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2013-01-23 • Hiring A Researcher


Start: 12:13:22
End: 13:19:15
Chatters: alt, HistoryBuff, Karoshi8, Khathu, Selma, vkn

alt: hello Khathu, how ya doing today?

Khathu: hello alt i'm at home nursing a cold

alt: oh my, Daviss won't be here today, she is sick also. .. take care of yourself!!!

Khathu: I will

alt: think you 'caught' something from the inauguaration and being outside for such a long period of time?

Khathu: it was a combination of things but being out there did not help

alt: well, take care of yourself and don't hurry out too soon. would be a good time to review microfilm if you had a reader and the reels in your home, right? Are some of your 'collateral' records found on FamilySearch, or Ancestry?

Khathu: Both But both FamilySearch and Ancestry are limited I have to hire a research to pull some records for me in GA and TX

alt: okay, I'm having much success using Family Search in finding documentation for folks I have in my database. okay, what are their rates?

Khathu: don't know yet....

alt: okay

Selma: Good afternoon alt and khathu

alt: hello Ms Selma. how ya doing?

Khathu: Hello Selma

Selma: Doing pretty good..staying away from 1/2 the folks I know, who all seem to be sick..coughing, hacking etc.. Afternoon Historybuff

HistoryBuff: Hey all Lol

Selma: Khathu are the researchers you have hired a part of society's in those areas?

alt: I just finished watching Sec'Y Clinton testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee .... GOP Sen. Johnson, McCain & Paul.. they ain't too intelligent!!!! LOL

Karoshi8: Hello everyone! Long time no see!

Selma: Afternoon Karoshi8 Happy New Year to you Karoshi8

alt: Hello HistoryBuff & Karoshi8 .. hpw are the two of you doing today?

Karoshi8: You too Selma!

HistoryBuff: Hey Karoshi8

Karoshi8: Pretty good today so far. How is that Ohio weather? Hello HistoryBuff.

alt: sunny & cold 'bout 15 degrees right now.

Khathu: I am still trying to locate one Selma. I am looking for someone connected to the genealogical and historical societies

Karoshi8: Lol! No thanks alt. It's 63 right now and I've go my electric blanket on! :)

Selma: Ok

HistoryBuff: I doing. How about you, Alt?

alt: oh wow Karoshi8, FL has spoiled ya LOL

Karoshi8: Yes! I have to come up to Ohio soon, and I've trying to hold off on that trip as long as I can.

Selma: Better wait till it gets warmer karoshi

alt: is there anything like RAOGK still around for helping folks do long distance research?

Karoshi8: I think so Selma. What is raogk?

alt: random acts of genealogical kindness (RAOGK) that was the name of a group/orgainzation.

Karoshi8: Oh. Cause I need some help. Having a hard time accepting that there are some things I will never know. :(

alt: here in Ohio Karoshi8?

Karoshi8: Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

alt: for Ohio you might try the genealogy chapters found on

Karoshi8: Yes, I'm thinking of going to the convention.

alt: oh, okay in Cincy.. if so, I hope to meet you there.

Selma: What type of info are you looking for karoshi?

Karoshi8: Me too! I need to connect my Ohio Winburns to the Indiana Winburns. I also need to connect two groups of Stewart's in Kentucky.

alt: for Kentucky try .. especially if it is African American genealogy. and for Indiana try

Selma: Afternoon vkn

HistoryBuff: Hey Vkn.

vkn: howdy all

alt: Hello vkn

Karoshi8: Hello vkn

vkn: heyyyyyy history selma alt Karoshi8

Karoshi8: Just read Southern Seed, Northern Soil about the Robert's and Beech Settlements in Indiana. Even talked to the author.

alt: vkn, you got my response on the "expert tips" request?

Karoshi8: He didn't even realize that the people there were connected to the Ross County people.

alt: wonderful Karoshi8

vkn: i sure did alt and thanx muchly

Karoshi8: Thanks for the sites alt.

vkn: alt can you attend a 9am webinar 2morry

alt: is that right Karoshi8 ... that kind of shows us how "provincial' some authors can be.... especially with the Roberts, they have long and strong Ohio roots even before they went to Indiana.

Karoshi8: Do tell alt! PLEASE! I know I have some Robert's and I definitely have Winburns. But I don't know how they connect to the Indiana ones.

alt: If you remind me with an email vkn .... 9AM .... I'm up and kicking by then.

Selma: Doesn't abpolk have an Indiana connection?

alt: yep Selma, a 'bunch of'em"

vkn: thanx alt watch for details in mail and thanx to all for alonzo support and cleveland event

Selma: Jeez the big news for the past 2 days is Beyonce-Gate.. LOL

alt: Karoshi8, check here for some info on Roberts in Ross County, Ohio ... Chillicothe in particular

Karoshi8: Lol! Selma


alt: thanx vkn.... I've alerted all of my Clevleand folks to the upcoming Lines performances in Cleveland on the 27th...

vkn: and me too all of my KERR and Karamu connections alt

alt: vkn, I'm almost positive that H. Leslie Adams, the AA Classical composer will be in attendance at one of the nights.

vkn: Well the two of them MUST meet alt

alt: I'm hoping they have the opportunity of 'connecting' vkn.

Karoshi8: Oh, that is Mrs. Beverly's page. I've spoken to her several times but I don't think we spoke about the Robert's. Thanks!

vkn: Karoshi8 do i have an email for you

Karoshi8: Not sure. It's

vkn: thanx

alt: if it's Ross, SE Ohio & AA Bev has some information on them Karoshi8 LOL LOL

Karoshi8: Very true alt. That is where my Winburns lived.

vkn: 51 degrees here today

alt: hush yo mouf vkn LOL LOL turn it around for me 15 degrees

Karoshi8: From what I see, the Roberts came from North Carolina to Ross County, then some when on to Indiana.

vkn: woo woo too cold

Selma: 30 degrees here..bright and sunny

alt: yep, colder than ............ LOL LOL

Karoshi8: Now I understand why mine stayed in Ross county I suppose.

Selma: Umm..let me see if I have Abpolks narrative here

alt: Karoshi8, you know Ross county had the largest AA population in Ohio from like 1820 up to about 1850, or so, especially when Chillicothe was the state capitol.

Karoshi8: Yes. Chillicothe seems to be the place to be. :)

alt: at least it was in those early days.

Karoshi8: Thanks for all the help!

Selma: Think she posted the narrative on Heinneg's site


Selma: Yes.. let me see

alt: apolk's narrative on FPOC Indiana & Tennesse

Karoshi8: Thank you!

Selma: yes...on the Lyles family

alt: her narrative deals primarily with the Lyles & Lyles Station,

Selma: Yes..just re read

Karoshi8: Don't think I have any Lyles.

alt: but she also has family in eastern Indiana & Dayton, Ohio

Selma: Here focus is on Lyles/Liles but there are other surnames to which there are connections that are mentioned..good example of migration

alt: very good example of migration Selma

Karoshi8: Great!

Selma: Sometimes other folks narratives gives good examples of the type of info folks should take a look at

alt: Karoshi8, did the author you mentioned also get into the Weaver & Pettiford families in southern Indiana along with the Roberts?

Karoshi8: Yes and no. It was more about the settlements and reasons for their success. I have Weavers as well and I knew they were some at the settlements, but I didn't realize that Pettiford was also in Indiana. Makes sense since they are also a NC family/

Selma: Folks I have to run...have a great day Bye

Karoshi8: You too Selma I'm going to head out too. Everyone stay warm!

vkn: bye history my aches and pains are aching take all care history and be at peace

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