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2013-02-02 • Meet Me In St Louis


Start: 21:11:53
End: 22:49:31
Chatters: Daviss, deannie, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Seventies

deannie: asdpfkj';sd Hi Seventies

Seventies: hi deannie... I didn't hear you come into the room Is it snowing up there?

deannie: I could not get in the room....... Yes..we have been in all day I was trying to do some imput today but I started watching mystery on the my computer and that was all she watch...I'm still watching them What was your day like

Seventies: ah had a bunch of my sons friends have a boys night in lol

deannie: Ok

Seventies: They had a good time.

deannie: We are a family of girls....

Seventies: ah... okay How's your genealogy coming?

deannie: My coworker was talking about the super bowl and I said who's playing...if one of my nephew did not give a party I would not know

Seventies: lol

deannie: Ok...I was hoping to work on it today due to the weather that's ending up a joke

Seventies: too bad... I was looking over these free records on ancestry... eh nothing to write home about.

deannie: My nephew was here working on taxes and I showed him the certificat I received from the for his grandfather white house for deceased soldier I know that feeling

Seventies: okay nice! are you going to have them framed and stuff?

deannie: Yes, it's my father also

Seventies: brb sorry back deannie...

deannie: ok

Seventies: What will you be researching next?

deannie: I am working on input the 1940 on all of the people in my tree

Seventies: okay Hi Daviss

deannie: HI Daviss

Daviss: Hello there How are you two doing?

Seventies: good and snowy... lol

Daviss: Late coming in.....I got a phone call as soon as it was time to come in Then one eye and ear is on Betty and Coretta lol

deannie: It's ok

Daviss: wb

Seventies: yeah... I'm not impressed with it...

Daviss: and why is that

Seventies: The acting is so so ...

Daviss: what about you deannie did you see it?

Seventies: I spent my time watching Alphas on netflix. Hi Khathu

Khathu: Hello everyone

deannie: I did not watch it

Daviss: Hi there Khathu

Khathu: I am watching Betty and Coretta

deannie: I have just find the old mysteries Charles Chan...and I have not my computer

Daviss: I also got out today for the first time.. I went to the memorial for Ambrose Skinner a Buffalo Soldier and Union Civil War Soldier It was rather nice

Seventies: Did you take photos?

Daviss: yes, I did take some

deannie: That was great Daviss Can you send me one

Daviss: sure

deannie: or put them on you facebook

Seventies: Post them on facebook Daviss...

Daviss: lol

Seventies: Any research going on with you all?? Anyone look at the free records on Ancestry or Proquest yet??

Daviss: yes

Seventies: The Descriptive Rolls and CW deaths are very limited... The CW Descriptive Rolls are for Kentucky.

Daviss: I just read a few things

Seventies: Though there are TONS of USCTs out there. The CW deaths are for the 54th and 55th....

Daviss: yep there sure are...

Seventies: Sure enough these records are limited as well.

Daviss: For those who have someone they can get a goldmine

deannie: My ancestor is from the 54th Reg (Mississippi)

Seventies: Yes well Massachusetts was too far off for my ancestors to join either of those units.

Daviss: gobs of records

deannie: I have the certificate from the White House, but I'm still waiting on his records

Daviss: like I told dcooke the other day you have to take your time and look carefully

Khathu: isn't most if not all of her research conducted online?

Daviss: I have already heard from several folks that found their peeps

Seventies: in these free Ancestry records?

Daviss: no idea khathu.... Those and proquest Seventies

Seventies: okay.. proquest is well.. proquest... lol

Daviss: Proquest has eons of records but you may want to utilize the Library edition To get the full benefit Can you get it through your job Seventies

Seventies: yes I get access from work.

Daviss: I would love to have access to JSTOR

Seventies: I have access to that too...

Daviss: yes I did the freeby but got two on the shelf and you have to keep them there for so long. one I thought had something to it had nothing worthwhile to really read But what can you do lol Deannie, I am still waiting on that address from you to get those certificates

deannie: I sorry I thought I gave it to you....hold on

Daviss: appreciate it via email

deannie: pk...did I have your email address

Daviss: yes you do lol

deannie: I do :o

Daviss: hold on let me send it to you.. Does your email start as Bradley or something like that

deannie: Yes

Daviss: ok hold on

deannie: then I have it

Daviss: yes you do lol lol

Seventies: Y'all I have got to go. I will see you later. Enjoy Superbowl Sunday.

Daviss: I just sent you email deannie

deannie: ok

Daviss: khathu did you like the movie

deannie: I have it Mitchell

Daviss: Alrighty then

deannie: Sorry....Luv you Daviss

Daviss: How long did it take to get the certificates Love you back Missy lol

deannie: I depends on what inform you send them...I they are buried in a military cemtery or a DD214 they come back quick. All other inform is a little longer...I have received some in about 2 month....I still waiting from I send for 6 months ago Hi Historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey Deannie, Davis, and Khathu.

