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Start: 12:08:52
End: 13:19:36
Chatters: 3rdthawkins, alt, AYWalton, khathu, ryan, Selma, vicky, vkn

3rdthawkins: hello alt

alt: Hi 3rdthawkins, just the two of us again

3rdthawkins: yep

khathu: hello 3rd and alt

3rdthawkins: plus one now.....hello Khathu

alt: Here's Khathu... helo

3rdthawkins: how's it hanging? hello Selma

Selma: Good afternoon 3rd, alt, khathu

khathu: Hello Selma

alt: hello Selma.. just you and the fella's LOL

Selma: Looks like it.. LOL Actually me and My AIR CONDITIONER it is 110 degrees in the shade here..

alt: just looked at the schedule for the 'Midwest Roots' conference in Indy on the 6-7 Aug.... some great speakers.

Selma: I will have to think about coming one year alt...

alt: Shamele Jordon is giving 3 presentations link to their webpage.

Selma: interesting article in today's Washington Post khathu..of "possibility" of first school for AA found on campus of W & M in Williamsburg

khathu: thanks Selma

Selma: I'll wait till I see some more documentation

alt: when was it 'started' Selma .. like in the late 1700's or earlier?

Selma: circa 1760

alt: ah so, just clicked on the link

khathu: i just discovered that one of the descendants of the slave holding families is the executive secretary of the IL State genealogical Society an she just asked me to write an article for their publication

Selma: Great khathu

alt: wonderful khathu, you're getting some great offers.

Selma: Khathu...maybe next year or sooner you will be giving 3 presentations some where.. LOL

khathu: i was interviewed yesterday about the Edmondson Sisters statue by the Alexandria Gazette

alt: and you're bringing a 'different' perspective to some of those slaveholding descendants..... I'd bet on it LOL

khathu: the reporter saw my blog post about the statue and decided to contact me

alt: wonderful again

khathu: i shared the article with them yesterday

Selma: Lets hope you don't get so forget us "lowly" folks in the chat

alt: or we'll come after ya LOL LOL

Selma: and talk about you BAD

khathu: i never forget my roots.... if i get that famous i will sponsor a live chat

alt: think you can get Selma to open up... she stays pretty close-mouthed at times.

Selma: and what pray tell does that mean.. LOL

alt: you're not a BIG MOUTH like me.

Selma: I try not to say things in the chat and email..cause it lives FOREVER and ever..I just scream at my computer, or on the phone.. LOL

alt: good policy, wish I could folow it

Selma: The Contraband series in the VA Pilot is very good..I hope folks are reading (like you alt)

alt: Khathu, I'm getting quite a few 'hits' from white folks about my TP site.... some very interesting comments & questions

Selma: Like are you all related.. LOL

khathu: really

alt: the folks commenting? not so far Selma LOL

Selma: Oh good afternoon Our Fearless Leader

vkn: Greetings this day to all

alt: here comes Da lady hello vkn

3rdthawkins: hello vkn

vkn: Howwwww Dee A scorcher here today

alt: I have been contacted by some 'new to me' AA cousins tho Selma

vkn: Warning oldesters to remain in the chilled air Congrats alt

alt: and I'm doing just that too vkn LOL

3rdthawkins: Yes, you oldesterssss

vkn: Was the connections via facebook alt

alt: your turn is coming 3rdthawkins

3rdthawkins: yeah, but that's 20 years from now, until then I'll Burn in the Hot Sun

alt: no vkn, they had somwhow 'found' the TP website and saw that we had connections.

vkn: ahhhhhh so

3rdthawkins: hello vicky

alt: hello vicky

vicky: hello 3rd, alt,khathu and vkn!

Selma: Afternoon vicky

vicky: I see Selma is on the tele

vkn: and to you too vicky

vicky: ahhh hi Selma!

