and didn't find anything what is the non-population schedule?

Selma: So he and wife born in Mississippi

HistoryBuff: klassicglass see if this link would be of help to you.

Daviss: there are several klassicglass...the Agricultural census being one

Seventies: Hey y'all I have got to get going... its almost curfew time... so my son will be walking through the door shortly. Have a good evening all!

klassicglass: thanks...I have a different places, Arkansas, MS, a few says his dad is from KY

HistoryBuff: Cya 70s Take care.

klassicglass: have a good evening I found him on 1850-1880 non ppopulation schedule

Selma: I don't understand?

klassicglass: trying to find out if that meant anything that census record

Daviss: Wb Historybuff

klassicglass: just wondering is that something different than the 1870 and 1880 census

Selma: Send me a I can see...

HistoryBuff: Thnx

Selma: Ok folks..past my bedtime..

Daviss: ok take care

Selma: See you tomorrow..for Sun Brunch..Good night

HistoryBuff: Good nite Selma

Daviss: I guess I will head out also

klassicglass: everyone have a good nite. I have to be to work at 7 a.m.

HistoryBuff: Take care Daviss.

Daviss: I am looking for my magnifying glass so I can study a will ok klassic have a good nite

HistoryBuff: Wow good nite klassicglass

Daviss: thats what happens when I have too much on my mind HistoryBuff lol

HistoryBuff: :) I think I can relate Daviss :)

Daviss: hahaha I blew up a will and Inv then bought a Mag glass now I guess i need another pair of glasses to find what i lost

HistoryBuff: I was looking over a family tree for my maternal grandfather and discovered a lot of surnames.

Daviss: great History

HistoryBuff: I've had to do that too, Daviss.

Daviss: hope you have much success

HistoryBuff: My maternal grandfather was one of thirteen. I'm composing an introductory letter to a cousin in the DC metro area. Thanks for the encouragement

Daviss: Good! be sure and let me know if you get an answer

HistoryBuff: I will.

Daviss: ok thx.. nite nite my friend

HistoryBuff: Good nite my friends.

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