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2013-01-24 • POTUS expectations


Start: 12:09:19
End: 13:17:48
Chatters: alt, HistoryBuff, Khathu, Selma, Seventies, vkn

Seventies: good afternoon alt

alt: hi Seventies, how ya doing today?

Seventies: wonderful How about you?

alt: good, glad to hear you are doing 'wonderful" LOL

Seventies: worked out yesterday.. a little sore, but I have more energy.

alt: I'm okay, just came from Facebook and reading some of the postings & comments great, keep up the exercise while you're young and can do it... pays off in the long run.

Seventies: ah okay. I watched the latest and greatest episode of Unsung about Isaac Hayes. It was very enlightening.

alt: why is Isaac Hayes "unsung"?

Seventies: Well you know though an artist can be great, they don't always get the public recognition they deserve...

alt: most don't.....

Seventies: I didn't know he wrote many of the songs on Stax.. I was very surprised to learn that. and didn't know that he grew up dirt poor...

alt: I think his music from the Shaft movie was the CLASSIC!!!!!

Seventies: Yes it was. I was listening to some of the songs featured in the show and realized that some were sampled for very popular rap songs during the 80's

alt: not sure of the title, but one of my favorites from the movie was Eleanor/Ellie's Theme

Seventies: okay. When this stuff came out I was very, very young. Don't remember much of those songs. I do remember the Shaft soundtrack though...

alt: a sound track from the movie Shaft would be a treasure!!! guess one could go to youtube and pretty much make their own, huh?

Seventies: yes some do.. :) You should check out the show when you get a chance. Its great. I love it! Hi Selma!

alt: Hello Ms Selma... recovered from the inauguration?

Selma: Good afternoon seventies and alt... Yes recovered

Seventies: Good. :)

alt: good, then you're ready to do the 'wobble' LOL LOL

Selma: LOL

Seventies: LOL

alt: I've got a compliant/observation on responding to AfriGeneas postings.

Selma: When did Isaac Hayes become "unsung"...His soundtrack to Shaft made the movie

Seventies: lol I don't know. But its good to see that he's recognized still today...

Selma: What is your compliant/observation alt?

Seventies: I'm laughing because alt asked the same question.

alt: folks who post and don't give a more complete picture of where they are in their question.

Selma: is a problem some time...

Seventies: I agree.

alt: The DNA Forum thread and the postings by a Kathleen are a classic example of what I'm talking about.

Selma: I saw that alt...why did you apologize?

alt: my response to her left me with 'egg on my face' when she explained where she was in DNA testing and what she was really asking about.

Selma: So why didn't she ask in the first place...exactly what is was her question?

alt: I thought she was asking about how to research her grandson's AA ancestry from a genealogical perspective it was an "any thoughts" question Selma.. she mention her g-son's haplogroup (African) and the surname of hayes and the location of Tappahannock, VA.

Seventies: oh speaking of, my son wanted to take the 23andme test... It came out of the blue!

alt: "Why", in the 1st place, I can't answer that Selma Inquiring minds want to know Seventies LOL LOL LOL

Selma: Interesting seventies..did he say why he decided?

Seventies: He just said he was curious about his own genetic makeup..

Selma: So alt..I still don't understand what "any thoughts" she was looking for..will have to read the thread

alt: that was part of my confusion Selma .... what was she referring to with "any thoughts".

Khathu: Hello everyone

Seventies: Heeeyyyy Khathu

alt: that's nice Seventies and his will be different % wise from your's and the other person you tested, was it your father, or grandfather? Hello Khathu Hello HistoryBuff

Selma: Afternoon Khathu and History Buff

Seventies: It was my maternal grandfather that was tested. But I'

Khathu: alt - i alway try to ask clarifying questions before actually answering

HistoryBuff: Hey all

Selma: Alt..your response to her initial posting was correct

Seventies: I'm sure he will be nearly 100% African... high 90's Hi HistoryBuff

alt: that's a good policy Khathu, I'll consider that before I respond to any more postings on AfriGeneas.... what the heck are you asking, why & how much do you know

Khathu: Exactly and what records have your examined have you conducted any research at an actual repository or just online

Seventies: good points.

alt: altho', there are some postings that can be responded to without getting into those depths.

