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2013-02-04• Alfred Prior


Start: 12:03:50
End: 13:21:46
Chatters: alt, deannie, klassicglass, Selma, Seventies, vkn

vkn: anybody home guess I am too early howdy

Selma: Afternoon vkn Guess some of us are moving slower than others.. lOL

vkn: daviss is having java issues

Selma: Ah..I notice she said the other day she couldn't get in the room

vkn: heyyyyyyyyy alt

alt: hello ladies, Selma & vkn .. what's up?

Selma: Afternoon alt.. Just talking about aching know typical conversation of AARP members

alt: I notice... he/she was quiet for quite a while.

vkn: i see him on facebook also

alt: oh, those kind of "joints" LOL LOL LOL

vkn: have you tried the proquest open access I need a lesson on using the new search things

alt: vkn, with all of the BHM freebies I'm "accessing' all over da place LOL

vkn: howdy seventites and teach me alt The formats all seem new to me alt ouchies

alt: I just 'tinker' until I find sumpin vkn

Seventies: Hello!

alt: Hello Seventies

Selma: Afternoon seventies

vkn: okies Jimmie Lee still holding child in Alabama

Seventies: Hi alt, Selma and vkn Still??? :(

alt: if y'all want to read some good interviews Ohio Historical Society has opened up the Siebert Collection for UGRR studies during BHM

Seventies: Sounds good alt.

vkn: Great alt

Selma: Write a post for the History Forum

vkn: alt did you catch the Randall Robinson interview

Seventies: dang! You know I forgot... at the gym... lol I'm going to look it up online. That's going to be my new 'hangout'... pray for me!

Selma: New Year's resolution seventies?

vkn: The snag film series is interesting

Seventies: Yes, Selma. Too much time, weight and excuses..

alt: missed Randall Robinson vkn I was Super Bowling it LOL

vkn: lol he was quite good

Seventies: I saw that on facebook vkn how many hot wings and chips did you eat alt? :)

alt: a good 5 page interview with an AA UGRR operator.... none Seventies ... Mrs. Thomas did a Ribs & Sauerkraut thingee.

vkn: gonna make a bowl of oatmeal brb its all relative selma lol

Seventies: ah okay alt, sounds delicious! lol

alt: vkn, I see Alva has had real success in researching her Conrad ancestor and his CW activities in Ohio. she posted some of her findings on Facebook

vkn: is that facebook alt for alva

alt: I think so vkn

vkn: klassicglass howdy

Selma: Afternoon klassicglass

klassicglass: Hello everyone I haven't been on in a long time, trying to get back at it.

alt: Hello klassicglass

Seventies: hi klassicglass

vkn: klassicglass welcome back

alt: welcome back klassicglass & good to 'see' ya.

klassicglass: thanks everyone

Seventies: I've never 'met' klassicglass.. how are you?

vkn: who you be seeking and where klassicglass

deannie: Late as usual ...Hi everyone

vkn: howdy deannie

alt: Hi deannie

deannie: I going to do a little chat catch first

Selma: Afternoon deannie

Seventies: hi deannie

klassicglass: fine and yourself. I got stuck on a few things and now I am trying again. still trying to find a slave owner for Alfred Prior, but I did find out that my aunt Mary Williams married Allen Womack and he lived right next door to them in 1940, but I can't find anything else on him..Everyone help me out a few years again on some things (yes it's been that long)

Seventies: okay where??

Selma: Where, state and counties

klassicglass: in pulaski illinois

alt: ah so, that's around or near Cairo, Ill right?

klassicglass: yes

Selma: What year was Alfred Prior old was he in 1940?

alt: klassicglass, dunno about Prior, but many folks from that area came out of Henry Co., TN and the surrounding TN counties.

klassicglass: for alfred prior going by the death cert. born 1844? cehcio leo tenn....mary and allen is the one I found in 1940, mary was living with her mom bertha williams

Seventies: Could Alfred have served in the USCT?

alt: born 1844.... might do a quick look for Prior/Pryor slave owners in TN for the 1850 & 1860 slave schedules. and UST thought is a good one too

klassicglass: yes and I have his pension records about 50 pages you can't make out but the ones I did they say he was a slave but don't lis any names.

Seventies: Ok let me share my expertise here. there are several types of records within the USCTs... Pension file is only one type. There are CW military records regarding AAs in RG105, Regimental Records and loose military records. that should show up in the pension files, but do not. Also Freedman's Records have some limited information in them. Though I've gone down to the Nat'l Archives to look at these records, you should able to get them through the FHC... Sorry let me rephrase, there are several types of military records dealing with the USCTs.

Selma: What year did he die klassic?

klassicglass: thanks, He died in olmsted illinois 20/10/1921. I also have this from the packaged " that he married lucretia marshall year 1854 at lake washington, ms. by Rev Ruben Davis. then after the civil was they were advise to re-marry because the first one was performed when they were in slavery, the second one July 4th 1865 by rev brown in columbus ky.

alt: he was born in 1844 and married in 1854?

Selma: So he was enslaved in Mississippi..although according to the date of birth you gave he was age 10

deannie: back...the computer kicked me out

klassicglass: that's the part I'm confused on....on death cert. it states he is from tenn. but then on the paper I have it says he married in ms.

Selma: So what do you know about Lucretia you find the 2 of them together in 1870?

alt: sounds as if Columbus, KY is in western KY near the tri-state area of KY, Ill and MS/TN

klassicglass: yes in pulaski illinois

Selma: Info on the death certificate is only as good as the person giving the info..who was the informant?

alt: so that multiple state thing is not uncommon for that area klassicglass

klassicglass: I believe one of his sons

Selma: Do you find the family in 1870 and 1880?

klassicglass: yes I did, 1870 the age is 30 on census and 1880 the age is 50 with est. birth date of 1830?

Selma: How old were the children on those census records.. What states were they said to have been born in

Seventies: Best of luck klassicglass... see y'all tomorrow.

alt: later Seventies

klassicglass: 1870 it list one child mary b est 1869 age 1 in 1880 mary 12, grant 9, daniel 8, andrew 6 and george 3

deannie: back again

alt: wb deannie, rough ride today, huh?

deannie: yes.....

klassicglass: did I lose a connection in the room

alt: no, we just got quiet LOL LOL Selma asked... what was the birth state for the children on the 1870 & 1880 census klassicglass

klassicglass: illinois

alt: okay, thanks so they were 1st married in MS and the re-married in ILL (?) where the children were born .. and this was following the CW, right?

klassicglass: 1st marriage in 1854 lake washington, ms. then re-married in columbus, ky july 4th 1865

deannie: I have to run also until next time

alt: ah so, okay..... then you might look for slave owners in MS.

klassicglass: taking notes..

Selma: What state does he enlist in and what year?

klassicglass: enlistment date 01 Jun 1863 and location Island No 10

Selma: What is Island No. #10?

klassicglass: i believe some part of TN

Selma: Did you find his service record online? His USCT service records online?

klassicglass: yes

Selma: What is his name again?

klassicglass: this is on the military service record alfred prior

Selma: and what unit?

klassicglass: alfred prior, birth location, tennessee, enlistment 1 jun 1863, location Island No 10 svc. 4th U.S. colored heavy artillery roll M1818_72 side Union, company B

Selma: Ok..I will take a look later.. Sorry but I have to go

klassicglass: thank you.

Selma: Have a good day

klassicglass: everyone have a good afternoon...

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