Selma: and who are these "new cousins" alt? Oh just saw your answer to vicky

vicky: I have been online for about 30 minutes waiting for chat lol. I started mt'g and looked up and I was late coming in lol

vkn: Alt is that across all generations or more specific?

alt: One young lady , a Valerie Wicker, lives in Spain and she is located about 30 miles from where the LaForce family was located in France... matter of fact Josephine Baker's castle was a LaForces castle in the 1700's.

3rdthawkins: I do that sometimes too vicky, the time difference will get you

Selma: Interesting alt...

alt: across generations vkn, Valerie is the granddaughter of some folks I know here in the Miami Valley.

vkn: I see

Selma: Its a small world isn't it alt

alt: it sure is Selma

vicky: vkn do you have any Spelman connections

vkn: Yes Yes why what are you needing

3rdthawkins: hello AYWalton

vicky: I am looking for a picture of a lady that taught there in the 40's by the name of Elizabeth Perry Cannon

Selma: Afternoon AY

vicky: I found some articles and saw that she had written a book called Country Life Stories

vkn: Vicky how does she relate to you?

AYWalton: where did she live, vicky?

vicky: she is deceased now but lived in Atlanta

AYWalton: when did she pass?

vkn: Vicky I will explore to see if photo is possible what is her death/burial date

AYWalton: where did she teach, vicky?

Selma: Was the book about her life growing up in the country vicky

alt: could she be in the SSDI vicky? a possible birth & death date to get you started.

vicky: In 1944 or 5 I think. She died in Prairie View Tx visiting her relative W R Banks

AYWalton: where did she teach?

vkn: Del Jupiter, a grad of Spelman lives in the same complex that I do. She has Everything Spelman

alt: here she is on google

vicky: I have the newspaper announcement of her death but she was bought back to Atlanta she may have been her teacher vkn I cant find her atlanta announcement Thanks much vkn!

3rdthawkins: I clicked on the link "Images" to find photos of her, but they show a lot of other photos, especially Tyler PERRY and Nick CANNON

alt: from the google page she sounds like an early day Virginia Hamilton.

3rdthawkins: Perhaps if you keep browsing, you may find something

Selma: No luck with obit in black newspaper

vicky: The book is on Able for 150 dollars I think. I may see if anyone has it interlibrary

AYWalton: what is the book title vicky?


vicky: Country Life Stories

alt: what is 'Open Library"?

vicky: no idea what that means alt

3rdthawkins: check this out this might be a passages from her book

alt: click on that link vicky and there is a list of Libraries that have copies... perhaps there is one that has 'lending library' options

vicky: thx will do

3rdthawkins: Looks like it's her "Country" Life she's telling

vicky: that wlil be my next step alt the lending library

alt: click on the 'borrow' icon

Selma: AY..did you get the Bushyhead pension file?

AYWalton: yes, I got it, Selma!

vkn: Daniel Schorr died this morning was 93

AYWalton: after a dramatic day getting home---Pennsylvania Avenue was shut down for a few hours. (Suspicious package was left in the area.) so I will be pouring through it later today, Selma.

vicky: oh my AYWalton

AYWalton: He served in the 3rd Indian Home Guards and died in Kansas. He also had an alias---Charles Walker.

Selma: Ah..............

AYWalton: I could not even cross the street to get to the metro. Had to walk several blocks (in that heat!) to get on a metro to Union Station.

Selma: Wow..I know that was a pain

AYWalton: it was, indeed! but the file looks interesting, and I will be going through it, later today. he was, as I thought a Cherokee Freedman.

Selma: Did he enlist under the name Charles WAlker?

AYWalton: yes, enlisted as Charles Walker, but the pension file clearly indicated both names---Buck Bushyhead aka Charles Walker. some pages said Charley. he died before the Dawes enrollment, though. He died in 1877.

Selma: Was Walker the last slave owner's name?

AYWalton: Oh I doubt it. More than likely one of Chief Bushyhead's slaves.

Selma: OK

AYWalton: that is a common Cherokee name.

alt: he died in 1877 and had a pesnion file?

AYWalton: like of like Adair, Ross, Downing, Watie, all Cherokee names. his widow filed. not the soldier himself.