Seventies: Anyone seeking any new record sets or doing community research?

alt: now for a little controversy.... any thoughts on Dr. Cornel West's "angst" over Pres. Obama using the MLK bible during his swearing-in ceremony?

Khathu: I didn't read his comments so I do not have an opinion

Seventies: Well you know my thoughts...

vkn: Hey hey hey all y'all

Selma: Afternoon vkn

alt: hello vkn.... didn't get my email for the 9:AM webinar, what happened?

vkn: Selma I thought you be doctoring

Khathu: However, we need to stop comparing him to Dr. King. He is not a civil rights leaders but an elected official

vkn: My boo boo alt

Selma: I did home at Noon

Khathu: It is a disgrace to continue to align President Obama with Civil Rights Leaders.

vkn: ahhhh my time clock was off. Hope the bill of health was a clean one Selma

alt: I agree 100% Khathu

Seventies: Which is what Dr. West was alluding to.

Khathu: I did not read it, so I can not comment on his statement.

alt: I must have mis-read Dr. West's commentary Seventies

Selma: Not totally clean, but looking good.. LOL

vkn: and also a historical disservice Khathu grrrrrrrreat, Selma

Khathu: agreed

alt: IMHO, West & Smiley are still having a 'pee-ing' fit over Pres. Obama not attending there "conference' a few years back. again, my opinion, but that is a small minded perspective by West & Smiley

vkn: good analysis alt

alt: oh well, off my soapbox LOL LOL

Seventies: I don't agree. The POTUS asked for his feet to be put to the fire and when they do it people get mad. Oh well. They = Tavis, West and any other person who criticizes the faults of this Administration.

vkn: It ain't whatcha do BUT the way that you do it I always say

Seventies: Is there a nice way to say, hey you're ignoring the needs of this group? This is politics, quid pro quo.

Khathu: I disagree with that. Tavis and West have been preaching the same thing for the past 10 years - hold elected officials accountable What they were saying was okay until Obama because President

alt: not when you have "facts' that support your argument, but when you're just pontificating and bumping your gums that is different.. again that's MHO.

Khathu: President Obama is above criticism amongst too many AA

alt: now that may be true Khathu .... too many, some, but certainly not all.

vkn: and then there is how do you spell accountable and what is the criteria for success?

Khathu: To criticize him is akin to treason within the AA We are supposed to support him like our lives depended on it but we can not demand anything in return

Seventies: Yep, perfect example this Dr. West piece and how AA just went NUTS. I cannot tell you how many times I saw that video on my facebook feed... ugh.

Khathu: I just think this type of thinking is down right insane.

Seventies: And it was followed usually by, Barack Obama is not the president of African/Black America...

Khathu: Politic in the US is about give and take. Every other group understands that but us.

alt: question... is it realistic to expect the Black POTUS to solve 150-200 years of problems Black folk have been having in 4 years?

Khathu: I don't think it is realistic for any President to solve those problem. I am referring to federal policies in which he has some control over.

Seventies: I don't think anyone expected that, but hey we gave him over 90% of our voting bloc, TWICE.

alt: and WE did the same for Gore, Clinton, Kennedy to name a few in recent history and certainly Roosevelt

vkn: Well what if we look at health care reform

Khathu: You think he is tackling immigration or gays rights because it is the right thing to do? No he is doing it because they made demands @alt and that is why his victory for our community will only be a feel good moment

alt: As WE did in the Civil Rights movement.

Khathu: while other communities with obtain tangible gains

Seventies: alt, we are 16% unemployment nationally, and the subprime loan fiasco completely stripped away more of the little wealth we did have...

Khathu: I went to a meeting after the election and a person representing Native Americans stated that Indians do not vote Democratic or Republican but they vote "I" for Indian

Seventies: wow! Good for them!

