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2013-02-01• Dickens NC research


Start: 12:05:02
End: 13:00:04
Chatters: alt, Daviss, dcooke, khathu, Selma, Seventies

Daviss: Afternoon Seventies! Afternoon to you also Selma

Selma: Good Friday Afternoon Daviss and Seventies How are you feeling Mizz Daviss?

Daviss: I am feeling much better Selma, thanks...what about you?

Seventies: Hi Daviss and Selma...

Selma: I am feeling better thats a good thing for the 2 of us LOL Hi Seventies

Daviss: hello Seventies

Seventies: Daviss wine is fine, but liquor is quicker! lol Glad you finally got the meds you needed. lol hello alt!

Selma: Wine? that what you took Daviss Afternoon alt,

alt: Hi ladies... Daviss, Selma & Seventies

Daviss: naw Selma lol Seventies just learned an old school rhyme lol hello alt

Seventies: lol no I didn't.. Told you last week to get a hot toddy.. lol

Daviss: hahahahaha

alt: hehehehehe @ Daviss're not allowed to tease Seventies, that's my job LOL

Daviss: ok I forgot alt lol

Seventies: lol alt. Hey I saw your post on Facebook... interesting dilemma. Lots of ways that your piece can go..

Selma: I am reading Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer's memoir..turns out she lived on Kelly Street in the Bronx as did Colin Powell (before his Daddy hit the numbers), and me

alt: send me some heat Daviss .... it's 1 degree here, right now

Seventies: Ah interesting.

Daviss: Oh really Selma I bet thats a goodie. I saw her last week going thru her old neighborhood

Seventies: I didn't know Daddy Powell hit the numbers.. wow..

alt: ah so Selma... there's that 6 degree thing with your old neighbor LOL

Daviss: brrrrr will get up to 75 again today

Selma: Yes, he and his sister (Powell's Aunt)..thats how they got the down payment for a house..he wrote about it in his book Sotomayer moved from Kelly to Bronxdale Projects, then to Coop City

Seventies: the temperature out in OH + VA + NY doesn't even add up to 75! Shame on you Daviss! lol

Selma: I am trying to remember where the projects were..

Daviss: There was a lady that used to come to the neighborhood when I lived in LA that ran numbers..

Seventies: alt, have you started your article yet?

Selma: We had a number of number people who came to the apartment..Miss Bernice and Howard are the only 2 I remember..numbers were poor folks Hedge Funds

Daviss: yes, I think the projects was where she walked last week

alt: working on an outline Seventies, trying to follow some of the guidelines set by Anita Paul in last weeks Bernice show.

Seventies: okay.

Daviss: I am trying to remember this lady's name lol I can see her face plain as day

alt: the great aunt that I grew up with was a numbers "collector'. the place where the 'runner's' brought the bets before they went to the 'bank'.

Seventies: Oh BTW, my cousin.. my first cousin... has published his first book.. check it out.

Selma: What is the title Seventies..if I click I get knocked out on this computer

alt: congrats to your cousin Seventies

Daviss: yes congrats to cousin

Seventies: The title is "Keeping It Real: Loose Your Excuses. Find Your Greatness." I'm up next. . . :}

alt: is it a self-help book Seventies?

Seventies: yes..

Selma: Thanks..wrote it down

Daviss: Archie Manning huh, I have lots of Mannings in my line

Seventies: I haven't read it yet though, but gives me another idea of something we can do at the family reunion... :}

alt: that's the same name as the football player's father... Payton Manning

Daviss: yep alt

Seventies: Daviss, he was born in Columbus, MS. His father I believe is also from MS. My aunt had one of those college romances...

alt: are there MS or LA roots there Seventies

Seventies: He took his step father's surname.

alt: ah so, okay Seventies

Seventies: They lived in Indiana for 30 years.

alt: y'all listen to Bernice last night? Man, yo keep hearing the same theme from each guest.... the 'stuff' we say here everyday and post about on AfriGeneas & Facebook .... we must be doing something right LOL

Seventies: lol

Selma: Tried to stay awake but couldn't make it

Seventies: I was at the gym...

Daviss: It was a good show alt, I enjoyed it

Selma: Trying to make us feel lazy seventies?

alt: I listen the next morning Selma ....

Seventies: No... lol

alt: gym @ 9:00 PM ... that's bedtime for us older folk Seventies LOL

Selma: LOL

Daviss: I promised alt, I would not say nothing

Seventies: Moving back to genealogy.

Daviss: Nawwwww lol

Seventies: :}

alt: how am I doing Daviss.... gotta keep the young & motivated in line LOL LOL

Seventies: lol

Daviss: lol

Seventies: Anyone going to attend the MIdWest Genealogy society (??) conference this summer? The one is St. Louis, MO.

alt: the lady last nite mentioned Sandra Craighead who used to be the Pres. of the Cleveland AAHGS.

