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Start: 11:41:37
End: 12:44:08
Chatters: alt, deannie, Selma

Selma: Good Sunday morning alt

alt: Hello Selma, how yo feeling today?

Selma: Feeling pretty good and you? Are you getting ready for the BIG game

alt: yep, bout 3:00 PM I'll put on my 'game face'. LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: and I think I'm pulling for the Ravens.

Selma: I thought the game was not until 7 or 8 PM, what are you going to do for 4 hours

alt: get in the mood LOL

Selma: LOL

alt: been looking at the 'new' records on familysearch.... WOW!!! it is are amazing what they are getting up online.

Selma: Isn't that their put all these records out. It is hard to keep up

alt: I'm seeing a lot of documents that I got years ago from different courthouses.

Selma: If they continue to put them out there..doesn't it make Ancestry less profitable?

alt: and I like their new search feature for TYPE of record

Selma: Sure makes it easier for us

alt: could be, at least the will make Ancestry step-up and put more records online and also to improve their search features. a cousin who went to Edgecombe County NC last summer and got the complete Will for my Kelly Dickens, she hadn't shared a copy with me as yet. Well, the complete Will is now online with FamilySearch. Sent her an email letting her know she didin't have to bother now to send me a copy. LOL LOL

Selma: Article in current NGS Journal on Black Slavery Emancipaiton Research in the Northern States

alt: is it online?

Selma: Wow..alt that is great re: The will by a James W. Perry, AG, CG

alt: is it about when slavery was still legal in the North? or manumission papers filed in northern states by formerly enslaved people?

Selma: Good overview of the laws in the states as they relate to Emancipation and records that are generated..also mentions Ohio The Ordinace of 1789 established the NW Territory & banning slavery..etc..

alt: right, on the NW Ordinance ... sounds like a good article.

Selma: Yet all of the states in the Territory except Wisconsin, adopted Black Laws. The NW territory wasn't just anti - was also anti-black In 1804 Ohio put laws into effect forbidding negroes, slave or free, from crossing without papers..

alt: very much so on the anti-black.... Ohio became a State in 1803 & passed the Ohio Black Codes almost iimmediately (1804) I have my freedom registration papers for several of my AA ancestors in Ohio dating as early as 1816,

Selma: Knowing the laws of the states you research are a must..laws generate documents..but you know that already

alt: and I have some records of ancestors fight the Black Codes which were reperaled in 1849. fighting they say a 'bond' had to be posted for Blacks entering Ohio.... however, I have yet to ever find any record of a Bond being posted in any of the 20+ Ohio counties that I have researched. not saying they aren't there.... just that I haven't seen any.

Selma: Well if anyone is going to find them it will be you.. LOL

alt: I don't know Selma... health is not allowing me to do much onsite researching any longer. thank God for the Internet and what is becoming available.

Selma: Understand alt

alt: would you like a copy of a newsletter from the Multcultural Genealogy Center of Ohio to read.. if so I can send you a PDF file. they are an interesting group

Selma: Oh sure..I like reading stuff.. Where is the Multicultural Genealogy Center

alt: these are folks from southeastern Ohio and part of the tri-racial groups.

Selma: Ummm

alt: Newsletter is on the way. this group has some very good researchers and are hooked into the Diversity programs at Ohio Univ. located in Athens, Ohio. Hmmn, got an email from Vicky, says she can't get into the Chat. You still there Selma?

Selma: Sorry got a phone call

alt: Okay.

Selma: Oh vicky

deannie: Morning Alt and Sema

alt: Hello deannie... how are you doing in chilly Chicago today?

Selma: Afternoon deannie

deannie: Chilly fine and you you doing Selma I going out snowed yesterday about an inch but that will not keep a die hard Chic Town down....

Selma: We had 1 to 3 inches here last week..and folks paniced

alt: I was having printer trouble and was thinking of getting a newer printer (clogged printer heads).... went to an Internet site and found procedures and a product that solved my problem for 9.95 ..... Works like new and I saved some bucks, whew!! I hear ya deannie 1 inch ain't nothing for a midwestener.

deannie: If you can died people on the internet you can find any thing lol

alt: yep deannie... I just typed in 'clogged printer heads' and a bunch of stuff came up LOL

Selma: LOL

deannie: Will have to make it sister said she was leaving at 12:00 I going with her but she ready now....I chat you all tomorrow....

alt: have a good one deannie

Selma: Have a good day

deannie: you too

alt: daughter & son-in-law just called an invited us over for a combo party ... Super Bowl & Birthday.... today is his and one of their daughter's birthday.

Selma: Well go get your game face on alt...and celebrate

alt: Had ro sen my best wishes.... too cold for this 'old man' to go out in this weather today had to send

Selma: Oh..I thought you were going to say you were going.. LOL

alt: Anita would have to put a pistol on me for me to go out today LOL LOL LOL

Selma: LOL Alt..gotta run... You have a good day...

alt: bye

Selma: Bye

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