Khathu: Collectively we need to get to the point.

alt: so Seventies, what you're syaing is that this POTUS is expected to solve all of the problems you have just mentioned?

Khathu: Then we will be able to better leavage our vote and make strong demands regarding federal policy that impact us.

Seventies: Can he do something about the subprime fiasco. Sure! They had several hearings on it.

vkn: What means POTUS ?

alt: President of the United States

vkn: ahhhhh so

Seventies: They passed legislation on it and were discussing it extensively this year as well.

Selma: Yes vkn..POTUS is for Obama..FLOTUS is for Michele

Khathu: He is promoting an educational policy that is furthering the privatization of education and creating a system that benefits the wealthy - testing industry, hedge fund, for profit charter schools, etc.

vkn: ahhh ha Now I am behind the times thanx

alt: WE were 'on point' in the 50's & 60's.... what has the younger generations done to keep us on point except reap the benefits of those hard fought victories.

Khathu: alt the battle is not over so the struggle must continue until one departs this earth so regardless of age one must continue to fight

alt: exactly Khathu, so get in the trenches and continue to fight.

Khathu: in every way s/he can.

vkn: One must pick battles

Selma: I think schools and teachers should be held accountable..but not sure that I agree with this Charter School model

alt: right Selma....

Khathu: i am there everyday challenging the inequities in the school systems but are you there we have to continue the struggle and yes we can all point fingers at each other

alt: good Khathu ..... and yes I am still there locally as an older senior citizens fighting for the rights of my great-grandchildren as I did in the 50's for my children... you betcha I'm there!!!!!

Khathu: because there are things that my parents generations did not pass on to my generations so the struggle continues I had the opportunity to hear Rev. Jeremiah Wright speak at Howard University on Sunday. He gave a very powerful sermon

Seventies: Khathu, I meant to ask, is that available online?

alt: and the continuing problems cannot be solved by the POTUS

vkn: For me the struggle has narrowed from "the struggle" to A struggle

alt: I hear you vkn.......

Khathu: But as an elected official we need to hold him accountable and make demands that he address federal policy issues that negatively impacts our community you can't deny that

Seventies: :D

Khathu: i am not talking about the legacy of slavery and racism

vkn: and what is doable in my value system and in my lifetime

Selma: No all elected officials need to be held accountable

alt: no doubt Khathu, but let us also hold those local elected and appointed official responsible for the implementatton of existing programs,

Khathu: All elected officials who claim to represent the people need to be held accountable to address the policy needs and issues of their contituents

alt: and enforcement

vkn: Particularly local officials

Khathu: i agree with you alt. the problem is that we have given President Obama a pass

vkn: equitable implementation

alt: I agree.. let us not get wrapped up in having the POTUS becoming a micr-manager of America's ills

Khathu: but not only him but others

Selma: Gerrymandering is not new..but that is the contention of many Congressmen who claim they only have to answer to their own "constituency"..and not to the benefit of the whole country

Khathu: alt that is not the point i am making. i have never stated he needed to do that. i am focusing solely on federal policies that are within his control.

Seventies: I need to go shopping. ;) Have a wonderful afternoon all.

alt: exactly Selma.... are we holding the other Black elected officials to the same standard we seem to be expecting of the POTUS?

vkn: and there are SO many WE's

alt: yes vkn

Khathu: the expectation must be the same for all elected officials. if not then why vote

Selma: Gotta run folks..therapist here. Have a great day

Khathu: if you can not expect anything from them then why vote?

alt: may I say... are ALL elected officials being held to the same standard as is being expected by the POTUS from the constituency?

Khathu: No they are not. that is a fact. now why they are not being held accountable varies

alt: but the fault or blame goes to the top of the pyramid

vkn: Well one thing I learned today is what POTUS means lol

Khathu: no the fault goes toward the people

alt: Lol lol lol @ vkn

vkn: Y'all be good

Khathu: i need to finish reading this report

alt: now on that I agree with you again Khathu

Khathu: have a great day

alt: okay Khathu., laters

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