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2013-01-28 • Updating Genealogy Books


Start: 12:06:45
End: 13:21:56
Chatters: alt, dcooke, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: hello alt!

alt: Hey Seventies ..get to work!!! LOL

Seventies: lol got the day off! Thank you alt! lol I was online looking for some information on Dr.William Newton Mercer and his wife, Ann Eliza Farrar's family.

alt: Why, the day off?

Seventies: snow and ice. they called the day early.

alt: Who is and who are these folks? and do you have a connection to them?

Seventies: Been home since 1030 Mercer and his wife were the slaveholders of my Rounds ancestors.

alt: ah so, good old emergency time off. Okay, was the Farrar lady's family out of NC?

Seventies: yep, working on the genealogy this afternoon after I make up for the sleep I lost last night. lol

alt: NC and/or Virginia

Seventies: The first Farrar, not sure yet... but his wife came out of VA

vkn: howdy hi seventies

Seventies: refresh is going slow here...

vkn: alt howdy

alt: Oops. kicked myself out of the Chat .. Howdy vkn

vkn: daviss is still under the weather

alt: oh my, she is having a rough time of it

vkn: selma is doing therapy

Seventies: she said she was feeling better yesterday

alt: Seventies, there are slave owning Farrar's in Goochland Co., VA as early as 1740 that I know of.

vkn: well lets hope she continues on improvement street

alt: for sure vkn

Seventies: okay, this Dr benj farrar was one of the early settlers in the Natchez Territory

alt: not sue if these Farrar's connect but just an info item on the surname. sue=sure

Khathu: hello everyone

Seventies: ok thanks alt, I will consider this info when looking

alt: Hello Khathu

Seventies: Hi Khathu

vkn: Nice link from Pat A on MS marriages all counties athu Khathu howdy

Seventies: I saw that. It looks like all white marriages

alt: is the link on the Forums vkn? not sure I've seen it

vkn: ahhhh ok

alt: How you doing with the DAR research Khathu?

Seventies: yes in the states research forum alt

alt: okay Seventies, thank you

vkn: States alt

alt: and vkn LOL

Khathu: I am waiting to head up to the FHC. Several microfilms I ordered have arrived

alt: Hello HistoryBuff

vkn: Howdy HistoryBuff

Seventies: Y'all DCers home today?

HistoryBuff: Hey al.

Seventies: Hi HistoryBuff

alt: wonderful Khathu

Khathu: No I am at work. We had a two hour delay

Seventies: ok an I had about a 3 hr workday. lol

HistoryBuff: LOL

alt: Khathu, will/can the D'Arcy/Dorsey information help you with the Sons of Texas lineage society?

vkn: chicken wings are in short supply says the news

Seventies: ???

alt: is this nationwide vkn?

vkn: yes

Khathu: No it would not alt but at this point I have no interest in joining the SRT

Seventies: have they stopped breeding chickens or something??

alt: okay Khathu, I was wondering if there would/could be a connection.

Khathu: It is a different line.

HistoryBuff: That's going to have an impact on grocery meat choices..

Khathu: I hate's leaf feature

vkn: at least for super football history

Seventies: why?

alt: The Dorsey documentation is 'super' solid and would smack them in their face Khathu

Khathu: there are so many people with the incorrect information attached to their trees as a result of the feature

vkn: yeah that leaf thing is a prob

Seventies: I agree... and not only that its only good if you read and analyze the records...

Khathu: alt - the Dorseys did not arrived until the 1850s almost 7 years after Texas was admitted into the Union.

alt: yep, the "leafs" are only pointing out what has been said about the Ancestry family trees for years

Khathu: I feel like I have to play police and info individuals of the incorrect information.

Seventies: I get that all the time because the Washingtons tree is public.. most of the time its COMPLETELY incorrect. annoyance.

Khathu: One individual has a Paschal Wilkerson in her tree as being white based on the 1860 census but what she failed to realized is that Paschal was enslaved in Leon County, Texas in 1860.

alt: I hear ya, question.... is the information "incorrect" or is it just different?

Khathu: She is researching solely based on name and nothing else

alt: hello dcooke

dcooke: Hello!

HistoryBuff: Unfortunately, that's what it means kharmthu

Seventies: yep that is why i took mine off line

vkn: hello dcooke and welcome

Khathu: Paschal was enslaved with my ggg grandfather Andrew Perkins. They were both owned by the Evans Family.

