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2013-02-07 • Stewart Gist OH FPOC


Start: 12:01:37
End: 13:15:28
Chatters: alt, Daviss, HistoryBuff, karoshi8, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vicjorob, vkn

Daviss: Good afternoon vicjorob!

karoshi8: Good afternoon everyone!

Daviss: hello there karoshi8

vicjorob: Afternoon everyone

Daviss: How's everyone doing?

karoshi8: Good and you Daviss?

Daviss: doing good for a change

vicjorob: @Daviss - remember last week when I said I may be related to the daughter in law of my best genealogy buddy?

Daviss: yes well did it all come to light?

vicjorob: @Daviss - well I was so busy trying to connect my Stewarts with hers, I didn't realize that the Stewart was along her paternal line. Our DNA connection is via mitochondrial DNA, which would be my Hughes. But it gets better. She is a descendent of Madison Hemings via matrilineal descent and turns out that Madison's wife was a Hughes!

Daviss: whoa!!!

karoshi8: Where are you're Stewarts from vicjorob? Gallia County?

vicjorob: And my Hughes was a slave of George Washington's cousins so now I am working on a game plan for how to approach connecting the dots.

Daviss: how did you figure that out vicjorob

vicjorob: karoshi8 - YES!!!!

karoshi8: Lol! My last name is Stewart. I see those Stewart's a lot though. Mine come out of Kentucky then up to Ohio. So I don't think those connect to mine. But I know what line you are talking about.

vicjorob: @Daviss - THe DNA match has her tree on Ancestry. As to the GW side, that goes back to researching the woman who owned my 3g grandmother. That woman was married at Mount Vernon and called by GW as his little red-haired pet.

karoshi8: But since it's Gallia, I'm sure we're related through someone. lol

Daviss: thats wonderful news vicjorob!

karoshi8: Good afternoon alt!

alt: Hello folks... Daviss, karoshi8 & vicjorob

Daviss: hello alt!

vicjorob: @karoshi8 - Really. Tell me more. I have the name of my 2g grandmother Susan Stewart who married Washington Goss and then likely James Mason. Her son was Bernard Goss. Hi alt! If Susan was the one who married James Mason, then her father's name is Alexander Stewart and her mother was a Liggens.

karoshi8: Liggens is a native american name.

vicjorob: @karoshi8 - where in Ohio did your Stewarts go?

karoshi8: If I remember right Alexander Stewart was a conductor on the underground railroad.

vicjorob: @karoshi8 - my! You are a fountain of knowledge!

alt: karoshi8, on your Winburn's .. do you know a Debra Smith McIntosh?

Daviss: divine coming in to chat at the same time lol

karoshi8: My Stewart's went from Lincoln KY to Ross county, KY. I have a strong feeling that they are native american too. But I can't find any proof. Though they did intermarry with other native americans in KY. No alt, I don't. Should I?

alt: she has some Winburn genealogy on her Tribal Pages

vicjorob: @karoshi8 - sounds like your folks might be Eastern Band Cherokee

karoshi8: Right now I'm trying to connect everyone to a tribe of some sort. Because the people move in groups with the same people and it has to be more of a connection. I know some are from the Saponi tribe, but it seems deeper than that.

alt: and check out "W" for Winburn, might be some connections there for you.

karoshi8: alt, my thing won't let me click it :( do you know if I can look it up another way?

vicjorob: @alt - I really need to populate my Tribal Pages

alt: google debra smith mcintosh & her TP website should come up karoshi8

karoshi8: Thanks! alt, I had a question. What does being taxable mean?

alt: vicjorob, the TP sites are becoming 'popular' & yes keep your site updated as much as possible.... I'm getting many hits & questions.

karoshi8: Oh yes alt, I did contact her. Her Winburns are the Indiana ones.

HistoryBuff: Hey everyone!

karoshi8: Good afternoon HistoryBuff!

vicjorob: alt - did you upload your data via gedcom or another format?

alt: okay karoshi8

vicjorob: @karoshi8 - what type and year of document?

Daviss: Do you have any Ware's or Tolberts in your KY/Indiana line karoshi8?

alt: vicjorob .. I uploaded a GEDCOM of my entire database for the genie 'stuff' and then added photos in albums and added stories.

karoshi8: Not that I know of Daviss. Let me check though.

vicjorob: @Daviss - Tolberts? I sorta kinda have an Eli Tolbert who was freed in 1845 from Loudoun County and then settled in Floyd County IN

Daviss: Tolbert may also be Tolliver

vicjorob: alt - thanks.

karoshi8: Not that I see Daviss.

vicjorob: karoshi8 - where can I find info about the UGRR Alexander Stewart?