Daviss: I am trying to remember the Line-up for this month on BlogRadio One of those dates will be a Monday 3pm ET time

Selma: I am not sure Seventies..have a lot on my plate right thru here

alt: Debbie is on the 14th & the lady who wrote about Gotham (NYC) is on the 21st

Seventies: oh wow.. I'll be able to listen while at work.. that's wonderful!

alt: oh, if y'all haven't check what's new on FamilySearch lately I suggest you take a look at the US records lots of good stuff added in the last 2 months... even as recent as today

Daviss: yeah alt I was there last night I usually go in daily looking around

alt: I found Probate records on the Dickens family in NC that I write about on my TP site..... 92 pages of images of K.H. Dicken's estate records.

Seventies: I hadn't looked at the new records recently alt...

Daviss: I just wish I could break a wall down so I can utilize some of those other records

Selma: Did it break down any walls for you alt..

alt: and similar to Khathu he names his "children" by his enslaved mistress and leaves them property as well as his mistress. no walls, but a lot of 'inside' information Selma.

Seventies: I see they are updating the California records quite a bit...

Selma: What year did this happen alt?

alt: the papers range from 1881 to 1887 Selma

Seventies: The marriages for IN are also updated..

Selma: after emancipation

alt: yes, that is good news for me too Seventies

Seventies: ooh something I may be able to USE... Louisiana wills.. Also a NY state census for 1855. Interested in seeing how many FPOCs lived in my area...

alt: Yes Selma... he died in 1881, but I now have a trail from the 1850 Census, thru the 1850-1860 slave schedules thru the 1880 census and beyond... along with these court records, a couple of marriage records, a DC and a copy of a few pages from a family bible.

Selma: That is great alt..

Daviss: sure is...

Seventies: Now I'm going to have to take a look at these records.. lol

alt: good luck Seventies

Daviss: tomorrow hopefully I will feel good enough to get to the Memorial service for a long overdue Buffalo Soldier Ambrose Skinner

khathu: Hello everyone

dcooke: Hey gang!

Selma: Afternoon Khathu..busy, busy man today, glad you came to visit

Seventies: Hey Khathu and dcooke

alt: Hello khathu & dcooke

Selma: Afternoon dcooke

khathu: Just on a break

dcooke: I listened to my first blog radio presentation last night.

alt: thanks for 'dropping in' khathu

Selma: Great dcooke, how did you like?

Daviss: Hello Khathu and dcooke

Selma: Khathu..were you singing at the White House this AM?

dcooke: It was nice.

Daviss: I enjoyed it dcooke

dcooke: It was about mulatto slaves, and I have a ton of them in my tree.

alt: khathu, give our regards to Barack, Michelle & the girls LOL LOL

Selma: LOL don't forget Bo

alt: Oops

dcooke: It really inspired me to start trying to write the stories that I've been collecting. If not for publication, definitely for my family.

Daviss: and Ms Robinson

Selma: Right Ms. Robinson

alt: good dcooke,

Daviss: good for you dcooke

khathu: No I wasn't singing. I was an invited guest.

Selma: So was the author able to find documentation on this ancestor Daviss? Wow..even more special Khahtu

Seventies: That is awesome, Khathu.

Daviss: oh yes, Selma and his great granddaughters will be there

alt: sure is Selma you DA MAN khathu

Selma: Will have to listen to later

Daviss: He had been buried in an unk grave for decades

khathu: Alt - I'm at Howard Univ attending the AA Economic Summit

Daviss: and finally got a marker

alt: okay khathu, knowing you can give some 'great' input!!!

Seventies: How is it going so far khathu?

Daviss: I am trying to get as many of my friends to go

alt: is this summit just for educator's.... or are Tavis & West there? that was for khathu Oops. late again

Daviss: ok taking off, you all have a nice day

alt: hmmmn Daviss gets to feeling better and then she cuts out on us LOL LOL LOL

Selma: He must be losing the connection

alt: yep, bumpy road with his phone Selma, I hope those 'browsable' records on family search become indexed soon... I've gotten lazy & spoiled by indexed online searches.

Selma: Alt..I am very disappointed to hear you say (type) that..

alt: what, that I'm spoiled & lazy?

Selma: LOL I love get a much richer picture of what is going on in the communities in which these folks lived

alt: family search has added a great new feature.... where you can search their collections by the 'type' of record ... vital, probate, land, census, etc. Selma, I agree you do, cause you're looking at the records and not just for someone/something in particular.

Selma: Well folks..think it is time for me to run.. Have a great day..bye

alt: bye Poof!!! Lol

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