HistoryBuff: Sorry Khathu.

alt: that happens Khathu, folks often hook on to a common surname in a location and they are off to the races LOL

Seventies: hi dcooke

Khathu: I have a cousin that has some foolish on his tree regarding our ancestor Isaac Haynes

Seventies: lol

HistoryBuff: Hi Dr. Cooke.

alt: this leaf stuff is an example of why we need to cite our sources when putting our stuff out there fro the world to see.

Khathu: He has attached the SC and TX 1870 census to our ancestor when clearly he was not in both place and it is two separate individuals.

Seventies: Its really not about us, is aabout the people who steal our stuff.

vkn: glad you are here dcooke

alt: inconsistancies are one thing, but incorrect linkage is something else....

Seventies: hhhmmm interesting Khathu...

Khathu: it is definitely incorrect

Seventies: okay

Khathu: the likihood of an AA travelling between TX and SC in 1870 is highly unlikely some of it is just common sense

alt: my thought on 'stealing" is ... help yourself to what I put out there... it helps to 'circulate' the family information and it might help someone down the road.

Khathu: i agree alt.

Seventies: agree, but I have seen people living in two households within the same area during the year.

dcooke: I started reading the books you guys recommended a couple of weeks ago.

Seventies: which one dcooke?

Khathu: that is different seventies.

dcooke: Finding a Place Called Home

Khathu: i need to run.

Seventies: How do you like it so far dcooke?

alt: wonderful dcooke.. that book is a treasure and a great one for references

vkn: great dcooke that is a bible for many of us

Seventies: FYI I'm in for the long haul today. I have plans to just work on my personal blog and do some book research on FamilySearch and look up some additional information on existing family members.

dcooke: The other was the Genealogist's Guide for Discovering AA Ancestry

alt: exactly vkn.... my copy is very handy and accessible on my computer desk.

dcooke: They were ok, but they seem very outdated now that so many resources are online. One of you should write a modern version for folks starting out today.

Seventies: There is still a treasure trove at the local courthouses IMO... I don't think that will ever go out of style.

vkn: the methods do not change dcooke

alt: they are somewhat outdated with the 'flood' of newer and more recent resources, but the methodologies explained still hold true dcooke

dcooke: I'm sure it will help me more when I travel to TX and AR to do the research. I'm working from another state, and I'm dependent on internet-based research most days.

alt: even Tony Burroughs "Black Roots" is outdated as far as his links and resources are concerned, but again the methodolgy is still "sound"

vkn: research methods are forever

alt: don't forget the telelphone & emails to the areas you are researching dcooke & the genealogy societies

dcooke: A lot of the suggestions were pretty intuitive for me, but I guess I'm pretty obsessed at this point.

Seventies: Nobody every recommends the book I use, How to trace your African American Roots. It was published in 2000 and very good.

vkn: author seventies

Seventies: Barbara Howell

alt: an example dcooke... I recently received the estate papers of an ancestor who died in California in 1871..... I live in Ohio ... got help in acquiring these papers by networking, phone calls & emails

dcooke: I reached out to the county genealogical societies early on. When I told them I was Black, they went silent. lol

vkn: okies thanx

Seventies: Yes, never tell them that... lol Yah and I actually wrote a letter and got a response. I went pre-analog with that and it worked! lol

dcooke: They were like "You're looking for pre-1870 information??? Well, good luck with that!"

alt: where were these gen societies located dcooke? and what was the time periods you were asking about? and the type of records you were asking about? as Selma often says... AA's are IN the records, but the records aren't usually ABOUT us.

Seventies: They sure aren't.

alt: especailly pre 1870 and in the South.

dcooke: I was asking them what types of records they had and if it would be worth a trip. The counties were Marion and Cass County, TX, and Clark County, AR. They told me that I might find info in wills, but they said I need to have an estimate of who owned my ancestors to really get started.

Seventies: dcooke where are you at in your research? have you hit 1870? Believe it or not, there are some good records that can help you discover the last known slave owner. But most requires indepth analysis.

alt: "they' told you right dcooke .. unless your folks were FPOC and then those records are few & far between, we are usually found in records about white folks

Seventies: and community research.

dcooke: Yes. I've hit 1870 in every line.

Seventies: ok

dcooke: I've gotten back to ancestors born in 1800 and 1820 on several lines.

Seventies: ok

dcooke: I was totally motivated to keep going this weekend! I received a message from someone inviting me to a family reunion.

alt: if you're at 1870 .. have you then determined if yoru ancestors are free or enslaved... if enslaved how bout the 1860 then the 1850 slave schedules for possible slave owners?

dcooke: I've figured out one slave owner that I'm pretty sure about.