Daviss: ok thanks

alt: Taxable .... property & person's (slaves) for example in the early tax records

karoshi8: alt, you have Alexander Stewart on your tribal pages don't you? vicjorob was he born in 1840?

alt: I have an Alexander who was the father of a Sarah Stewart .. Ross co., Oh folks

karoshi8: Oh. Give me a sec vicjorob. I'll find it.

alt: this Alexander married a lady named Lucinda

karoshi8: Good afternoon Selma.

alt: Hello Selma

vicjorob: karoshi8 - don't know. Bernard was born in 1876, Susan, his mother, was born about 1856. I assume Alexander, her father would have been born before 1840.

HistoryBuff: Hey Selma

Daviss: hi there Selma!!

vicjorob: Hi Selma

Selma: Good Thursday afternoon alt, daviss, historybuff, koroshi and vicjorob

Khathu: Hello everyone

vicjorob: alt - I am going to have to reread your TP pages because I entirely missed this. Thanks

Daviss: hi Khathu!

HistoryBuff: Are you near Virginia Beach, Selma?

Selma: About an hour away historybuff

alt: I was just looking at Gallia Co., OH in the 1850 & 1860 census.... nice sized population of FPOC in the neighborhood of between 500-700 AA's in those years.

Selma: Afternoon Khathu

HistoryBuff: Hi Khathu

karoshi8: I need vkn to get on here!

Selma: If you the water historybuff

alt: Hello Khathu

karoshi8: I just conjured vkn up!! :)

Daviss: ah ha you are good karoshi lol

Selma: Afternoon vkn

alt: hello vkn,,, saved a seat for ya LOL LOL

vkn: howdy all all seats are taken lol

Daviss: hi vkn!

karoshi8: vkn I need you!!! You just posted about Delta Sigma Theta this morning.

Khathu: hello vkn

vkn: okies karen i be here

vicjorob: alt - I know. Would be a gold mine but haven't found my folks there. I think they came later.

karoshi8: I think Dorothy Penman Harrison is in my tree.

vicjorob: welcome vkn

alt: okay vicjorob,

HistoryBuff: Selma, I'll be in Virginia Beach for a conference March 22-24.

vkn: karoshia just put on specs and see you not Karen

Selma: Great historybuff

karoshi8: No harm no foul vkn

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn

vkn: Daviss HistoryBuff Alt Khathu Selma Vicjorob Karoshia8 ALL happy Day

Daviss: thanks vkn

vicjorob: karoshi8 - just wondering if you have ever heard of Fortune Stewart, born about 1808. Some of his descendants think he was born in Cuba or some Caribbean Isle, but some recores indicate VA.

karoshi8: Yes, I've seen the name. I think Fortune in is my tree too.

alt: BTW Daviss.... you 'sound' like you're feeling much better..... glad to see ya back to your 'old' self LOL

vicjorob: They say his wife Rebecca Payne birthed 18 kids over 30 years!

Daviss: yes alt much better thanks

vicjorob: karoshi8 - Great. If I find him I will connect some folks to you who also research him.

karoshi8: vicjorob, I have an Agnes Stewart who married Charles Norman.

vkn: Thanx for saving a seat alt. I tried the Probate thing at FamSearch. Only 39 files at Alabama so far. Lots at NC. Will keep looking

alt: Happy hunting vkn..

vicjorob: vkn - what probate records are those?

alt: Are you Stewart researchers also looking at Stuart & Steward as possible spellings?

vkn: Wet and rainy in Atlanta. Alt found his DICKENS in NC records vicjorob at Family Search

karoshi8: Yes alt.

vicjorob: alt - I've not been averse to Steward but can't say the Stuart variation has popped up Congrats alt!

alt: okay karoshi8 & vicjorob .. cause I'm seeing those spelling in Ross Co., OH and I'm sure those families connect.... also be aware of SEWARD connecting to those families.

karoshi8: Yes, I have several Sewards.

vicjorob: Thanks alt

HistoryBuff: Good job Alt

vkn: lol spelling does count and in so many ways lol

karoshi8: vkn, can you tell me what you know about Dorothy Penman Harrison?

alt: For folks researching FPOC in Ohio and if they were there prior to 1850 you have possible connections to so many families particularly if in Gallia, Ross and those other counties in SE Ohio where there 'sizeable' AA communities

vicjorob: GOt to go. GOtta pull a few things together for a 1 pm meeting. Have fun.

alt: you too vicjorob

karoshi8: Was it because it was so close to the river that they went there alt? Bye vicjorob

Daviss: later vicjorob

HistoryBuff: Interesting Alt. Thnx.

alt: Well, I think the migration pattern from the upper south (VA/MD/NC) was into southern Ohio and then north & west withing Ohio karoshi8

karoshi8: Ok. It is interesting stuff.

