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2013-01-25 • Relative Finder


Start: 12:05:51
End: 13:01:32
Chatters: alt, Daviss, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Daviss: hi Seventies I am not sure how long I can stay here hi alt

alt: doing well,,,, we're at the end of an unexpected snowfall.... got about 4 inches and it's colder than ............

Daviss: I am not sure how long I can stay, at least sitting up

alt: it'll get better since the fever broke... take care & be patient.

Daviss: unexpected snowfall? hmmm

alt: yeah, we were 'posed to have 'flurries'

Daviss: If I could just break it in my chest I would feel better.. The hot toddy has not helped yet

alt: oh man, that's misery!!!!

Daviss: I know ;) thanks for your input on the dna post

alt: you see the DNA thread.. the lady didn't need any help

Daviss: it may be the fact that knowing about AA's is the issue and where to go from there

alt: I think so Daviss

Daviss: I looked through his RF and was hoping I would see someone I knew but no luck

alt: whose RF?

Daviss: also no one I knew on Gedmatch her grands

alt: oh, okay

Daviss: you know you can download your RF, dont you?

alt: download RF ?????

Daviss: yes Relative Finder on 23&Me

alt: download what & to where? hi Selma, how're you doing

Selma: Afternoon alt, daviss and seventies

Daviss: just say I wanted to see who you match.. All you do is scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a download button.. once you save that to your folder you can sent it to someone if you wish Hello Selma!

Selma: alt..saw the lady's response re your posting on DNA

alt: I'll look at that Daviss. yeah Selma, trying to figure how to respond to her last post.

Daviss: I have looked at that on several occasions alt

Selma: Don't understand her comment about ..let me go re-look "re combining more quickly"...what the H^&ll does that mean

alt: now that's where I get lost Selma....

Selma: Well maybe I should ask her?

alt: I'm old school with my genetics & mendalian (sp) theory of inheritance

Daviss: I have used that for newbies to help them ask to share basics with someone I know that may help in her quest her meaning them

alt: this stuff on centiMorgens and segments on chromsomes STR's & SNP's is beyond me.

vkn: daviss you be looking healthy

Selma: You can tell from her typing vkn.. LOL

Daviss: looks are deceiving vkn :o

vkn: heyy alt thanx for standing by for the webinar yesterday lol howdy seventies

Daviss: I was telling seventies that I did not know how long I would be here...Its the sitting up thing lol

vkn: be looking good selma

alt: had a long talk last night with Dr. Debbie Abbott, she's writing an article for the OGS quarterly Journal and wanted to quote me on some FPOC research methods.... I really felt honored by her request.

vkn: that is quite an honor alt AND she knew where to come

alt: she'll be on Bernice's show next Thursday

Daviss: oh a friend of mine sent an email asking about a society in Tenn. She is in Dubai. She wrote to one in Memphis and one somewhere else in Tn. The letters came back

Selma: There is one in Nashville..they are hosting the AAHGS conference.

alt: hmmm, I thought Memphis had an active AA gengroup.

Daviss: Can anyone send me a new addy that I can send to her

Selma: Think she can go to the AAHGS website...

vkn: and consider addy of sadonya good info from the bernice show last night

Daviss: thanks

Selma: Couldn't stay awake again vkn

alt: I missed last night and haven't yet listened today.

Selma: Plus I had a busy day yesterday so was really tired

vkn: hefty stuff alt

alt: okay vkn, was this one about mid-wifes? midwives

vkn: not midwives in the regular sense alt

Selma: I thought it was about midwives? "birthing babies"

vkn: authoring and publishing books birthing authors to birthing books

alt: ah so, I see Anita Paul

vkn: I got in late so if she birthed babies i missed that part

alt: heck, anymore I can't even write a posting or article, let alone even thinking about a Book LOL

Selma: LOL

vkn: and that Anita Paul is a super expert a smart cookie

Daviss: who does she have for next week, do you know?

alt: Debbie Abbott

vkn: Dr Abbott

Daviss: oh ok lol did you say that already

vkn: yes daviss take a nap lol

Daviss: hehehehehee

Selma: LOL

alt: Seventies must be Mt-ing

vkn: baaaaaaaaad weather in atlanta ice storming schools closed

Selma: Or napping

alt: where is she? I want to pick on somebody. LOL lOL

Selma: Yes..we have weather alerts here...

Seventies: HHHEYYY!!! Sorry I'm late! lol

vkn: I will send handouts from the webinar but they will not be in order

Selma: 2 to 4 expected here this afternoon..folks in a panic...schools and offices closing early

Seventies: A 5 minute trip turned to 45 minutes! lol

alt: I just told Daviss, about our unexpected snow storm... we got 3-4 inches early this morning. where you been Seventies? I just said I need someone to pick on LOL

Seventies: lol Shopping... lol

Selma: I thought you were napping

Seventies: No, it was my intent to just grab a snack, but my co-worker dragged me into the clothing section and bought herself some shoes and a coat.. Before I got into that, I was watching this documentary:

Daviss: ok time for me to lay it down again..... hopefully will see you sat..

vkn: 28 degrees

Daviss: yes Seventies

alt: take care partner

Seventies: Feel better!

Daviss: ok bye

Seventies: We're getting a couple of inches of snow tonight..

vkn: gonna have a cup of blackeyed pea soup

Seventies: Can't wait to get some soup and crackers and hot tea.. its cold here. darn near zero

Selma: Good idea re the soup and crackers..

vkn: and ginger tea

Seventies: or cornbread... :) lasts longer and much cheaper.

Selma: the DNA Thread, still don't understand what "thoughts" are being asked for

Seventies: I read over that as well, I wasn't quite sure what advice she was soliciting.

alt: me neither Selma ....

vkn: lol

alt: her questions seem more about the 'genetics' and recombination (?) among Blacks and I have no idea on how to help her.

vkn: and you know i have no clues

Selma: and for sure I don't...

alt: I have no parents, aunts, uncles or older generations to have tested for the comparisons she is asking about.

Seventies: I'm heading off. vkn, alt, and Selma stay safe, dry and warm this weekend.

alt: you too Seventies

vkn: okies folks look for email

alt: okay vkn well Selma, are we gonna call it a day too?

Selma: Yea me too...

alt: okay, laters

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