Seventies: Another good, but overlooked source is if your ancestor fought in the Civil War, some regimental records have the name of the last slaveholder and the place where they lived.

alt: then have you checked for Wills, Estate Papers, etc. for the surnames of the slaveowners in the areas where your ancestors were located.

Seventies: LOL But of course this doesn't work for any of my CW ancestors! LOL

dcooke: I'm having a hard time confirming that I'm related to the family though (the family reunion). We have the same folks on our tree and the same names, but there are a few holes.

Seventies: Had you spoken to Khathu about Cass County, TX??

dcooke: I found a man who fought in the Union Army with the same name as one of my ancestors, but I haven't been able to connect them. It could possibly be his father.

Seventies: Regimental and CW records... are a big overlooked item!

dcooke: I haven't really spoken to him much. He seems to leave when I get here.

alt: don't overlook death certifiactes/records in those counties from the early 1900's forward.... many of those folks were born in the mid and early 1800's.

Seventies: Khathu often talks about voter registration records for TX. Take a look there.

dcooke: Luckily, I keep connecting with distant relatives who have already posted the death certificates. Lucky!!! I've found A LOT of voter reg records. Especially right after emancipation!

alt: yes, you are in those instances dcooke

Seventies: Yep.. you will have to do some analysis. :)

alt: as Seventies is saying 'analysis; is the key.... voter registration, leads to possible property records.

dcooke: This family reunion thing is tricky because my ancestor was apparently one of the older children in her immediate family. She's listed as married and living in her own home in 1870. I have to figure out how to prove that she's the child of the man that they're descendants of...

Seventies: LOL I don't even do TX and I know quite a bit about th records there.. thanks to Khathu!

dcooke: He still had other children in his home. Her death certificate says her father's name was Joe McIntosh. This man is seen as Joe, Joseph, and Josiah. Could be...Could be not... (Color Purple)

Seventies: Yep.. I have a Leon/Leno McFarland... I had to analyze a lot of records to verify him because of the name variation.

alt: yep, now that you've found the record(s), now the real work begins in analyzing (sp) what you've found

dcooke: So how can I figure out if she's Josiah/Joseph's child?

Seventies: speaking of deaths, etc. alt, in what situation would a DC have been issued twice? Could you shed some light on that?

alt: you have to do what is called 'cluster research' and analyze the siblings in the "family'... not just your direct ancestor

Seventies: exactly...

dcooke: I think I'm going to keep asking questions to the other descendants.

Seventies: That is how I found a TON of relatives. I wrote something about that on the forums a while back.

dcooke: One of her younger brothers named his daughter the same name as my ancestor (which seemed to happen a lot in my family). That gave me a bit of hope!

alt: 2 DC's ..... a correction, filing in 2 separate counties, place of death vs place of burial.

dcooke: I'm sure that he's the son of Joseph/Josiah.

Seventies: Thank you alt.

dcooke: Which forums do you all read? Ancestry?

alt: you may find what you're looking for in the records of one of those siblings.

Seventies: Oh one more question. Is there a certain time period that you would see 2 DC's?? Like 1908 - 1920 or later years?

dcooke: I also found a facebook group for AR AA Genealogy. Hopefully that will help with my father's side.

alt: I'm partial to the AfriGeneas Forums.... all of them

dcooke: I'm going to have to explore them tonight.

Seventies: I read Afrigeneas forums most of the time. On occasion, I use ancestry. Lately, I've been getting some good locale hits on Ancestry's AA forums for MS.

alt: use the 'search' feature for AfriGeneas dcooke ... type in anything you can think of surnames, locations, type of records, etc. and you're sure to find some great threads

Seventies: Two collateral families I'd been looking for are attached to the Hew Davis Plantation in Wilkinson Co.

alt: and the AfriGenas post go back to the late 1990's 12-15 years at least way to go Seventies :)

Seventies: and you know I'm still intrigued with this Wellington Scott I saw in the RG105... His Scott's are from Adams Co. and Wilkinson Co. WB HistoryBuff.

alt: dcooke, tha ancestor's you found born in the 1820's .... you found then in the 1870 census & later, right? have you found anything (records) on them between their birth year and 1870?

Seventies: I'm going to head over to the Facebook/Twitter page. You all have a good one. I need to work on the genealogy while I have some free time today. Great discuss.

HistoryBuff: Thanks Seventies. i got kicked off and I missed her. Getting called away for consultation.

alt: think I'll follow Seventies lead... I have a Dr.'s appt at 3:30 so I guess I'd better start getting ready for it... See y'all later.

HistoryBuff: Cya Alt Well good to listen to you, dccooke. Hope to chat with you in the near future. Bye

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