Selma: and what was her name when she filed

AYWalton: that is also interesting. After his death, she remarried in 1882. She was known as Sally Miller. then Mr. Miller died and then she filed for a widow's pension on Bushyhead's service, since she was no longer married.

alt: ah so, I was wondering... I had a CW ancestor who died in 1877 and there is only a service record... his wife preceded him in death ... 1874.... so there was no one to file for a pension.

AYWalton: so she was now Sally Miller---the widow of Buck Bushyhead.

Selma: I am trying to figure out what happens when the enlist..

AYWalton: no children to apply---or to even know that they could have applied. what do you mean, Selma?

alt: could children ... apply for a pension?

vicky: AYWalton, how much are the copies

Selma: For many the names they use when they enlist is not the names they use in later life...

AYWalton: paper to paper copies are 25cents per page. Microfilm copies are 50 cents per page. With your digital camera---all images are free. and if you don't have a digital camera---they will lend you one and they will put them onto a CD for you for free!

Selma: I know many of the reasons..but I was wondering if the folks who enlisted them...arbitrarily put down names of last opposed to how they identified themselves

AYWalton: (But this is not widely known and never mentioned.)

vicky: wow thats nice

alt: get outa here!!!!! is that right?

AYWalton: it varied, Selma. yes, alt. They don't tell you and they have been doing this for 4 years. Selma one of the soldiers that Tonia and I have documented in NW Arkansas joined the USCTs. The name he used was Randall Maxey. But he enlisted as Randall Chatman. In his file, he pointed out that when he enlisted he was encouraged to use his father's name and not the slave owner's name. his father was a Chatman, and that is how he was officially enlisted. I had never seen that before.

Selma: Ok...I have one who enlisted and used Owner's last name, but when reunited with family they all took surname of a former owner

alt: what's the difference and does one carry more "official' weight than the other.... Affidavit vs Disposition ?

AYWalton: but again----the issue Selma---is that they were not necessarily using the name of an "owner" they were using a name affiliated with their FAMILY. Like my Arkansas BASS line.

Selma: I should say "his" last owner, family had been sold to various owners

AYWalton: they used the name BASS, but the last slave owner was Pride. But the loved ones left behind were identified as BASS adn that was the name that my gr grandfather used till he died. He had no emotional ties to Henry Pride. His family and loved ones were BASS. he never saw most of them ever again, but he embraced that they were BASS---that connected him to his own father and mother and siblings. (This was uncle Sephu's brother.) wassup in your world, khathu? have you submitted anything for AAHGS yet? khathu must be multi-tasking.

alt: Midwestern Roots conference.. here is their Speaker's list

Selma: Last week I talked about the new book on Sumner High School (kansas city) ..that was just published. They sold over 500 at the alumni reunion last week

AYWalton: wow! that's great!!

vicky: Is that were you went Selma!

AYWalton: something to think about for other alumni events.

Selma: Oh no I didn't go...a friend was one of the is very nice..

vicky: hmmm interesting.

Selma: Is that where your former mother in law went vicky

AYWalton: that is amazing!

Selma: They did a wonderful job

vicky: dont know but now you have me curious.. Her last name was Lomax

Selma: It was the only black high school in Kansas City, Kansas from 1904 1905-1978

alt: yes, great job... those outstanding HS's in the segregated south really need to be written about and acknowledged for the development of AA greats prior to desegregation.

vicky: then it may be possible Selma

alt: and in the North as well

vicky: hello ryan

Selma: I was about to say alt...Kansas ain't the south.. LOL Afternoon ryan

ryan: hi vickey, selma, AY, vkn, alt, khat

Selma: But I am sure the atmosphere was probably was quite similar

ryan: hope all is well

alt: but there schools were segregated Selma.. isn't Topeka in KS? Brown vs Borad of Education.

Selma: Yep

AYWalton: have to run folks! have a great afternoon.

Selma: I gotta run to folks..have a great day

vicky: k lol

ryan: well, I was just stopping in catch yall tomorrow

vicky: khathu!

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