Khathu: it was okay

Daviss: I know where they are buried no DD214 though Hi HistoryBuff! Do they have to be deceased deannie

deannie: Yes

Daviss: ok All my dads brothers except for one served.... that would be 6 of I dont know if he served or not..he left home years before.

deannie: My father, brother, me and my grandson...I have several relatives that have served 2 or 3 females

Daviss: I understand he came home once after many years and my grandfather cried and cried He left again and never went back. He ended up living and dying in Atlanta Ga Me and two of my friends all were supposed to go sign up together we made a pack lol but the one girl liked my brother and he talked her out of going so none of us went That was about the last time I depended on others and wore my own hat after that

deannie: I joined at the ago of 31....I was going to join when I was 18...but I waited for my friend and them my sister wanted to go that ended that....

HistoryBuff: Which branch were you planning to sign up for, Daviss?

Daviss: air force

HistoryBuff: And which did you sign up for Deannie?

deannie: Army Hoorah

Daviss: I was an airforce brat and should have gone anyway

HistoryBuff: :) Hoorah Deannie!

deannie: I was in the Army Reserve only but I served in two wars...Desert Storm and Operation Iraq Freedom And I served for 20 years

HistoryBuff: Good for you, Deannie.

deannie: I enjoyed every minute....

Daviss: Sure is....I always regretted not going

deannie: The travel the people and the money

HistoryBuff: Oh and thank you for your service, Deannie. So what did you did you do as an alternative, Daviss?

Daviss: went back to school, quit, went back to school, quit lol

deannie: You are I's waiting on my check lol ...reservist have to wait until they are 60 to get their retirement....

Daviss: Then turned around got married had a child, went back to school, quit

HistoryBuff: Wow!

deannie: ditto

HistoryBuff: On another topic, a relative made sports history today.

deannie: do tell

Daviss: oh really HB, how so?

HistoryBuff: Jonathan Ogden(Number 75) who retired from the Baltimore Ravens was named to the NFL Hall of Fame today.

Daviss: that is quite an honor

HistoryBuff: Indeed, I have met his mother and brother, but hadn't had the pleasure of meeting him in person.

Daviss: Hopefully you will soon

deannie: How is he related

Daviss: so no sense me asking who are you rooting for tomorrow is it? LOL LOL LOL

HistoryBuff: I hope so, since our Cummings Family Reunion is in DC this year. He is a distant cousin from my maternal grandmother's people. I hear you , Daviss! :D lol

Daviss: heheehheeehee

deannie: Cool

HistoryBuff: Yep Deannie, Way cool. Now I finally installed RootsMagic 6 so I can resume my research.

deannie: Do you like RootsMagic 6 I have Familytree

HistoryBuff: Yes I do it helps me organize the work.

deannie: Can I download it for free

Daviss: thats good deannie yes deannie

deannie: ok

Daviss: let me get the link

deannie: ok

HistoryBuff: I did that at first, then I bought it .

deannie: ok I need to learn more about putting my document into my tree

Daviss: you can get the free version Deannie i wanted to buy the updated version when we were in SLC but I had a problem with my hotel room So by the time I finished with that I was so "hot" I could not think straight

deannie: ok

Daviss: but better days are ahead lol I did enjoy our visit though when we ate together

deannie: I know that yes...I enjoy meeting other people who are doing the same thing that I am .....

Daviss: Hopefully we can continue at other functions

HistoryBuff: I probably won't get to travel like that until I retire or get riffed,

deannie: I know 5 weeks of vacation this year I have starting planning my trip already

Daviss: which one deannie? To Baltimore?

deannie: I want to go to Mississippi again...also St Louis

HistoryBuff: If I may ask which venue is in Baltimore this year?

Daviss: oops I meant St Louis

HistoryBuff: oh okay

Daviss: I meant ST Louis for MAGHI

deannie: I am going to MAAGI...I'm going to stay in the dorm $25.00 a night

HistoryBuff: Sounds excellent, Deannie

Daviss: lol I messed up again MAAGI ...heeheheh sorry Angela and others

deannie: I hope to go to DC one of my gen buddy new grandchild living in Virginia and she wants to go and see her...and I am going too

Daviss: that would be nice.. All the good stuff is out that way...

deannie: I know

Daviss: And the states are rather close to each other

deannie: Yes...her son is in the military and works in DC

HistoryBuff: Makes sense to me.

Daviss: yup! Well ladies, i better run... Gotta use two hands to eat lol

HistoryBuff: Take car4e.

deannie: Ok...I think that's a wrap also HB....

Daviss: Take care as always

HistoryBuff: Good nite.

deannie: you too

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