Daviss: here is a 2010 article karoshi8

karoshi8: Thanks Daviss.

Daviss: welcome

alt: remember the southern States were trying to get rid of their FPOC and OH, IN, MI were the 'promised land' in the early 1800's for those newly freed Blacks.

Selma: Ohio was a free state, but it didn't stop it from being anti-black

karoshi8: Very true Selma.

Selma: Large numbers of FB's from VA go to Ohio..VA was pushing them out

vkn: we must remember that selma

alt: that's for sure Selma.... no doubt about that

karoshi8: Going home to SE Ohio still scares me from time to time.

Selma: They were seen as a threat in many communities in VA their numbers grew

alt: and the Northern state didn't want an influx of Blacks.. that could compete for land & job opportunities

Selma: Was it GIST alt..who emancipated his slaves and took them to Ohio..can't think of the name of the book

alt: there were 4 Gist settlement's in Ohio Selma...

Selma: Ok..really interesting book, can't think of the name

karoshi8: Which ones alt?

alt: Samuel Gist supposedly freed nearly 1,000 of his slaves

karoshi8: I know of Lambert Lands, Poke Patch, and Payne's Crossing.

Daviss: Do you know any Gist alt? my sisters God Parents were Ted and Vickie Gist

vkn: not to my knowledge karoshi8 im screen is frozen

alt: not sure any of those were Gist settlements karoshi8 .. his slave settled mostly in Brown & Clermont counties.

karoshi8: Ok. Thanks vkn. I'm trying to connect her to my Penman's

vkn: in Alabama karoshi8

alt: I don't know any Gist's by name Daviss, but I know many of the descendant families by other surnames

karoshi8: No, in Kentucky.

Daviss: ok alt

vkn: okies

karoshi8: I've been tracing her line and it seems they could only be related to my Penman's. Because my Penman's are the only one's in Garrard County, KY and that is where her great great grandfather says he was born.

vkn: In KY knowledge is limited to BENHAM PATTERSON LYLE and BELL

Daviss: Gotta run folks take care and hopefully will see you tonight on BlogRadio

alt: bye Daviss

karoshi8: Ok, I was just wondering cause you posted about Delta Sigma Theta. And she was a former president. Bye Daviss

vkn: ahhhhhhhhh I see. I am a Delta Dear which means in part that my memory fails to remember much of what I knew. lol I do see that Young was a founder from Ohio Alt

alt: okay Delta Dear LOL LOL

karoshi8: Dorothy was from Portsmouth, Ohio, but her 2nd great grandfather was from Garrard County, KY. Have a good afternoon guys. I'm going to try to suss out this Penman tree. Wish me luck!

alt: okay karoshi8, good luck

HistoryBuff: Cya

alt: I think I might have a BIG surprise to share with y'all in a couple of weeks ... genealogy-wise.... keep your fingers crossed for me

Selma: Fingers and toes crossed

vkn: y'all be good and fingers be crossed for ya alt

alt: don't hurt yourself Selma.. watch out crossing your toes LOL

Selma: LOL

vkn: lol lol lol

Selma: Time for me to run too..have a great day Hopefully I can stay awake tonight

alt: looks like it skedaddle time bye ya'll

HistoryBuff: Finally loaded up A RootsMagic 6 You 2

alt: wonderful HistoryBuff, I'm sure you will like it

HistoryBuff: Thanx You. 2

alt: I'm not an expert, but don't hesitate to ask if you think I can help you with RM6 bye

HistoryBuff: okies alt

karoshi8: Hello Seventies. I'm just popping back in.

Seventies: Hi karoshi OK I was just popping in to see if Chat was still going...

karoshi8: Had a quick question. If someone was a blacksmith they probably had to be apprenticed right?

Seventies: Depends on the year and timeframe.

karoshi8: 1800-1830

Seventies: yes, but not necessarily a documented apprenticeship.

karoshi8: Ok. Trying to figure out some things.

Seventies: ok I hear you.

karoshi8: Thanks! Have a good afternoon!

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